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The Wave Hanson Podcast

The Wave Hanson Podcast

By Steve Howell

Listening to the wisdom of world-changers is what transforms our own reality and shapes how we ourselves become one. Imagine the possibilities of learning years and years of wisdom that are boiled down into a single episode. Tuning in to Wave Hanson is what unlocks the door to countless mindset shifts, and will skate you down a whole new road of possibilities.

Topics include intelligent bio-hacking, remarkable global innovations, and strong entrepreneurial efforts. This is a podcast for expanding your world.

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The 5th Wave: Kenaf with Bob Lawrason

The Wave Hanson PodcastJul 19, 2020

Crash Course: Decentralization and the Hybrix Protocol with Amine Ouadrhiri

Crash Course: Decentralization and the Hybrix Protocol with Amine Ouadrhiri

In a decentralized world, prosperity comes from a true democracy, without a centralized ruler or authority. This is a whole new concept for the world, and Amine Ouadrhiri and the Hybrix team are on the forefront of bringing this technology right into everyday use. Bitcoin is as real as we make it. We’ll get a bit more technical in this episode around the 14th minute, and Amine will explain the Hybrix protocol at a deeper level.

Check out their website:

Jul 28, 202025:08
The 7th Wave: Bread Coins and Joachim De Koning
Jul 28, 202035:27
The 6th Wave: Earth Warrior Natalie Nava Vie
Jul 26, 202028:47
The 5th Wave: Kenaf with Bob Lawrason
Jul 19, 202035:39
The 4th Wave: Dirt to Shirt with Eric Henry
Jul 19, 202033:58
Crash Course: The Wisdom of Robert Edward Grant

Crash Course: The Wisdom of Robert Edward Grant

Are you looking for inspiration? This is mic drop after mic drop.

This crash course is a snippet of clips from the full 2-hour Third Wave Episode. Ready for some life wisdom in rapid fire?  A fresh perspective on this bonus crash course will expand your reality as you know it. 

Jul 11, 202049:54
Crash Course: Box Breathing Breathwork

Crash Course: Box Breathing Breathwork

Imagine if you had a magical blue button to press every time you felt stressed. How often would you press it? 

This is a breathwork guide for you to experience stress-release, calmness, and focus.  See how watching your breath will transform your state of mind. This is a practical, easy, and super effective breathing technique, and I am excited to share this with you. Listen and feel how consciously controlling the breath will influence your mental, emotional, and physical state.

Let me know if you like Crash Courses like these by sending in a voice message, posting a comment, or telling your friends and family about it! 

Jun 30, 202008:18
The 3rd Wave: The Universe with Robert Edward Grant
Jun 24, 202002:11:24
The 2nd Wave: Paper Water Bottles with Dan Doster
May 27, 202024:51
The 1st Wave: Breathwork with Mike Christoforo
May 11, 202035:55
Wave Hanson: Purpose

Wave Hanson: Purpose

Brief message on what this podcast is all about. 

Apr 23, 202000:38