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The What Is Cycling Podcast

The What Is Cycling Podcast

By What Is Cycling

What is cycling? It is the sport or activity of riding a bicycle, but how you do it changes from rider to rider. There are many factors that help make up each cyclist's DNA from the bike they ride to the terrain they prefer or the challenges that they want to conquer. The beauty of cycling is that it is not a one size fits all, but it fits any style and flavor. Join me, Elijah Townsend, as I interview individuals from all realms of the cycling world to learn about the characteristics that make up their DNA. Ride bikes, share stories!
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Communicating With Salty The Yeti - Yuri Hauswald

The What Is Cycling PodcastOct 05, 2022

We Are Back!

We Are Back!

Welcome back to The What Is Cycling Podcast! It's been a while since we last connected, and I know you are probably wondering what happened to us. There is no other way to say it besides life got in the way. So, without further ado, I'm thrilled to announce that we are officially returning to production! That's right, we're dusting off the microphones, tweaking the soundboard, and gearing up to bring you fresh, engaging conversations with amazing people in the cycling community.

First off, let me start by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support during our hiatus. Your messages, emails, and social media interactions have been a great reminder of how supportive the cycling community can be. It's because of listeners like you that we're motivated to come back stronger than ever.

But that's not all! Brace yourselves because we've lined up an array of amazing guests who will be joining us on the show in the coming episodes. I can't express how eager I am to dive back into these conversations and share them with you.

So, here's the deal: make sure you're subscribed to The What Is Cycling Podcast on your favorite podcast platform, and stay tuned for those notification alerts. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single episode. And hey, if you're not subscribed yet, now's the perfect time to hit that subscribe button!

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, remember that your feedback, thoughts, and ideas matter to us. We want to create content that resonates with you, so please feel free to reach out via our social media channels, emails, or however you prefer to communicate.

Thank you, once again, for your patience and your enthusiasm. We are back, and it's all thanks to listeners like you who remind us why we do this.

That's all for now. So until next time, ride bikes, share stories.

Aug 31, 202302:02
Nothing Works Unless You Do - Joanna Yates
Mar 02, 202301:07:34
Atlanta Courier Collective - Lawson 'Frogi' Pruett
Feb 16, 202358:24
Up Here, We Help When We Can (Part Two) - Mike Shisler
Feb 02, 202348:55
Up Here, We Help When We Can (Part One) - Mike Shisler

Up Here, We Help When We Can (Part One) - Mike Shisler

Jan 19, 202350:20
Defeating Cancer And A Heart With Wires - Mike Cohen

Defeating Cancer And A Heart With Wires - Mike Cohen

On today's episode of The What Is Cycling Podcast, we have a very special guest, Mike Cohen. Mike has a very powerful and inspiring story that will move you and encourage you. At a young age, Mike was diagnosed with cancer which disrupted all of his plans at the time. After Mike defeated cancer, he had a blood clot in his heart which caused him to have a device that was hooked up to him and would ultimately cause him to get on the heart transplant list. On the day that he found out he was receiving a heart, he had to go under the procedure for a heart transplant. Mike, who is a cyclist and loves all things cycling, wanted to combine his love of cycling with his new heart and rode across the country to pay his respects to his donor and meet the donor's family. Listen to episode 14 to learn what it is like to battle and win against cancer, receive a new heart, and how to give back to the cycling community.

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Nov 16, 202201:21:13
Creating Your Own Man Verses Wild - Matthew Fairbrother
Nov 02, 202253:08
She's Not A Runner, She's A Track Star - Kaitlyn Mittan
Oct 19, 202201:09:42
Communicating With Salty The Yeti - Yuri Hauswald
Oct 05, 202201:04:31
Don't Say I Can't, Say I'll Try - Steve Lovelace
Sep 21, 202201:20:35
Smooth As Butter, The Butterman - Brandon Hopkins
Sep 07, 202201:09:29
Riding To End Cancer - Fran Powell
Aug 24, 202254:31
Designing For All Cyclist - Sarah Wilson-Reissmann
Aug 10, 202201:04:18
Out Sprinting Celebrities At Unbound XL - Jeff Terebey
Jul 27, 202201:06:23
Keep On Keepin' On! 2022 Garmin Unbound XL Female Winner - Cynthia Frazier
Jul 13, 202201:03:53
Riding For Mental Health And Awareness - Lucas Livermon
Jun 29, 202201:19:29
Yancey Ridge S240 - Matt McDougall
Jun 15, 202201:07:37
A Grueling Adventure Race, Manduro - Domino Ireland

A Grueling Adventure Race, Manduro - Domino Ireland

Thank you for checking out the second episode of the what is cycling podcast. Today we have Domino Ireland with us. The only way I can think of to describe Domino is that he is a pirate and cowboy. He is an avid adventurer, a former marine, hiked the entire Appalachian trail, biked Route 66, created his own treasure hunts, aka a pirate and created one of the wildest bike races in the country with Manduro. Manduro is an adventure race that takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina that takes the riders over the course of 250 miles and 36 hours of riding. All you know is where you are going next by scanning a QR code, but you also have to figure out the best route to get to the next stop. Listen to episode two to gain insight and tips on completing Manduro.

If you want to learn more about Manduro/Minduro or want to enter the grueling adventure race, follow this link,

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Jun 01, 202201:16:02
Rockstar 2022 Gravel 250 Winner - Chris Thorpe

Rockstar 2022 Gravel 250 Winner - Chris Thorpe

Thank you for checking out the first episode of The What Is Cycling Podcast! I am Elijah Townsend and for our very first episode, we will be chatting with this years Rockstar Gravel 250 winner Chris Thorpe. Chris is currently a student at VCU, located in Richmond, and is breaking into the ultra endurance scene. During the race, Chris not only overcame technical difficulties, but also ran out of fuel with 90 miles to go. We also take a dive into his training and set up for the race, as well as, his ultra endurance goals for the year. 

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May 18, 202201:14:21
April 13, 2022

April 13, 2022

Apr 13, 202200:49