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Who Knows This??

Who Knows This??

By Sam Visnic

Have you ever been working on finding a solution to health issue and wondered "Somebody HAS to know this!". Well that's what this podcast is all about. Host Sam Visnic seeks out top experts and asks them the questions that we all want the answers to.
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How To Overcome Sleep Issues With CBT-I

Who Knows This??Dec 07, 2021

Making Complex Simple - Move Better For Pain Relief And Performance

Making Complex Simple - Move Better For Pain Relief And Performance

Zac is a graduate from St. Ambrose University Doctor of Physical therapy program in 2011. He completed an orthopedic residency, is a Certified strength and conditioning coach and has spent a bulk of his career studying and becoming certified in various lines of thought (Postural Restoration, FMS, SFMA, Dry Needling, Precision Nutrition, Certified Speed and Agility Coach, and many more).

Zac Cupples' website:

Feb 22, 202354:29
How To Get Radical Relief From Chronic Pain
May 16, 202201:00:42
ALF Approach - Changing The Face Of Orthodontics
Apr 15, 202252:15
Body Composition - Setting Record Straight On What Actually Works

Body Composition - Setting Record Straight On What Actually Works

Dr. Campbell is a professor of exercise science and director of the Performance and Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and former president of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Dr. Campbell has published over 200 scientific papers and abstracts, three textbooks, and 20 book chapters in areas related to physique enhancement, sports nutrition, resistance training, and dietary supplementation.

You can find more from Bill here on his social media:

Mar 17, 202254:15
Retrain Your Brain For Chronic Conditions
Feb 23, 202257:15
How To Identify And Treat Cervicogenic Dizziness

How To Identify And Treat Cervicogenic Dizziness

Dr. Harrison Vaughan is a physical therapist who specializes in treating musculoskeletal injuries and spinal pain, both acute and chronic.  He has particular expertise in the treatment of orofacial and craniocervical disorders, including cervical dizziness.

He co-owns PhysioFit of North Carolina alongside his wife, Danielle.

His clinical interests are concentrated in manual therapy and specific therapeutic exercise of spinal disorders.  He has extensive post-graduate training in manipulation of the spine and extremities, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and dry needling.  Specifically, he has a Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy, which involved an 18 month post-graduate training regimen in dry needling and manipulation.  Additionally, he furthered his career by graduating as a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy in 2015.

Dr. Vaughan teaches an advanced Cervico-Sensorimotor Approach, alongside his wife Dr. Danielle Vaughan, in their course “Diagnosis & Management of Cervicogenic Dizziness” nationally and internationally to other healthcare professionals.

He resides in Wake Forest, NC with his wife, Danielle, and two children, Reagan and Cora.

Feb 03, 202201:00:16
Insights From An Expert: Mindset And Individualized Training For Endurance

Insights From An Expert: Mindset And Individualized Training For Endurance

Tim “Lucho” Waggoner, formerly Luchinske, resides in the mountains of Colorado just outside Boulder and is a highly sought-after endurance coach. On Endurance Planet he’s the vastly popular expert and co-host on “Ask the Coaches” (ATC) show. His experience in sport as both a professional triathlete and elite ultrarunner brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the show.  Lucho started running at the age of 10 and went on to multiple Kansas state track and field championships and was a two time All-American in college. He decided to drop out after two years and travel eventually settling in the U.S. Virgin Islands where he lived for four years. 

Tired of the party lifestyle, he quit smoking and entered his first triathlon and placed third. Fast forward, and four years later he placed 16th overall at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and was the top amateur.  After 15 Ironmans and beginning a family, Lucho switched to running. He ran 2:41 in his first marathon and then 2:30 in his second. Eventually, Lucho and his wife moved up to 8,200ft altitude in the mountains, and this led him to try ultrarunning. In his first race, a 50-mile trail race, he won and broke the course record. 

He then went on to place 6th at the Leadville 100—his 4th ever ultra. To top it off, Lucho was the overall winner of the Leadman series in 2012, which includes all of the Leadville races. He now spends most his time raising his two sons, coaching athletes, and training for master’s track & field racing.  He also (sometimes) has a badass beard and occasionally blogs words of wisdom at

Jan 18, 202256:08
How To Optimize Movement Starting With Your Feet
Jan 03, 202247:19
Asymmetry In The Body And Occlusion

Asymmetry In The Body And Occlusion

Mike is a professional movement and performance consultant with over 20 years  experience working with a variety of patients and athletes in all manner of  settings. Mike is a partner and lead performance consultant who founded  Applied Integration Consulting with James Anderson MPT, PRC.   AIC has  impacted patients and athletes across the US and throughout Europe, Australia  and Asia.  

Mike’s area of expertise centers on helping dentists manage clients  with orofacial pain through alteration of occlusal programming in order to  reduce systemic effects of patterned, respiratory-based movement dysfunction.    Prior to and since the founding of AIC®, Mike has been fortunate to have had the  opportunity to work with a number of professional sports teams in major league  baseball, major league soccer, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and Australian Football. He  has also worked with the Department of Defense as a performance consultant for  the US Navy Seals.  

He has had private consulting opportunities across the USA, in  Australia, Germany and England. He is a 1989 graduate of Emory University’s  Physical Therapy program and is a member of the American Physical Therapy  Association, The American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry and  was a long-standing member of the faculty of The Postural Restoration Institute®.   

