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Well... That’s Interesting

Well... That’s Interesting

By Jill ChaCha

A weekly comedy sciencey show for people who like learning about weird sh*t. Like, can hair grow between your teeth? And could we ever lose our Moon? (Sadly, yes to both.) WTI tells the story behind the facts and, turns out, those stories are funny.

Join Jill ChaCha (2 degrees, 3 jobs) on a deep dive into bizarre and fascinating topics, with the occasional guest coming in cold and learning everything in real time just like you.
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Bonus!! Let’s talk about the Dinosauroid: I Know Dino podcast

Well... That’s Interesting Jul 29, 2023

Ep. 153: When A Council Of Leeches Predicted Storms + Surviving The Worst Tornado In US History
Sep 07, 202333:11
Ep. 152: Stopping Hiccups With A Rectal Massage + The World’s Largest Kidney Stone, So Far
Aug 31, 202326:03
Ep. 151: 16 Years Chasing A Serial Killer (That Didn’t Exist) + Oldest Possible Case Of Cannibalism
Aug 24, 202328:58
Ep. 150: The Largest Known Asteroid To Hit Earth + How To Survive The Chicxulub Impact
Aug 17, 202333:32
Ep. 149: The US Air Force’s Plan To Stop Earth’s Rotation + Yep, More Nuclear Material Went Missing
Aug 10, 202324:41
Ep. 148: Parrots FaceTiming To Prevent Loneliness + Who Calls The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Home?
Aug 03, 202327:13
Bonus!! Let’s talk about the Dinosauroid: I Know Dino podcast

Bonus!! Let’s talk about the Dinosauroid: I Know Dino podcast

I’m THRILLED to introduce one of my fav podcasts, I KNOW DINO. In this episode, Garret and Sabrina are joined with a paleontologist to talk about who may have evolved into a human-like creature if dinos never went extinct. It’s wild y’all.
Jul 29, 202356:22
Ep. 147: Man Falls Through Thunderstorm And Lives + How To Survive The Dinosaur Age
Jul 27, 202331:26
Ep. 146: The Largest Viking Poop Ever Found (So Far) + A 30,000 Year Old Squirrel
Jul 20, 202331:06
Ep. 145: Turning Scales To Feathers Takes Only 1 Gene + Star Seen Engulfing Planet For The 1st Time
Jul 13, 202324:53
Ep. 144: When Scientists Scanned The Brains Of 3 “Zombies” + A Fire That’s Been Burning For 6000 Yrs
Jul 06, 202325:00
Ep. 143: Why You Can’t Remember Being Born + Can A Book Become A Lethal Weapon?
Jun 29, 202322:23
Ep. 142: The Exploding Teeth Epidemic Of The 1800s + What Happens If You’re A Stow-Away To The Moon?
Jun 22, 202324:57
Ep. 141: Pigs Break Up Fights Between Fellow Pigs+Chimps Show Each Other Leaves Like We Share Media
Jun 15, 202318:59
Ep. 140: Insect That Flings Pee With A Butt Catapult + Rats That Can Seal Up Their Vaginas
Jun 08, 202326:13
Ep. 139: Woman Performs C-Section On Self, Survives + Man Treats His Snake Bite With Car Battery
Jun 01, 202323:27
Ep. 138: Runaway Black Hole Ejected From Galaxy + What If Jupiter Lived Next Door?
May 25, 202323:38
Bonus, Kinda! Why Incompetent People Think They’re Experts: The Dunning-Kruger Effect
May 18, 202309:51
Ep. 137: When It Rained For 2 Million Years On Earth + Extinct Rhino-Sized Turtle Found In Spain
May 11, 202322:16
Ep. 136: Oldest DNA Samples Found (So Far) + Humans Were Making Coats At Least 300,000 Yrs Ago
May 04, 202319:44
Ep. 135: Another Massive Black Hole Breaking Records + When Will The Sun Be Cool Enough To Touch?
Apr 27, 202320:24
Ep. 134: Can You Shoot A Bullet Through Jupiter? + What If 1 Earth Day Only Lasted 1 Second?
Apr 20, 202319:10
Ep. 133: Filling An Olympic Pool With Saliva + The Tiniest Ancient Seawater Bubbles Found (So Far)
Apr 13, 202319:25
Ep. 132: 2 Scottish Mummies Made Of 6 People + The Largest Penguin To Ever Exist, So Far
Apr 06, 202326:06
Ep. 131: Jurassic Era Bug Found At A Walmart + Ancient Egyptians Wore “Tramp Stamps” For Protection
Mar 30, 202320:52
Ep. 130: Live Grenade Removed From Chest + What Happens If You Hang Onto Helicopter Blades?
Mar 23, 202317:06
Ep. 129: Oldest Meal Cooked With Fire (So Far) + One Of The Oldest Written Sentences (So Far)

