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By Anthony Romeo Managing Director at Wise Components, Inc.

WISEUP provides you with Edutainment on quality solutions that positively impact the internet Of Things.

“What's in it for me?” this question drives almost every decision we make, from the moment we wake up and instinctively check our phones. Well for one thing our phones would be paperweights if there wasn't layer one infrastructure. It's the glue that connects everything, our listeners will hear from industry leaders how these solutions can positively effect our everyday lives. To learn more listen up to WISEUP!
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Intelligent buildings save money!

WISEUPJul 01, 2020

Unlocking the Future of Building Engineering: Is AI-Powered Solutions Shaping the Industry

Unlocking the Future of Building Engineering: Is AI-Powered Solutions Shaping the Industry

In this episode of the WiseUP podcast, we sit down with Diana Bilous and Seth Rizzo, two distinguished engineers from the global consulting firm AKF.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of critical systems and data centers, exploring the intricate details of fuel oil systems, generator design, fluid dynamics, electrical construction administration, power systems, and so much more. How does AI impact engineering in the future?

Discover how Diana and Seth leverage their extensive expertise to optimize these systems, enhance energy conservation, ensure code compliance, and tackle complex engineering challenges.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and learn from the experiences of these accomplished professionals in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Special side note: Some of us have a tendency to take the MEP and/or IT infrastructure that enables nearly everything around us for granted. This infrastructure is hidden behind walls, above ceilings, or even below our feet. Our future depends on platforms for education like this podcast and others like BICSI, 7X24 Exchange, IFMA, and a number of others. We would especially like to thank Mary Glynn, Priya Domadia, Kate Thomas, and Diana Bilous for volunteering their time to represent WiMCO as part of 7X24 Exchange and for their efforts in helping to promote engineering awareness to Fontbonne Hall Academy. It is an independent, private Catholic high school and academy for young women that is located in Brooklyn, New York.

Special thanks to Wise Components for their contribution in helping produce this podcast.

Jul 19, 202334:59
Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions | MHT Technologies

Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions | MHT Technologies

Have a listen to WiseUP podcast as they stop by MHT Technologies NY based office and speak with Akram Khalis (AK). AK is the CTO and Co-Founder of InspeXtor at MHT Technologies.

He has profound expertise in technology and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and spearheads the development of innovative solutions that revolutionize IOT. AK’s visionary leadership drives the success of InspeXtor, and MHT Technologies helping provide cutting-edge solutions for a smarter world.

Have a listen as he shines bright like a diamond and explains the features and benefits his company can bring to the table on WiseUP. He enlightened us with his background and education on POE in the present and future.

#technology #solutions #innovation #digitaltransformation #businessgrowth #iot #wisecomponents


WiseUP from Wise Components is an engaging podcast uncovering the latest industry insights, trends, and best practices in the solutions that make our everyday life so much better. The things behind the walls and above the ceilings really matter, so listen to WiseUP.

Jun 30, 202337:32
"Unleashing the Power of Owner Representation: Insights from Mary Glynn, TLM Group VP, and 7x24 Exchange WiMCO Advocate Extraordinaire"

"Unleashing the Power of Owner Representation: Insights from Mary Glynn, TLM Group VP, and 7x24 Exchange WiMCO Advocate Extraordinaire"

In this WiseUP podcast episode, Anthony Romeo introduces Mary Glynn, Vice President of Business Development at TLM Group. Mary discusses the importance of what a reputable owners' representation helps within the data center industry. With a successful track record of 24 years, over 350+ projects, 8 billion+ sqft and clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, TLM Group offers expert services to meet diverse needs. Mary emphasizes the importance of networking and professional involvement, highlighting her contributions to various industry associations. Additionally, she addresses gender disparities and biases, while showcasing her passion for golf as a platform for industry connections. A must-listen for data center professionals and Fortune 500 companies seeking top-notch expertise.

Mary's industry associations and involvement includes, but are not limited to;

7x24 Exchange: Premier knowledge exchange platform for data center and mission-critical industry professionals, promoting innovation, education, and networking. More specifically, Mary supports efforts around WiMCO (Women in Mission Critical Organization): Community within the 7x24 Exchange, aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the data center industry, specifically focusing on women professionals. Women in the data center market make up less than 10% of the workforce, hence why she is so passionate about bringing attention to the gender gap. Mary contributes and is active in the 7X24 Exchange Metro NY WiMCO chapter as well as collaborates with more than 15 other communities across the country. AREW (Association of Real Estate Women): Prominent industry association focusing on women professionals in real estate, providing valuable networking opportunities and professional growth.

CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women): Organization dedicated to advancing the success of women in commercial real estate through networking, education, and leadership development.

IFMA (International Facility Management Association): Global association for facility management professionals, offering resources, education, and networking opportunities to enhance industry knowledge and skills.

CoreNet: Leading global association for corporate real estate professionals, promoting professional development and networking within the industry.

