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What Makes You Tick?

What Makes You Tick?

By Stephen Bradshaw

Too often we naturally see people who achieve and reach their goals as overnight successes, yet those overnight successes have most likely spent years sharpening their skills and honing in on what it is that drives them.

I've decided to meet people from all walks of life and listen to their stories and take learn from their journeys. Each season will be fueled by a mix of my interests and what areas listeners you would like to hear more about. I want to learn what goes on behind the scenes, what goes on in their mind, I want to give us all a chance to find out
'What makes them tick'
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10kgs in 10 Weeks : Week 1

What Makes You Tick?Sep 17, 2023

10kgs in 10 Weeks : Week 1

10kgs in 10 Weeks : Week 1

I’ve set myself a goal to lose 10kgs in 10 weeks. When I played sport I typically played at 115/118 kgs and recently i clocked in at nearly 125kgs. So the challenge is to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. On the journey I’ll keep you updated with an honest account of the challenge weekly. I am partnering with Whole Supp which is Irelands leading nutritional supplement company - there products are tested, 13 superfoods and 31st and of proteins. It really does taste great and can’t wait to see where this challenge can take me.
Sep 17, 202304:17
Brent Pope Normalising the mental health conversation

Brent Pope Normalising the mental health conversation

Brent Pope, 6ft 3" mountain of a man who played rugby for New Zealand. For years he throw his body into some of the most physical rugby matches. He has the battle scars to prove it and throughout that time became one of the most respected rugby players and minds of a generation and to this day.

To his teammates, friends and family he was jovial, upbeat, a character, a prankster and fun person to be around. But behind the public theatre as a young teenage, Brent was hurting, and anxious. Without anyone to talk to, to open up to he battled anxiety on his own, which eventually led to depression and suicidal thoughts. His only way out was to leave New Zealand and find another place to call home, where no one knew his name.

Brent has taken time out of his schedule to share his story with me, to open up with the goal to help people who are unsure about their mental health, who are fighting to keep up appearances and to encourage everyone to talk. By doing so, you're creating a path to support, to understanding and to a fuller happier life.

Brent wants to remove the labels of courage, and bravery when it comes to talking about mental health and make it a normal, welcomed topic of discussion in society.

He has joined forces with charity The Samaritans and created a campaign known as The elephant in the room. Wherever you see this sculpture it signifies that the organisation you work in, the community you enter welcomes discussion about mental health and encourages you if you're struggling to share and take a step to help yourself.

For more information check out

I am honoured to have a man like Brent open up and share his story with me. He is just a man with a huge heart and a desire to help people in the best way he knows how.

Sep 08, 202301:01:42
Níall Ó Mhurchú - All We Need is Love

Níall Ó Mhurchú - All We Need is Love

All we need is love. A famous line from arguably the most famous band of all time 'The Beatles'

Imagine going into every argument, battle, challenge or nervous environment with that as your mantra, your approach to challenge, push back or indeed finding a solution may be very different.

Recently, I turned 40. A milestone in life for some, but for me it was a catalyst for me to reflect and reset. You see, I was finding life a bit tricky and felt that the world was throwing a lot of challenges my way but why?

Strange to feel helpless, when one of the things I love most to do is help people. I don't always get it right but I continue to try. However, I found I needed a helping hand but I couldn't really see it. So, I stayed the course, however, a great friend and previous guest Gareth Logan called me out on it... he saw the challenges I was facing and encouraged me to spend a little time on myself. To focus on me, otherwise how can I position myself to help others if I can't help me. But what should I do?

I have always admired Wim Hof and his story. From the tragedy of losing his wife, to finding a way to heal through breath work and embracing the cold. He was able to reimagine the way our bodies can reboot our immune system and prosper. in my research I found the Cliffs of Moher Retreat which was hosting a Wim Hot Method. Needless to say if I attended this, life everything I go through the process and commit to it fully.

This is where I met breathing sensation and cold expert Níall Ó Mhurchú. Níall has been practicing this for decades and I believe we can all benefit from his learnings and his teachings.

On this episode we talk about the incredible benefits the cold can have when we are exposed to it, his relationship with breathing and how we can learn to let stresses and worries go, through our breath. Níall shares some insight to life living and training with the Shaolin Monks and hiking up mountains in the snow and cold with Wim Hof.

An author of 'The Blissful Breath' and 'The Power of Cold' this episode is one not to be missed. We leave you at the end of the episode with a short breathing exercise which you can experience in your quiet time.

For all this information and more head to

Aug 01, 202301:11:35
Dylan Fawsit: Chasing Dreams

Dylan Fawsit: Chasing Dreams

This episode is with USA Eagles rugby international Dylan Fawsit who speaks to me about his journey to becoming a professional rugby player.

His route to making a career in the game he loves was not straight forward. The initial dream was to play for Ireland, to put on that green jersey, however, after finishing school he didn't get the breaks or opportunities he was hoping for. Leinster didn't see a future, so Dylan decided to forge his own future and leave the Emerald Isle for American.

Like many Irish men and women before him, Dylan saw hope and opportunity in the states. A scholarship to university was the opening he needed.

Dylan talks to me about his passion for the sport and how grateful he is for his Irish community, his friends and old teammates for playing their role at the early stages of his life.

Dylan is a family man and met the love of his life on a plane back to Ireland one Christmas. Their story is one of fairytales, just like the movies.

We can take for granted where we are today, but when we look back at our journey in life, there are people who stand out for all the right reasons. Dylan is one of those people - his can do attitude and drive are to be admired. He takes pride in everything he does both as a player and a father.

This conversation is honest, warm and gives an insight to the kind determined human this man is.

Jul 26, 202301:04:46
Joy Neville: The Hard Work Starts Now

Joy Neville: The Hard Work Starts Now

Joy Neville is going to the 2023 Rugby World Cup as a Television Match Official. What people may not know is that Joy has 70 caps for Ireland, won a Grand Slam and is now an official referee and that is how Joy want's to be known.

However, Joy has come to notoriety within the mens rugby circles as the first female to ref a senior mens professional rugby match and subsequently the first female to ref a mens international. What Joy would like society to focus on is the fact that she is there on merit, because of her skills and ability as a ref, not because she is a woman. Joy is determined to represent her family and friends in the most positive way, and to do so it means preparing as best as she possibly can.

That is why Joy is quoted for saying "THE WORK STARTS NOW" - there will be moments in the upcoming World Cup where ref and TMO decisions will come into question, the most important thing for Joy is to know that she has done everything possible to perform on the world stage.

Joy aims to pave a way for others to become a referee. Our chat is more than just sport, we speak about Joy's family, the recent loss of her fantastic Dad, the challenge she had sharing her sexuality with family and friends and the anxiety and fear she built up over 12 years.

Now married and with a wonderful son, Joy is a prime example of how to be a good human being. She takes time to reflect on her actions, her initial responses to ensure she is prepared for the next similar interaction and be proud of her response.

This conversation unpacks a lot of areas that may not be so well known and Joy's honesty is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Joy and good luck at the World Cup. You are without a doubt there on merit as one of the best referees in the world.

