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Weathering The Run

Weathering The Run

By Andrew Buck Michael

Sharing stories about runners enduring unique weather situations. Adventures can get an extra challenge when mother nature throws a curveball. I also plan on bringing on some experts on how extreme weather impacts the body and what you can do to best prepare for the elements. Please reach out if you have a great story to share!
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Episode 3: Star Blackford

Weathering The RunMar 15, 2023

Episode 8: The Buck Fifty Relay Race, Dave Huggins, & B-TEAM
May 24, 202355:22
Episode 7: Chris Ward, Like a Bigfoot
May 10, 202357:59
Episode 6: John Kelly
Apr 26, 202333:40
Episode 5: Andy Salamone

Episode 5: Andy Salamone

Andy Salamone just completed the Southern Lakes Ultra, a 7-day staged race in New Zealand. Torrential rains arrived hours earlier than expected and this stranded some runners in the mountains with temperatures near freezing. Some runners experienced hypothermia and helicopters were used for rescue. Andy shares his story of what happened and some of the challenges he experienced. Andy's Instagram:

Apr 12, 202340:34
Episode 4: Jennifer Russo

Episode 4: Jennifer Russo

We are joined with one of the top ultrarunners around: Jennifer Russo. She is a mother of three and can run farther than most people could imagine. She joins us to chat about some of the big recent races and some of the different weather she has endured while running. I was intrigued with her top gear choice as well!
Mar 29, 202323:09
Episode 3: Star Blackford
Mar 15, 202353:08
Episode 2: Samuel Hartman
Mar 01, 202355:34
Episode 1: Michael Gampp
Feb 15, 202330:27
Weathering The Run Trailer

Weathering The Run Trailer

Thanks for checking out Weathering The Run. This is the trailer to lay the groundwork for the plans with the podcast. The goal is to talk with runners about unique weather events that they were caught in and what they learned. I have some great guests planned and hope to even expand on the idea of "weathering" some mental challenges with some of these endurance events. 

Jan 31, 202305:11