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We Here Man

We Here Man

By Nelia B and CV

We Here Man is an uncensored podcast from a positive young black married
couple’s perspective about nothing and everything!

We tackle topics like fighting fair in arguments with your significant other or spouse, if it’s safe to vent to the opposite sex, how to deal with a “friend” that slides in your significant other’s inbox and the headaches, heartaches and joys of parenting.

Tune in every Wednesday as we discuss these topics with friends, mental health professionals, business professionals, and people who are just willing to share their amazing lives with us.
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On Our Pivot

We Here ManJul 20, 2021

On Our Pivot

On Our Pivot

Nelia Bee and CV discuss how to pivot through Covid.

Jul 20, 202125:27
Team Issa or Team Molly?

Team Issa or Team Molly?

We don't usually review shows, but man Insecure hit close to home this week ya'll.  I can't wait until Sunday to enjoy the next episode.  Yea Molly was wrong, but yea Issa has done a lot of wrong in that friendship if you date back to season 1, says CV.  Anyway, check out the episode.  Like!Share!Subscribe!  Also check out our New Love and Lust coloring book.  If you want to color and add some spice with your partner check it out.

May 15, 202042:15


It's been a whole year since we last had an episode.  Our long lost love, this podcast, has been neglected, but this felt good just to talk on here.  I hope you all enjoy the episode.  

Mar 20, 202037:54
Ep 60: F*#!&@! is an Honest living too!

Ep 60: F*#!&@! is an Honest living too!

Look, prostitution gets a bad wrap.  Why does the world have to be so complicated that I can't leave my house and pay 20 bucks for quality head in a safe place.  Let's decriminalize sex work people.  

Mar 06, 201951:03
Ep 59: Self Love is The Best Love
Feb 20, 201955:30
Ep 58: How could you Dan?
Feb 06, 201942:02
Ep 57: Make Relationships Great Again
Jan 30, 201949:58
Ep 56: What Would you do if you were CV?
Jan 16, 201948:18
Ep 55: The Devil Made Him Do It
Jan 09, 201914:34
Ep 54: New Year Same Us

Ep 54: New Year Same Us

What are you bringing into the New Year?  We started prepping for 2019 early so we are hitting the ground running.  With that being said, we have had time to truly think of what it is that we want to do and make measurable goals for ourselves.  What are ya'll working on?  Share with us?  Can we help?  

Email us at

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Jan 02, 201945:12
Ep 53:  Why Offset's Gesture isn't Romantic!
Dec 19, 201848:43
Ep 52: We Miss Ya'll
Dec 12, 201826:42
Ep 51: Nigerians Have The Best Wedding Traditions
Oct 10, 201841:23
Ep 50:  It's Our Anniversary

Ep 50: It's Our Anniversary

We are Back again. This We Here Man Wednesday is actually a special day for us. Today, we celebrate four years of marriage. Let's discuss anniversaries and what we thought it would look like and what we hope the future looks like for our marriage.
Oct 03, 201855:22
Ep 49:  F*%! What these Educators Say!  My son is a boy!
Sep 26, 201855:22
Ep 41: Nelia Bee says CV ain't "The One"

Ep 41: Nelia Bee says CV ain't "The One"

Is the concept of that one person really real? Nelia Bee and CV admit that they are good fits, but that doesn't mean that they are the only ones for each other in life. Do you believe in "The One"?

Sep 19, 201856:08
Ep 40: Black Excellence in the Classroom with Barry White

Ep 40: Black Excellence in the Classroom with Barry White

The We Here Man crew talks to educator Berry White Jr. about his unique approach to educating our youth and tips and tricks on how parents can reinforce what their children are learning in the classroom.
Sep 12, 201846:40
Ep 39: Loving your kid isn't automatic!
Aug 29, 201843:35
Ep 38: When Keeping it real makes labels you as a bad parent
Aug 22, 201839:39
Ep 37: F*** The Baby Out
Aug 15, 201844:03
Ep 36: Bitch, I will Buy You!
Aug 08, 201842:16
Ep 35:  Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom!
Aug 01, 201847:19
Ep 34: The Struggle is Real
Jul 25, 201841:14
Ep 33:  Own Your Birthing Experience

Ep 33: Own Your Birthing Experience

This isn't our first baby, as many of our listeners already know. For those of you that are new to the show, we are having a our second addition to the family; baby girl S.E.V.

