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WildSoul Academy

WildSoul Academy

By Joie Kya

Welcome to the Wild Soul Academy Podcast a show for wildly ambitious individuals, visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders who feel a call for something greater. Step into your own self mastery, take the training wheels off because you are ready for that next level of you. Here we step into sacred conversations that activate, inspire and guide you in life and biz. We talk all things spiritual and tactical cuz we understand what it means to show up as a soul leader in these times.
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WildSoul AcademyNov 16, 2022

123: Stay In Your Wild- Part 3 of the Wild Series
Dec 07, 202329:01
122: Remember Your Wild-Part 2 of the Wild Series
Dec 01, 202315:56
121: Wild Series Part One- Flashback of Episode 27
Nov 22, 202315:04
120: Make Space for Your Future You- Part Two
Nov 20, 202319:59
119: Make Space for Your Future You- Part One
Sep 28, 202330:12
118: Are You Ready For Fall Equinox?
Sep 21, 202322:34
117: Awaken: Signs from the Universe (how to identify them, raise your vibe & become magnetic).
Sep 14, 202322:45
116: 3 Reasons You Need to Start Your Dream Business or Side Hustle
Sep 08, 202317:02
115:Releasing Who You Were & Stepping into Who You’re Becoming
Sep 02, 202335:40
114:Becoming More Energy Rich & How to Protect it Once You Align With It
Aug 24, 202331:01
113: 8/8 Lionsgate - Your Abundance Upgrade
Aug 01, 202323:29
112: Developing a Business You Love
Jul 21, 202330:42


In this episode I'm sharing a training that Ive recorded for one of my programs and I wanted to bring it to this community. It's Who do you half way through 2023, is this year the year you're showing up bigger? Who do you want to be at the end of this year? Let's hit reset and do some mid year future casting and planning.

Jul 07, 202328:13
110: Mastering the Art of Self Presentation w/ DeAnna Dupree
Jun 22, 202348:36
109:Draw Boundaries in Your Business~ And Let's Throw in Some Life Ways Too!
Jun 09, 202322:20
108: Speaking Your Truth and Knowing Your Worth~w/ Marleece Peart

108: Speaking Your Truth and Knowing Your Worth~w/ Marleece Peart

I had the honor to connect with one of the members of the Sacred Business Incubator Marleece Peart. I must say this lady blows me away when we get the opportunity to sit and discuss her life and business. Her love legacy is a beautiful transformation of her life's journey and the wisdom gleaned from it. What I love about the podcast episode we did is that she shares her challenges and journey and how those experiences makes her the sacred space holder she is today. As someone who has had the pleasure of receiving her energy work it is something i highly recommend.


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Jun 02, 202342:35
107: Create Your Own Joy+Freedom Strategy- Here's Why
May 19, 202321:40
106: 3 Success Strategies when Building Partnerships & Collaborations in Business
May 04, 202325:17
105: The Beauty of Women in Community-Sisterhood Societies Are Next Level
Apr 28, 202327:13
104: Awakening to Your Own Magic
Apr 13, 202339:11
103: How to Know When it’s Time to Pivot in Your Business with Denise Schaad

103: How to Know When it’s Time to Pivot in Your Business with Denise Schaad

Whenever Denise and I get together and discuss business and how to stay aligned to our truth & sacred selves as CEO’s of Soul Led brands so many ahaa’s and gems are spoken between us. After one of our chats a couple of months back I knew I had to invite her to be on the show. 

Show Notes:

My Guest Denise Schaad;Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Best Selling Author, Artist, and Speaker

Denise Schaad is a successful Self Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and heart leader who spent the last two decades rediscovering what it means to fully embody Spirit. She created the powerful "Your Energy Awakening System" to guide leaders and entrepreneurs towards embodying their next level of Spiritual Currency. With insightful wisdom, Denise helps people release emotional energies that impact their ability to fully embody their spiritual power. A self-published author and painter, Denise thrives on guiding leaders through a year-long mentorship program to align them with their true selves. When not mentoring or creating, Denise can be found touring foreign countries on motorcycles or dirt bike riding with her ten grandchildren.