AFCOM (Association for Computer Operations Management): Organization focused on data center and IT infrastructure professionals, offering education, networking, and best practice sharing.

IABS (Irish American Building Society): Association fostering connections among Irish American professionals in the building and real estate industry, while supporting charitable initiatives.

iMasons: Industry association focused on fostering innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility in the digital infrastructure sector through collaboration and education.

#DataCenterIndustry #OwnerRepresentation #TLMGroup #IndustryAssociations #NetworkingOpportunities #WomenInTech #DiversityandInclusion #7x24Exchange #MissionCriticalIndustry #ProfessionalGrowth #Fortune500 #TechNetworking #DataCenterEvents #GolfNetworking #IndustryInsights #PowerOfConnections

Jun 22, 202326:25
AtlasIED - Seconds matter when it comes to life safety!

AtlasIED - Seconds matter when it comes to life safety!

Do you have 25 minutes to spare to learn how to you can help protect people, property, and image with AtlasIED. Join us as we hear from Gina Sansivero AtlasIED VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications talking about this wonderful 80+ year old company. This professional with extensive experience and energy speaks to WiseUP host Anthony Romeo about all the solutions, from where they started to what they’re doing and what is in store for the future.

Some of the benefits of AtlasIED include.

  • High-quality audio and communication solutions.
  • Advanced technology integration.
  • Diverse product portfolio.
  • Exceptional customer service.

If you’re focus is on one of the Verticals listed, you should listen to how AtlasIED can help assist.

  • Education (schools, universities, training centers)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities)
  • Corporate (offices, conference rooms, boardrooms)
  • Retail (stores, malls, shopping centers)
  • Hospitality (hotels, resorts, restaurants)
  • Transportation (airports, train stations, bus terminals)
  • Entertainment (stadiums, theaters, concert halls)
  • Government (government buildings, military facilities)
  • Industrial (manufacturing plants, warehouses)
  • Public spaces (parks, public squares, museums)

Checkout AtlasIED extensive training or FREE design aspects!

Jun 14, 202325:50
Vertiv offers consumers a range of options

Vertiv offers consumers a range of options

A seasoned technology executive with skills in product management, channel marketing, and fostering business expansion, Song Lu is Vertiv's global director of product management. Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, and Liebert is a global technology company offering critical infrastructure solutions for data centers, communication networks, and industrial facilities.

They provide innovative products, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, thermal management equipment, and monitoring software.  WiseUP from Wise Components offers insights into Vertiv and their offerings. For the latest information on their flagship product, it's best to visit Vertiv's official website or contact their authorized distribution partners.

Learn how lithium-ion batteries are generally more cost-effective than lead-acid batteries due to their longer lifespan, higher energy density, efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and greater depth of discharge capability. Consider specific requirements for optimal decision-making.

What is your data center? Be sure to subscribe to WiseUP podcast from Wise Components to learn more about the components behind the walls and above the ceilings truly makes a difference in our everyday lives.

Jun 08, 202335:45
Let's Talk Cabling on WiseUP Part 2

Let's Talk Cabling on WiseUP Part 2

The first of a two-part interview with Chuck Bowser, creator and host of Let's Talk Cabling, offers listeners a greater idea of what Chuck has accomplished over his more than 40 years in the Ict industry. Part 2 of Chuck's discussion outlines the distinctions between codes and standards as well as those that SHALL NOT be disregarded. Yes, SHALL NOT, as it may help mitigate risks!

In the WiseUP season 4 finale, Chuck shares his real-world experiences with us. Please visit Chuck Bowser's website,, or follow him on LinkedIn.

Watch for upcoming WiseUP episodes on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, or other streaming services. You can listen to archives by visiting the Wise Components page if you missed any episodes.

Dec 09, 202222:55
Let's Talk Cabling on WiseUP Part I

Let's Talk Cabling on WiseUP Part I

Information technology infrastructure might sound boring to some. However, the collection of IT components is the foundation that supports more than the IT department. It plays a major role within retail, healthcare, education, financial sectors etc. Chuck Bowser is a Mentor, Storyteller, Influencer is educating the masses on the importance of standards and code that help companies run smooth on his hit show “Let's Talk Cabling Podcast” Chuck’s witty acronym challenge can be found on LinkedIn weekly, along with his brilliant Live Streams.  Have a listen to this two-part WiseUP episode and do checkout

Chuck is “Connecting at the human level so we can connect the world!”

Chuck Bowser

Email -

Dec 02, 202221:52
Jumpstart your Career in Data Centers on WiseUP

Jumpstart your Career in Data Centers on WiseUP

The Principal/CTO of StrategITcom, Carrie Goetz, embodies more than 40 years of international experience in the planning, management, and auditing of data centers and IT departments. She is a renowned keynote speaker and has been featured in over 250 publications in 69 different countries. WISEUP was fortunate to speak to her about her latest work, "Jumpstart your Career in Data Centers"

This groundbreaking, peer-reviewed book fills the gap between facilities and IT. Mission-critical data centers are explained holistically, covering everything from site selection to the cloud and everything in between. This book covers everything you need to know to locate these highly sought-after and lucrative occupations, regardless of your site being hyperscale, colo, cloud, or an on-premises data center. This book outlines Over 200 positions within the data center environment. 

