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What's Next Mel?

What's Next Mel?

By Melanie Kinchen

What's Next Mel is for millennial womxn that want to share their knowledge and truth about various topics. As millennial womxn, we are learning to navigate our way through our careers while balancing friendships, relationships, and self-love. Come join Mel and other womxn and men for a tea time session. We are sitting down being unfiltered, raw, and open-minded.

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Dive into Crenshaw at Midnight with Xian Bell

What's Next Mel?Jan 27, 2023

Dive into Crenshaw at Midnight with Xian Bell
Jan 27, 202329:25
Creatives F#*k Your Anxiety

Creatives F#*k Your Anxiety

I speak with Jada, the CEO of INDI Media Group. Who created F**k Anxiety. We speak on creatives who might have fallen into their fear due to mental health and anxiety. Sometimes anxiety and fear pressures us into thinking that we should create or publish our work because we are not good enough. Coming together allows us to create a safe space for creatives, empaths, and more to share their fears, goals, and accomplishments.
Jan 16, 202335:32
Black Men & Mental Health
Apr 08, 202238:21
Real Friends, How Many of Us?

Real Friends, How Many of Us?

"...Lookin' for real friends (real friends), How many of us? How many of us are real friends; To real friends, to the real end, 'Til the wheels fall off, 'til the wheels don't spin..." - Kanye West (Real Friends- The Life of Pablo)
Some of our friends truly aren't real. As we continue to grow and go on our journeys of life. Friendships change because each of us go through our evolution.
In this episode, I talk about boundaries, growth, and more with friends.
Connect with us:
Instagram: @whatsnextmel
Website: What's Next Mel?
Youtube: What's Next Mel
Mar 25, 202223:34
Holistic Lifestyle
Mar 11, 202248:18
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Christina Flach is a Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist and the creator/CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup.
Christina was married to professional tennis player, Ken Flach. In 2018, he died after a brief bout of sepsis. Since then, Christina has been dedicated to raising public awareness of the danger of sepsis, the symptoms to watch for, and the importance of receiving swift medical attention. She has partnered with Sepsis Alliance to produce awareness campaigns highlighting Ken’s story.
On this episode, we talk to Christina about facing your imposter syndrome head on and how to overcome it while running a business.
Imposter Syndrome is doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. High-achieving people have a difficult time accepting their accomplishments. Many question whether they deserve their accolades.
Connect with Christina:
Instagram: @christinaflachmakeup
Website: Christina Flach
Stay connected with us:
Instagram: @whatsnextmel
Youtube: What's Next Mel?
Website: What's Next Mel?
Feb 25, 202235:18
Hold Yourself Accountable
Feb 18, 202219:12
Navigating the Dating Scene
Feb 11, 202240:20
Season 3 Trailer
Feb 04, 202201:17
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
Oct 08, 202138:45
Social Justice
Sep 24, 202132:07
Learn how to navigate pregnancy & postpartum.
Sep 10, 202142:46
What is Spirituality to You?
Aug 27, 202128:32
Entrepreneurs & Their Mental Health

Entrepreneurs & Their Mental Health

Are you an entrepreneur and getting overwhelmed by the multiple hats that you wear? It's not easy running your own business and doing it by yourself. We talk to another entrepreneur about how they stay positive and focused throughout their journey. How they make sure that their mental health is priority while running their businesses.
Based in Miami, Danielle Montreuil is a multi-faceted Entrepreneur who comes accompanied with an extensive background in Digital Brand Consulting, Creative Direction, Business Development and Fashion Design. Her journey into entrepreneurship started in New York in 2008 when she began interning for a prominent contemporary designer and freelancing as a stylist assistant on the side. During her time as a designer, she learned about the business side of operating a fashion line which later on inspired her to start a digital branding agency 8 years later in order to consult individuals and brands in the fashion industry. Currently, her agency provides brand consulting to individuals and businesses domestically and internationally and she also operates other businesses in the fashion, hospitality and real estate industries.
Connect with Danielle:
Instagram: d.montreuil
Website: The Montreuil Agency
Aug 13, 202133:41
Do you know the Green & Red Flags in Dating & a Relationship?

Do you know the Green & Red Flags in Dating & a Relationship?

