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Wild Thing

Wild Thing

By Foxtopus Ink

Wild Thing is a long-form, narrative podcast about the obsessions that capture our imaginations. This sound-rich and deeply reported show examines the relationship between science and society—that point where scientific inquiry collides with our very human desire to find answers, even when there are none. Whether it's seeking out Sasquatch, looking skyward for extraterrestrial life, or probing the power of the atom, exploring the unknown helps us better understand ourselves. Every season, host Laura Krantz tackles a brand new topic, so be sure to start with the first episode for each one.
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S3 E1: Close To Home

Wild ThingMay 17, 2022

Introducing the new Wild Thing book
Sep 13, 202211:11
S3 Bonus Preview - Mutants
Jul 20, 202204:44
S3 E9: An Atomic Future
Jul 12, 202234:08
S3 E8: Risky Business
Jul 05, 202229:01
S3 E7: Half-Life
Jun 28, 202227:37
S3 E6: You Look Radiant
Jun 21, 202233:03
S3 E5: Trust Issues
Jun 14, 202225:42
S3 E4: Chain Reaction
Jun 07, 202222:04
S3 E3: A New(clear) Hope
May 31, 202226:05
S3 E2: Out Of Little Things
May 24, 202229:02
S3 E1: Close To Home
May 17, 202224:17
S3 Wild Thing: Going Nuclear Trailer

S3 Wild Thing: Going Nuclear Trailer

Back for its third season, Wild Thing uses science, history and culture to probe the realities of nuclear energy today, while analyzing our own fascination— and ambivalence—with all things atomic. What are the true risks? And what is the actual potential? Are we better at this than we were sixty years ago? And given our nature, are we humans even responsible enough to harness the power of the universe—and should we? Coming May 17, 2022
Apr 19, 202202:13
S2 E10: The Truth Is Out There
Nov 19, 202027:39
S2 E9: You Gotta Have Faith
Nov 12, 202028:36
S2 E8: Popular Science (Fiction)
Nov 05, 202032:02
S2 E7: E.T. Phone Home
Oct 29, 202036:42
S2 E6: Hear No Aliens, See No Aliens
Oct 22, 202033:31
S2 E5: Independence Day
Oct 15, 202033:02
S2 E4: Roswell
Oct 08, 202039:29
S2 E3: Doing The Math
Oct 01, 202038:32
S2 E2: What Is Life?
Sep 24, 202033:08
S2 E1: Out Of This World
Sep 17, 202027:44
S2: Wild Thing: Space Invaders Trailer

S2: Wild Thing: Space Invaders Trailer

Back for its second season, Wild Thing: Space Invaders turns our eyes skyward in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Coming September 17, 2020.

Aug 20, 202002:02
S1 Extra: Wild Thing... For Kids!
Jul 10, 202024:45
S1 E9: Why We Want To Believe
Dec 04, 201834:07
S1 E8: $a$quatch
Nov 27, 201831:36
S1 E7: Taboo
Nov 20, 201829:07
S1 E6: Bump In The Night
Nov 13, 201827:48
S1 E5: A-C-G-T Spells B-G-F-T
Nov 06, 201825:49
S1 E4: Eyewitness
Oct 30, 201832:45
S1 E3: The Evidence
Oct 16, 201832:09
S1 E2: Distant Relatives or Kissing Cousins?
Oct 09, 201828:03
S1 E1: Grover
Oct 02, 201828:12
Wild Thing Trailer

Wild Thing Trailer

Wild Thing, a new podcast about our collective fascination with Bigfoot - even if we're not sure it exists. Coming October 2.
Aug 30, 201802:52