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What if I Ran the World?

What if I Ran the World?

By Rev Deborah Bishop

This show is an exploration into alternative options, philosophies, and practices, that run the gambit from spiritual exploration to political agendas, integrative medicine to entrepreneurial vision, and all things in between. “What if I Ran the World?” is designed to investigate, educate, entertain and inspire and most importantly offer solutions, and remind our audience that they not only have the power to effect change, they are the power that literally creates and co-creates the world they/we are living in. What would you do differently, if you ran the world?
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Retooling the War Machine Episode #25

What if I Ran the World?Jun 01, 2023

Retooling the War Machine Episode #25

Retooling the War Machine Episode #25

This is an interview with Shaman, Mutli Instrumentalist and wise-man, Massood Taj. Together we explore the possibilities of what it might be like to undo the mega multi-trillion dollar complex that seems to be the back bone of our american economy. The war machine, that is responsbile for massive profits, and has been for decades, and the wars that continue to go on and on and on. Is it possible for there to be another way, another option? Can we indeed exist beyond this pattern of dominance, destruction and wealth? We think so. Join us and weigh in for yourself. What is the path to peace and how do we start to pave it - it's really up to us. 

Contact Massood at: http://www.massoodtaj.comTo talk with Deborah more, please go to: http://www.WelcometoBishopWorld.comIf you think you’d be a good guest on the show, please go to:
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Jun 01, 202356:25
Episode #24 Radical Spirituality
May 11, 202343:29
“Resilience - Global Opportunity" Episode #023

“Resilience - Global Opportunity" Episode #023

This episode, we get to spend time with a very positive and inspiring lady who explores the subject of resilience. One of the most important subjects for all of us to visit is the topic of self resilience and personal inspiration. No matter what is happening in the world, we are human beings are resourceful in our own right and can overcome anything, or can we? If we don't learn to bounce back, how can we ever imagine a future greater then the one in front of us right now? No matter what tragedy you may face, or have faced, resilience is the answer.

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Nov 25, 202201:14:43
“Our Educational System has Failed!” Episode #022
Nov 18, 202201:04:43
"Don’t Believe What You Hear/Read Online” Episode #021

"Don’t Believe What You Hear/Read Online” Episode #021

This interview qualifies as the one business focused conversation that I try to have every season. If you are in business, this one has extra special umph for you because SEO and marketing parameters are covered, so consider taking a few notes  if you are indeed an entrepreneur, or entrepreneurial thinker! BUT. . . This also explores a little more about the world as we know it, or as it turns out may not know it, online! Social media and all the forms of influence that are now part of the everyday reality we all live in and live with, can it be trusted? That's just one of the questions we look at in this episode. It is important for all of us to understand what is really going on out there in the wide world of the internet, and all the manipulations, and agendas that are alive and well. Join us and gain a better perspective, some cool tips and maybe even an aha moment!

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Nov 10, 202201:04:36
"Solving Depression?" Episode #020
Nov 04, 202259:28
"Stewardship" Episode #019

"Stewardship" Episode #019

This is an episode that doesn't follow the usual format, largely due to me have acute bronchitis and not being able to sing - LOL, however this is my one solo show that I do every season!  I am exploring what I believe to be an important and very underserved topic and that is Stewardship and what it actually means. What could it mean if we were accountable to actually taking care? Taking care of ourselves, because if our tank isn't full we don't have what we need, we don't have anything to give. Hence the massive issue we have on this planet in the western world, called burnout. It's time we learn how to take care of ourselve, take care of one another and take care of this planet.This is what is important, this is our future. Tune in and see if you agree. Stewardship, is it our future? I hope so.

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Oct 28, 202256:03
"Conspicuous Consumption" Episode 018
Oct 20, 202201:07:05
ADHD, Part of Cancel Culture? Episode #017

ADHD, Part of Cancel Culture? Episode #017

With diagnoses being utterly commonplace in today's landscape how can we not ask the question, "What's really going on?" When it comes to ADHD and our children. I remember when I used to do talk radio, and hosted a show that explored topics, much like this one, I was horrifed to discover that in Los Angeles, and specifically South Central LA,  there was a second school bell that rang, and that was the bell for kids to line up for their meds! And that was several years ago. I had an amazing time doing this interview, and I know you will enjoy listening to it. Avigail joined us from Israel and as a mother of multiple kids diagnosed with ADHD and who is a published author on the same subject, her personal knowledge, professional expertise and over all perspective really brings much to light, that deserves to be understood. Medicating our kids is not "normal" especially when there are options. Join us and discover what your options are. 

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Oct 13, 202201:11:03
"Community, Sexuality & the Future" Episode #016

"Community, Sexuality & the Future" Episode #016

We explore all sort of topics on this show, and because of my commitment to truly exploring the creation of community, and how important it is for us to be a whole and healthy community, it would ultimately be impossible for me to leave out the topic of intimacy and sexuality.  Healthy intimacy and healthy sexuality are a core part of humanity and need to be explored and practiced as much as possible in positive and powerful ways. This interview with the incredible couple, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver, shines the spotlight on what is means to truly have a thriving community on every level including the physical.