We are honored to have Anne Margolis from as our guest. She brings 20 years of midwifery experience and many other accolades too long for us to list in this brief show description.

Tune in to learn how you can Own Your Birthing Experience and advocate for how you want to deliver your child into the world with Anne Margolis. You can also follow her on instagram @

Jul 18, 201846:18
Ep 32: Parenting Vs. Marriage

Ep 32: Parenting Vs. Marriage

Sometimes the battle between parenting and marriage can be like mortal kombat. Our kid is important to us, but we can't allow him to cock block us or stop us from working on the foundation of our marriage.

Neila Bee and CV touch on the work that's required to make the marriage work.
Jul 11, 201845:56
Ep 31: Am I the Pappy?

Ep 31: Am I the Pappy?

Nelia Bee had a dream that she had a chocolate baby. And neither of us are chocolate. So I jokingly said I need a paternity test if that's the case. But in all jokes there is a little bit of truth. People if your baby came out looking far different than you, is it okay to ask your spouse for a paternity test.
Jul 04, 201834:16
Ep 30: Talkin, Dating, or Fuckin' in close circles

Ep 30: Talkin, Dating, or Fuckin' in close circles

Have you ever dated in a close circle? Have you ever smashed someone and your friend ended up dating them. If so write us @

In this episode we talk about the zero degrees of separation between us and our dating and just some of the rules around those types of situation if there are really any.

Follow us on instagram @we_here_man
Join us on our facebook page:
Jun 27, 201846:06
We See Why Money Causes Divorce
Jun 20, 201845:37
Ep 28: Is it possible to love only one? Let's talk Polyamory
Jun 13, 201836:24
Ep 27:  Could your gay friend tell you the nitty gritty?

Ep 27: Could your gay friend tell you the nitty gritty?

Today we talk with CV's good friend. He happens to be gay and we just talk about the dynamic of that relationship. Just like CV used to talk with him about smashing his chicks.... Jason talks to him openly about how he does his thing.

We also delve into sexuality and how he has navigated just living life as a black gay man in today's society.

Follow us @
Jun 06, 201801:10:53
Ep 26:  Husbands Be Honest:  Pregnancy Ain't Sexy.

Ep 26: Husbands Be Honest: Pregnancy Ain't Sexy.

I ain't lying to my wife that she's glowing. Fuck that. lol I love her though, but I want my wife back.
May 29, 201839:18
Ep 25: K.Dot Set Delaney Up for Failure
May 23, 201842:29
Ep 24: TooDeepForTheIntro: With Angelo Geter of Life Snacks
May 16, 201844:40
Ep 23: We Got Mommy Issues too!
May 13, 201853:53
Ep 22: Cooking in the Kitchen and Bedroom With Chef Ayo
May 09, 201839:53
Ep 21: B.Y.O.R.G. - Inspired by Teyana and Iman
May 02, 201829:11
Ep 20:  Lost Without Ya

Ep 20: Lost Without Ya

Not on some mushy Notebook story, but to sum it up we talk about how we are dependent on each other everyday. Whether it's me laying on the booty struggling to get to work or doing paperwork... we need each other for different things. We also share some of the crazy annoying things we do to each other. We ain't the only ones out there. lol.
Apr 25, 201836:36
Ep 19:  Friends of Friends

Ep 19: Friends of Friends

According to the Book of CV 12:11. "Thou shalt not be friends with his friends with his male friends." This commandment was shown to be necessary when a person once thought of as a friend decides to try to strike a friendship independent of CV. Am I wrong people? Am I misreading this? Is it normal for this type of friendship to spawn between your significant and your friends opposite his/her sex?
Apr 18, 201823:07
Ep 18: Venting to the Opposite Sex