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Apr 06, 202352:19
102: Strategically Aligned in your Life & Business-Start Doing this Right Away!
Mar 28, 202329:19
101: The Messy Middle to Expansion
Mar 21, 202321:45
100: Celebrating Our 100th Episode!
Mar 14, 202316:45
Ep 99: Meet Vihil Vigil, Women on a Mission
Feb 23, 202334:01
98: Why We Say Yes, When We Should Say No

98: Why We Say Yes, When We Should Say No

It's important that we speak and act in our true alignment. As a leader and sacred business mentor I see my clients and students struggle with this choice between being accepted or rejected. As you can imagine it's a real battle.


This brings us to the conversation in the podcast episode and during that conversation I offered you a Heart Check meditation to help you find your inner voice. Even if you have been connected to it but have been distracted by all of the noise these days it going to be a perfect tools for you. You can get your Free Tool Here...

Here are a couple more episodes that will take you deeper into this conversation.

EP 95 Listening To Our Intuition: EP 78 Stop Negotiating These 5 Things:

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Feb 15, 202322:42
97: Challenges & Lessons and What They Teach Us.

97: Challenges & Lessons and What They Teach Us.

In this episode we are bring in a Law of the Universe and that's the Law of Rhythm. Recently, I have invited the Laws of the Universe to come forward in my conscious day to day actions. It has reminded me to be in flow even when things get difficult. You're invited to listen and explore how you move through lessons and challenges.

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Feb 03, 202316:27
96: 3 Powerhouse Actions You Can Take Today!

96: 3 Powerhouse Actions You Can Take Today!

I’m so pumped to jump into this conversation with you today, because I know that are time is precious. I understand that where we place our energy is everything. It’s how we manifest and create a life that feels whole and complete. So let’s dive in…

Show Notes:

Good Stuff you don’t want to miss mentioned in the episode…

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Episode 68: How I prefer to Level Up My Learning Game. Podcast, Books, Blogs, Courses, Coaches and More...One of my favs...Click this link to listen

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Jan 27, 202322:28
95: Listening To Our Intuition
Jan 19, 202327:45
94: The Energy of 2023- The Wave
Jan 13, 202321:51
93: 3 Things that are Joining me in 2023 & One New Thing!
Jan 05, 202326:36
92: 2022 Unwrapped & Wrapped Back Up- favorite things, what challenged me, what I‘ve learned & some cautionary tales.
Dec 31, 202235:17
91: Winter Solstice- Time for Self Reflection & Magic, Magic , Magic!
Dec 20, 202231:47
90: MAKING SPIRITUALITY ACCESSIBLE- A Conversation with Sheila Ellis of WRitual Planner
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89: 2022 Year Review- Freedom Year!
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87: Tarot Aligned My Intuition
Nov 23, 202228:07
Nov 16, 202233:59
85: Wisdom into Inspiration- how our greatest tests in life inspire others.
Nov 11, 202226:51
84: The 5 Identities that we all share
Nov 05, 202217:28
83: Say Yes & Show Up to the Invitation
Oct 09, 202216:33
82: Upgrade Your Life
Sep 30, 202226:20
81: Want Success? Ask Yourself This!
Sep 21, 202220:35
80: How we can beat comparisons
Sep 13, 202225:50
79: Showing up for the Fall Equinox 2022
Sep 08, 202229:44
78: Stop Negotiating These 5 Things
Aug 18, 202230:31
77: Experiencing Your Own Feminine Genius
Aug 12, 202228:05
76: 5 Ways to Tap into 8/8 Lionsgate
Aug 05, 202226:55
75: 3 Comparison Traps to Watch Out For.
Jul 15, 202223:31
74: My 3 Why’s on the Practice of Journaling
Jul 06, 202228:10