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Who Owns Durham

Who Owns Durham

By dataworks nc

This is a semi-regular production of DataWorks NC and our partners. We set the table for discussions of tenant power, anti-racism in housing and community knowledge of history & the future.
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Hidden Monuments of the White Franchise

Who Owns DurhamMar 19, 2022

Urban Heat, Safe Homes and Climate Risk

Urban Heat, Safe Homes and Climate Risk

Join Bonita Green (Merrick-Moore Community Development Association), Max Cawley & Imani Vincent (Museum of Life and Science), Tim Stallmann (Research Action Design), L'Tanya Durante and John Killeen (DataWorks NC) as we discuss our recent collaboration to bring resident-collected heat island data into public knowledge and conversation. 

This episode refers to:

  • The CAPA Heat Watch study supported by the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.
  • Heat islands and cool oases across a segregated landscape.
  • Climate change that is happening now.
  • What do we need to do locally with housing and other policies to protect people from heat?
  • Data we've published together on the Durham Compass.

For more info about this show's topics check out these links...

Urban Heat Island Temperature Mapping Campaign 

Durham Compass (Evening Cool Oases) 

Durham Compass (Evening Heat Islands) 

The National Integrated Heat Health Information System (NIHHIS)

Black Neighborhoods in Durham are Much Hotter Than Their White Counterparts IndyWeek (8/4/2021)

Dr. Max Liboiron, anticolonial researcher and founder of the CLEAR plastic pollution laboratory.

Episode closing music, Happy Old Young Man, by Anthony Tutelli (2003). Used by  permission of the artist's family. (All the love, Mike Cades.)

Aug 16, 202245:26
Hidden Monuments of the White Franchise

Hidden Monuments of the White Franchise

This episode gives the microphone to the Hacking Into History project team to dig into our work revealing and reckoning with racially-restrictive deed covenants. You'll hear L'Tanya, Tia, Andrew, Alex, Tim and J.T. telling us all about it. Thanks for tuning in!

Mentioned in this episode:

Hacking into History: Reckoning With Racial Covenants (HIH)
HIH aims to tell the story and impact of racially restrictive agreements contained in property deeds in Durham, North Carolina using public records information and archival documentation.

Registration for March 25, 2022 Reckoning with Racial Covenants public workshop

Bull City 150
The mission of Bull City 150 is to invite Durhamites to reckon with the racial and economic injustices of the past 150 years and commit to building a more equitable future.

Mapping Prejudice
Mapping Inequality was conceived by the University of Richmond's Digital Lab, which digitized New Deal redlining maps to illuminate how federal policy makers "used racial criteria to categorize lending and insurance risks.
Mapping Prejudice builds on this existing work. But our efforts in Minneapolis are made especially urgent by the city's contemporary racial disparities, which are some of the largest in the nation.

Episode closing music, Happy Old Young Man, by Anthony Tutelli (2003). Used by  permission of the artist's family. (All the love, Mike Cades.)

Mar 19, 202232:34
What We Talk About When We Talk About Houses

What We Talk About When We Talk About Houses

In this, our long-awaited second episode, L'Tanya asks the team to unpack some of the background behind a recent presentation on housing trends in Durham. Tim highlights the problems of habitability embedded in Durham's low rents. And Libby raises an essential question about when the crisis for tenants really began. 

Learn more about Durham's Interneighborhood Council here.

Take a look at the presentation we shared with that group here.

The blog post Mad mentions about voices as data/more powerful than data (by Libby McClure and L'Tanya Durante) is called Antiracist Data Methods Part 1: Voices as Data.

See what DataWorks is up to at our website or find us on Twitter

Intro music, Citizen, by Wigg Report (2019). Used by permission of the band. Closing music, Happy Old Young Man, by Anthony Tutelli (2003). Used by permission of the artist's family. (All the love, Mike Cades - rest in power.)

Nov 03, 202131:54
another world is possible

another world is possible

Our first episode of Who Owns Durham! Thanks to Genesis Danquah, Mad Bankson, Saif Wideman, Jesse McCoy (Supervising Attorney at the Duke Civil Justice Clinic) & Tim Stallmann. Many thanks for our show’s theme music, “Citizen”, by the Durham band Wigg Report! 

Moms 4 Housing and Red house on Mississippi were both mentioned in this episode. Learn more by clicking the links!

If you or someone you know is experiencing trouble staying in your home, check out the RESOURCES below.

Love, hope & solidarity,


Education and defense for community members facing eviction due to racist policies.




Get legal guidance and/or emergency financial assistance to avoid getting evicted.


Rent assistance and other support. We listen and learn from those who have done the work before us to connect, amplify, and trust our community to provide for and love each other. We band together to find and redistribute resources, ideas, and support.


Are you dealing with housing discrimination? Visit or email


When funding is available, CPCA provides up to two months of housing support, assistance with utilities and rent.

Mar 24, 202101:01:44