Ep. 129: Oldest Meal Cooked With Fire (So Far) + One Of The Oldest Written Sentences (So Far)

How long do you think us humans have been throwing dinner parties? Turns out the answer is waaay longer than expected. Grab a plate. 


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Mar 16, 202316:56
Ep. 128: Cave Isolated For 5 Million YRS Teaming With Life + Demon Ducks Of Doom
Mar 09, 202324:04
Ep. 127: Human Composting + How Much Dead Skin Is Inhaled In A Lifetime?
Mar 02, 202324:59
Ep. 126: Lost Radioactive Capsule Somewhere In Australia + What SPF is Needed For A Trip To The Sun?
Feb 23, 202319:04
Ep. 125: Old Sushi Leads To 9 Months Of Hell + Getting Drunk From Drinking A Drunk Person’s Blood
Feb 16, 202320:56
Ep. 124: Wolves With A Mind Altering Parasite + Tainted Spinach Causes Hallucinations
Feb 09, 202321:43
Ep. 123: You Can’t Drink Soy Sauce But You Can Eat A Whole Cloud
Feb 02, 202330:46
Ep. 122: Magpies Work Together To Remove Devices + How Many Pigeons Would It Take To Lift You?
Jan 26, 202317:39
Ep. 121: Even More Reasons To Love Elephants and Bees
Jan 19, 202322:20
Ep. 120: Ancient Virus Revived From Siberian Permafrost + A 4.6 Billion Yr Old Surprise
Jan 12, 202322:03
Ep. 119: Plants Pass Gas That Can Help Us Find Extraterrestrial Life + Earliest Known Mammal, So Far
Jan 05, 202322:53
Ep. 118: Human Foot In Yellowstone Hot Spring Identified + Can You Be Launched By A Geyser?
Dec 29, 202216:44
Ep. 117: Beautiful Places That Are Straight Up Deadly
Dec 22, 202220:55
Ep. 116: Cats At Crime Scenes Could Provide Overlooked Clues + Can You Catch A Bullet?
Dec 15, 202224:13
Ep. 115: When Scientists Ate 50,000 Yr Old Bison + How Many Humans Do You Need To Feed A T Rex?
Dec 08, 202220:21
Ep. 114: Turning Thoughts Into Texts + Footwear That Helped Moonshiners Evade Police
Dec 01, 202225:26
Ep. 113: Let’s Talk About Our Tongues
Nov 24, 202219:13
Ep. 112: What’s With All These Aquatic Creatures Testing Positive For Cocaine?
Nov 17, 202217:24
Ep. 111: Mountain Of Garbage Spontaneously Combusts + Shitcoins May Save The World
Nov 10, 202224:33
Ep. 110: Why Thinking Hard Makes You Tired + The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s
Nov 03, 202228:56
Ep. 109: We Need To Talk About These Ancient Creatures For A Minute
Oct 27, 202237:29
In-Betweeni 108: Mutant Attack Hamsters + Tardigrades Ride In Snail Stomachs, Escape In Poop
Oct 18, 202232:44
Ep. 108: How To Test If Shrunken Heads Are Real
Oct 14, 202229:13
In-Betweeni 107: Babies Stir Up Germ Cocktail When Crawling + Let’s Turn Dead Spiders Into Robots
Oct 11, 202237:58