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What's Up ABQ

By What's Up ABQ

A podcast dedicated to Albuquerque and all who love our city featuring interviews with local business owners, artisans, thinkers, dreamers, and lovers of Albuquerque.
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What's Up ABQ: Ann O'Neill & Dan Herr w. Sidetrack Brewing Co.

What's Up ABQMar 17, 2021

Return to Painted Lady Bed & Brew and the Ghost Light Saloon with Jesse Herron
Oct 30, 202301:17:52


In this episode of What's Up ABQ, join hosts Lindsey and Lorenzo as they dive deep into the vibrant world of Albuquerque's music scene with their interview with PaakMan. 

PaakMan, a local hip-hop music artist, takes the stage in this episode, sharing his passion for music and the city he calls home. With Albuquerque as the backdrop, we explore the distinct cultural flavor that influences PaakMan's music.

Discover the love Lindsey, Lorenzo, and PaakMan share for Albuquerque as they discuss the South Valley, a hidden gem within the city. Learn about the rich history, artistic influences, and the vibrant community that make this part of Albuquerque truly special.

Dive into the thriving music scene of Albuquerque. PaakMan shares insights into the local hip-hop community, its growth, and the incredible talent that's shaping the city's musical identity.

Beyond the beats and rhythms, the podcast delves into the personal journeys and struggles that inspire the creation of art. Explore the profound ways in which art serves as an outlet for expression, healing, and connection in the lives of these creative individuals.

Tune in to this episode of What's Up ABQ for a heartfelt and insightful conversation that celebrates the fusion of art, culture, and the city of Albuquerque.

Find PaakMan on Instagram

and Facebook

Listen to the new single on YouTube

Intro music: Extreme Trap Racing Music | Power by Alex-Productions |

Music promoted by

Creative Commons CC BY 3.0

Oct 13, 202345:59
Michael Hix and the UNM Department of Music

Michael Hix and the UNM Department of Music

Michael Hix, UNM Department of Music

In this episode we dive into the world of music and community with our special guest, Dr. Michael Hix, the Chair of the Music Department at the University of New Mexico. With a career that has taken him from prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall to international stages, Michael Hix's expressive voice and commanding stage presence have enchanted audiences worldwide.

In this conversation, we explore Michael's musical journey, from his roots in Alabama to his deep love for New Mexico as a transplant. We'll discover how he became a sought-after performer of concert and orchestral works, boasting an impressive repertoire of over 80 oratorio, cantata, and concert roles. His performances range from Mendelssohn's Elijah to Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, showcasing the diversity and richness of his talents.

Michael's dedication to music doesn't stop at the stage; he's also a distinguished musicologist, receiving accolades like the American Musicological Society Thomas Hampson Award for his research on Paul Dessau's Lieder. His contributions to music scholarship, including the Grove Dictionary of American Music, demonstrate his profound impact on the field.

Tune in to explore the importance of music in building vibrant communities, as we discuss the events UNM music will host and delve into the power of music to bring people together. Michael Hix's journey is a testament to the cultural richness of Albuquerque, and his passion for music shines through in every note.

Episode links:

Department of Music website: The University of New Mexico Department of Music - College of Fine Arts (

Our calendar of events can be found here: Events Calendar | Department of Music - The University of New Mexico College of Fine Arts (

There are monthly performances by UNM students and outside artists performing at Keller Hall and Popejoy Hall.

Any ticketing questions can be directed to Rebecca RJ Smit at

UNM Programs within the community: 

UNM Music prep school.

  A community music school housed in the UNM Department of Music. 

"Opening Doors to a Lifetime of Music" for over 30 years!

UNM Lab School

The UNM String Lab School provides students with the chance to receive instruction from both professional Suzuki educators and college interns. It serves as the practical teaching component of graduate and undergraduate String Pedagogy degree programs. The students at the String Lab School are taught by string pedagogy students (interns) who are overseen by professional music educators (coordinators).

APS Fine Arts

If your child attends an APS school and you would like more information about what programs are offered at your school, you can visit for more information. 