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Oct 06, 202201:00:30
"Sacred Community, Sacred Economy” Episode #015

"Sacred Community, Sacred Economy” Episode #015

What does it mean to have individuals being at odds and fighting amongst themselves? To have people literally alienating from their family and close friends? It means that those that are in power, get to get away with all sorts of things because we are too busy being distracted! What might it mean if we could come together and become a community?  And if money is the deciding factor between all things, what if coming together as a community could also support a sacred, peer to peer economy? Find out more about these things, and more. . . Come and get a really cool change of perspective from a really cool woman, Isabel Hundt.

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Sep 29, 202201:16:17
 Is Lifestyle Your Best Medicine? Episode #014

Is Lifestyle Your Best Medicine? Episode #014

Enjoy this conversation and exploration into what we CAN do to enjoy a better, healthier life with just a few tweaks. It's not crazy, and there is no request that you make radical changes, however sometimes those may be required, this isn't about lecturing you, this is about informing you. Dr. Clayton, shares with me his clear and practical view point on what is happening to our health and our lifestyles right now on the planet. And, what could change our lives for the better. Most importantly, we discover how do sleep better! Ahh sleep, one of the most elusive things these days for many of us. Find out some simple things you can do to set you up for a good nights sleep, which by itself, will rock your world.

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Sep 22, 202201:02:18
"Question Reality Always!" Episode #013
Sep 15, 202201:06:13
Free Energy - Healing Energy! Episode #012

Free Energy - Healing Energy! Episode #012

Free Energy - Healing Energy, and what might that mean?  What might that mean indeed. . . 

What if there was a better way to gain health, vitality, and a whole happy life? This interview explores this powerful source of energy that when first discovered was buried by the powers that be, because it could change the entire way we do things on this planet. This energy is emitted continuously from the Sun and also the stars that surround us every night. This energy animates all life force on all levels and including all the physical activity in the Universe. This energy is also known as “Divine Intelligence”.  This energy has been successfully used to treat male and female hormone disorders and imbalances. It has been highly effective ih working with digestive issues. It has been proven to be a powerful ally when dealing with addictive behaviors and it works extremely will when working with neurotransmitters and endorphins, among all sorts of other things!

Meet Tom Paladino and hear about the amazing work he is doing, on his own, because the powers that be, would not approve! He is a man on a mission and here to help us all gain better and better health, become more empowered and whole. The truth about the reality of Scalar Energy is that it’s power is truly unlimited. Find out more now.

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Sep 09, 202259:54
From Hopeless to Hopeful? Episode 11
May 26, 202201:00:44
Pain Freedom, Fact or Fiction? Episode #010
May 19, 202259:33
Where is the Truth, in the Media or in You? Episode #009
May 12, 202257:46
Profits Over People? Episode #008
May 05, 202201:04:27
Friend, Foe or Fear? Episode #006

Friend, Foe or Fear? Episode #006

This interview is with Dr. Debra Dupree is a top coporate coach and master mediator. Together we explore the fasinating world of traditional media, and social media and how much it is influencing what is happening in the world today. Find out more information on Dr. Debra Dupree at  Find out more about Deborah on What do you think? Is media bringing us closer together or tearing us apart? 

Apr 28, 202256:18
Elite Versus Unity Episode #600
Apr 21, 202256:04
Sickness Care the Real Face of Health Care? Episode #005
Apr 14, 202201:06:02
Can You Beat Corporate Retail? Episode 004
Apr 07, 202254:48
Thou Shalt Not Hate Thy Neighbor Episode 003

Thou Shalt Not Hate Thy Neighbor Episode 003

This Episode is a stellar interview with Michael Seaver, Author and Corporate Trainer. Together we explore the reality of what is happening on the planet today regarding communication, acceptance and the level of anger and energy that exists. Does it have to be the way? Is it time to remind and remember that hatred, while akin to love, will never serve in moving anyone forward to a preferred location. Find out more about Michael Seaver go to: Also, to connect further with Rev Deborah Bishop please go to  And to connect with Deborah directly, please link to her calendar at: 

Mar 31, 202258:03
"Is Meanness Contagious?" Episode 002

"Is Meanness Contagious?" Episode 002

On the show where we dare to explore what is going on, and how we might do it differently this next episode is an amazing interview with Donna Cameron, Author of "A Year of Living Kindly" and we are exploring the idea of meanness being contagious! A snippet of original music and a candid conversation that is full of amazing insights and excellent ideas. This is tasty food for thought. Have we lost our sensibilities around connection and communication? If so, what can we do about it? 

Mar 24, 202257:24
What if I Ran the World, Introduction Episode
Mar 17, 202242:38