Nov 16, 202241:19
Fundamentals of the Data Center on WiseUP Part II

Fundamentals of the Data Center on WiseUP Part II

As promised we're talking with Shen Milson & Wilke's principle, Bob McFarlane Fundamentals of the Data Center on WiseUP PART II! 

For those who missed Part 1, Bob provided our listeners on where datacenters started and how they evolved from his experiences around the globe. One take away, cat videos consume an enormous amount of power. Have a listen to part 2 of WiseUP as Bob explains from his professional experience where he sees the datacenter practices going. What is driving demand for more energy efficient data centers? Data Center design can not be designed just by anyone, and the devil is definitely in the details. Additionally, Bob is one of the fourteen experts selected to develop ASHRAE 90.4 Standard for Data Center Energy Efficiency, and is the editor and a principal writer of the ASHRAE Handbook chapter on Data Center Design.

Bonus round, on average how much power does an email use? Be sure to comment like and share on our social media channels. Stream WiseUP wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.

Be sure to check out part two of the Fundamentals of the data center with Bob McFarlane. 

Oct 13, 202232:28
Fundamentals of the Data Center on WISEUP

Fundamentals of the Data Center on WISEUP

You're going to enjoy this! Anthony Romeo, the host of "WiseUP" has another amazing guest on this 5-star rating podcast. Coming at you is a two-part episode. We're chatting with Shen Milson & Wilke's principle, Bob McFarlane. Shen Milson & Wilke also referred to as SM&W is an Integrated technologies consulting company that focuses on five interconnected disciplines: acoustics, audiovisual/multimedia, telecommunications, network communications, physical security, medical equipment planning and mission-critical data centers.

In our two-part episode we are going to learn why Bob has flunked on retirement and not only receives A+ on life but also grades them as an adjunct professor at Marist College. Be sure to check out part two of the Fundamentals of the data center with Bob McFarlane. Additionally, Bob is one of the fourteen experts selected to develop ASHRAE 90.4 Standard for Data Center Energy Efficiency, and is the editor and a principal writer of the ASHRAE Handbook chapter on Data Center Design.

Oct 06, 202230:16
Learn about the Galaxy on WiseUP

Learn about the Galaxy on WiseUP

The United States-based company Galaxy Next Generation manufactures hardware and software for interactive learning environments. Additionally, and most significantly, assist with safety measures in schools, hospitals, businesses, and other establishments. Todd Eddy, chief revenue officer, and Magen McGahee, chief financial officer, of Galaxy Next Generation Inc. provide all the juicy details about their company and the G2 solution on WiseUP. Listen up to learn laugh for 20 minutes. Lastly, learn what exactly Galaxy is providing complimentary? 

For many decades, Wise Components, Inc. has been a stocking distributor of high-quality solutions and produces the WiseUP podcast. Find out more about wise solutions.

Sep 29, 202231:20


The slap heard around the world is the second most talked about Topic in 2022. Brady Corporation is a global leader in safety, identification,
and compliance solutions. Dustin Stumpf Senior Product Manager at Brady Corporation stopped by WiseUP from Wise Components to let us know Brady in once again innovative and brings to the table user friendly products. Listen up as we go into what Brady Corporation has in store for 2022. Trusted for over century and with 70 locations in over 30 countries Brady can help you identify and properly label everything.

For reliable solutions check out and be sure to reach out to authorized dealers like Wise Components to assist with education. 

Apr 06, 202230:14
2 Xtreme on WiseUP

2 Xtreme on WiseUP

WiseUP with Jeff Wittman Sales Engineer at Xtreme Power Conversion Corporation. On this episode “2 Extreme” this is the second time Jeff came on our show. Their company manufacturers an extensive PRODUCT offering, from traditional UPS, to their newest line of Lithium solutions.

In addition to being scalable for the data center or a small retail store; they offer ultra slim line options. On top of their reliable cost-effective product offering, they have FREE training. Be sure to check out their new J60 Lithium UPS: their UPS SELECTOR to see what is best for your needs.

Contact the Wise team to help you with your infrastructure needs!

Mar 08, 202226:57
Unicorn JAZZ Dazzling our minds

Unicorn JAZZ Dazzling our minds

WiseUP welcomes Forbes Contributor, Children's Author, Songwriter, Professional Speaker and creator of "Unicorn Jazz", the one and only Lisa Caprelli. Have a listen to this episode going over the importance of imagination combined with technology as she is able to connect with parents and children alike. After 25 years in marketing and branding over 150 CEO's and turning their business into meaningful brands, Caprelli, created SKIP A STEP books and theory and launched UNICORN JAZZ to be able to reach children at very young ages. 