Sep 30, 202338:44
Will Clattenburg

Will Clattenburg

What's Up, ABQ?! In this episode we interview local author Will Clattenburg. Will has two books we discussed in this interview, "Last Time Around" and "The Art of Fugue", both can be purchased on Will's website, Will is originally from the Philadelphia but found his way to New Mexico where he wears multiple hats (sombreros), educator and teacher, husband, father, and writer.

His creative outlet is writing and we discuss the challenges of being a parent and being creative, the content of his books, the process of becoming published, and the local writing communities in New Mexico.

We hope you enjoy!

Sep 15, 202346:34
Ignite 505, 2505 Craftwerks, Lavish Hair Lounge, and Gallo Negro Tattoo
Sep 03, 202337:28
MañanaCon 2023

MañanaCon 2023

It was a pleasure sitting down enjoying coffee and local pastries while discussing Paul and Tara's passion for boardgames. MañanaCon will take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Uptown and will feature--of course--board games, but will also have a flea market. Tickets can be found on their website,

We aren't playing any games when we say that this event is going to be AMAZING!! Whether you are a game wizard or a n00b to the gaming culture in ABQ there is something for you! Don't be shy, pull up a chair and crack open the dice as we talk all things game on today's episode. Game today, Worry tomorrow!

We hope you enjoy!

Aug 13, 202351:24
Enchanted Equine Adventures
Jul 14, 202331:13
Nate the EMT Part 2: The most interesting calls

Nate the EMT Part 2: The most interesting calls

In Part 2 of this two-part series, we dive into the most riveting emergency calls experienced by Nate, the paramedic from Albuquerque. Join us as we explore the gripping and unforgettable moments that have shaped Nate's career. We discuss captivating stories that illustrate the resilience and resourcefulness of emergency medical responders. We’re grateful Nate took the time to share his stories and we’re grateful to all the first responders in the city. Stay safe, Albuquerque!
Jul 07, 202332:42
Nate the EMT (Part 1)

Nate the EMT (Part 1)

In this is part one of a two-part episode we sit down with Nate. Who’s Nate? Well, I’m glad you asked. Nate is a paramedic in Albuquerque. Nate offers us a glimpse into the life of an emergency medical responder in Albuquerque.

In Part 1, we embark on an immersive journey alongside Nate, exploring the adrenaline-fueled and emotionally charged world of a paramedic. Through gripping stories and personal experiences, Nate paints a vivid picture of what it truly means to be a first responder in the Duke City. From the intense highs to the challenging lows, he takes us on an eye-opening adventure that will leave you with a newfound respect and appreciation for the unsung heroes who protect and save lives every day.

Jun 30, 202332:11
Part 2: Charles with Burning Daylight Coffee

Part 2: Charles with Burning Daylight Coffee

Join us for Part Two of our captivating interview with Charles, the founder of Burning Daylight Coffee. In this thrilling continuation, we explore Charles' remarkable journey from law enforcement to coffee entrepreneurship.

As we sit amidst the charming relics of the antique mall that houses Burning Daylight Coffee, Charles takes us on a nostalgic trip through his past as a law enforcement officer. We delve into the experiences that shaped his perspective on life and how they ultimately led him to embark on this new adventure in the world of coffee.

Don't miss the conclusion to this two-part series as we sip, reminisce, and uncover the final chapters of Charles' extraordinary journey. Join us as we celebrate the flavors, stories, and connections that make Albuquerque truly special within the walls of Burning Daylight Coffee.

Jun 23, 202330:46
We're Back! Meet Charles from Burning Daylight Coffee

We're Back! Meet Charles from Burning Daylight Coffee

We start this next season at a new coffee shop...but we don't talk very much about coffee in this first of a two-part episode.

Join us on this captivating two-part interview of "What's Up ABQ" as we sit down with Charles, the founder of Burning Daylight Coffee. In Part One of this series, we dive into Charles' intriguing journey from his time as a law enforcement officer to his venture into the world of coffee.

Charles shares his passion for both coffee and collecting unique Americana artifacts, which shines through in every aspect of Burning Daylight Coffee. As we sip our freshly brewed cup of joe (and iced tea) , we delve into his experiences in law enforcement and how they shaped his perspective on life and entrepreneurship.

Located within an antique mall, Burning Daylight Coffee offers a truly distinctive atmosphere. As we explore the surrounding antique mall, we're captivated by the charming old signage and timeless relics. The centerpiece of the coffee shop, an old mercantile counter, adds a touch of nostalgia to the already unique space.