Jun 18, 202301:14:56
Shane Cassidy: Don't let fear hold you back
Jun 04, 202355:07
Stephen 'Cowboy' Kelly: Know Your Worth

Stephen 'Cowboy' Kelly: Know Your Worth

With social media we typically see a facade, a version of ourselves through the prism of a fancy filter so onlookers think we are pretty, smarter or indeed more in-tune with our mental health than one would think. It is an emotional void which we either find empty or full depending on our moods. We are the curators of our social news feed and this became more evident during COVID. While some people fixated on their 6" screens and the drama, others blossomed and soared through creativity, realising opportunity and paving the way for others.

One such person is Irish entertainer Stephen 'Cowboy' Kelly who exploded during COVID with his witty, insightful comedic approach to the madness that was going on all around and coined the phrase 'You Know' followed by a look into the distance. Stephen is a member of 3 Bucks Left, an offshoot comedic group who took part in Ireland's answer to Monty Python back in the Celtic Tiger - The Hardy Bucks.

Stephen took time out of his busy schedule supping creamy pints of Guinness to sit with me and talk about the man behind the beard, the life he's lived and the motivating factors the drive him. Stephen has a hilarious ability to take everyday dramas and create a funny, intelligent, humorous outlook of the situation. We tend to take life so seriously these days, trying to be the best version of ourselves which is admirable, yet we sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves. We tend to forget that life is unbelievably precious, so why sweat the small stuff.

When was the last time you had some fun? If it was today, good for you, but if you can't remember, then go have do something fun - because it may be taken from us in a moment, something Stephen knows all too well and thankfully shares those experiences with me. Stephen has a genuine desire to help people through entertainment and in turn he feeds off it to help himself.

This episode unveils the real man behind the comedic characture, it shows a man with a deep heart, a mischievous outlook on life and a refreshing point of view.

3 Bucks left are currently rolling out shows all around Ireland throughout the year and I've no doubt, if you turn up, you won't be disappointed. Check out this link to secure your tickets -

You can find the Cowboy on 3BuckLeft's instagram page here

May 18, 202355:30
Mel Deane: Do What You Love

Mel Deane: Do What You Love

Mel Deane is one of those humans you need in your life. He sat down with me to talk about his career as a Personal Trainer, how he found the way to take what he loved from playing rugby at a high level to applying it to his everyday.

Mel takes us down memory lane when he lived in Longford and how the actions of his father, influenced his life forever. A bit of a brawler when needed, a kind sole at times and highly respected among his peers, we get a taster of this energetic bundle of testosterone and how he takes on the world every day.

Mel shares a story as he calls it his 'Twist of fate' story which will forever link Mel and his family to December 21st 1988, the day Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Scottish town of Lockerbie.

Speaking with Mel, it's clear that he lives in the moment because for him, that is where the greatest rewards are experienced. Yes it is important to plan for the future, but we can tend to think too far ahead and miss the magic of the here and now.

Mel is a personal trainer to some of the most famous entertainers and personalities and it's completely understandable why. He is infectious in all the right ways and cements his approach to life on doing what you love and treating people with kindness and decency. Yes we all make mistakes and that happens from time to time. However, we learn from them, we take on board the feedback and plough on.

This episode is a long time coming and one I'm very proud of. If you want to enjoy some light hearted comedy mixed in with some intense training and simple instructions how to go about it, then follow Mels Instagram page - you will not be disappointed @meldean12 - you'll see him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Niall Horan, Gabby Logan, the wonderful Kirsty Gallagher and you'll get clients like Stevie becoming featured personalities on his page.

Mel, thank you for your time and honest, you're a gent.

Mar 31, 202301:03:14
Alexiou Gibson: The service of many leads to greatness

Alexiou Gibson: The service of many leads to greatness

Alexiou Gibson is an entrepreneur in the USA who broke onto the scene after an incredible episode on Shark Tank which is the equivalent to Dragons Den in Ireland and the UK.

His buisness is The Transformation Factory which sells a product called SeaMoss which provides our bodies with 90% of the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

Alexiou is from the Bahamas and you’ll hear in our conversation how much his love for his family comes to the fore.

Alexiou was in his early 20s an weighing in over 540lbs (244kg / 38 stones) and told he would be lucky to see his 30s. He made a decision to make a change and focus his life on movement, health and becoming the man he always wanted to be.

Alexiou shares his story where he began as an eager college student interested in video production and editing, joined up with the NASA graduate programme to convincing millionaires Mark Ruben and Kevin Hart to invest. After 7 months in business the Transformation Factory hit 1million turnover.

Now his business is designed to help as many people as he possible and he shares some examples of the lives the product has helped.

A remarkable story of self belief and how vital it is for us to surround ourselves with the right people who support you and push you in a positive way.

Follow Alexiou's journey on instagram

Thanks also to our pod sponsors ProCoffee who offer the best instant coffee possible. What Makes You Tick listeners get to enjoy a 10% discount of every order. Enter WMYT10 and head to

Mar 05, 202358:56
Fergus Farrell: From 5% chance of walking to an Atlantic Row

Fergus Farrell: From 5% chance of walking to an Atlantic Row

If there’s one thing you do today - Be Kind to yourself.

Fergus Farrell is one of the bravest men I’ve met. On the surface people will see that he attempted to row across the atlantic and on day 13 the ocean and the environment got the better of him. Nearly two weeks on the ocean rowing every 2 hours is a massive achievement in itself.

But what people don’t always realise is that 4 years prior to this attempt, Gussy was laid up in the National Rehabiliation Hospital in Dun Laoighre Dublin, with only a little bit of feeling in his toe. Gussy had severed his spinal chord in a work accident and was given a 5% chance to walk again.

Now, take 5 seconds….. a 5 % chance to walk again and only 4 years later this main was attempting to row across the atlantic ocean with one of his best mates.

You see, people forget and judge based on what is infront of them. No body understood that GUssy’s day to day is a challenge. With constant nerve pain running through his body. With the inability to stand on one leg for longer than 5 seconds. Gussy needs to hold on to the side when he walks up the stairs because his propreceptors don’t fire the way they need to which means he could stumble any time.

This is not a pity story, this is context. Life is tough and tough envrionments make strong people. Gussy has been through an incredibly tough time and he continues to fight, where others would give in.

This is Gussy’s story of his journey since leaving New York Harbour on hte 14th June 2022. it is also a learning to ourselves to be kind to ourselves. Treat ourselves like we treat our best mates. Speak to ourselves with compassion, not hate or anger.

I was lucky enough to be the first to interview the team from Project Empower Damian Browne and Fergus Farrell. You can hear the podcast episode here.

If anyone listening feels overwhelmed in life, remember it is one day, one step, one minute at a time. You will get there and be kind to yourself along the way.

Feb 11, 202301:08:44
Toby Flood: Don't be scared to fail

Toby Flood: Don't be scared to fail

Toby Flood is arguably one of the greatest out halves England and the world has ever seen. On this latest episode I speak to Toby about his career, what it was like competing against the world's greatest player ever Johnny Wilkconsin, injuries and setbacks along the way.