Listen to this episode on Anchor or however you stream. Be sure to check out Amazon TV or YouTube as they presents "The Thing I Do".

Nov 13, 202123:35
Life on Mercury

Life on Mercury

Though there is no question Mercury Notifications is not to be confused with the planet. However, their critical life safety solution is out of this world. Join us on WiseUp as we speak with Todd Eddy CSO of Mercury Notifications about their scalable solution offering that helps mitigate risks.

Mercury Notifications’ n.FORM Mass Notification Emergency Communication System features Field Alert – a dynamic distributed recipient mass notification platform that enables you to communicate to individuals and groups in the event of an emergency. Join us on this episode of WiseUP as Todd tells us all about "Life on Mercury"

Regardless of the vertical Mercury Notifications is here to help mitigate risks, because seconds matter. Contact Mercury Notifications or your the folks at Wise Components to learn more. 

Aug 16, 202130:05
Evolution of Ethernet Technology

Evolution of Ethernet Technology

It's an "Evolution of Ethernet Technology"; speaking with Bob Voss Senior Principal Engineer and Mike Vermeer Advanced Development Manager from Panduit. On WiseUP learn about Single Pair Ethernet SPE and the applications it could fit nicely into. Be sure to checkout: this link includes a number of reference documents that should open your eyes and minds to the possibility of deploying SPE.

Contact Wise Components, Inc for all your infrastructure needs to support your smart building and/or Data Center. Proudly serving the ICT community since 1975.  

For additional info on SPE or further training and knowledge within the ICT community checkout;

Jul 14, 202131:46
Community of Craftsmen

Community of Craftsmen

Low Voltage Nation (LVN) has quickly started a following. A strong community of unity within the low voltage world from designers to installers in CWA, IBEW or other. Why low voltage? Why not, is the better question! 

LVN founder, Blake Urmos stops by WiseUP to wrap up season 3! We’re talking about what is the LVN Gold standard and the strong community that every industry depends on daily. Their connecting more then patch panels, LVN masterclass of craftsmen collaborate how to ensure design and installs are flawless. Avoiding costly down time and unnecessary change orders. LVN community is working with the BICSI - Building Industry Consulting Services International on proper training. They along with TIA and IEEE knowledge that makes up the LVN community of craftsmen is second to none. Try streaming a new series, while working remote and your children are also learning remote, think the network is kind of big deal. 

Need a successful career, look into design / install aspects of the low-voltage. The LVN mentorship is paying it forward, introducing the importance of network and the IT Community. Their mission statement; "We built a community to help you carve out a fulfilling career path in low voltage and technology" In addition to this WiseUP episode be sure to check out LVN here or however you stream. #lowvoltagenation

May 04, 202136:35
Starting a TREND

Starting a TREND

Ideal Networks is NOW TREND Networks! Regardless of their name they're still as reliable and cost-effective as before. Dan Barrera Global Product Manager and Wendy Thomas Regional Sales Manager stop by WiseUP. They highlight a variety of product offerings for either the contractor working on one store or an enormous data center. With decades of experience, the close-knit team at TREND Networks truly understands the challenges that cable installers, network technicians and systems integrators face each day. To learn more or to inquire about TREND Networks pricing and availability contact Wise Components, Datacomtools or authorized partners. Additional resources;

TREND - Copper Data Cable meter equipment

TREND - Fiber Data Cable meter equipment


TREND AnyWARE - The new TREND AnyWARE™ Cloud is a test management system which makes managing, editing and sharing reports easier than ever for installers and technicians using the LanTEK III and LanTEK IV cable certifiers.

TREND Support

Apr 15, 202133:22
Designing Smarter Buildings

Designing Smarter Buildings

Established in 1928, Syska Hennessy Group is a global, full-service MEP, information and communication technology (ICT) and commissioning engineer for the government and commercial sectors. Senior Sustainability Specialist George Miroshnikov talking on WiseUP about how clients benefits from their sustainability and SMART buildings approach.

Sustainability approach: 

Syska on SMART buildings: 

Sample High Performance      Projects:

Apr 08, 202134:53
EATON Powering business Worldwide

EATON Powering business Worldwide

WiseUp talking with Jonathan Caserta at about how Eaton can help you take the complexity out of power management and protecting your network.

Today, the world runs on critical infrastructure and technology. So you might ask; What is PoE & are there different types? Whether you’re green focused or not it’s no surprise how to manage power is more important than ever. Wiring closets IDF/MDF are as critical as a data centers. Jonathan goes into recommendations to protect and help manage your devices.

Checkout these Eaton links:

Managing Cybersecurity risks

Eaton’s Gigabit Network M-2 card

Eaton ABM Battery Technology

Introducing the NEW 9PX Lithium-ion UPS

Demystifying UPS standards

Revolution of Network Closets

Contact Wise Components or to learn more about Eaton solutions.

