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Whos Anxious With Rasta

Whos Anxious With Rasta

By Rasta

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Enigmatic insomniatic (Testisode?)

Whos Anxious With RastaOct 06, 2019

Enigmatic insomniatic (Testisode?)

Enigmatic insomniatic (Testisode?)

After listening to this episode, I've decided you deserve way better than what I have given you! I won't take this episode down. I want to be honest about the process and progression of taking on a new "art." This one's definitely new for me, but I am serious and pretty passionate about it. Music comes naturally to me, and honestly takes a lot less time/effort to produce a much better result. I WILL be putting up a better prepared & better quality episode within the next few days. If all goes as planned that COULD mean 2 episodes within a 7 day period. I'm not holding my breath for that shit cause I see what rushing gets me in this medium. For now, I'll just focus on getting you a better first episode. Even if that means exercising patience and waiting until I've got a guest and I'm not feverish and exhausted. I'm gonna stop trying to push a circle into a square and take the time to do the things necessary to give you what I know I'm capable of. So we're just gonna call this a preview. A very shitty audio quality preview... I have comedians, politicians, doctors, musicians, college athletes, a vampire, scientists, etc. In the tentative guest list for the show. I wanted to introduce you all to the weirdness that is my brain. I'm admittedly sick and maybe in an insomniatic half delirium, but it might give you an idea of how crazy these conversations will probably get when there is another person. (SOON) This is a solocast where I talk about race, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, drug culture, politics, furries, auto erotic asphyxiation, MMA fights between Reddit trolls, the Idaho comedy "scene," and a lot of other random shit.
MORE TO COME... Obviously with better audio!

Oct 06, 201901:00:00