Join us as we sip, reminisce, and celebrate the flavors and stories that make Albuquerque truly special. Stay tuned for Part Two, coming soon!

Jun 16, 202336:39
What's Up ABQ is coming back!

What's Up ABQ is coming back!

Seriously. We promise this time. No ghosting.

Jun 05, 202300:56
Veronica Ford and her new book
Jun 26, 202236:26
The Unsolved Hit & Run of Marcos Baca
May 27, 202236:54
What's Up ABQ with our new co-host, Lorenzo!

What's Up ABQ with our new co-host, Lorenzo!

This week’s episode is all about our New (Mexican) newb Lorenzo! We figured it’s time to take him out of the shadows and on to the mic. Lorenzo is a Native New Mexican with plenty of knowledge and a love for all things chile. Please listen and join us as we welcome What’s up ABQ’s newest Co-Host.

May 06, 202239:33
What's Up ABQ: Tristan w/ Different Breed Customs
Apr 08, 202224:40
What's Up ABQ: Lindo Mexico
Mar 18, 202235:11
What's Up ABQ: Ramon Torres w/ Goodwill Industries New Mexico
Mar 11, 202239:04
What's Up ABQ: Corey Spoores w/ MST Adventures
Mar 03, 202241:04
Artist with Brian podcast: What's Up ABQ
Feb 22, 202201:09:00
What's Up ABQ: Comedian Sarah Kennedy AKA "The Lost Episode"
Jan 28, 202247:06
What's Up ABQ: Rich Bartel with Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor
Jan 19, 202227:05
What's Up ABQ: Cam Ward & Natassja Santistivan w/ Iconica Magazine
Jan 10, 202239:22
Happy Holidays and everything from What's Up ABQ!

Happy Holidays and everything from What's Up ABQ!

I think that says it all.

It's our very special holiday episode, just for you!

So today and over the break, if you get tired, lonely, burned out, or are still basking in the warm glow of the holidays, sit back, pour the good eggnog, and give our little episode a listen :)

Merry... you know what? You get it.


Ryan and Lindsey (and Paul!)

Dec 25, 202133:39
What's up ABQ: Holiday promo!

What's up ABQ: Holiday promo!

Just for you, dear listener!

Dec 25, 202100:49
What's Up ABQ: Victoria Van Dame w/ Curious Toast

What's Up ABQ: Victoria Van Dame w/ Curious Toast

You know what's super curious downtown?


That's right, you heard us: Toast.

Tucked away in an old victorian home just west of the round-about on Central is a funky, fresh, and amazingly delicious place. It's Curious Toast!
Whether you're looking for coffee or utterly delicious types of toasts, you gotta check this place out. 

In this one, we sit down with Victoria Van Dame of Curious Toast about what it's like creating community around the unique right in the heart of our city. It's an excellent reminder about the forces of good hard at work where we live.

Give this one a listen, and then SERIOUSLY go try their toast. Curious Toast is at 718 Central! You can follow them on IG at @curioustoastcafe too.


Dec 02, 202133:38
A Thanksgiving message from Lindsey and Ryan

A Thanksgiving message from Lindsey and Ryan

I think this about sums this up: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at What's Up ABQ!

Nov 25, 202101:08
What's Up ABQ: New Mexico Kidney Foundation
Nov 18, 202146:22
What's Up ABQ: Amanda Ng W/ The Ivy Tea Room
Nov 10, 202135:29
What's Up ABQ: Jessie Calero w/ Mandy's Farm
Nov 03, 202143:55
What's Up ABQ: Pete Trevisani w/ New Mexico United

What's Up ABQ: Pete Trevisani w/ New Mexico United

Aaaaaaand we're back!

Sorry about the hiatus...

Ok, question time:
Where do you put a stadium in ABQ?

Answer: that's a raging matter of debate right now.

For what it's worth, hear from Pete Trevisani of New Mexico United ( instead of... you know... who knows what from who knows where... before you make up your mind and vote!

Plus! What does gentrification (aka 'the G word') look like? Who are the players and forces involved? We're taking this from abstract to 505-local, just in time for an election.