Toby opens up about his current mindset as he transitions from the world of professional rugby to the corporate world and the challenges that move presents.

Toby also opens up about his personal life and wonderful three children, however, he describes a traumatic time he and his wife Sally's life when they lost two children prematurely. They took a flight to Kuala Lumpur which was due to be their last holiday before the babies arrived, and when they landed, they found out the babies had passed away. Toby describes his emotion and how he and his wife managed through that horrific time.

Now with three wonderful kids, Toby's story gives people hope especially when they are trying their best to conceive. Toby leads with a very important message regarding the importance of opening up and sharing because it helps so many and surprisingly you'll find out that you're not alone in the struggles you'r facing.

On a lighter note Toby shares his predictions for this years Six Nations and being a World Cup year the opportunities.

If you enjoyed this episode I would be grateful if you could share it or like and subscribe to the podcast and spread the word.

To find out more about Tommy's charity please head to

Jan 28, 202352:41
Damian Browne: Keep Striving for more from yourself

Damian Browne: Keep Striving for more from yourself

Damian Browne is a unique human being. He has chosen to spend his life taking on some of the worlds toughest challenges. This is Damians third time on the podcast and this episode is unique, the first was after he rowed for the first time across the Atlantic Ocean, and the second was the very first interview for Project Empower We met in Damian's native home town Galway on the west coast of Ireland in the Dew Drop Inn and thanks to Galway Bay Brewery for organising some space for us and we spoke about everything, from his emotional experience over the 112 days on the ocean to the challenge of losing his rowing partner on day 13 and he speaks openly and honestly as always. 

I ask Damian about the life of an adventurer and how people may perceive it to be a selfish lifestyle especially with a young family and we delve into the emotions of that and what it means to him and his wonderful partner and child. 

Damian is a man who meets challenge head on while accepting the importance of showing vulnerability and emotion. He see this as a massive strength and something we can all work on developing. Damian also believes that the mind can push the body through far more struggle than we realise and he taps into some of the times on the ocean when he needed to. 

We speak about his hallucinations, dealing with loss, the crew and people in the background that took the brunt of his frustrations in their stride and we regaled the funny story around the moment he tried to pull away from New York harbour and instead rowed towards it. 

This is episode is long, but fruitful. It is two friends sharing a beer, exploring a world that so many of us will never experience, yet for Damian Browne, he has conquered the ocean twice and earned time now to take a breath and reap some of the rewards from his gallant efforts. This episode is full of emption, honesty and without a doubt a deep insight into the mind of Ireland's ultimate adventurer - @AuldStock - Damian Browne.

Thanks once again to ProCoffeDrinks for partnering with me on this season and for all the support they provide. If you are looking to balance your caffeine love and get the protein you need to rebuild and strengthen your body, head to and enter in WMYT10 for a 10% discount. 

Nov 18, 202202:18:44
Hika Elliot: The kind heart of a warrior

Hika Elliot: The kind heart of a warrior

Hika Elliot is a family man, a former All Black and an inspiring human given the battles he's faced throughout life. From Hastings, New Zealand born into a large family in a disadvantaged area in New Zealand Hika grew up in a world where gangs, drugs and fighting every day was a way of life. It was all he knew for nearly 20 years.

Hika shares his story with me, how rugby helped save his life, and how he found strength in asking for help at a time when he was dealing with the loss of a great friend, he was battling demons in his head while trying to hang onto a world of professional rugby.

Hika's story is an inspirational one. He is a human I'm lucky to know and thankful he's shared a story of heart ache, of fear, of hope and ultimately of peace. Hika's reason for existing is the love he receives and gives to his wonderful young family and his joy of playing a sport that gives him the ability to provide the opportunities to his kids, which he never had.

A true warrior of life, Hika is proof that even when you feel you've been dealt the toughest hand in life, there's always a way through the darkness, don't be afraid to ask for help.

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Oct 17, 202254:01
Ronan Conway: Life is Precious

Ronan Conway: Life is Precious

Season 4 opener is with Ronan Conway who is a facilitator that helps people tap into their most authentic selves. Ronan has worked hand in hand with Soar a charitable foundation setup to help young people figure out ways to understand life, their emotions and their thoughts. After 8 year Ronan took his skills into the world of elite sports working with Irish Rugby, Dublin GAA and more.  

He is a fantastic human who knows life is precious and through his vulnerability and life lessons he's shaped himself into a well rounded, honest and caring modern man. Ronan spends a lot of his time now working in the with Irish prisoners helping them reshape their lives, their mindsets and giving them another pathway by which they can focus their lives in a positive way.  Ronan has been influenced greatly by some fascinating people and has shared some of their workings for you all to enjoy.  

  1. Fearless Organisations, by Amy Edmundson 
  2. Culture Code by Daniel Coyle 
  3. Gabor Mate speaking about the Compassionate Enquiry Approach 

Season 4 is a new journey for me as I am proud to include Pro Coffee who have agreed to sponsor this season. Pro Coffee is unreal. You get your fix of coffee without compromising the taste and then your hit of protein which our bodies need to recover. Packed in the product are also vitamins D and the B complex along with L-Theanine which is proven to aid concentration when combined with caffeine. 

The team at Pro Coffee are on board and I'm excited to have them. Head to and place your order today

Oct 06, 202250:44
Hillary McGann: Know What You Don't Know
Feb 19, 202201:00:41
Having a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset

Today's guest is Commandant Brian Cahil who is currently serving in the Irish Army and stationed in Syria as part of a UN mission. 

Brian is a father of two young girls and married to my cousin Sarah who is a previous guest on the show. Brian speaks to me about his experience in the Irish army with over 20 years experience working through the ranks. 

Brian's biggest challenge as a young 22 year was commanding troops on his first ever mission, where people of all ages, older and younger were looking to him for leadership and direction. The safety of his troops was in his hands and it was there he found that leaders are those who take action and responsibilities for their actions - while others follow and implement what is required of them.

Normally on tours Brian is gone for 6 months however this tour is a 12 month stint and he found this tour the hardest, his kids are that bit older, they are more in-tune with their emotions and how to express them. 

What's more, Brian shares his unquestionable desire to learn and grow, as you'll hear from the books and leadership quotes he recommends in the episode. 

While he makes some fantastic points, he walks away with a few key points of note such as - looking in the mirror and asking yourself, are you proud of what you've done. That is his litmus test of his day and his approach to life.

