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What the Mum!

What the Mum!

By Maria Andreas Newman

Being a mum is hard. It doesn't come with a manual. Just because we're mum it doesn't mean we have all the answers. We are doing the best we can with what we know, and at times yes we are just making it up.

It's simple, this podcast features mums sharing their story of mumdom (PS starts at series 11)

I help mums to regain their confidence, reconnect with who they are and silence their inner critic so they can be the best they can be || Author || Speaker || Podcaster
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Brace yourself and prepare to start over.

What the Mum!Nov 23, 2023

Brace yourself and prepare to start over.
Nov 23, 202334:54
Something has to give, doesn’t it?
Nov 06, 202333:48
The signs were saying go for it
Oct 12, 202331:22
I thought I had to fix everything
Sep 28, 202329:12
I was completely ill-equipped to deal with infertility
Sep 14, 202329:36
All that matters is that you love your children
Jun 14, 202337:39
You don't have to lose yourself when you become a mum
May 24, 202338:42
Being a mum doesn't mean you have to do everything
May 11, 202334:54
It's up to you to make your life what you want it to be
Apr 26, 202334:25
Your past doesn't have to determine your future
Mar 29, 202333:28
Being a mum doesn't stop you from having adventures
Mar 01, 202326:30
Our children can teach us to be better mums and great human beings
Dec 15, 202234:21
It's time to pay attention to what you need
Dec 02, 202226:56
Don't take no for an answer
Nov 17, 202242:49
Just take one day at a time
Nov 03, 202227:05
We are all strong women
Oct 20, 202227:27
Being a mum only makes sense once you become one
Oct 07, 202222:24
What would happen if you just listened to yourself?
Sep 15, 202230:06
Life should be an adventure
Sep 01, 202235:02
Only you can make it happen
Aug 18, 202236:02
Take the easy option and just be you
Aug 04, 202236:26
Decide what's your next best move now before your body forces you to stop
Jul 21, 202231:24
It's okay to pause when you're a mum
Jul 08, 202230:18
My viewpoint: Is life a balancing act?
Jun 16, 202215:13
My viewpoint: Why is there never enough time?
Jun 01, 202215:12
My viewpoint: Failure is not a swearword
May 19, 202213:41
My viewpoint: Is what you’re thinking right?
May 05, 202217:51
My viewpoint: Multitasking is nothing to be proud of
Apr 29, 202212:12
My viewpoint: Are you friends with your inner critic?
Apr 08, 202213:19
Connection is the key to inner peace
Mar 17, 202225:52
Are you your body's detective?
Mar 03, 202225:40
Sometimes you just need to press pause
Feb 17, 202228:35
You can feel confident and amazing all day every day
Feb 04, 202224:02
Encouraging you to live a simple life
Jan 20, 202230:05
Stop striving, it's time to start thriving
Jan 10, 202230:10
It’s all about knowing yourself and where you want to go
Nov 04, 202127:02
You can do anything if you believe it

You can do anything if you believe it

Eve Horne is a singer, songwriter, producer, trainer and a busy working mum. She knows what it's like to be doing the juggle and she's loving it. Join me as I talk to Eve Horne about being a Mum in Business, helping mums find their voice and doing what you're passionate about.

You can follow Eve on Instagram and find out more about what she does on her website.

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Oct 13, 202128:31
You can be the best, which sometimes means asking for help
Sep 30, 202130:56
She loves numbers and she wants you to love them too
Sep 16, 202129:30
Spreading love and joy by filling your belly and then making you wobble it
Sep 02, 202127:24
Turning her passion and personal challenges into serving others
Aug 12, 202128:19
My viewpoint: How can we be more courageous?
Jul 22, 202115:02
My viewpoint: Why do we doubt ourselves?
Jul 07, 202116:57
My viewpoint: Why is it difficult to break a habit?
Jun 25, 202120:11
My viewpoint: Why is confidence not about being loud?
Jun 25, 202121:04
My viewpoint: Why is being creative not about being an artist?
Jun 10, 202118:15
My viewpoint: What's the point of being a good role model?
May 12, 202118:39
An interview with Zoe Thompson: Managing our minds in this modern world
Apr 21, 202134:20
An interview with Francesca Kasteliz: Being confident is about how you feel on the inside
Apr 08, 202132:58
An interview with Sarah Tompsett: How the body manifests physically what we hold onto mentally and our experiences
Mar 25, 202128:48