Want to learn more about the issue?
Check out some of these links and make up your mind! ( (

Are you a local Burqueno who thinks you'd be a good fit as a guest for the show?
Shoot us a DM HERE (

Oct 27, 202142:15
What's UP ABQ Season 4 promo

What's UP ABQ Season 4 promo

We're coming back soon!

Oct 18, 202100:55
What's Up ABQ: Jackie Moranty & Lucky Charms Unplugged/Cause of Death podcasts
May 26, 202154:18
What’s Up ABQ on What’s Up ABQ

What’s Up ABQ on What’s Up ABQ

It was bound to happen!

Well, it was such a crowd-pleaser last time we decided to do part dos, this time with Chris!

What's our personal take on ABQ?

Why do we love this town so damn much?

Where is special and why?

All this and more on this episode!

- Ryan & Chris

Apr 26, 202101:03:34
What's Up ABQ: Alexis w/ Toss't Salad Dispensary

What's Up ABQ: Alexis w/ Toss't Salad Dispensary

Ok, here us out on this one.


Toss't Salads.

They're fresh, in your face, and brand-new right here in town.
They're delicious, make no excuses, and even have delivery.

This week, we talk with owner Alexis all about pop culture, what it takes to make restaurants work in ABQ, and LAAAA. 

Check 'em out HERE (

Have something going on? Maybe you're a creative or a small-biz owner here in town? We'd love to consider having you on the show!

Reach out to us HERE (

Until next time, take care

- Ryan & Chris

Apr 05, 202135:48
What's Up ABQ: Ann O'Neill & Dan Herr w. Sidetrack Brewing Co.

What's Up ABQ: Ann O'Neill & Dan Herr w. Sidetrack Brewing Co.  I'm ready for a pint. And you should be too - since the day this releases is St Patrick's Day!

(We swear we didn't plan this... we were just lucky)

And so why not feature one of downtown's most beloved breweries?

That's right! Where everybody can know your name... on the board behind the bar!

What's it like running a neighborhood brewery? How does authentic community happen in ABQ?

And what makes for the perfect pint?

Pour a Sidetrack crowler and check it out!

To learn more about Sidetrack Brewing, seriously, just go down there and enjoy their patio. Buy a friend a beer and put their name up on the board!

Sidetrack is on 2nd in between Lead and Coal - can't miss it!

Top of the day to you!

- Ryan & Chris

Mar 17, 202144:39
What's Up ABQ: Vivian w/ Three Fluffy Tails
Mar 11, 202129:46
What's Up ABQ: Tijeras Mayor Jake Bruton
Feb 28, 202140:34
What's Up ABQ: ZV Botanicals
Feb 19, 202140:38
What's Up ABQ: John Biscello

What's Up ABQ: John Biscello

More often than not, when we create art we go someplace in our minds.
Whether it's a mythicized childhood location or an immersive mood, creative work can definitely be a gateway to entirely new experiences.
- and Taos poet John Biscello knows more than most exactly what this is like!

In this episode, we talk everything from the creative process to Jack Kerouac to the best Christmas-style chile in Taos
(you know, the one by the place with the scarf and the old truck...).
And, of course, don't forget to order a copy of John's latest book,
Moonglow on Mercy Street (

What's Up ABQ is a proud member of the Barelas Podcasters Guild - want to join us with your own podcast?
It's super easy! You can learn more Here (

Finished binging all of What's Up ABQ already?
Well, now you can check out Chris Burnett's other show, 10 Drink Minimum (!

Lastly, we're always looking for more awesome local people to interview!
Want to be a guest on What's Up ABQ? - Just shoot us a DM on our IG (

Take care

- Ryan & Chris

Feb 10, 202144:35
What's Up ABQ: Alexandra Sanchez & "Okelani's Enchanted Wheelchair: Space Bound!"
Feb 03, 202135:36
What's Up ABQ: Frank Holloway w/ Hollow Spirits Distillery
Jan 28, 202143:33
What's Up ABQ: Barney Lopez w/ Launchpad, Moonlight Lounge, & Blackout Theatre
Jan 15, 202145:30
What's Up ABQ: Erin O'Donnell w/ Dovetail Community Workshop pt 2

What's Up ABQ: Erin O'Donnell w/ Dovetail Community Workshop pt 2

Welcome to 2021 and Season 3 of What's Up ABQ.  We've got a new co-host and plenty more Burque to feature!

