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Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast

By Darryn Medjeri & Vicki Tilley

A sacred space for all witches to share thoughts and ideas on all things witchy, woo-woo, weird, and wonderful, with your resident Witches, Vicki and Darryn
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Ep. 70 - We're back witches... (Part III)

Witchin' & Bitchin' The PodcastOct 17, 2022

Ep. 70 - We're back witches... (Part III)
Oct 17, 202236:09
Ep. 69 - We're back witches... (Part II)
Oct 17, 202236:00
Ep. 68 - We're back witches... (Part I)
Oct 17, 202233:41
Ep. 67 - Feeling Overwhelmed From Over Intellectualising Your Craft
Mar 18, 202245:10
Ep. 66 - Getting your mojo back!
Mar 12, 202248:59
Ep. 65 - Let's talk about Witchposter Syndrome!
Feb 02, 202247:10
Ep. 64 - Interview with Veronica Varlow (Bohemian Magick)
Jan 16, 202201:07:06
BONUS - 2021 Paranormal Podcast Awards & 2021 Witchies

BONUS - 2021 Paranormal Podcast Awards & 2021 Witchies

In this minisode, we wanted to thank all of our listeners, viewers and fans for voting for us in the recent 2021 Paranormal Podcast Awards, hosted by Paranormality Magazine. To check out the other nominees and winners, head here.

Also, we are super excited to be nominated in not 1, not 2, but THREE categories in the "Witchies" at the upcoming Witches' Sabbat!! If you love our show (which you obviously do, given you're here!!) please click on the following link ( and give us a vote under the following three categories:

  • Outstanding New Podcast of the Year: "Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast"
  • Exceptional Podcast Episode of the Year: "Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast, EP 34: Interview with Christopher Penczak"
  • Outstanding New Voice of the Year: "Darryn Medjeri & Vicki Tilley - Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast"

Voting has begun and will conclude on Halloween - Oct 31, 2021! Winners will be announced on November 6 at the Official Witches' Sabbat Presented by Modern Witch™. Please click here and vote:

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Oct 22, 202119:23
Ep. 63 - Interview with Sasha Graham (The Magic of Tarot)
Oct 16, 202101:00:32
Ep. 62 - Interview with Fio Gede Parma (Reclaiming and Wildwood Traditions)
Sep 28, 202101:09:48
Ep. 61 - Interview with Rion Kallady (Elfhame and Witching Responsibly)
Sep 24, 202155:02
Ep. 60 - Oh My Gods! (Honouring Deity)
Sep 21, 202159:24
Ep. 59 - Interview with Morgan Daimler (Faery Magick)
Sep 17, 202101:21:36
Ep. 58 - Interview with Patti Negri (The Witching Hour)

Ep. 58 - Interview with Patti Negri (The Witching Hour)

In this episode, we interview the "Good Witch of Hollywood," Patti Negri about being a Psychic-Medium in Hollywood, and how she has used her skills to investigate paranormal activity in some famous LA landmarks. We also talk about the lesser known topic of spectrophilia, where you have a sexual encounter with the other side.

Patti is the international best-selling author of "Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques to Balance, Empower, & Create a Life You Love." Patti was voted #1 psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch/ magickal practitioner in the world in an internationally recognized competition by Times Square Press. Patti's body of work includes appearances on such shows as MASTER CHEF, AMERICA'S GOT TALENT, and Jeff Lewis's FLIPPING OUT. Patti is the host of her popular podcast THE WITCHING HOUR and can be heard on nationally syndicated radio with Adam Corolla, Jason Ellis, Mancow Muller, and Coast to Coast with George Noory. She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV working with such legends as Emma Stone, Josh Duhamel, Martin Sheen, and Gregory Hines.

For more info, please follow Patti by heading to

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Sep 14, 202101:10:31
Ep. 57 - Hermetic Laws (The Laws of Magick)
Sep 11, 202101:34:50
Ep. 56 - Interview with Joe Phillips (World of Witch Boys)
Sep 06, 202101:03:08
Ep. 55 - Interview with Storm Faerywolf (Being a Warlock)
Aug 03, 202101:52:33
Ep. 54 - Blessed Imbolc (Candlemas)
Aug 01, 202101:02:55
Ep. 53 - Interview with Michael Herkes (The Glam Witch)
Jul 20, 202101:31:26
Ep. 52 - Interview with Madam Adam
Jul 14, 202101:11:05
Ep. 51 - Interview with J Allen Cross (American Brujeria)

Ep. 51 - Interview with J Allen Cross (American Brujeria)

In this episode, we interview author, psychic medium and occult specialise, J. Allen Cross about his personal story and how he came to write his book "American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic". We also dive into the world of paranormal investigation and how he uses his post-cognitive psychic abilities to assist law enforcement with investigations.