Apr 07, 202135:50
Flexibility & Reliability

Flexibility & Reliability

Today a lot of companies are deploying higher speed server connections within their data centers. The Siemon Company offers a lot of Flexibility & Reliability with their offering. We’re speaking with Ryan Harris Sales and Market Manager of The Siemon Company’s High Speed Interconnects team. He’s talking about how one can Maximize their Data Center Budget with High Speed Point-to-Point Cables. 

The saying goes, Different strokes for different folks, as it is not a one size fits all. Ryan goes into the cost and how to deploy your server system faster and easier. He elaborates on how Point-to-point cables are complete cable assemblies with the pluggable connector attached to the cable and tested at the factory. He asks, when you have a new data center project consider your options and reach out for help. 


Maximize your Data Center Budget with High Speed Point-to-Point Cables: 

High Speed Interconnects: Navigating Your High-Speed Options:

Mar 19, 202119:36
SENKO Connectors on WiseUP

SENKO Connectors on WiseUP

Speaking with Run Ron and Chris Tutt from Senko Advanced Components company. Their company has recently designed and manufactured a new push-style SN connector;

This new design is a duplex fiber-optic connector for data center 400G optimization. The SN connector enables users to have four connectors in one transceiver, thus significantly improving density versus standard LC connectors. Be sure to check out this episode or take a look at the show notes highlighting all the benefits Senko has to offer. 

Senko YouTube Channel - senkonews - Learn fiber optics before learning how to walk;


CS White Paper - Deployment      of 200_400GbE Ethernet_RGB.pdf (


Senko News Link on License Partner - Senko Advanced      Components;

Mar 08, 202134:15
Wilson Wireless Solutions

Wilson Wireless Solutions

How important is your cell phone to you?

Whether we’re using your smart phone for work, or just beat your candy crush score. Most of us cannot go a day without using our phones. Connecting everyone, everywhere; that’s what Wilson Electronics is helping do with their cost-effective solution. Wilson Electronics passive distributed antenna systems (DAS) WilsonPro is helping small commercial offices to large manufacturing facilities. Their scalable solutions can expand coverage from 5,000 square feet to over 1 million square feet.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Dave Donald Wilson Electronics CI National Account Manager on WiseUP. Learn how this 50-year-old U.S.-Based company that designs, assembles, and tested in the USA offers U.S.-based customers’ value.

Partner Portal

Complete Catalog of Wilson Pro Case Study’s

How improved cell coverage transformed CHOC Children’s Hospital | WilsonPro

A certified WilsonPro integrator can easily conduct an on-site demo of your technology inside your building. Be sure to inquire how to schedule your demo? Wilson Electronics solutions can provide you with;

  • Shorter Installation Time
  • Boosts Voice & Data Speeds
  • Automatic Signal Optimization
  • Customizable Solution
  • FCC-Approved Amplifiers
  • 3-Year Warranty

CONTACT Wise Components to learn more about Wilson Electronics 

Feb 26, 202131:22


For nearly 100 years we’ve debated Tesla vs Edison regarding AC/DC, now Voltserver adds “DE” to the debate. 

VoltServer has invented and patented a new way to distribute power called Digital Electricity – DE. Similar to the way that music and video has evolved from vinyl records to MP3s, Voltserver commercialize the distribution of electricity in natively digital format. Listen to WiseUP as we speak with Luke Getto, Director of Product Management at Voltserver. Founders Stephen Eaves & Dan Lowe are bringing a world class team to the table! 

Digital Electricity for Digital Transformation for Wireless Densification (4G/5G/Wi-Fi/LTE/CBRS)

Intelligent Buildings and Indoor Agriculture 

NEDAS sits at the intersection of the wireline and wireless infrastructure and writes about Wireless Manufacturer ADRF and how they are able to reduce In-Building wireless OPEX with Voltserver Digital Electricity 

If any of the topics in this episode peak your interest, be sure to contact

Feb 24, 202126:41
It's IGOR not IGOR

It's IGOR not IGOR

Learn more about smart buildings, dashboards, and innovative lighting systems with advanced PoE technology. On our podcast we’re speaking with Founder & CTO of IGOR, Dwight Stewart. IGOR brings all your IoT systems together with their ingenious open, standards-based platform, known as Nexos. Igor’s innovative platform enables an unprecedented level of intelligent control over building systems in spaces of all sizes. 

Intelligent Lighting Controls Powered by PoE

Nexos Intelligent Disinfection and please check out the video.

Commercial Buildings case study 

IGOR University

Traditionally, buildings have been viewed as a fixed environment, but with the capabilities of an IoT ecosystem, buildings are now agile. Listen to Dwight has he describes how their solution can help transform your building from a fixed asset to a highly integrated, automated, data-driven machine built for efficiency, comfort and agility. Feel free to review additional links here;

CONTACT Wise Components to learn more.