Ep 18: Venting to the Opposite Sex

CV had to take one on the chin here. CV openly talks about when he got caught oversharing with someone of the opposite sex and it became a detriment to his marriage and health (jokes people, but maybe not so much of a joke). Thankfully, Neila B is in a place where we are okay revisiting and discussing that on today's pod.
Apr 11, 201835:19
Ep 17: Thru Your Phone...Thanks Cardi B

Ep 17: Thru Your Phone...Thanks Cardi B

Major shoutout to Cardi B for putting out such a great project that brought back FLASHBACKS of that time that Neila B wanted to kill me in my sleep. We discuss how some of the lyrics ring through true to life from Cardi B's new album.
Apr 10, 201825:37
Ep: 16 Does Your Apology Matter

Ep: 16 Does Your Apology Matter

Neila B was being Queen Petty Boots and did not care to accept my apology. Can ya'll believe she denied our "hug it out" rule? Tune in to find out how we handled our disagreement.
Apr 04, 201823:24
Ep 15:  Daddy Issues

Ep 15: Daddy Issues

I guess guys can have Daddy Issues too. Who knew? Neila B's fond childhood connection with her dad triggers a discussion about his daddy issues.
Mar 21, 201819:51
Ep 14: Sidepiece Friday

Ep 14: Sidepiece Friday

Sparked by a convo from She's Gotta Have it.... do side pieces fit into the ecosystem of relationships? Why do they pop up? Chime in!
Mar 16, 201830:11
Ep 13: Brotherly Love

Ep 13: Brotherly Love

Do men give their friends good advice? Are men having healthy conversations about life with their friends?
Mar 14, 201823:45
We Here Man: #WomansMonthKickoff

We Here Man: #WomansMonthKickoff

We bring in career branding expert Ashley Dash. She shares some tips and gives CV some insight that anyone can apply to their career.
Mar 08, 201827:13
Ep 11: We Here Man: Mack

Ep 11: We Here Man: Mack

Here we discuss the 32-0 HS Transgendered boy, Mack.
Feb 27, 201823:31
We Here Man: #TheTalk

We Here Man: #TheTalk

The delicate topic of race with your children.
Feb 22, 201831:03
We Here Man: #WakandaForever

We Here Man: #WakandaForever

We discuss relocating to Wakanda.
Feb 19, 201820:13
We Here Man: #VdaySucks

We Here Man: #VdaySucks

Neila and CV discuss the over hyped holiday called Valentine\u2019s Day!
Feb 14, 201827:42
We Here Man: #HandlingDiscord

We Here Man: #HandlingDiscord

Neila and CV get a little personal about how they handle arguments in their relationship.
Jan 31, 201825:26
We Here Man: #WorkBoundaries

We Here Man: #WorkBoundaries

We briefly discuss work relationships, appropriate and inappropriate
Jan 19, 201818:00
We Here Man: #theS-E-X-talk

We Here Man: #theS-E-X-talk

We briefly discuss how to handle the topic of sex with our inquisitive 5 year old.
Jan 17, 201821:15
We Here Man: #CvBackinDaGym

We Here Man: #CvBackinDaGym

We just talk a little bit about CV\u2019s journey back to the gym and random thoughts centered around that. Neila shares that CV should not be spotting any woman in the gym.
Jan 16, 201812:58
We Here Man: #ThrowItBackThurs

We Here Man: #ThrowItBackThurs

Throwback to a time of 2005 when we first met.
Jan 12, 201811:44
Premium Goodz

Premium Goodz

What makes Poom Poom or Penis premium status?!?
Jan 08, 201804:35
Bad vs Good Coochie Owners

Bad vs Good Coochie Owners

Coming live from bedside baptist we discuss the conundrum of whether bad coochie derived from the owner or is it just plain old bad.
Jan 07, 201804:59
January 7, 2018

January 7, 2018

This podcast doesn't have a description yet. Stay tuned!
Jan 07, 201802:14