We then discuss the similarities and differences between Mexican and American Brujeria, what it is, how it is practiced, where it originates from and more. Lastly, we have a timely and important discussion on open and closed practices, and what exactly defines cultural appropriation. In true Witchin & Bitchin style, we only have the tough conversations!

J. Allen Cross is a practicing witch of Mexican, Native American, and European descent whose craft was shaped by his Catholic upbringing and mixed family culture. Living in his home state of Oregon, he works as a psychic medium and occult specialist for a well-known paranormal investigation team out of the Portland metro area. When he’s not investigating, he enjoys providing spells and potions to his local community, exploring haunted and abandoned places, working as a consultant for other workers and investigators, and of course writing about witchcraft. 

Follow him on Instagram at @oregon_wood_witch

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Jul 06, 202151:58
BONUS - Happy Birthday Darryn
Jul 05, 202144:02
Ep. 50 - Happy 50th Episode - it's time to tell our stories...
Jul 05, 202101:35:41
Ep. 49 - Happy Pride - History of LGBTIQ+ in Witchcraft & Paganism
Jun 23, 202101:03:12
Ep. 48 - Blessed Yule - How to celebrate the Longest Night
Jun 17, 202101:03:33
BONUS - Happy Birthday Vicki
Jun 11, 202126:49
Ep. 47 - The Dark Moon, Dark Gods & Dark Goddesses
Jun 09, 202157:28
Ep. 46 - Interview with Orion Foxwood

Ep. 46 - Interview with Orion Foxwood

Jun 02, 202101:35:26
Ep. 45 - Interview with Miranda Mueller & Stacey Demarco (Plants of Power)
May 29, 202101:22:30
Ep. 44 - Interview with Anthony Leitz (The Auric Diviner)
May 22, 202101:30:35
Ep. 43 - Blessed Samhain Season
May 12, 202149:17
Ep. 42 - Meeting your Spirit Guides
Apr 25, 202101:04:57
Ep. 41 - Let's meet the Clairs! (Psychic Development)
Apr 12, 202101:12:59
Ep. 40 - Interview with Fiona Horne (Teen Magick)
Apr 03, 202154:20
Ep. 39 - Love and Sex Magick

Ep. 39 - Love and Sex Magick

In this episode, we talk about one of the most common topics in Witchcraft. I'm sure you can imagine how many people ask Witches to make them a Love Potion or to cast a Love Spell. Well, we unpack this topic in an unfiltered way, exploring the good and not-so-good aspects of love and sex in the Witchcraft world.    Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast Facebook: Instagram: Email:   LISTEN TO US HERE:   WATCH THIS EPISODE HERE:
Mar 26, 202101:12:35
Ep. 38 - Chinese Astrology
Mar 20, 202101:00:06
Ep. 37 - Magickal Altars
Mar 12, 202148:43
Ep. 36 - Interview with Laurie Aspden

Ep. 36 - Interview with Laurie Aspden

In this episode, we interview Witchin & Bitchin superfan, and Chaos Witch, Laurie Aspden. Originally from a small town in Lancashire, England, and now living in Perth, Laurie is in the early days of embracing her inner Witch and is very much looking forward to contributing to the witchy world.  

** WARNING: some of the topics discussed in this episode may be triggering. If you feel triggered by any of the content, please seek professional help or speak to your GP about getting a Mental Health Care Plan **  

This episode is a little different from normal as Laurie gave us some insight into her path before asking us any question she wanted us to answer. Totally unscripted. Totally raw. Totally Witchin & Bitchin style!  

