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When God Spins A Yarn

When God Spins A Yarn

By Janice Michele with When God Spins A Yarn

Learning how to recognize and
heal from betrayal trauma and find deliverance from trauma bonds through identity in Christ.
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God is Love - Thinketh no Evil

When God Spins A YarnSep 21, 2023

God is Love - Thinketh no Evil
Sep 21, 202305:18
God is love - not irritable
Jul 01, 202305:23
God is love (not rude, not self seeking)
Jun 07, 202308:15
God is Love (Does not boast)
May 01, 202304:34
Foundations and focus shift
Apr 03, 202305:13
God is Love (not jealous)
Mar 27, 202306:26
God is Love (Kind)
Mar 06, 202307:14
God is... Love (patient)
Feb 20, 202309:47
Who is God series - intro
Feb 13, 202304:41
Emotions - wrapped up in Love
Feb 06, 202307:05
Grief - A Journey to Hope (emotions #6)
Jan 30, 202310:34
Depression - emotions #5
Jan 16, 202306:38
Mine, yours, and theirs: Emotions #4

Mine, yours, and theirs: Emotions #4

How we respond to other people's emotions, the place they are at in their healing, and how they express themselves is just as important as controlling our own emotions. This episode talks about lessons learned through the past holiday season about handling difficult emotions in others.

Mentioned in this episode:

Previous podcast: Peacekeeping vs. peacemaking

Pamela Henkleman's podcast series: Expectations

Faith Mama's Tribe study on Matthew 28

Please let me know in the comments any questions you would like me to cover in future episodes, what helped you in this episode, or any prayer requests. (If you want to message me on Facebook or email me to keep it private, that's absolutely fine!)

If you would be interested in being a guest on the podcast, please email me with "podcast guest request" in the subject line. Mentoring sessions and groups, as well as the blog and helpful resources. (and some merch too!)


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Jan 02, 202310:24
The irony of loneliness (emotions series - #3)
Dec 26, 202211:49
Fear not, but be courageous - emotions series #2
Dec 19, 202208:13
Holiday feels - emotions series #1
Dec 12, 202209:22
Exploring and understanding emotions- an overview
Dec 05, 202207:30
Forgive and Forget? Looking at true forgiveness and what it means - and doesn't mean
Nov 28, 202208:45
Be angry! (And do not sin)
Nov 21, 202205:52
Be Still and Know
Nov 14, 202208:58
Do I really have to talk about the traumas?
Nov 07, 202210:21
Boundaries: What they really are and how to set and keep them
Oct 31, 202210:05
Who does God say I am?
Oct 24, 202212:22
Who is God? And does that really matter?
Oct 17, 202211:28
What is Betrayal Trauma?
Oct 10, 202207:14
Peacemaking and boundaries
Oct 03, 202212:57
Me and the tangled mess
Sep 26, 202209:57
About When God Spins a Yarn the podcast

About When God Spins a Yarn the podcast

A quick introduction to the podcast, letting you know what to expect.
Sep 23, 202201:24