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Whitney Dover - Live Your Best Life

Whitney Dover - Live Your Best Life

By Whitney Stefko Dover

A Journey to Live Your Best Life
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Ambition + Personal Power

Whitney Dover - Live Your Best LifeSep 10, 2019

Shake Time!

Shake Time!

What is in that Shake? Why are you putting all those things in your Shake?  How do you make your Shake?

Join me for Shake Time: a quick walk through of making your healthiest (and easiest) meal of the day!

Sep 17, 201913:45
Ambition + Personal Power

Ambition + Personal Power

Have you ever felt like you were spending a lot of time doing LOTS of things, but not really getting much done? This has been my story lately.

It wasn't until the incredible Brendon Burchard articulated two life-changing gems that I realized I needed a solid gut check on my ambition and to take back my personal power.

Are you living big enough? Are you living in line with your personal truth? Are you living in alignment or moving towards where you want to be at this stage in your life? Gut check time.

Are you owning what it is that is happening in your life right now? If not, why not, and how can you start owning your life? Time to take back your personal power.

Read/listen on my friends, then let me know how you are gut checking your ambition and taking back your personal power!

Sep 10, 201904:43
Digital Nomadism!

Digital Nomadism!

Digital Nomadism: what it is, how +why we do it + how you can do it too!

Aug 24, 201909:03
Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!  

Ever heard this phrase? And really, our bodies are already taking 25,000 breaths per day, without us even having to think about it, so why do we need to “just breathe?”

The air we breathe nourishes every part of our body. You can go days without water and food, but oxygen? You need that stuff every few minutes to survive.  With our bodies naturally inhaling and exhaling, we are lucky we don’t have to be intentional about our breathing...but we should be.

Intentional breathing can improve your mental and physical health in a few quick minutes.  And it is so simple.  We just have to be more mindful of it.  

Join me for a few breathing exercises you can do anytime and from anywhere.  Let’s breathe our way into wellness!

Aug 17, 201909:31
Morning Routine!

Morning Routine!

Ask anyone who knew me up until two years ago and they would likely tell you what a complete bitch I was in the morning.  When you all tell me you aren’t “morning people,” I feel you! I used to hate starting the day.  I used to hate interacting with anyone before coffee.  Frankly, I used to hate myself before 10 a.m.!

It wasn’t until I left the corporate world, and decided to SLOW THE EFF down, that I really started learning how important the first few minutes and hours of our day are, the SCIENCE behind it all, and how the start of each day can really impact our productivity, communication, happiness, relationships, and just about everything in life.  

It wasn’t until I put a morning routine into practice that I saw its magic for myself.  I’m not saying your life depends on it, but your life does sort of depend on it. 

Learn why you should consider a morning routine (especially if you’re not a morning lover), how to start small with a morning routine, and how my morning routine and has evolved and what it includes now!

Aug 01, 201921:13
Making Sleep a Priority: Why + How to do it

Making Sleep a Priority: Why + How to do it

Sleep!  We all know we need more of it, but do you know why and how to do that?

In this episode: the why’s behind a lack of sleep: how it affects your hormones, your health, your well-being and your happiness, and ten tips to help you start getting a better and longer night sleep tonight! 

Jul 23, 201912:20
Multiple Income Streams: Why You Need More Than One + How to Get More Thane One!

Multiple Income Streams: Why You Need More Than One + How to Get More Thane One!

Side hustle, side gig, side boo...whatever you want to call it, if you don’t already have more than one stream of income for yourself, you need to hop on this multiple income stream train...yesterday!  Think you don’t have enough time?  Think you don’t need one?  Think again! 

We live in an uncertain world.  Being employed with just one company, or owning your own business is a risky position to be in.  What happens if something happens to your solo income stream?  Allocate some of your risk by obtaining or creating several income streams for yourself.  In the age of online and on demand everything, there are so many incredible secondary income sources out there.  Get yourself a couple and secure your financial wellbeing!

BONUS! I have included over 10 income opportunities for you to explore, ranging from online opportunities to in person hustles.  You get out what you put in, so now is the time to get something started for yourself.  And if not now, when?

Jul 15, 201916:18