Episode Highlights:

5:50 What is PRI philosophy (Postural Restoration Institute)?
15:50 Having asymmetry does not necessarily mean you will have pain
17:00 Addressing asymmetry with manual therapy vs movement
18:00 How do you know where to start working with asymmetries?
26:50 Correct as much as can, and person needs to earn the right to be a dental patient
28:50 There are multiple reasons why your results may not stick
34:00 Using orthotics
36:30 Orthopedic issues are a symptom of a greater problem
39:00 Common issues with lack of integration between health providers
46:00 AIC program

Mike Cantrell: 

AAPMD American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry  

IABDM International Academy of Biological Medicine and Dentistry

Dec 19, 202101:15:16
How To Overcome Sleep Issues With CBT-I

How To Overcome Sleep Issues With CBT-I

Dr. Jenna Gress Smith received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Arizona State University. Her passion for sleep started several years prior at Stanford University in the Department of Psychiatry, working on research projects involving insomnia.   

She obtained more behavioral sleep medicine training during her internship, and she went on to practice and train others in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia and other sleep disorders. She's also published research studies across several areas in health psychology, including sleep, depression, pain, and resilience.   

She currently serves as the sleep specialist in residence for Bioloop Sleep and is the owner of Arizona Sleep & Health.   

Episode Highlights:

3:22 What is the difference between a psychologist, psychotherapist, and a psychiatrist?

12:50 The order in which you implement sleep change behaviors is important

13:30 What determines “good” sleep?

15:50 What is the relationship between sleep and health disorders?

23:30 What is happening in the brain when someone has chronic pain and doesn’t sleep well?

27:30 What is the relationship between sleep and anxiety and/or depression?

29:35 Difference between ability fall asleep and stay asleep

31:20 Sleep medications; do they help or no?

35:35 What about OTC’s like Benadryl?

37:45 Sleep gadgets

44:00 What are the best practices when it comes to sleep?

48:00 Screen time and what you watch and read

50:30 Caffeine and sleep

50:15 How do you access CBT-I?


Twitter: or @sleepresolve

Instagram: or @sleepresolve



Dec 07, 202101:02:16
How To Get The Results You Want By Using Effective Change Strategies

How To Get The Results You Want By Using Effective Change Strategies

L. Michael Hall Ph.D is a prolific author in the psychology and self development field, having written 66 books, 40 serial books, and over 100 published articles.

He completed his doctorate in Cognitive-Behavioral psychology from Union Institute University in Cincinnati Ohio, with his dissertation completed on the languaging of four psychotherapies, including NLP, RET, Reality Therapy, and Logotherapy using the formations of General Semantics.

Dr. Hall has conducted private therapy in practice for 20 years, and also ran an NLP training center for 10 years.

He has co-founded Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching, and the NLP Leadership Summit, and also collaborated with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, having written several books for him.

Dr. Hall is clearly a distinguished expert in his field and I credit him with much of my own personal development over near 20 years through his writings and to say I’m happy to finally be speaking with him on my very own podcast is an extreme understatement.

Episode Highlights:

1. What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

2. What got you interested in NLP and Hypnosis as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist?

3. How did it change your way of thinking?

4. You've developed your own model NeuroSemantics.  What is different about NS vs NLP?

5. One of the most significant things I've learned from your work is the Meta-States model. Can you share with us what this is? What can this model help us with?

6. We can know things logically, but still not do them.  This is largely the challenge that health professionals face with patients and clients, from losing weight, getting to bed on time, to avoiding drugs and alcohol, and doing more exercise. What is happening here? It appears we've long known that just understanding things doesn't change things, but we don't do anything about it.

7. One of the patterns you've mentioned in your books is the Mind to Muscle pattern.  Can you talk a bit more about what this is and why it's important?

L.Michael Hall's website:

Nov 23, 202152:02
How To Modulate Chronic Inflammation With Nutrition

How To Modulate Chronic Inflammation With Nutrition

Nicole Visnic is a seasoned clinician with a track record of helping thousands of clients achieve their health goals.  She has spent the last 12 years working in an integrated medical clinic in Santa Monica, CA, developing solutions to complex conditions like chronic fatigue, and functional gastrointestinal disorders.  Nicole's multi-layered assessment processes identify underlying imbalances and biopsychosocial factors that influence dietary habits and overall health.  She translates the information into customized nutrition and lifestyle programs that are designed to address the root causes of chief complaints.  She guides and supports her clients throughout their health journey using innovative motivational strategies to increase dietary adherence, and maximize results.  Nicole earned her bachelors degree in health education from Winona State University, and her masters degree from the University of Bridgeport in human nutrition. She is a certified clinical nutritionist through the clinical nutrition certification board.  Earlier in her career she served 6 years in the Air Force National Guard, managed corporate wellness for Honeywell Aerospace, and worked as an adjunct psychology instructor at Brown Mackey college.  Her work in the military, corporations, and academia, along with being a wife and mom, gives her the ability to appreciate and relate to a diverse range of clients. 

1.  Can you give us a little history around your work in nutrition and how it led to your current approach to nutrition?

2.  We hear the word "inflammation" a lot when it comes to the body.  Can you tell us what that specifically means when it comes to mind for you in your work?

3.  Inflammation is tied into pain.  What is your experience in helping people with pain reduce inflammation and the results you have seen?

4.  Is being "overweight" a problem for having inflammation?

5.  Are there any specific tests you can run to determine how much inflammation you have?

6.  Most people deal with inflammation by taking things like anti-inflammatories, but I think we generally know taking a lot of this stuff isn't good, but what particularly happens when we keep dosing ourselves with things like ibuprofen to reduce inflammation?

6.  Inflammation in the gut is a hot topic right now, and in particular something called SIBO.  Can you give us a rundown on what SIBO is, and what are the common symptoms associated with it?

7.  So what do you do to reduce inflammation in the body?  What are your general recommendations?

8.  What's most exciting in your field of work right now?  What's new and awesome and on the horizon?

Nicole Visnic's website:



Lifespan Medicine:

Oct 23, 202151:58