Feb 15, 202129:13
APC in a Connected World

APC in a Connected World

WiseUp talking with one of APC Schneider Electric’s Channel Managers Seamus Fennelly. He is part of APC Secure Power Division of Schneider Electric. They’re committed to bringing innovated solutions that are sustainable and flexible that help all types of clients. Whether you’re working from your home office, data center or enterprise space, APC has a solution for you. Have listen to Seamus or be sure to check out the show notes below.

· AR106V- Low profile 6U wall/floor mount edge enclosure.

· SMTL1500RM3UC: 1500VA Lithium Ion Solution. 

· EcoStruxure IT Link

· EcoStruxure Monitoring & Dispatch. 

· Home Consumer Back-UPS (BE600M1). 

Link to Schneider Electric’s Innovation Executive Briefing Center

Note: Feel free to connect with Seamus Fennelly or your APC representative.

Their St. Louis Innovation Hub and Innovation Executive Briefing Center facility is about inspiring innovation through customer interaction and providing every guest with VIP treatment. APC goal is to work with your team to customize a solution that meets your unique business challenges, now and into the future, to help you gain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing world.

Contact Wise Components to learn more about APC solutions.

Feb 10, 202126:43
No Not Tom Brady!

No Not Tom Brady!

Are you a serious ICT contractor, CWA, IBEW or just someone who prefers to work with quality tools, than listen up on Wiseup. We’re speaking with Brady Corporation Global Product Manager Tim Hallett. No time for knockoffs, deal with quality products such as their old faithful BMP21 Plus. Or contact your friends at Wise Components to get your hands on their newest edition, M611 that integrates with your smartphone. They also manufacturer an extensive list of safety and COVID warning signs for your enterprise or retail space. Since 1914 Brady Corporation has been providing solutions that you can rely on. Be sure to check out some of their other product offering such as customize Toughstripe. They also offer industrial printers, such as the i3300

Brady Corporation has been manufacturing quality solutions for over 100 YEARS! 

Jan 04, 202118:47
Stay connected with Hubbell

Stay connected with Hubbell

Stay connected with Hubbell Premise Wiring, whether it at the office or home office Hubbell has you covered. Their Senior Product Manager Nate Herring stops by WiseUp to talk about what's new with their company and how they have adapted to the COVID environment. Nate highlights how started to promote and sell their "Work from Home Connectivity Kits". Be sure to contact reliable and authorized Hubbell distributors like, Wise Components to inquire about costs or other Hubbell Premise wire solutions like their new COBRA-LOCK Termination. To learn more about Hubbell Premise Wiring subscribe to their BLOG!

Additional info on COBRA-LOCK can be found here.

Connect with local HUBBELL representatives in your region.

Checkout HPW Certified Installer Corner.

Dec 14, 202032:30
Just the facts on Hitachi

Just the facts on Hitachi

"Just the facts, ma'am" was a common catchphrase often attributed to the fictional character Joe Friday on the 1950’s TV show Dragnet. We’re talking with Hitachi’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager Joe Lombari on Friday and it’s just the facts on why people can rely on Hitachi Cable America. Whether it be their versatile drybit solution or other. Joe highlights the features and benefits of working with this enormous manufacturer who makes their products in the USA. Regardless of the industry or connectivity partner they play well with others and stand by warranty.

Learn more about Hitachi Cable America, click here

Nov 24, 202021:18
We rack your world on WiseUp

We rack your world on WiseUp

Great Lakes Data Racks & Cabinets and Wise Components work together to provide physical infrastructure solutions to data centers in government and commercial enterprises. Join us on WiseUp while we interview Bill Santucci Director of Product Development and Sean Cronin NE Regional Sales manager letting us know they rack your world. coordinate international and domestic rollouts of fully integrated cabinets with cable management, Airflow, power, and security solutions.

Not just Data Centers, Universities and colleges, such as Lakeland trust in Great Lakes Data Racks & Cabinets.

Other security solutions include their SEAL solution

Nov 18, 202032:07
JLL on Customer First
Nov 17, 202036:12
November 6, 2020

November 6, 2020

Nov 06, 202000:56
Xtreme Power on WiseUp

Xtreme Power on WiseUp

Xtreme Power, Sales Engineer Jeff Wittman stopped by WiseUp to tell us how his company’s innovative product portfolio ensures customers’ peace of mind. Xtreme solutions maximum uptime and are cost effective. Jeff goes into key products for the retail, commercial office, data center and even options for the home office. Different strokes for different folks, whether it be customizable or their XST LINE, J60 series or even commercial offering such as, M90 / E90 series. Learn more how Xtreme Power is dedicated to providing reliable power protection for mission critical applications on WiseUp.

