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Weird Italy

Weird Italy

By WeirdItaly

Weird Italy, Guide to Unusual and Amazing Places to see in Italy. History, music, folklore, culture of Italy.
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The Wild Art of Antonio Ligabue

Weird ItalyJun 09, 2022

The Wild Art of Antonio Ligabue
Jun 09, 202204:30
Borges' Mysterious Maze in Venice
May 26, 202201:51
The Bizarre Drawings of the Renaissance painter Amico Aspertini
May 26, 202202:18
The wild wolf population in Italy is increasing
May 26, 202202:42
Etymology of the word “Ciao”
May 15, 202202:32
The Anatomical Machines of the Prince of Sansevero in Italy
May 06, 202203:13
The Luigi Broglio Space Center in Kenya
May 03, 202202:13
Lucian of Samosata's 'A True Story': The first science fiction novel
Apr 30, 202201:11:12
The genetic profile of the ancient Romans
Jan 13, 202204:36
The Benandanti: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults between 16th and 17th centuries in Italy
Jan 10, 202236:06
The Complex Cosmogony of a Sixteenth-Century Italian Miller
Jan 04, 202227:57
Giovanni Bugatti, Mastro Titta, the executioner of the Papal States who executed 514 people
Jan 04, 202205:17
Jan 04, 202216:12
The Curious Story of the Nemi Ships built by Caligula
Jan 03, 202208:21
The bizarre story of the Chronovisor, a "Time Machine" Allegedly Invented by the Italian Monk and Exorcist Pellegrino Ernetti
Jan 03, 202206:31
The bizarre history of the Republic of Rose Island, a micronation on a man-made platform off the coast of Italy
Jan 03, 202205:16
The Mithraeum of San Clemente in Rome: an underground temple devoted to Mithras
Jan 03, 202204:06
The Origins of the Story of Romeo and Juliet
Jan 03, 202202:47
The Bizarre Festival of the Snake-Catchers in Italy
Jan 03, 202202:30
Codex Seraphinianus, the Bizarre Encyclopedia by Luigi Serafini
Jan 02, 202211:15
The legendary sword in the stone of San Galgano
Jan 02, 202202:20
The Royal Palace of Caserta
Jan 02, 202204:29
Castel del Monte, the Fortress of Mysteries
Jan 02, 202214:34
The submerged Belltower of Curon
Jan 02, 202204:17
Christ of the Abyss, a submerged bronze statue of Jesus in Italy
Jan 02, 202201:54
The story of Leonarda Cianciulli, the woman who turned the bodies of her victims into soap
Jan 02, 202204:09
The story of Giovanni Aldini: the scientist who inspired Frankenstein's story
Jan 02, 202203:49
The story of Ugolino, the Cannibal Count
Jan 02, 202203:16
What is everybody’s natural language? The cruel experiment in language deprivation of Frederick II
Jan 02, 202201:58
The museum of the mummies of Ferentillo
Jan 02, 202202:05