We have Season 1 guest, Jada back for another episode on Season 2!  Jada and I sit down and talk about the Red flags to avoid when it comes to dating and a relationship. Learning that when you see these red flags; it's time to make an exit. Also learning to embrace the green flags that our partner has and shares with us in our relationship. Is there such a thing as yellow flags that can be turned into green flags or move to red flags. Find out on this episode!  A woman of Faith, an Author, Podcast Host, Dating & Relationship Coach - helping the broken woman heal from her past, and the happy woman maintain wholeness. Jada has been on both ends of the spectrum, the brokenness and now, the wholeness. She decided to create a coaching practice dedicated to helping women redefine brokenness, what it means to truly heal, and support them in their journey to wholeness. Her practice also focuses on coaching women through maintaining their wholeness and a healthy relationship. She's passionate about supporting and empowering women in life, and in love! Stay Connected with Jada: Instagram: @JadaSharise Website: Jada Sharise Book: The Break Up Bible
Jul 30, 202138:38
What's Your Creative Niche?
Jul 16, 202129:49
Toxic Work Environments & Our Mental Health

Toxic Work Environments & Our Mental Health

Ebonee is back for another mental health talk.  We talk about toxic work environments and how it affects our mental health. Ebonee Gilliard is a Communications Director in big tech, focusing on social media and employee engagement. She has ten years of experience in communications; internal, external and executive level. Ebonee studied Journalism, Public Relations and Strategic Communication at the The University of Oklahoma, where she was part of the National Education of Women’s Leadership (N.E.W.). She also studied abroad via the American University in London and was able to partner with Journalism and Communication giants like the BBC and Al Jazeera. Her pronouns are she/her/hers and she identifies as a Texas-Bama. Social Media Handles: (Twitter & Instagram) @EboneeNicolePR Mental Health Resources: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration Phone # 1-800-662-HELP (4357). You can call 24/7 (English & Spanish) National Institute of Mental Health  If you're looking to start therapy, please contact your insurance or state due to COVID, some states are providing free therapy and mental health resources.
Jul 02, 202149:11
Breaking the Stigma of HIV & Spiritual Awakening
Jun 18, 202146:22
The Best of Season 1
May 28, 202125:40
Can Women & Men Be Just Friends?

Can Women & Men Be Just Friends?

I sit down with my best guy friend Nicholas of over 18 years! One, I can't believe we've been friends for almost two decades! It's absolutely crazy that time has flown by so fast. We talk about our friendship from the beginning to now. We talk about our platonic friendship; how we differ from other women and men friendships. We discuss how our friendship has affected our relationships with partners. What it's like to have a person that had your back that of the opposite sex. Nicholas is more than a best friend but like a brother to me. Enjoy us being authentic and real with one another.

Nicholas is in the Air Force. We met in middle school and after the first year of meeting each other; we've became and friends. Ultimately, high school is were we became best friends and I knew he had my back ever since and vice verse. We've gone through multiple milestones in life and continue to support one another and see each other grow as people! Forever grateful to have Nick in my life!
May 14, 202133:24
Balancing Life through Spirituality, Boundaries & More...

Balancing Life through Spirituality, Boundaries & More...

Are you trying to balance family, relationship, career, religion, and more? Is it starting to be overwhelming and you need someone to help guide you and give you the tools to make life a little bit more structured and flowing. I talk with Yolanda (life coach & ministry work) about balancing life through this pandemic and when we get back to "normal". We also discuss spirituality and ministry work and how the Lord has helped us find our gifts that were able to share and help others with.  Yolanda D. Mercer of Raleigh, NC is a lover of ministry, writing, and coaching individuals to discover their hidden gifts.  As a licensed educator, counselor, and elder; it is her passion to empower others through the Word of God.  As a certified Life Coach, her mission is to help you discover your gift, define your goal, and demonstrate your growth!  In this quest to release the strategies God has placed in her, Yolanda provides a coaching program to enrich others called Gift Institute, helping individuals discover and develop in their gifts.  One of her passions is to write books that will help others find peace and purpose! Yolanda is the author of “Hidden,” a book designed to equip individuals in waiting as well as “Breaking Up With Comparison,” a book designed to encourage confidence in God’s plan for your life.  Through each aspect of her purpose it is Yolanda’s goal to assist individuals to evolve as the best version of themselves! Stay Connected with Yolanda: Instagram: @yolandadmercer Website: Yolanda D. Mercer Purchase Books: "Hidden" & "Breaking Up With Comparison"
Apr 30, 202132:13
Millennial Women in Relationships & Dating
Apr 16, 202139:02
Let's Talk About Sex
Apr 02, 202130:36
Creating Multiple Lanes with Entrepreneurship
Mar 19, 202132:57
Mar 05, 202131:14
Were we prepared for our 30s?
Feb 12, 202130:19
Lets Talk About Mental Health
Jan 29, 202145:26
Relationship with Ourselves & Others
Jan 15, 202155:36


Hi Queens, 

I am excited to bring to you, What's Next Mel? a blog that has now expanded into podcast. This expansion of What's Next Mel? is all about millennial women. We are talking about navigating from our late 20s to our 30s. Come join me as we talk about starting our own family, friendships, career, dating, sex, traveling, and more! I share not only my experience as being a millennial women but other women and even men come and share their stories! I hope that my journey and others journey will help you in your navigation to 30! We can't wait for you to listen to Season 1 in January 2021! 

Please visit our website: 

(Social Media) IG: @whatsnextmel & Facebook: Page Whats Next Mel

If you would like to be a guest on one of our episodes, please reach out by email at 

Dec 09, 202000:21