Check out Xtreme news -

With a few simple clicks, a customized runtime solution can be provided for all your critical power needs;

Nov 05, 202021:08
Panduit on WiseUp

Panduit on WiseUp

WiseUp talking with Panduit legend and Senior Principal Engineer, Bob Voss. In addition to his decades of service at Panduit, he finds time to sit on the Ethernet Alliance Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) subcommittee, amongst being active in several other industry groups. Tune in and WiseUp to what Panduit has going on. Whether you work in data centers, building automation or automotive and manufacturing you should check out this episode. 

Please note; the Automation Fair premier industrial automation event hosted by Rockwell Automation and their partners is coming soon. This is a virtual event & will feature a panel webinar about SPE with Peter Jones, Theo Brillhart and Bob Voss. The webinar will broadcasts live during the period of Nov 16th – Nov 20th and then will be available on demand.

Oct 28, 202027:26
speco Technologies helping mitigate risk

speco Technologies helping mitigate risk

Sixty years ago, American owned and operated Speco Technologies started making premier stereo speakers and electronic accessories. Over the decades Speco Technologies has been dedicated to providing the latest innovations for residential / commercial use. Speco has been providing affordable, dependable video surveillance solutions that deliver exceptional results. As we begin to safely return back to the office be sure to learn more about product solutions that can help mitigate risk. Speco's temperature reading panel - O2TML can definitely help us safely get back to the office. Want to learn more? Be sure to subscribe to the WiseUp however you stream and hear from Speco’s VP Sales & Marketing T.J. Dickson.

Feel free to contact reliable authorized distributors such as Wise Components, Inc or other. 

Oct 08, 202024:15
CISCO We build the internet

CISCO We build the internet

We’re talking with Peter Jones Distinguished Engineer & System Architect in Cisco’s Enterprise Networks team. He has held key roles in the development of the UADP ASIC family, and the Catalyst 3850/3650 and Catalyst 9K platforms that use it. Peter is a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker (Peter@Live), and speaks in other forums including Tech Field Day, CHI-NOG, BICSI, IWCS. He also chairs the Ethernet Alliance and extremely active in IEEE 802.3. We are delighted to host Peter on WiseUp episode 2.5

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Oct 02, 202031:17
JLL Technology Services on WiseUp

JLL Technology Services on WiseUp

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Vice President of the Technology Services Group Jason Bell stopped by WiseUp to talk about location, location colocation. We're also covering what’s going on with the Data Center markets and some industry trends from his company’s perspective.  Hear about reducing operating costs, improve environmental impact, and increase up-time working with JLL. Reach out to Jason about JLL Technology services - or learn more about JLL and how they could help your data center investment here. You can also check out the video of this episode on The Wise Components YouTube channel.

Sep 14, 202019:43
Get on my cloud with Commscope

Get on my cloud with Commscope

Episode 2.3 with Commscope on WiseUp talking with their Principal Field Application Engineer Matt Baldassano about a scalable approach to connect to hybrid, private and / or public cloud and the importance of layer one infrastructure from Commscope. 

MTDC and Cloud operators share a common challenge to provide cloud on ramp connections to enterprise tenants collocating in the same building or campus. To combat the surge in hybrid cloud connectivity requirements they have resorted to massive, high pair count cables in an a la carte delivery model. Listen to Matt as he walks us through some innovations Commscope has brought to the table.  

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Sep 10, 202027:03
Platinum tools makes connections EZ!

Platinum tools makes connections EZ!

Episode 2. 2 Platinum tools makes connections EZ - Whether your contractor or hobbyist, Platinum tools offers an extensive list of quality US made products. We’re talking with Jason Chesla Platinum Tools National Account Manager on how Platinum makes connections EZ. Commonly known for their EZ RJ45 jacks, but offer a variety of cable testers, such as their Net Chaser Ethernet Speed Certifier & Network Tester

Folks are keen on the quality and costs. Be sure to contact Wise Components to learn more about Platinum Tools and current offers. Thanks for streaming  WiseUp, and check our youtube channel

Aug 25, 202018:14
Precision paired with innovative solutions
Aug 04, 202035:19
Intelligent buildings save money!

Intelligent buildings save money!

Everything IOT, and for those who don’t agree The Siemon Company has something for you too on this WiseUp episode. We’re talking with Bob Allan Global BDM about Intelligent Buildings and about saving $2 million dollars per 100,000 square feet in the corporate office. With all their strategic alliances The Siemon Company has a lot to offer from the layer one infrastructure. From your home office to corporate office in a post COVID world, Listen Up on WiseUp to learn what The Siemon Company is bringing to the table from your friends at Wise Components.

