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Writers Group Therapy

Writers Group Therapy

By Rachanee Lumayno and Tom Loveman

Writers Group Therapy is a podcast by writers for writers. We cover timeless topics for writers on the craft, important issues related to the business of writing, and interviews with up-and-coming and established writers, agents, and other people who will appear in a writer's life at some point in their journey.
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Session #176 - Interview with Dusk Wave Arts CEO Paul Graham

Writers Group TherapySep 19, 2023

Session #176 - Interview with Dusk Wave Arts CEO Paul Graham
Sep 19, 202327:08
Session #175 - We’re Back but Hollywood is still on Strike - Year 7 Premiere
Sep 05, 202344:23
Session #174 - Interview with Abbott Elementary & Harley Quinn Showrunners Schumacker and Halpern

Session #174 - Interview with Abbott Elementary & Harley Quinn Showrunners Schumacker and Halpern

NOTE: This episode was recorded prior to the WGA going on strike.

From their unusual start from a Twitter feed that became “S**t my dad says,” show runners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern are celebrating the success of their shows “Abbott Elementary” and “Harley Quinn.” We discuss their unique start, juggling show running duties on two shows and what the future holds.


Justin Halpern on IMDB:

Patrick Schumacker on IMDB:

Justin on Twitter:

Patrick on Twitter ( and Instagram (

Abbott Elementary:

Harley Quinn:


Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker are Emmy-nominated creators, showrunners and executive producers through their company Delicious Non-Sequitur Productions whose overall deal is at Warner Bros. Television. Series include HBO Max’s animated hit HARLEY QUINN for WBTV and DC Entertainment which is now in its 4th season and its spin-off NOONAN'S which was recently ordered to series for HBO MAX. Justin and Patrick’s newest series, ABBOTT ELEMENTARY with Quinta Brunson, is a hit series that garnered multiple Emmy wins and nominations including a nomination for best comedy series where they serve as executive producers and showrunners.

Previously, Halpern and Schumacker were the showrunners and Executive Producers of NBC’s POWERLESS for WBTV and DC Entertainment. Prior to that, Halpern and Schumacker co-created Fox’s SURVIVING JACK as well as CBS’s S#*! MY DAD SAYS. S#*! MY DAD SAYS was adapted for television based on Halpern’s New York Times bestselling book, Shit My Dad Says. Justin and Patrick have also been involved with such popular series as iZOMBIE, COUGAR TOWN, and HOW TO BE A GENTLEMAN. 

Justin & Patrick recently finished writing the feature BIRTHRIGHT based on the graphic novel by Joshua Williamson for Universal Pictures with Ruben Fleischer and Skybound producing. 

Jun 06, 202329:53
Session #173 - Kingdom Legacy Book #3, Writers Strike & Year 6 Wrap Up
May 15, 202333:26
Session #172 - Script Doctoring with Shannon Massey Smith
May 02, 202332:28
Session #171 - "Blindspotting" Showrunner Rafael Casal
Apr 18, 202331:30
Session #170 - Tidbits from Stephen King’s “On Writing”
Apr 04, 202332:38
Session #169 - Screenwriting with Tyler Mowery from Top Development
Mar 21, 202335:19
Session #168 - WGA Priorities
Mar 07, 202334:43
Session 167 - Promoting Your Writing
Feb 21, 202330:27
Session #166 - CreAItors
Feb 07, 202340:16
Session #165 - Interview with the creators of the comedy streaming show “The Game”
Jan 24, 202325:47
Session #164 - Hello, 2023!
Jan 10, 202341:20
Session #163 - Franchise Fatigue Fatigue

Session #163 - Franchise Fatigue Fatigue

We’re tired of being tired of Franchise Fatigue, but it’s a serious issue. There is a steep downward curve in payback on subsequent entries and spin-offs/prequels etc., which is fueling a feedback circle of layoffs and cancellations in Hollywood. Why is this happening and what does it mean for writers? Listen as we try to find the answers.