A wonderful friend with countless tales and unquestionable desire to learn and grow. Here are some of the links to the books and quotes he spoke about

Invictus by William Ernest Henley

The Mission, the men and me - Lessons from a Former Delta Force Commander - Pete Blaber

"Steel My Soldiers' Hearts: Hopeless to Harcore Transformation US Army, 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry ": The Hopeless to Hardcore Transformation of U.S. Army, 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry, Vietnam. Col (Retd) David Hackworth

About Face - Odyssey of an American Warrior. Col (Retd) David Hackworth

Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major (Retd) Dick Winters

Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning. Dan John

Gates Of Fire. An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae. Steven Pressfield

Feb 08, 202201:07:23
Be in the moment

Be in the moment

Today is a very exciting episode, where I sit down and chat to a super friend and confidant of mine Gareth Logan who is an entrepreneur owner of
What's so interesting about this episode is how Gareth aka Logi opens up about his challenges with dyslexia growing up, how he found at 13 he was going to experience the toughest time in his life following the loss of his Dad. In a moment, he had to grow up.
Life for everyone is challenging and while there are hard times in our lives, remember that people care for you and he's blessed to now have a family with four fantastic kids who help him appreciate every day.
What I learned from this even more so is how lucky I am with the friendship circle I have and how I take inspiration from those who are closest to me.
To find Gareth online head to @garethtlogan and he's open to sharing his experiences or even answer questions you may have.
Jan 31, 202258:23
Cian Tormey - Just Say Yes

Cian Tormey - Just Say Yes

Todays guest is the first person in Ireland to own the look and feel of iconic comic hero Superman. Cian Tormey speaks to me about his journey from Art Director in a creative agency to comic artist and living in a world where he loves his job. 

Cian shares learnings along the way, the challenges he faced when a close friend of his died while Cian was finding his way through college and life. He speaks about the lack of support he received from those who's role is to look after and support young adults. 

Cian has a beautiful outlook on life now that he has gotten to understand himself and what he wants, who we surrounds himself with and facing challenges head on. Cian loves helping others and sharing his experiences with others, especially those who are young and in fairly informative times of their lives. 

The big learning from this conversation is to work on opening yourself to opportunities because they may lead you on a journey of brilliant possibilities. 

Cian is happy to share his knowledge of being a comic artist, equally to speak about how he manages his mental health and can be reached on all social channels @ciantormey 

Jan 25, 202259:31
Work to live, don't live to work

Work to live, don't live to work

Hannah Saunders is a remarkable person, entrepreneur, influencer, business woman, daughter, wife and someone I am happy to call friend.

On this episode Hannah speaks about her path into the PR industry and her determination to pave her own path in a world she fell in love with as young girl.

Influenced by her father's work ethic, Hannah made a decision to enter into the PR world, starting as an office manager and working her way up, patiently and steadily. Hannah gained international experience during her time in New York and finally moved to London where nobody knew her name or her relationship with her father.

It was in London where Hannah found out how cruel the professional world can be to people. How some businesses treat people as numbers and value them only by the invoices that have beside their names.

Hannah learned the hard way, while traversing through the trials and tribulations of her own life, the haunting memories of experiences past, she needed an employer who had empathy and understanding, not ignorance and disrespect.

With Hannah's work ethic and commitment to her career she gained the respect of her clients, she built a network of professional contacts who admired her passion and focus.

To help Hannah through dark times she found courage and spoke to a therapist who guided her and supported her as she gained further understanding about the reasons she was having constant panic attacks and sleepless nights.

Hannah is an inspiring person, see's the brightness even in dark times, she is motivated by family and friendships, she leads a business that is founded on empathy, honesty and understanding. Hannah is a refreshing voice who genuinely sees the best in people.

To some, Hannah is an influencer who seems to have it all sorted and a perfect life. Hannah's substance is far deeper than what people see on Instagram. In our conversation you can hear that Hannah is more like you and me than is perceived. She too has her worries, her fears and uncertainties like us all. Her strength is that she doesn't sweep those emotions under the rug, Hannah has learned to take those feelings and turn them into strengths that fuel her purpose which seems to be the best leader, wife, friend and daughter she can possibly be to those she loves dearly.

Hannah supports Ireland charity One in Four provide professional counselling to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. For anyone who has suffered and wants to know more or requires support visit

Also if you wish to reach out to Hannah if her story has resonated with you, her instagram handle is @hannahsaunderspr

Jan 16, 202255:50
Caelan Doris - Using therapy as an extra support

Caelan Doris - Using therapy as an extra support

Caelan Doris is the present and future of Irish Rugby. At 23 years old he is wise beyond his years, yet commands a warmth and understanding that is unexpected for such a young man in the prime of his life.

Caelan spoke to me about his how he found his way into rugby and what life was like growing up. He shares some keen insights of life in the west of Ireland as son of parents who are qualified therapists. 

After bursting onto the scenes for Leinster at an early age, Caelan was propelled into the Irish squad and made his anticipated debut against Scotland. A debut that lasted 4 minutes as a result of a knock to the head which left Caelan concussed. little did we know that concussions would become prevalent in the coming year or so. Caelan's main concern was his long term health and if he was causing some longstanding damage. 

In a year where he was a strong favourite to play for the British and Irish Lions, Caelan made a very mature decision to take a step back from rugby and do whatever it took to ensure his brain and body were healthy and able to play the game he loves. With an undergrad in psychology from UCD and considering his experience with his family along with the latest documentation of previous world cup winners diagnosed wtih dementia Caelan knows all too well how important it is to protect his brain.

This discussion is a reminder of how important it is to do what is right for you and your life. What's more, to share any issues or worries you may have with others, and to remember that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Caelan is working closely with Childline and looking ahead to an awareness campaign in the coming months.

An inspiration to all, this is Caelan Doris story

Nov 09, 202141:56
Aoife Doyle: Let it Be

Aoife Doyle: Let it Be

It's rare someone gets to meet such a dedicated and focused person like Aoife Doyle.

For me, my first memory of Aoife was in the Rosary Church in Limerick. Our families used to go to mass every Sunday and Aoife's father John managed the church choir. At the time Aoife was a little rascal running around the church in and out of the benches, up and down to John while he tried his best to conduct a group of people who ranged from tone deaf to pitch perfect. It was an all inclusive choir and the most impressive act of the day each Sunday.

Aoife was a bright eyed, curious and full of life 5 or 6 year old character. No one knew what Aoife was going to do but we knew whatever it would be she'd be great at it.

Aoife has always loved sports and from a young age competed against all the boys young and old. Her love for sport was unquestionable and it was in Shannon RFC that Aoife found her adoration for rugby.

This is where Aoife and I pick up the conversation, she has become a role model for men and women. Rugby shared some good times and challenging times of Aoife. The ups of being capt for Ireland at the tender age of 18, to relentless injuries plaguing her 7s and 15s career. Ever challenging her to find a way back, and with all challenges Aoife's true character was tested.

Safe to safe Aoife patiently found what works for her as an athlete and a person. In a career that includes accolades in the 15s and 7s games Aoife shares her story with me. She unlocks the mindset she had when injured, the support she received from her family and her new found love for the sport again.

Aoife tells us about her affirmation 'Let it Be' and where that came from, how rugby helped her realise the person she is today, and we talk about her future, what lies ahead.

Follow Aoife on

Oct 30, 202148:10
Nick Heather: Mr. Positive

Nick Heather: Mr. Positive

July 2020, mid pandemic, the world was in turmoil and Nick Heather was about to receive news that would test his spirit, his character and his fight for life.