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Jul 01, 202024:20
AFL Blend of Fiber Optic Products

AFL Blend of Fiber Optic Products

Regardless of how or where you deploy your infrastructure, AFL has an end-to-end solution to support your growing network. Listen to AFL Senior Product Manager of Inspection, Dave Tanis on WiseUp - episode 1.11 We’re learning about new products as well as of the importance of cleaning testing and inspecting. Learn more about AFL or just proper cleaning and testing go to 

Additionally AFL webinar entitled  The Foolproof Way to Eliminate the #1 Cause of Fiber-Optic Network Outages can be found at 

Other AFL videos and promotional materials can be found on these two sites;


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Jun 29, 202025:36
APC Products & Services on WiseUp

APC Products & Services on WiseUp

Elliott Turek Territory Manager of APC by Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division talking on WiseUp about their solutions and services. Whether you're working home, office, or in a data center, APC is bringing dependability in any environment and helping customers stay connected. Elliott highlights their quality UPS, surge protectors, and goes into APC services division. You will find APC offers an extensive list of power, cooling, racks and accessories solutions. 

To learn more about APC solutions contact your friends at Wise Components, or go to  

Jun 24, 202030:08
Leviton Smart Building technologies = Productivity

Leviton Smart Building technologies = Productivity

Leviton Network Solutions supports commercial and residential networks around the globe with an unparalleled selection of high-performance network infrastructure products and systems. WiseUp was fortunate to speak with Leviton’s Sr. Product Manager, Kirk Krahn about how their helping the office of the future return to the new norm from layer one perspective. Tune in to WiseUp episode and be sure to contact Wise Components for additional info or pricing and availability. 

May 29, 202028:51
Keeping your World connected with Signamax

Keeping your World connected with Signamax

WiseUp is talking with Guy Shavit, Signamax Director Product & Market Development about their broad array of connectivity and network solutions for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors.  Signamax provides a cost-effective solutions to help with media conversion, ethernet switching and POE extenders. Particularly Guy goes into detail of Signamax E-300 Series extenders and how it can provide businesses a comprehensive solution to connect IP cameras, Wireless Access Points, Computers or entire buildings using a variety of legacy and new cables over long distances. 

Stay connected with Signamax, and stay informed with WiseUp and contact the Wise Components team about pricing and availability.

May 27, 202021:37
6912 Blinded by the Sumitomo Light

6912 Blinded by the Sumitomo Light

WiseUp is talking with of Sumitomo Electric / Fiber Optics Products USA Northeast Regional Manager, John Balestracci about 6912. Don’t get blinded by the light, as that’s a lot of fiber! John lays out cost savings on value engineered product helping hyperscale data centers, colo’s and data centers to deploy higher density in space-constrained applications. WiseUp and listen up on your preferred streaming service. 

To learn more about Sumitomo Electric products or purchase, contact Wise Components an authorized distributor since 1975. 

May 19, 202021:32
The ABC's of ABF with Sumitomo

The ABC's of ABF with Sumitomo

We’re speaking with John Balestracci, Northeast Regional Manager of Sumitomo’s Electric Lightwave division about the ABC's of ABF

What is ABF? It stands for Air Blown Fiber; It is not a one size fits all solution; however, John goes into the do’s and don’ts and where the true benefits can be achieved within your network. He gives us the 411 on Sumitomo and what they have been doing for the last 138+ years. Have a listen to episode 1.6 on WiseUp, to learn more about Sumitomo Electric Lightwave ABF or learn about their other fiber solutions on To purchase, be sure to contact certified Sumitomo distributors, like

May 06, 202021:02
WiseUp and learning about #lvngoldstandard

WiseUp and learning about #lvngoldstandard

WiseUp was fortunate to speak with Blake Urmos, founder and host of Low Voltage Nation. Blake calls attention to those in low voltage and technology industry weekly. Highlighting a masterclass of craftsman taking pride in the actual design and implementation, touting #lvngoldstandard. 

Listen up on WiseUp episode 1.5 as we highlight some quality installers. 

Apr 20, 202023:07
ConveregeIT with The Siemon Company

ConveregeIT with The Siemon Company

There’s a revolution going on inside the walls and ceilings of modern buildings. On WiseUp we’re talking with Bob Allan Global Business Development Manager at The Siemon Company regarding everything IoT. The Siemon Company points out, it’s the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings where more devices than ever converge onto a common IT infrastructure. Listen up on WiseUp to Bob and learn more about ConveregeIT from The Siemon Company.

Contact Wise Components an authorized distributor of quality solutions such as The Siemon Company has to offer. 

Apr 17, 202031:01
Inspire the Next with Hitachi on WiseUp

Inspire the Next with Hitachi on WiseUp

The need to expand the WIFI footprint, on college campuses, or around hospitals to power devices, such as cameras and WAP has required more outdoor products. Things we might take for granted, such as category cabling, especially cable are so critical. Steve Kenney, Marketing Manager at Hitachi Cable America, is a former data-com contractor and now with Hitachi for over the last 15 years. Joins us on episode 1.3; WiseUp and we were fortunate to have him speak about Hitachi solutions. One in particular solution he highlights, “DRYBIT”, Steve mentioned how cost analysis shows that using one cable, like Drybit, they believe to be more cost effective than using 2 different cables. During our discussion he points out a number of benefits as well where the application is best applicable. Be sure to listen up on WiseUp.

Apr 13, 202040:11