Dec 20, 202230:60
Session #162 - Who Dunt Dunt DUNNit? with Thomas Tulak and Adam Pineless
Nov 29, 202232:53
Session #161 - Is Hollywood Imploding?
Nov 15, 202235:58
Session #160 - "Addicted In Film" with Ted Perkins former studio exec, producer and screenwriter

Session #160 - "Addicted In Film" with Ted Perkins former studio exec, producer and screenwriter

For some us, our biggest addictions are caffeine and endlessly scrolling TikTok videos, so, how do we write characters with more serious addictions? We talk to Ted Perkins, a former Warner Brothers and Universal studio executive, producer, screenwriter and now author who tackles the topic in his new book Addicted In Film, for which Ted watched 100 movies in 100 days about addiction.


Ted Perkin’s Bio

Ted Perkins is a former film executive at Warner Bros., and his most recent post as Head of International Co-Productions and Acquisitions at Universal Pictures where he pioneered co-production between U.S. Major studios, Spain, Latin America, China and India.  He turned to screenwriting and has sold over a dozen scripts to various companies including Fox Searchlight and Lionsgate. He recently sold a TV series spec for low six figures, and has another one in development with a large production conglomerate in Europe.

Nov 01, 202237:56
Session #159 - Matthew Gentile - writer/director of “American Murderer”
Oct 18, 202231:50
Session #158 - Get It Made X with Co-founders Matt Boda and Sylvie Dang Boda

Session #158 - Get It Made X with Co-founders Matt Boda and Sylvie Dang Boda

We get the scoop on Get It Made X, a script-to-screen program for writers to not only improve their writing, but also learn about marketing and production through group activities, meetings with industry professionals, and peer review opportunities. Co-founders Matt Boda and Sylvie Dang Boda talk about why they created the program and how it helps writers get their work made.

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Regular Trial Sign up/enrollment fee: $59.99
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Oct 04, 202230:45
Session #157 - Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Nicholas Bruckman
Sep 20, 202232:13
Session #156 - “Estate Planning for Writers” with author Matt Buchman
Sep 06, 202231:17
Session #155 - What Hollywood Did On Our Summer Vacation
Aug 16, 202234:52
Session #154 - Dennis Lehane - “Black Bird” Writer and Showrunner
Aug 02, 202229:55
Session #153 - Interview with Maggie Cohn Showrunner of HBOMax’s “The Staircase”
Jun 21, 202231:38
Session #152 - WGT’s Annual Pilot Season Analysis - It’s a Wild, Wild Pilot Season
Jun 07, 202232:15
Session #151 - The Economics of Entertainment

Session #151 - The Economics of Entertainment

Getting in, staying in and consuming entertainment all take a certain amount of resources. We discuss how to prioritize where you put your time, money and heart into the entertainment industry, both as an artist and as a consumer.


SHOW NOTES: None this episode

May 17, 202235:18
Session #150 - Rachanee Lumayno talks about “Heir of Memory & Shadow” – Kingdom Legacy Series Book #2
May 03, 202227:25
Session #149 - Writing for Games with David Bergantino
Apr 19, 202241:30
Session #148 - Amazon closes MGM deal. What it means for screenwriters
Apr 05, 202229:33
Session #147 - Interview with Lauryn Kahn - “Fresh” Screenwriter
Mar 15, 202223:08
Session #146 - Interview with Paul Kalburgi - Writer and host of The Writer’s Toolkit book and podcast
Mar 01, 202232:04
Session #145 - Interview with The Story Merchant Ken Atchity
Feb 15, 202231:10
Session #144 - Interview with “Scream” screenwriter James Vanderbilt
Feb 01, 202223:16
Session #143 - Does Script Length Matter?

Session #143 - Does Script Length Matter?

Streaming services have broken the mold on episode length. In this session, we discuss how they’ve changed the measuring stick on script length and where, when and if it still matters.