Picture this, you're early 30s, prime of your life, no prior health issues and told by a doctor, you have a form of blood cancer, CML,  chronic myeloid leukaemia. Managing that news was one thing but then shortly afterwards having run a few tests, the result comes back saying you also have ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and if you didn't present yourself to hospital when you did, you would have been be gone in 2 or 3 weeks.

It is over a year since that diagnosis and I had a chance to sit with Nick over zoom and listen to his story in the hope to understand and learn more. Nick is known to his friends and colleagues as Mr. Positive and you'll hear how a positive and optimistic mindset helped him and his wife Cat navigate through a life changing journey of healing.

He talks about surrounding himself with only positivity, he didn't allow any negativity in because for Nick, he was going to beat his cancer.

But Nick needed help from others. He required bone marrow transplant, and little did he know that his wonderful sister Sarah-Jane would be a 100% match.

On top of that what was unearth in the story is the power of kindness and being a good person to others. You'll hear how a remarkable act of kindness helped save Nick's life.

Nick's love for his wife Cat is so evident and he describes how she is the most influential and inspiring person in his life.

Through his long lasting friendships Nick's sign off through his treatment he continued to revert to one phrase

"Keep your pecker up"

This became the go to phrase and so much so, #KYPU is trending online and now Nick and his wife Cat have created a clothing brand where all proceeds go to charities.

You can find out more about Nick and his clothing company KYPU at or visit their Instagram page

Oct 22, 202101:20:48
Phillip Caldwell: Living every moment

Phillip Caldwell: Living every moment

This discussion is with Phillip 'Flipper' Caldwell.   

In 2020 Philly was living life to its fullest. A speedy scrum-half/winger in his rugby playing days at 38, Philly like most ex-rugby players found tag rugby as a nice distraction.   However, Philly's world changed in nanoseconds. From a man with speed like Flipper the dolphin, he suffered a freak accident. Philly describes the moment he started losing feeling in his body and brings us through the aftermath.   

That day, not only his body changed but his mindset shifted drastically. IT was a close friend of Philly's that helped him realize he was in the biggest fight of his life and in every challenge rises opportunity.   

This is Philly Caldwell's story and a snapshot of his road to recovery. The support from his family, friends, and the rugby community has been second to none. The Philly Caldwell trust was created and it managed to source donations that sold virtual tickets to fill the Aviva Stadium. This money is being used to help Philly's recovery as he puts his body through enormous work on a daily basis.   

To donate and show any support you can head to or follow Philly's progress on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @phillipcaldwelltrust

Apr 21, 202101:09:04
Emma Hempton: Every Single Day Counts

Emma Hempton: Every Single Day Counts

My guest on this episode is Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland ambassador, Emma Hempton. Emma is a vibrant young woman who adores music and has a lust for life and lives it to the best of her ability. On this platform, she shares what it is like living with CF, the challenges she faced throughout her life, with memories of her childhood, adolescent years, and also the times she and her family were close to saying their goodbyes. Yet as you listen to Emma, her story is one of strength, of determination, of resilience and I believe it will encourage you to take another look at your life and ask yourself are living every moment and making the best of what is in front of you? Emma has an ability to tell a story and hook the listener on every word with her soft tones. 

Her calmness and serenity ring through. Today is April 9th otherwise known as 65 roses day. A day created to help raise awareness and funds for the people of Ireland who battle live with Cystic Fibrosis. There are 1400 people in Ireland living with this genetic, chronic, terminal lung disease and to date, there's no cure. CF Having an ambassador like Emma Hempton, I’m certain that Cystic Fibrosis Ireland will raise the much-needed funds. 

While you’re listening, head over to and donate what you can. At 21 years old, Emma has a grip on life and a passion for living. That passion is there in us all, we just have to start looking in the right places and finding out what living really means to us. Please do one thing today, head to and donate to help Emma and the people affected by CF. Your support matters. 

Thank you for listening. For anyone who wants to find out more about Cystic Fibrosis please head to Also, check out their Instagram page cf_ireland #65rosesday #cysticfibrosis #cfireland

Apr 08, 202101:03:57
Ellie Walton: Beauty in small moments pt 2

Ellie Walton: Beauty in small moments pt 2

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.

Ellie speaks to me about what motivates her, how kindness is so important in life, and to recognise every interaction can lead to something wonderful.

There is so much we can learn from others, from their experiences and their outlook on life. Ellie is one person in a world who is living life the best way she knows how. It is clear that she’s faced adversity yet her optimism and creativity help her live a full and filling life.

Check out Brave Girls here

#bravegirls #elliewalton #directing 

Apr 02, 202125:30
Ellie Walton: Beauty in small moments

Ellie Walton: Beauty in small moments

Born and raised in Washington DC, Ellie Walton is passionate about honouring and sharing stories of everyday revolutionaries.

She picked up a video camera for the first time at eleven years old and never looked back. Ellie has a lifelong commitment to amplifying voices fighting for justice.

In this episode Ellie shares some key moments in her life that set her on a path of curiosity, exploration, and adventure. I was introduced to Ellie by a former guest of mine Tina Kothari who is the founder of Another Way Now, an organisation that shines a light on human rights issues from all over the world.

It was here where Ellie's documentary Brave Girls was aired. This hour-long documentary was shot over four years and explores the day-to-day life of young women in India who are bound to Indian norms and the tradition of arranged marriages. It is through the documentary we see who brave these girls were to go against tradition and follow their hearts and desires to further their education.

Ellie describes the experience, shares some behind-the-scenes moments, and exudes her passion for life and the freedom of storytelling.

Ellie's bright lust for life is unquestionable. It is through empathy and having a curious mindset that she is able to bring to the screen a world we may never have known otherwise.

Apr 02, 202134:24
Sarah Cahill You are braver than you believe pt 2

Sarah Cahill You are braver than you believe pt 2

In part two of my conversation with Sarah Cahil, we talk about what we can learn from kids, the perspective she got when they wound up Eat Like Apes, and also the inspiration behind Sarah’s book Elsie’s Arabian Adventures.

Sarah speaks about the benefits of exploring with kids and giving them time to be curious about the world. Teaching them breath work and meeting kids where they are at. The opportunities to learn with them are endless.

For more head to @playlikeapes on Instagram or following @whatmakesyoutickpod for the latest news and episodes.

#family #entrepreneur #vison #children #creativity #inspiration #fun #whatmakesyoutick

Feb 28, 202132:30
Sarah Cahill You are braver than you believe

Sarah Cahill You are braver than you believe

My guest on this episode is Sarah Cahill. Sarah is a mum of two amazing girls Lucy and Ellen and married to Brian a fantastic person who works in the Irish Army.

Sarah epitomises the phrase entrepreneurial spirit. Having qualified as a special needs assistant, Sarah took time out to focus on her family and raise the two girls. IN doing so, Sarah found a love for play, for fun and this was made evident through the actions and mindset of her two girls.

It was from their Sarah created a primal food company called Eat Like Apes, she then went on to create another company called Play Like Apes which introduces Yoga and movement to kids at a young age.

