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What it Takes to be Wild

What it Takes to be Wild

By Amazing Grace

We highlight stories of courage and explore skills, techniques and inspirational experiences to support women in being powerhouses in their lives. Have a story you think someone should share or want to share your own on the air? Message us! Don't forget to help us grow by leaving us a great rating on your favorite podcast app.
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Girls in Boots: Changing the Rules of Engagement

What it Takes to be WildMar 15, 2020

Jul 15, 202039:04
Inmates Dance to be Free
Jul 01, 202036:57
Cops Are People Too

Cops Are People Too

Sergeant Stephanie Linkus works in a large metro area and has seen her share of trauma - not just at work, but in her own life.  As a minority officer (both latino and female), she has experienced her share of discrimination as and such treats all citizens with respect.  We touch on the life of George Floyd and how the riots/protests have impacted her work and her life.

Jun 15, 202029:26
The Magical Power of Horses
Jun 01, 202030:38
A Sharking Discovery!

A Sharking Discovery!

Cristina Zenato is what they call a “shark whisperer”.  She scuba dives with sharks and builds real relationships with them so she can remove fishing hooks from them.  If you haven’t seen the video of her swimming the the sharks, visit our facebook page and take a look.  She says sharks are very kind and gentle and remind her of our relationships with dogs!  She is here today to share her story of how she chose and pursued this passion and what it is like to be a friend of misunderstood animals.

Resources in this Episode:



Questions before episode:

Think about your beliefs about sharks.  Are they mean? Scary? Inherently dangerous?  How would you compare them to a pet like a dog or a cat?  Take a few seconds and establish that.

Second: think about dolphins.  How do you see them?  Are they cute? Kind? Always helpful, safe?  Take a few seconds to establish that.

Then lastly, think about something in your life that is troubling you.  What do you believe about it?  Name one thing about it that you believe is true - something that has been defining your actions around the situation.

At the end of this interview, I invite you to answer these questions again and then reflect on the show in a particular way that just might change the way you see your situation.

Questions after episode:

Go back to the one thing that is true about a situation that is bothering you.  How can you transfer what you learned on the show today to that situation?  Here are some things to consider and be honest with yourself - it’s an opportunity to unstick yourself and be effective:

Are you judging a book by its cover?

Is your belief about the situation accurate? How do you know?

Could there be more to the story?

Where are you spending your energy?  Is it worth it?

What do you want to bite onto and not let go of?  How will it serve you?

What future do you want to create and what will you sacrifice for it?

May 15, 202055:50
Traversing Uncertainty
Apr 30, 202046:27
Magical Pixy Dust
Apr 15, 202031:22
Boundaries in the Wilderness: Exploring limit setting for an effective life
Apr 08, 202034:11
Girls in Boots: Changing the Rules of Engagement

Girls in Boots: Changing the Rules of Engagement

Martha  LaGuardia Kotite was one of the first female officers to serve aboard two Coast Guard cutters with all male crews. She is the author of 5 books including Changing the Rules of Engagement which  documents the lives of American women in the military who have shattered the glass ceiling and performed extraordinary feats while serving their country. By telling their stories about their remarkable careers in traditionally male-dominated environments, Martha LaGuardia-Kotite demonstrates how tenacious and courageous women can achieve the unimaginable. On our March 15th episode, we meet Martha, learn about her book and her own story and her rules of engagement recipe for achieving your biggest dreams.

Mar 15, 202029:40
Sheer Bad Assery - An interview with Eri Redmond

Sheer Bad Assery - An interview with Eri Redmond

This month we focus on personal growth and development: what does it take and what is it like to overcome our own internal dialogue that sabotages us and holds us back from our highest potential?  Eri is an athletic instructor certified in Spin and Yoga who I met at our local SPEGNA.  If you don’t know what SPENGA is you are missing out!  It is a new way of exercising that keeps it fresh and keeps you from plateauing.  It was started by women and our Broomfield, CO gym is run by a handful of amazing ladies who kick our asses everyday.  Eri has had an amazing transformation in her life that led her to SPENGA and today she is on the show to share that story with our listeners.

You can follow Eri on Instagram: @flowwitheri

Mar 01, 202030:00
There's no time for fear: An Interview with Sammy Bassett

There's no time for fear: An Interview with Sammy Bassett

This month we talk about mountaineering and what it takes to face such a huge mental and physical challenge.  Today’s guest is Sammy Bassett… an amateur mountaineer, skydiver, professional scuba diver and entrepreneur who was mentored by our last guest, Dianette Wells.  Sammy is here with us to talk about how the courage of  women has influenced his life in significant ways and how he passes those lessons onto his community.

Feb 15, 202025:05
What is Your Mountain?
Feb 01, 202021:41
Why What it Takes to Be Wild
Jan 14, 202015:25
Show Trailer - Today is the day. Let's make it count.

Show Trailer - Today is the day. Let's make it count.

Hi this is Grace, your host of What it Takes to be Wild

I created what it takes to be wild to support women in becoming who they really want to be.  To overcome life challenges and to create challenges that stretch them.  But this is just the beginning.  Being able to be resilient in the face of hardships and able to craft a future you love is simply the foundation for something bigger.

We are living in an age of deception, bullying, power hunger, and the ruling law of money. It is not that we lack compassion or desire to create peace for the collective good.  The issue is that it is simply not our primary culture.  Instead, we allow fear, money and political capital to control us and therefore limit what we can do as a human race.  When we truly care about each other, when we connect instead of isolate, when we support rather than compete, we have an opportunity to create the world in a whole new way.  A way that allows everyone to live a free, fulfilled and happy life.   I believe the only reason we do not have this is as a whole we do not DEMAND something different.  We are complacent.  We are silent.

It is time that women start standing for what we want to see in the world and doing so in a way that is contagious and inspiring.  I believe that all women hold these values of compassion, care, contribution and peace for the collective good and are the best at demonstrating and teaching them. Too many years we have been held back and discouraged from speaking our truth.  Too many years we have been trained to be silent.  Well.  Our time is up.  It’s now or never ladies.  Let’s start brushing off the hatred and narcissism that keeps love down.  Let’s start shining, each with our own superpower.

When we find ourselves, live authentic lives and demand only the best from people, we inspire others to do the same. With enough participation this change can be viral and turn into a mass transformation of societies and therefore world cultural values.  In a time of global warming and planetary destruction, we cannot risk being silent and separate anymore.  It will take us getting over ourselves, thinking bigger and being WILD in the face of complacency and the status quo.

In the What it Takes to be Wild podcast, we support women in overcoming their self-deprecating internal dialog and to start believing that they can become who they never thought they could be and make a real difference and contribution to the world.  Please join the movement, subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcasting station, follow us on facebook and instagram, but more importantly, share YOUR story.  Leave us a message or email us with a short summary of your story, where you have been stuck and what you have overcome.  We may play it on the air or ask you to be on the show.  Today is the day ladies, let’s make it count.

Jan 02, 202002:53