SHOW NOTES: None this show

Jan 18, 202221:52
Session #142 - Quantity vs quality. Is the filler episode dead?
Jan 04, 202226:37
Session #141 - Old Year/New Year - End of Year Wrap Up
Dec 21, 202126:29
Session #140 -Gifts for the Writer in Your Life
Dec 07, 202125:41
Session #139 - Interview with “Eternals” Screenwriting Team Kaz & Ryan Firpo
Nov 23, 202138:46
Session #138 - A Moving Interview with Tom
Nov 02, 202122:60
Session #137 - Interview with Zimran Jacob, Screenwriter & Showrunner‘s Assistant
Oct 19, 202129:41
Session #136: We’re back! Or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Session #136: We’re back! Or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Rachanee and Tom are back from their pandemic Summer breaks with updates on what they and the industry have been up to and what’s coming next.


Listen to Rachanee on “Two Book Bitches”

Listen to Tom talk James Cameron’s “The Abyss” with Sam Gasch on the Ideal Remake podcast

“Heir of Amber and Fire” is the first book in Rachanee’s Kingdom Legacy series. Available online at these e-bookstores: On Amazon -

Tom's word game for Android and iOS - Wordcursion:

Play games with Tom on Twitch: CandyHidra PNGTuber Artist:

Oct 05, 202132:18
Session #135 - Year 4 Wrap Up! Wordcursion and Heir of Amber and Fire

Session #135 - Year 4 Wrap Up! Wordcursion and Heir of Amber and Fire

Looking for some Summer reading or a new game to while away the hours? This session, we discuss our recent projects; Rachanee’s new YA fantasy novel “Heir of Amber and Fire” and Tom’s just launched head-to-head mobile word find game “Wordcursion.” Both are available at links below in the show notes. This session marks the end of our 4th year! We’ll be on Summer break for a the next couple months. Look for new sessions in August. Thanks for listening!



Wordcursion on Google Play

Wordcursion Website

Follow @Wordcursion on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for iOS launch news and updates


About “Heir of Amber and Fire”

Jennica is a princess on the run. On the run from an arranged marriage. On the run from a king whose mysterious plans could completely destroy her beloved home, the magical kingdom of Calia. And, she hopes, she's running toward the truth of her heritage. To uncover the mysteries of her past, Princess Jennica will have to rely on a dragon seeker and his team to lead her to the creature who once kidnapped her mother. But how can she fully trust her allies, when she knows she must betray them?

“Heir of Amber and Fire” is the first book in the Kingdom Legacy series.

Available online at these e-bookstores On Amazon Visit Rachanee's website ( and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for book updates

May 18, 202126:34
Session #134 - Artificial Intelligence in Hollywood
May 04, 202132:06
Session #133 - Interview with Tim Gabrielle, Horror Author and Screenwriter
Apr 20, 202118:53
Session #132 - Interview with Rising Star Writer/Producer Jason Goldberg

Session #132 - Interview with Rising Star Writer/Producer Jason Goldberg

Rising star writer/producer Jason Goldberg discusses his career development and writing process. His new film "Stay Out of the F***ing Attic" is streaming on Shudder and his name is on The Launch Pad Young & Hungry List and ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch List.

Find Jason online: Facebook: IMDB: Shudder:

About Jason: Jason Goldberg is a member of the Producer's Guild of America with over 100 hours of original programming to his name. Horror is his genre of choice and has 15 completed feature screenplays and 3 television series that have placed in top writing competitions, including Nicholl, Final Draft's Big Break and Screencraft Horror. Jason landed on The Launch Pad's Young & Hungry List (2018), The Launch Pad's Hit List (2018), and ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch List in 2019. He sold "Stay Out of the F*cking Attic" to Top Dead Center Films, which will be hitting Shudder in Q1 2021 and his Hit List script, "Flatwoods" will be going into production summer 2021, with Andy Palmer attached to direct. He's currently producing a cosmic horror film with a-list talent attached, while pushing his own material. 

Apr 06, 202128:30
Session #131 - COVID-19 vs. Hollywood 1-Year Anniversary
Mar 16, 202137:02
Session #130 - Is Hollywood Dead?
Mar 02, 202132:58
Session #129 - Writing movies for the streaming market with writer/producer/director Jeff Deverett.
Feb 16, 202134:03
Session #128 - Interview with "Antebellum" writers/directors Bush and Rentz
Feb 02, 202134:03
Session #127 - Interview with Heather-Fitzgerald - YA Fantasy Author
Jan 19, 202128:30