Through the influence of her kids and her desire to try new things, Sarah decided to write a children’s book, Elsie’s Arabian Adventure.

It’s here we talk about anxiety in young kids, the fact that they worry quite a bit, and how we should ensure we acknowledge their feelings so they don’t linger.

In part 1 we set the scene with Sarah’s family and background, where her inquisitive mind came from.

This episode highlights the trials and tribulations of families, however, it shines a light on giving life your best shot, regardless of the situation you are in. If you at least try, you’ll potentially open up doors in your life that may not have been possible.

Reach out to Sarah on Instagram @playlikeapes.

#family #entrepreneur #vison #children #creativity #inspiration #fun #whatmakesyoutick

Feb 28, 202123:50
Vanessa Murtagh: Kindness is key pt 2

Vanessa Murtagh: Kindness is key pt 2

In part 2 Vanessa and I speak about her business and why she created it.
As Vanessa was struggling with what to do in her career, a friend of hers knew she dabbled in making jewelry and encouraged her to try and set up her own business.
While Vanessa upskilled she faced a number of challenges along the way. Leaving her career and finding a new identity was particularly scary, however, she wasn’t afraid to ask for help, so she reached out to learn from others and hear their advice.
Vanessa believes that everything is fixable and can be worked out. After finding a way to reinvent herself, she shares the moments that propelled her towards happiness.

#happiness #kindness #upskill #whatmakesyoutick
Feb 19, 202136:32
Vanessa Murtagh: Kindness is key

Vanessa Murtagh: Kindness is key

Eleanor Roosevelt said - You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do." In this episode, I speak to the entrepreneur and creator of VanessaRee jewelry, Vanessa Murtagh.
Vanessa opens up about facing her fears and following her passion. What makes this story even more inspiring is that from the outside Vanessa’s life looked like it was plain sailing.
She was one of the leading success stories in the world of creative advertising, married raising two boys Vanessa and her husband Barry we living the stereotypical typical life approved by society.
Yet underneath all this, Vanessa’s happiness had been neglected. Her time was spent working in a highly pressurised job which was taking away from her relationship with her children, her husband, and herself.
It was in jewelry that Vanessa found her passion, but not simply by wearing it, but by crafting bespoke pieces of jewelry born out of the thoughts and ideas of her customers that would mean far more than something purchased over a counter.
As you listen to Vanessa, you’ll hear the warmth and passion in her voice but you’ll hear someone I think we all can relate to. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 something of 40 something, if you’re not happy then it is up to you and you alone to make a change.
This life is not a dress rehearsal, so make sure you give it your best shot.
#family #fear #bravery #family #business #entrepreneur #creative
Feb 19, 202125:01
Riona Kelly: Leading with Love pt 2

Riona Kelly: Leading with Love pt 2

Here Riona describes her struggle with mortality and her fight to stay alive and much more. One thing shines through, Riona’s message is clear, ‘Lead with Love’ and the world will start responding in a more positive way to you.

What I learned from our chat was no matter how hard life gets, or how deep into the rabbit hole of sadness you go, there is always someone who wants you to fight, there is always more to share with people in this world and there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

So let’s not waste any time and get straight back into part two with Riona Kelly.

Paralysis, loneliness, heartbreak, depression, there are all words that could be used to describe a part of Riona Kelly’s life. But equally, words like hope, happiness, loving, family, mother, inspiration, determination, real, honest, paint a picture of the woman she is today.

Listening to this you might find that you’re having a tough day, and that’s ok. We all have tough days. It is people like Riona who are brave enough to share their ups and downs with the world normalise hard times and in doing so provide hope that tomorrow will be better.

#family #friendship #love #honesty #hope 

Feb 05, 202140:29
Riona Kelly: Leading with love

Riona Kelly: Leading with love

My guest today is Riona Kelly.

At the start of 2015, Riona was married to her then-husband of 14 years and had 4 wonderful children. However, in March Riona’s world would change in the blink of an eye.

Riona suffered a spinal stroke and at that moment became paralysed. Riona’s pain didn’t end there. Shortly after her stroke, Riona’s then-husband left her to fend for herself and her 4 young children.

However, this story is not about doom and gloom. In part 1 Riona shares some of her experiences with me, the blessing in disguise when her husband left, the practice of positive self-talk and self-love, and the steely determination to walk again. She put her body through hell to finally take her first steps.

Riona’s story is not a solo effort though. In life, it is important to be around positive influencing people. In the midst of despair, Riona reached out for help and found a personal trainer, and former professional Rugby league player Keith Mason to answer her call.

Unknown to both of them, Keith would become a pivotal player not only in Riona’s bid to build her strength back but also in finding true love.

Riona’s faith in God is unquestionable and she believes that the challenges on her path have shown how resilient she is. Riona inspires many people all over the world and is now the happiest she has ever been.

To find out more about Riona visit @rionakelly_official on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Visit for any comments, guest wishlists, and more. 

#family #love #reslience #rionakelly #rionaandkeith #truth #honesty

Feb 05, 202135:14
Tina Kothari: Keep Learning pt 2

Tina Kothari: Keep Learning pt 2

In part two we talk about what real messages Tina would share with the world and she advises us on how to take on the challenges of 2021.

TIna really hit home to me to embrace that level of madness we all have in our lives, and always continue to learn, no matter what. If you take on each day with the mindset of ‘what am I going to learn today’ it opens up so many possibilities that we may have closed off from before.

Tina is doing amazing things with Anotherwaynow. Please add them on Instagram and reach out if there’s anything from the topics we discussed in this episode, you’d like to understand more.

Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date.

Jan 14, 202132:22
Tina Kothari: Keep Learning

Tina Kothari: Keep Learning

My guest today is a remarkable lady. Tina Kothari.

Born in India, Tina grew up in the UK, and, on completing a degree in Philosophy, entered the world of commerce and banking to become a company director by the age of 26.

Following a period as a full-time mother, I then qualified as a counselor and as a trainer in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychotherapy.

Over time Tina developed expertise in working with addictions, eating disorders, and trauma. Tina describes her time working in a war-torn Croatia and how it gave her another perspective on life.

Tina says she’s worked in people development for over 26 years, and this has led her into boardrooms and large organisations delivering bespoke programmes among executive leaders where she has become a renowned mentor and advisor to many leaders we know today.

What’s even more inspiring is TIna’s work with Anotherway Now, an organisation she founded with the focus on shining a light on human rights issues. They create events that bring various topics that are otherwise unknown to many, to light. It is harrowing what is going on in the world and by making people aware of this, we can begin to find a solution.

For information on human rights issues that Anotherway now support head to

Any questions you may have please feel free to drop me a mail

Jan 14, 202127:30
Ian McKinley: Make the most of your time part 2
Dec 20, 202038:52
Ian McKinely: Make the most of your time
Dec 20, 202030:23
Will Purdue: Freedom through music 2/2

Will Purdue: Freedom through music 2/2

In the second part of this episode, Will and I discuss how he manages his anxiety through his music and writing and he delves into what makes him tick, the reasons behind his love for music. 

