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Werq the Podcast: A RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap

Werq the Podcast: A RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap

By Brendan & Maya

Kiki with college squirrel friends Brendan and Maya in a weekly discussion on all things RuPaul’s Drag Race! Catch new episodes every Tuesday.



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S14E00 “Meet the Queens”

Werq the Podcast: A RuPaul’s Drag Race RecapJan 05, 2022

S14E00 “Meet the Queens”
Jan 05, 202201:04:27
AS6E00 “Meet the Queens”
Jun 15, 202101:03:33
May 25, 202153:08
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E9: Tamisha Iman is Coming for Monét X Change
May 04, 202101:00:26
S13E16 “Grand Finale” ft. David Yontef
Apr 27, 202101:23:03
S13E15 “Reunited” & Random Topics
Apr 20, 202101:06:60
S13E14 “Gettin’ Lucky”
Apr 13, 202101:16:43
S13E13 “Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens!”
Apr 06, 202101:13:56
S13E12 “Nice Girls Roast”
Mar 30, 202101:23:06
S13E11 “Pop! Goes the Queens”
Mar 23, 202101:07:50
S13E10 “Freaky Friday Queens”
Mar 16, 202101:04:24
S13E9 “Snatch Game” ft. Rob
Mar 09, 202101:26:15
S13E8 “Social Media: The Unverified Rusical”
Feb 23, 202101:16:33
S13E7 “Bossy Rossy RuBoot”
Feb 16, 202101:13:11
S13E6 “Disco-Mentary”
Feb 09, 202101:19:02
S13E5 “The Bag Ball” & The Toxic Fandom
Feb 02, 202101:23:55
S13E4 “RuPaulmark Channel”
Jan 26, 202101:22:57
S13E3 “Phenomenon”
Jan 19, 202101:24:54
S13S2 “Condragulations”
Jan 12, 202101:10:54
S13E1 “The Pork Chop”
Jan 05, 202101:14:34
S13E00 “Meet the Queens”
Dec 15, 202056:33
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E8: Grammys, Halsey & Celebrity Feuds
Dec 01, 202057:34
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E7: Engagements, Drag Race, Billie Eilish & Taylor Swift
Nov 17, 202045:55
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E6: Drag Race S13, Kourtney 4 Kayne, Leave Billie Alone and Cardi B
Oct 20, 202042:31
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E5: Best Horror Villain, Savage x Fenty, Travis Scott and BLACKPINK
Oct 06, 202048:56
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E4: Jerry from Cheer, Gaga's 911, Travis Scott, Tik Tok Ban & More!

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E4: Jerry from Cheer, Gaga's 911, Travis Scott, Tik Tok Ban & More!

Welcome to Questions, Comments and Concerns! Brendan and Maya’s biweekly chat show where they dissect all things pop culture. This week: This week: Jerry from the hit Netflix show Cheer finds himself in quite the scandal, Gaga's 911 Music Video came out and we are shook, Travis Scott eats McDonald's, Tik Tok is going away for good & More! EMAIL US FOLLOW US COVER ART BY:
Sep 22, 202037:15
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E3: Derrick Barry, Canada’s Drag Race, the VMAs and James Charles
Sep 08, 202057:03
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E2: Chi Chi DeVayne, Eden the Doll, WAP and Annabelle
Aug 25, 202050:34
QUESTIONS, COMMENTS AND CONCERNS E1: Ellen, James Charles, Alicia Keys, Jake Paul and the VMAs
Aug 11, 202052:03
AS5E8 “Clap Back!”
Jul 28, 202001:09:11
AS5E7 “Stand-Up Smackdown”
Jul 21, 202001:00:46
AS5E6 “The Charles Family Backyard Ball”
Jul 14, 202001:00:13
AS5E5 “Snatch Game of Love” ft. Rob
Jul 07, 202001:28:14
AS5E4 “SheMZ”
Jun 30, 202048:17
AS5E3 “Get a Room!”
Jun 23, 202001:17:19
AS5E2 “I’m In Love!”
Jun 16, 202001:19:59
AS5E1 “Werq the World Variety Extravaganza"
Jun 09, 202001:17:37
S12E14 “Grand Finale”
Jun 01, 202001:05:52
S12E13 “Alone Together” & Lana Del Rey Tried It
May 25, 202001:13:18
S12E12 “Viva Drag Vegas” & Finale Details
May 18, 202001:04:17
AS5E00 "Meet the Queens"
May 13, 202001:02:54
S12E11 “One Queen Show”
May 11, 202054:17
S12E10 “Superfan Makeover”
May 06, 202001:02:12
Secret Celebrity RuPaul’s Drag Race-E1
Apr 29, 202031:10
S12E9 “Choices 2020” ft. Katie
Apr 27, 202001:16:24
S12E8 “Droop”
Apr 20, 202059:02
S12E7 “Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical”
Apr 13, 202001:20:42
S12E6 “The Snatch Game” ft. Rob
Apr 06, 202001:50:49
S12E5 “Gay’s Anatomy” ft. Saidah
Mar 30, 202001:44:47
S12E4 “The Ball Ball”

S12E4 “The Ball Ball”

Join Brendan & Maya as they share their thoughts on the fourth episode of season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race! EMAIL US FOLLOW US @onefishtwofish @_mayaashley COVER ART BY: @thewasabimami
Mar 23, 202001:22:13