In this episode, we re-visit with past guest Erin O'Donnell of Dovetail Community Workshop on what her amazing creative community has been up do - how the pandemic has increased their ability to inspire crafters - and what she's been making!

Ever wanted to learn from ABQ's best on woodworking? Check out their Youtube channel ( to get started!

If you or someone you know is a Burque creative, entrepreneur, or small-business owner and want to be on What's Up ABQ, just shoot us a DM on our Instagram (!

Want to learn how to make your own podcast?
Join the Barelas Podcasters Guild! Their ranks are already swelling with NM-based podcasters of all stripes and talents who learn from local top-talents, cross-promote, and share each other's passion for telling their stories.

More on the Guild HERE (

And of course, a BIG thanks to What's Up ABQ's brand-new co-host, Chris Burnett!
You can catch him live on his other podcast, 10 Drink Minimum on Sunday Nights.

More on 10 Drink HERE (

Happy 2021, all!

- Ryan & Chris

Jan 07, 202144:57
A Very Special What's Up ABQ w/ Chris Burnett

A Very Special What's Up ABQ w/ Chris Burnett

Hi all, this is Ryan.

As I write this, I have to reflect on the year and a half we've been podcasting. The interviews with all the amazing people in and around Albuquerque are literally a treasure. I'm so happy I've been able to share the experience with you. I'm also floored to have been able to share them with my co-host and sister (yes, if you haven't figured out the nature of our relationship yet, there it is!).

Lindsey is an amazing talent (even if she does give me a hard time every now and then). The way she sees and interacts with the community around her is unique, relaxed, and unparalleled. As I think I mention in this episode *Spoilers*, I don't think I can experience Albuquerque the way I can when I jump in her car and she takes me somewhere random and wonderful right here in our town.

So, here it is: Lindsey and her family are moving to Portland at the end of this month. While I'm understandably both happy and sad about this, fear not!

There is another...

And his name is Chris Burnett.

As far as I can tell, he's the single longest-running podcaster in New Mexico (something like 14 years!). You might even know him from his other local podcast 10 Drink Minimum. As the host of 10 Drink, and as one of the original founders of the Barelas Podcasters Guild, Chris knows his way around ABQ like he knows his way around a mic and a good local beer. He's snarky, witty, and introspective. Of all people I can think of who is a role model in the local podcasting scene, Chris is top pick. He's seen the good, the bad, and the wonderful here in town. He loves our city and he loves captivating listeners all over the world with insightful dialogue, insider banter, and honest humor.

To learn more about Chris Burnett and 10 Drink Minimum's weekly live podcast you can go HERE (

Since things are crazy and Lindsey is moving soon, this will most likely be our last episode for season two of What's Up ABQ. But don't worry! We'll be back in early January 2021 with brand new interviews with the best ABQ and NM has to offer!

Very BEST!


Nov 20, 202001:01:43
What's Up ABQ: Chris & Cameron Frigon w/ Gravity Bound Brewery
Nov 11, 202035:18
What's Up ABQ: Duke City Diamondbacks Football
Nov 06, 202049:54
What's Up ABQ: Bobby Gutierrez Photography

What's Up ABQ: Bobby Gutierrez Photography

What makes for a perfect local picture?

- In this podcast, we answer it!

(Hint, it's local photographer Bobby Gutierrez's camera)

When it comes to capturing real candid moments around ABQ, this guy is a natural. So who better to ask about what makes for great photography here in NM!

Also, you might recognize Bobby's handiwork from some of The Barelas Podcasters Guild's latest social media posts too!

To learn more about Bobby Gutierrez's work click HERE (

Want to learn how to make a podcast?
Check out NM's first and only community-roots resource: The Barelas Podcasters Guild!
More on all their doings HERE (

Want to be considered for a future What's Up ABQ interview?
Hit us up on our IG HERE (

Go out and VOTE!

- R&L

Oct 29, 202038:05
What's Up ABQ: Israel Rivera w/ The Shop Breakfast & Lunch
Oct 22, 202001:01:48
What's Up ABQ: Sara Heffern w/ Watermelon Ranch
Oct 15, 202037:18