Will also reminisces on a time when he was heartbroken and how music helped to soothe his soul in time of need. 

Will's journey is only beginning but his passion for music is unquestionable and his approach to life, is balanced and realistic. He epitomises what it means to be a gentleman and it was my absolute pleasure having him on board.

Follow all of Will's shenanigans on Instagram or

Dec 02, 202022:31
Will Purdue: Freedom through music

Will Purdue: Freedom through music

My guest today is a singer-songwriter, Will Purdue. Will is a gentleman and a deep thinker.

The music you’ve just heard is a recent single he wrote for Riona Kelly who suffered a horrendous accident and as a result, was paralysed.

This single was released to help fund Riona’s rehabilitation as she and her partner Keith Mason aim to complete 100miles. Keith will pull Riona 99miles and Riona will then fight to walk the final mile. You can find out more about their journey at the Keith and Riona Foundation

The song highlights their journey together and Will speaks to me about the challenge he faced and the pressure he put on himself to create something he is proud of.

In the first part of this conversation Will and discuss the effects music can have on our emotions, our thinking, and the way it puts into words, feelings we find so difficult to express.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too.

More to follow in part 2.

If you would like to download Will’s single and support Riona and Keith’s journey, head to

Follow WIll @willpurdue on Instagram.
Here are Riona and Keith's handles on Instagram too

Nov 20, 202027:05
Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell Project Empower: Finding Purpose 2/2

Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell Project Empower: Finding Purpose 2/2

In part 2 of my conversation with the crew from Project Empower, Damian and Gussie talk about the greatest challenge on earth for two people, rowing across the Atlantic from New York to Galway Bay. 

One of the biggest challenges for them is making sure they have the courage to say exactly what they are thinking and not bottle it up. It takes courage to be honest and that is exactly what they will count on when they take on this world record.

The guys are trying to raise money to help build the boat that will take them all the way across the Atlantic. It costs roughly €85,000 to build and they need help. With their crowdfunding page running until the end of Oct 2020, any support you can give the crew would be hugely appreciated.

Head to if you'd like to make a donation.

These conversations are open and honest and in that comes an opportunity to learn and grow. What I’ve learned from this episode is to embrace the challenge and not shy away from it because it is when we chip away at the challenging moments we begin to sculpt a stronger version of ourselves.

I’d love to hear what you took away from this episode as I do with all my conversations. So, if you’d like to stay up to date with the various conversations I’m having don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time, keep searching to find What Makes You Tick.

Follow this podcast on Instagram @whatmakesyoutickpod and follow the crew from this conversation

Oct 25, 202036:01
Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell Project Empower: Finding Purpose
Oct 19, 202027:34
Jade Jordan: Racism in Ireland, shame on you

Jade Jordan: Racism in Ireland, shame on you

Jade Jordan is an Irish actress, born and bred in Dublin. Jade’s approach to life is one with empathy, honesty, and have fun along the way.
Jade and I sat down to speak about her career, how she became an actress, but also, more importantly, what it was like for her growing up in Ireland when racism was alive and well and is to this day.
Jade comes from a mixed-race Irish and she speaks to me about the racism her grandmother and mother faced after her grandmother returned from England having married a Jamaican man.
Jade has soared to prominence having shared her family's experience on her Instagram page. A story that was sparked to life following the death of an African American man, George Floyd lost his life to the hands of a police officer in 2020. This for Jade and many the world over was the catalyst for change in a global society that requires systemic change.
His death sparked a pain in Jade that she has only ever experienced once in her life, and it motivated her to share the stories of her grandmother and her mum.
Jade speaks openly about traits of old Ireland and how stories get pushed under the carpet, however, she believes that the recent protests and on movement relating to Black Lives Matter are now moments in history that began the erosion of systemic racism.
I asked Jade to join me to help educate myself and others on what racism is on a local level, among friends and peers, and if it's possible to remove racism once and for all from people's minds. We discuss the importance of removing a preface before words we use to describe others and the importance of educating people at a young age that people are people, not black, white, or mixed race, leaders are leaders not female, transgender, or gay.
Is it possible to remove racism, by first removing words that cause subtle divisions in society and business? In doing so, encouraging respect, kindness, and empathy around the way we speak and treat others.
If you'd like to reach out to Jade you can find her on Instagram @jadejordan_88
Jul 24, 202001:01:30
Sarah & Greg McWilliams: Ask for help

Sarah & Greg McWilliams: Ask for help

This is episode 15 and my guests today are Greg and Sarah McWilliams
We had was a lot of fun to record. Initially, over a video call, I sat down with Greg to speak to him about his career as a rugby coach, the challenges of moving abroad to a different country and the journey he and his wife Sarah embarked upon to bring their son Archie and daughter Lana Rose into this world.
What sets this episode apart for me, is when Sarah joined in the discussion she lit up the room, and it was wonderful to see the way both Greg and Sarah were open and honest about how tough life can be.
Sarah and Greg speak openly about how focused they were on having babies, how Sarah wasn’t going to let ectopic pregnancies and failed IVF treatments stop her, and how surrogacy became an option.
Following the challenge of having a baby, Sarah received another curveball from life and was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2020. At the time of the recording, Sarah was down to complete her final chemotherapy the following day. I’m glad to say she smashed it.
Being positive and optimistic when times are good is definitely easier. It is in times of hardship and difficulty when real optimism and positivity shines through. That is the challenge and opportunity for us all.
For me, listening to Sarah and Greg’s story as they interact with one another, painted a clear picture of a foundation cemented by understanding, communication, and unconditional love for each other.
I’m grateful for the time they’ve shared with me to tell their story, and I hope this gives you the reassurance that whatever it is you are going through today, to stay optimistic.
Optimism is knowing that even though the tunnel is dark, and the path may be challenging, there is light at the end of the tunnel, stay the course, one step at a time and you’ll eventually get there.
If you'd like to reach out to Sarah or Greg, you can do so on Instagram @irish_in_america_ or
If you are finding that you're going through some similar situations please do reach out for help as it may be the point that changes your life.
Jul 08, 202057:19
Elaine Sullivan: Understand Sacrifice

Elaine Sullivan: Understand Sacrifice

June is the month to build awareness about a debilitating disorder known as Scoliosis that causes an abnormal curve of the spine, or backbone. 

It leads me to my next guest, Elaine Sullivan who is an entrepreneur, running a successful salon business in Dublin called Aviary Lane. Elaine shares stories with me about her passion for hairdressing and why her approach goes far beyond styling someone's hair. What sets Elaine apart from the rest is that she cares about her clients, she cares about providing a service that makes people feel good about themselves, that builds them up and makes them feel welcome.

Elaine shares her view about the industry and where it is going, but the real learning from this episode is how not to give up when times are tough. Because for Elaine, times physically and mentally became difficult for her at the age of 13 where she underwent her first operation to try to counteract the effects of scoliosis. 

What Elaine didn't know at the time, was the challenges she was going to face, the sacrifices she would have to make, and what tools she needed to help her take on each day.

