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Model Four: Racing The Cops

West Little Rock CrossFitAug 20, 2021

Model Four: Racing The Cops

Model Four: Racing The Cops

What if you could run forever?

What monster would ask such a question?

Me. I am that monster.

Aug 20, 202104:46
Model Three: Hopper? I Hardly Know Her!

Model Three: Hopper? I Hardly Know Her!

Ever been to a retirement home bingo night? 

Let's take three friends: a powerlifter, a marathon runner, and a CrossFitter to a sick and twisted bingo night where we replace all the ping pong balls in the hopper with as many different physically demanding tests as possible.

 It's gonna be a party for those grannies and grandpas to watch.

Aug 19, 202103:19
Model Two: Getting Physical With Zombies

Model Two: Getting Physical With Zombies

Eddie Hall holds the world record deadlift at 1200lb. That's:

Insane. Really weak for a gorilla.

Becoming fit enough to accomplish only a few things (or even just one thing) really well, comes at the cost of sacrificing our fitness to do many other things. When you specialize, you pay the price by losing your ability to generalize.

Why you should care:

Because, when you want to get away from zombies, you want Eddie hall with you. They'll catch him and eat for days while you skedaddle.

Aug 18, 202103:52
Model One: Sicker Than You Think

Model One: Sicker Than You Think

Seventy percent of deaths in the United States, attributed to chronic disease. 

What does all this have to do with you? A lot. 

Aug 16, 202106:60
One Dollar, Four Quarters, And CrossFit

One Dollar, Four Quarters, And CrossFit

One Dollar, Four Quarters, and CrossFit.

If you put a dollar in the change machine, that paper bill is reduced into four quarters almost immediately. It's a done deal. There's no waiting or reassurance needed. 

But if it took the same amount of time to produce those quarters as it did to design, mock-up, and print that dollar bill, you'd be in suspense for a while. That's waiting for a result that may not come. That's seeing the same number on the scale after weeks of hard work...

Aug 13, 202102:22
Six minutes to Change What's Holding You Back.

Six minutes to Change What's Holding You Back.

What's even more difficult than becoming a fit person, is attaining the belief that we can become that fit person.

Time is rarely the problem. Our phone's screen report will prove it.

Food is rarely the problem. We have six grocery stores within driving distance with produce sections.

Information is rarely the problem. If I walk 3 miles in any direction, there are more than enough places and people who can share the rules and formula with me on how to attain lifelong health and fitness. And If I found no one, I'd be fitter for the walk.

So what's the problem?

The problem is often belief.

In our heads, most of us believe we are too depressed, too stressed, too tired, too heartbroken, too inadequate, too old, too broke, or too far gone to become who we want to be, or once were.

Aug 12, 202106:32
Pilot: Advance Filter Results

Pilot: Advance Filter Results

Imagine you are at the grocery store and all of the products in the aisles are organized by price. At the front of the aisle (and closest to the door), are the lower cost/quality toothpastes. In the back of the aisle- the higher cost/quality toothpastes. In order to put the expensive brand in your basket, you would need to travel to the back, and everyone would know that you buy higher quality over lower price. Most importantly, YOU would know.

It’s a little more effort, a little more money, but for those who seek quality, it’s worth it.


Reverse the order, and place the higher cost/quality toothpastes in the front of the aisle, and the lower cost/quality toothpastes at the back of the aisle. Would more people take the journey for lower quality? Would they expend more time and energy to receive less?

Maybe people would reach for higher quality if it was made more accessible. If the higher quality goods are in the back (like in the first example), maybe we can place a small party or fun game back there so people see more reason beyond “money for quality” to venture back there and try it.

Aug 12, 202102:24