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:44 - Definition of Modern Witch
00:05:37 - How do you identify?
00:07:16 - Practices & Chaos Magic
00:14:11 - Origin Story
00:28:16 - Spiritual Divide
00:30:08 - What are some of the things you wished you knew before you started practicing?
00:33:38 - Is there anything you're glad you didn't know before you started practicing?
00:37:05 - How has your craft changed since having children?
00:41:26 - How can we show up for our future generations?
00:47:52 - How can we bridge the human divide? (Spiritual Divide / Cultural Appropriation)
00:58:20 - Shadow Work ** TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide **
01:16:00 - What do you think the future of Witchcraft looks like?
01:22:00 - What does the future hold for you both?
01:26:00 - What are some red flags that we should be aware of community/coven etc?  
01:31:00 - Journeying and any fears around it ** TRIGGER WARNING: Death **  

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Mar 03, 202101:48:29
Ep. 35 - Interview with Amber-Lee Lyons (Chakra Girl Co/Chakra Girl Radio)
Feb 19, 202101:04:23
Ep. 34 - Interview with Christopher Penczak (Temple of Witchcraft)
Feb 10, 202101:24:21
Ep. 33 - Blessed Lughnasadh (Happy Harvest)
Feb 06, 202155:59
Ep. 32 - A Witches Guide to Chakras (Without Songs)
Feb 04, 202101:03:44
Ep. 32 - A Witches Guide to Chakras
Jan 26, 202101:11:10
Ep. 31 - A Witches Guide to Crystals - Part 2
Jan 23, 202101:13:05
Ep. 30 - Interview with Kyle Gray (aka The Angel Whisperer)

Ep. 30 - Interview with Kyle Gray (aka The Angel Whisperer)

In this episode, we interview the Angel Whisperer, Kyle Gray about all things Angels including who they are, what they are, when to call upon them, and why some people refer to them while others don't. It's a common misconception that the angelic realm is a Judeo-Christian-Abrahamic thing, but truth be told, the angels existed long before the Abrahamic traditions.

Kyle Gray is a spiritual teacher with a difference. With his sharp wit, need for truth and a desire to shed light upon some of the more complex spiritual subjects, Kyle has become one of the most sought-after experts within his field.

With spiritual encounters from an early age, Kyle was just four years old when his grandmother’s soul visited him from the other side. Growing up, Kyle always had the ability to hear, feel, and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led him to discover the power of angels and positive energy in his teens.

These days Kyle is an international speaker and bestselling author of 7 books including the much loved ‘Angel Prayers’ and ‘Raise Your Vibration’. He also co-created four oracle card decks that have wowed his audience by bringing a modern and exciting face to the Angels, Ancestors & Ascended Masters.  You can follow him online at or @kylegrayuk

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Jan 11, 202101:11:15
Ep. 29 - Mini Series on Divination (Part 2) - Tarot Cards
Jan 09, 202149:07
Ep. 28 - Mini Series on Divination (Part 1) - Oracle, Angel & Tarot Cards
Jan 07, 202141:24
Ep. 27 - Interview with Laura Tempest Zakroff

Ep. 27 - Interview with Laura Tempest Zakroff

In this episode, we interview Laura Tempest Zakroff, unpacking everything there is to know about sigil witchery, using movement as part of your practice, and her journey toward Modern Traditional Witchcraft. We also talk about some upcoming titles that you won't want to miss.

Laura Tempest Zakroff is a professional artist, author, dancer, designer, and Modern Traditional Witch based in New England. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design) and her artwork has received awards and honors worldwide. Her work embodies myth and the esoteric through her drawings and paintings, jewelry, talismans, and other designs. Laura is the author of the best-selling Llewellyn books Weave the Liminal and Sigil Witchery, as well as Anatomy of a Witch, The Liminal Spirits Oracle (artist/author), The Witch’s Cauldron, and the co-author of The Witch’s Altar with Jason Mankey. Laura edited The New Aradia: A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance (Revelore Press). She blogs for Patheos as A Modern Traditional Witch, Witches & Pagans as Fine Art Witchery, and contributes to The Witches' Almanac, Ltd. She is the creative force behind several community events and teaches workshops worldwide. Visit her at

Witchin' & Bitchin' The Podcast



Jan 02, 202101:04:13
Ep. 26 - Happy New Year! (Full Moon in Cancer)
Dec 30, 202001:06:04
BONUS - Merry Witchmas (Competition Winners)
Dec 24, 202021:56