As I mentioned earlier, Elaine is an entrepreneur, and she made sure that her challenge with scoliosis would not define her. Elaine followed her passion and grew a business while managing to deal with this disorder and being a single mum. Over time, and numerous operations, Elaine eventually found a gym called Fitter Faster Stronger, otherwise known as FFS Gyms. It was here that her journey started to change, and she started to add to her a support group, strength, and conditioning training. Elaine describes how FFS helped her and how her life has improved ever since. 

Having spoken to Elaine, I learned that there is always hope even in the darkest times, and it is in those dark times that you truly understand who you are and what you are made of. Elaine's 'can do' attitude and a real, honest approach to life is revitalising and inspiring. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you would like any information about scoliosis, you can reach Elaine at or visit

Jun 22, 202001:03:36
Sene Naoupu: Embrace change
Jun 16, 202058:24
Shane O'Donoghue: Olympic dreams, inspire through actions
May 26, 202059:43
Damian Browne: Gut instinct, give it a chance

Damian Browne: Gut instinct, give it a chance

In this episode, I talk to one of Ireland if not the world's most adventurous humans. This talk was so enjoyable.

Damian Browne is a man like no other man I've spoken to. In 2018 he completed a solo row across the Atlantic, run an ultra marathon 251km in the Sahara Desert, on a mission to scale 7 of the highest and most treacherous mountains in the world. He has 5 in the bag already, and he is also the Irish indoor Concept 2 rowing champion and this man's physical and mental ability seems to know no bounds.

Damian and I talk about his life's adventure to date and why he puts his body and mind through so much mental and physical pain? He shares essential life tools and how following his gut instinct at the age of 17 has become the cornerstone of everything he does to this day.

Damian and I discuss his incredible achievement having rowed solo across the Atlantic ocean in just over 63 days and how he prepared for such an immense challenge. His physical preparation required him to put himself in situations where he knew his mind and body would try to push back against him and one of the most important pieces of his training was his visualisation methods which proved to be the one that saved his life. 

What is so impressive about Damian is the fact that he says himself the adventures and challenges he puts himself through help him deal with the challenges of everyday life which we all experience. That's what makes Damian such an interesting character, he is grounded and real and shoots from the hip giving us all a chance to understand why he does what he does and what makes him tick.

If anyone would like to reach out to Damian you can find out more information of all his adventures on or head to Instagram @auld_stock

May 10, 202001:18:12
Shane Monahan: The future is Social Audio

Shane Monahan: The future is Social Audio

Fantastic discussion with @ShaneMonahan. An entrepreneur trailblazing his way in business through his social audio platform Limor. Shane saw an opportunity in a market where traditional social media was becoming overrun and time for something new. 

After a conversation with his Dad, the penny dropped and Shane formed LIMOR. Shane and I discuss his rugby career and how the discipline and self-belief he had in rugby transferred into his business acumen. 

We also discuss the challenges he faced, various motivators and inspirations in his life, and we discuss the next stage in social audio. I've no doubt Shane will be a guest again as this podcast series evolves and I hope to share more of his journey. In difficult times due to COVID19 social audio has helped connect us and LIMOR has facilitated this. 

If you would like to reach out to Shane you can obviously find him on LIMOR @shanemonahan and on Instagram @shanemonahandesigns, Youtube & Twitter. Or simply head to for more information or send Shane a voice note on LIMOR. 

He is always delighted to hear from you. 

#WMYTupdate #Whatmakesyoutick #jointheconspiracy #limor #socialaudio #future #business #entrepreneur

Apr 13, 202001:09:51
Ben Armstrong: The gift of 'Enough'

Ben Armstrong: The gift of 'Enough'

This episode is with a good friend Ben Armstrong. Ben is currently working with Leinster and helping to develop coaches and players within the province. We got a chance to talk about Ben's journey from Australia to Ireland and how he and his lovely wife Aimee forged their path for themselves and their family. 

Ben talks to me about his current coaching role with Leinster and his ambition for the future, his take on developing the game for both men and women and how rugby has enabled him to travel the world. 

We also talk about the moments he had with his wonderful Mum who unfortunately passed away last year, however, Ben looks at those final moments with fondness and has a positive take on life. He shares some advice and opens up to invite anyone who wants to talk to him, to get in touch. 

He's on Twitter and Instagram @Benarms5 or you can email him directly

Sorry about the poor audio quality, remotely recording has some downsides :) 


Apr 04, 202055:50
John Molloy: An Irish Man Fighting for Peace

John Molloy: An Irish Man Fighting for Peace

“Peace is not only better than war but infinitely more arduous” George Bernard Shaw

This is episode no. 8 with former Lt Colonel and Commanding Officer of the Irish Army Ranger Wing John Molloy.

We have a fascinating episode for you today. John Molloy is a former Lt Colonel and Commanding Officer of the Army Ranger Wing in the Irish Defence Forces and most recently a retired Senior Political Affairs Officer with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Lebanon.

He is a father, husband and doting grandfather to Lucy & Ellen and luckily enough he’s my Dad’s cousin too.

John has had a fascinating career working his way up in the Irish Defense Forces to then becoming instrumental in forging peace between Lebanon and Israel. John worked tirelessly with his team to create an opportunity for discourse so that both the Israelis and Lebanese people could live in peace. There are many unsung heroes in our lives and John is one who will go down in history for all his endeavours. There’s a monument erected in Lebanon to acknowledge all his work.

In this discussion, we talk about how John built resilience in boarding school and how it helped him transition from school to a soldier. He became a soldier in the 70’s in a troubled Ireland, a country that was quite different to what we know today. We also learn about the mindset of a soldier in battle and how leaders take decisions during pressurised moments.

We learn about teamwork and leadership and the importance of getting to know those who you work with on a daily basis.

We also learn about trusting your instinct and being willing to fail because that is the best way to learn.

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Mar 19, 202001:19:56
Kim Skildum Reid: Remember to be a fan

Kim Skildum Reid: Remember to be a fan

Kim Skildum Reid is leading the way in sponsorship across the globe. She is a wonderful person who has changed the sponsorship landscape. Her passion for sponsorship is unquestionable and I got a chance to infiltrate Kim’s routine and talk to her about her passion and hear how she approaches different challenges. 

Kim has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands and has taken what she’s learned and openly shared it all on her website While it’s all there, Kim has a unique way of explaining the importance of sponsorship and it is only through engaging and meeting Kim that you get to really learn the nuances of sponsorship and how brands can make it the most important marketing tool in their arsenal. 

On top of all this, Kim shares some stories of people she’s met and how she’s bumped heads with some of the worlds most famous sports stars, however, one thing she made sure of is that she treats everyone with kindness and respect regardless of the level you work at. Amongst all this success, Kim has stayed true to herself and the fact that she first and foremost is a huge fan and she still loves getting the opportunity to experience things first hand. If you would like to find Kim head to where you can find tutorials, books and so much more. 

Twitter: @KimSkildumReid

Mar 04, 202047:27