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What About?

What About?

By Somesh

What do you do when you want to know more? You simply ask, "What About..."
Human development is a result of asking questions continuously. Of your surroundings, of what you see and also your own self...
"What About" is such an endeavor. This is about the people who did not stop asking questions.
And our tool... "What About?"
Here Somesh Verma, former journalist and TV anchor, presents you the "Stories That We Want to Tell"
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What About Saroj Niraula

What About?Feb 01, 2022

What About Saroj Niraula

What About Saroj Niraula

Imagine a person coming to a country that’s 68 times bigger than his own, settling there and being awarded as Top 25 Immigrants in that country. That happened with Dr Saroj Niraula, who came to Canada from Nepal – that’s exactly on the other side of the globe and received Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2018.

Now, Dr Saroj Niraula is a Medical Oncologist at CancerCare Manitoba, an Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Manitoba, and a Scientist at the research institute of oncology and hematology, CancerCare Manitoba.

His clinical practice primarily involves treatment of solid cancers with special focus on management of breast cancer. Saroj currently heads the provincial authority responsible for review and approval of new cancer drugs in Manitoba.

This is Saroj story, a story of the person who comes from simple backgrounds to receiving recognitions such as Merit Awards from the American Society of Medical Oncology, European Society of Medical Oncology, Young Investigator Awards… too many to list them all here.

So let’s not waste time and listen to his journey… This is: “What About Saroj”

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Feb 01, 202249:02
What is "What About"

What is "What About"

This is an introduction of what we do expect from this Podcast. In simple terms, this is a collection of "Stories that we want to tell!"
Aug 25, 202100:46