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Win Stupid Prizes

Win Stupid Prizes

By HexaGorgon

Win Stupid Prizes is a comedy podcast aiming to answer nerd culture's most ridiculous questions, and hand out some... unique prizes along the way!
Part of the Hexagorgon family.
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What Spider-Man would you add to the Spider-Verse?

Win Stupid PrizesMay 25, 2023

What Spider-Man would you add to the Spider-Verse?
May 25, 202301:01:56
What job should Superman actually have?
Apr 27, 202357:33
How would you save Princess Peach?
Mar 30, 202342:38
What changes would you make to Driving in the next balance patch?
Feb 24, 202357:38
A Win Stupid Prizes Retrospective
Jan 27, 202339:01
How would you stop Santa Claus?
Dec 23, 202253:16
Which actor would have the most confusing life if their films were real?
Nov 25, 202201:03:25
Which Hallowe'en villain could you defeat?
Oct 28, 202258:37
Which DnD class would MIN-MAX your life?
Sep 30, 202247:08
Which fairy-tale could you win?
Aug 26, 202246:20
Which franchise should be added to Kingdom Hearts?
Jul 28, 202201:00:19
Which movie would be most improved by a single F-bomb?
Jun 24, 202247:33
Which team would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?
May 27, 202201:00:42
Should Dracula be the next James Bond?
Apr 29, 202253:11
Which fictional family would you choose to be a part of?
Mar 25, 202246:52
Which movie protagonist would YOU replace?
Feb 25, 202201:00:18
What changes would you make to Football (soccer) in the next balance patch?
Jan 28, 202249:05
How would you do a better job than Santa Claus?
Dec 24, 202101:10:16
What is the best animal to get turned into?
Nov 26, 202147:50
The Ghostbusters aren't answering! Who you gonna call?
Oct 29, 202101:01:00
If you could have one video game item in real life, which would you pick?
Sep 24, 202101:01:24
Who would ACTUALLY win Super Smash Bros?
Aug 27, 202101:53:08
Which Fictional Villain would be best at running the country?
Jul 23, 202133:42
How would you stop Thanos?
Jun 25, 202145:13
Best Video Game to be an NPC in
May 20, 202142:04
2nd Best Pokémon
Apr 24, 202101:04:20
Desert Island Companion
Sep 18, 202042:51