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Coppell ISD's We Value Podcast

Coppell ISD's We Value Podcast

By Communications and Community Engagement

It starts with our mission. Working together, Coppell Independent School District is committed to creating profound learning experiences for each child, while nurturing meaningful relationships, to positively impact our world.

Excellence is happening all over in public education. What makes CISD stand out are the fundamental beliefs we value - Great Teaching, Redefining Success, Collective Engagement and Authentic Relationships.

Today we will take a deeper look at one of these Core Values and will talk with an individual who personifies a deep connection with the value.
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Authentic Relationships with CISD Communications Intern Mithila Vija and Richard J. Lee Principal Chantel Kastrounis

Coppell ISD's We Value PodcastMay 11, 2022

Authentic Relationships with CISD Communications Intern Mithila Vija and Richard J. Lee Principal Chantel Kastrounis

Authentic Relationships with CISD Communications Intern Mithila Vija and Richard J. Lee Principal Chantel Kastrounis

The latest episode of the CISD We Value Podcast features CISD Communications Intern Mithila Vijay, a junior at CHS, interviewing Richard J. Lee Elementary Principal Chantel Kastrounis, who was Vijay’s principal. According to Vijay, Kastrounis is the embodiment of the CISD core value of authentic relationships.

May 11, 202212:45
Redefining Success with Emily Fischetti

Redefining Success with Emily Fischetti

Hear how CHS Junior Emily Fischetti considers being dyslexic as her superpower. “Being dyslexic only means that I learn differently,” she says.

As an elementary and middle school student, Emily had excellent grades and studied hard to please her teachers and family. She says she didn’t realize the pressure she was putting on herself to be perfect until she was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Once this happened, Emily says the pressure to be perfect eased. 

She defines success as making someone’s day better. “If I can make someone smile, make their day better and be known for being kind, then that is being successful in my book,” Emily says. 

Mar 08, 202216:34
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We Value Trailer - Strategic Design History

We Value Trailer - Strategic Design History

In November 2017, Coppell ISD kicked off a Strategic Design effort. The reason for this was (1) Pinnacle 2020, which was the long-range plan already in place, was near completion; and (2) new district leadership with Dr. Brad Hunt becoming Superintendent. It was just the right time to design the next chapter of the CISD Story. 

It started with the first phase called Discovery & Definition. This phase produced the new district Values. These Values represent not only what makes CISD unique and special, but also areas of improvement centering on the themes of engagement, great teaching, redefining success and relationships. 

Currently in the Strategic Design process we are in the awareness and advocacy stage. This is where the district, along with the stakeholders will generate innovative solutions to the priority strategies.

Show Notes

Sep 11, 202007:47