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The Detoxed Witch

Witchy Work WishesNov 01, 2023

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Witch's Ball
Jun 28, 202332:21
Mid-year Check - 2023 Goals

Mid-year Check - 2023 Goals

This half way point is powerful.  It’s a time of fulfillment.  It’s a great time to connect to our intuitive side and psychic abilities.  We just came off our new moon this weekend – so If you want to give your 2023 goals a punch – tag this episode or make notes on what you can do on our next full moon, which is happening at the beginning of July. Perfectly half way though our year.  That personal space we talk about …. The personal time that you need to carve out to look at your goals and reflect...  Plan for it. Do it on the full moon coming up.  My recommendation …. And what I’ll be doing on the July full moon, Is this:

1. Reflect and celebrate your wins.  Cross of the goals you have already completed and give great comfort to yourself for doing so.

2.Take your remaining goals … whether you have one goal or 10 goals left that have not yet been completed …. and write something for each one.  Start out by saying “I want it so I can _____ ”.  Have a why for each one.  Why you want it.

3. Write down what has stopped you from getting this goal completed.  What are the roadblocks you have encountered, what are the habits holding you back from having it completed …. Or what are the repetitive words you keep telling yourself to sabotage the success of having it.  Write it down.  Promise.  The more we can understand it … the less power it will have over us. 

4. Take the remaining goals …. And write another list.  This time … go back to the step when you originally made it and redo the timeline.  We have 6 months left with our annual goals.  Break it down and work backwards like I do if you need to.  I know this will be completed by December 15th. In order to have it completed by December 15th I need to have this done by November 1st, this done by October 1st and then this done by August 15th.  Measure it out.  Have the Why right under the goal – and then the actual timeline, the specific dates of the goal broken down …  into the steps you will take and when.  Back to the SMART acronym … this is the time sensitive and measurable part of it.

5. After you are done with your new list …  POST IT ….. put it somewhere that will continually remind you what you are doing all of this for and where you are in your timeline to complete it.

Jun 21, 202330:12
Litha & Summer Solstic

Litha & Summer Solstic

It's almost summer time - so we are jumping into the history of Litha and the Summer Solstice today. What can we do on the 21st of June at the office ... how about these 13 ideas?

1.      Wake up early and watch the sun rise. 

2.      Put a big jar of water outside to soak up the sun’s rays all day.

3.      Bring flowers into the office – specifically big bouquets of sunflowers!

4.      Litha is all about embracing the light and the sun.  So open things up on the 21st.  Open the windows and blinds and let the sun in. 

5.      Make your afternoon tea with sun water – let the power of the sun that day fuel your glass of water for a couple of hours around noonish – and then use it for your tea or afternoon drink.

6.     Light a candle.  Yes, I know the office is not always easy for candle lighting but it’s a great time to honor the sun and fire by lighting a candle.  You’ll want a gold, yellow or red candle for this.  If you can’t light one, bring in a battery powered candle for your desk.  Even a little tealight candle will work for this.

7.      Bring the earth in – We can do this by adding a plant, flowers or herbs to our office and desk.

8.      The sun is a masculine energy – so on the 21st – power up! If you are working that day – boss it up and pull from your inner power to get stuff done and add value to your work.

9.      For your lunch break – head outside and go for a mid-day walk.  If you can, take off your shoes and touch the earth half way through and take a moment to give yourself praise and self-love. 

10.   Take a moment in the afternoon and think about the balance in your life.  How we are at the halfway point – and crossing a bridge to the other half.  What part of your list and goals has yet to be completed … what do you still need to do during this second half.  What do you maybe need to leave behind as you cross over?

11.   After work celebrate Litha with a feast.  Go out to dinner or host a small dinner party at your home.  For the working folks, potlucks may be easier to help distribute the work.  Either way, holidays are a perfect time to celebrate with food.

12.   End the evening by grabbing your sun water you put out before you left for work … and treat yourself to a sun water bath.  This special Litha bath can have added power by focusing on the light within you … and the beauty we all have.  Self love and self care is so very important and the summer solstice is a perfect time to take a moment at the end of our day to celebrate …. Us!

13.   When you go to bed on the night of the 21st … put a flower under your pillow to bring love into your dreams …. And it’s said, that a dream you have on Litha is an omen.  So try to remember it (write it down or do something so you can make sense of the message the next day).

Jun 13, 202326:04
Essential Oils for Summer
Jun 07, 202351:46
May 31, 202331:07
From a Son's POV - Witchy Mom

From a Son's POV - Witchy Mom

Welcome to part 2 of being a Witchy Mom .... this time I invited my older son Taylor to join me and give us all his take on having a Witchy Mom. It's a unique perspective for sure and I am so glad he was able to do this podcast with me! Charlene

May 24, 202323:42
How I Became A Witchy Mom
May 17, 202316:27
Crow & Raven Magic - Pt 3

Crow & Raven Magic - Pt 3 Well, here we are ... part 3 of my 3-part series on Crow & Raven Magic. Three weeks has gone by in a flash and I can't express enough my sincere gratitude for Anika joining me on these episodes. I could not have done it without her. Would love to know everyone's thoughts ... if you liked it too or even if there is a Witchy Work Wish you have that you would like to hear on an upcoming episode. shoot me an email or a note on Instagram! Till next week!

May 10, 202350:53
Crow & Raven Magic - Pt 2
May 03, 202355:43
Crow & Raven Magic - Pt 1
Apr 26, 202340:59
Sun's Day is Sunday

Sun's Day is Sunday

This is the last episode in a 7-part series all about the days of the week! One of my Witchy Work Wishes was to draw on and work with the energy of the days of the week.  On previous episodes …. I have covered Monday Moon Day, Tuesday Mars Day, Wednesday Mercury Day, and Thursday Jupitar Day, Friday Venus Day and Saturday which is Saturn’s Day.  I did start with Monday – not just because I love the moon so much, but because I really do believe Monday starts the week.  So I am ending this 7 part series with Sunday – which I believe …. closes our week.  Ordinarily – I would highly suggest to make sure all of us corporate and working professionals are taking time away from the office.  Not only working in it – but thinking of it too.  Deliberate personal time.  I do understand everything is about balance – so coming up with things on Sunday for our work week was a little tough, but not impossible.  A big part of regrouping and tending to our own personal needs, will in turn, give us great steps forward in the coming work week.  Sunday is a great day for health and healing magic.  For me, I really use Sunday as my re-set day.  It’s a very personal day for me.  It’s about planning out the week ahead and getting organized, doing what makes me happy and brings me joy.  I hope you enjoy this episode!

Apr 19, 202332:38


It's time for Fire, Water and the thinning of the veil. May 1st is Beltane and this podcast will do a quick history of it and how we can work with the special Spring energy!

Apr 12, 202335:08
Create A Witchy Desk

Create A Witchy Desk

This is a fun one! Join me today for episode #25 and create a Witchy Desk with me!

Instagram & Facebook - just search for Witchy Work Wishes!

Apr 05, 202328:33
Elements - Earth

Elements - Earth

Welcome to Witchy Work Wishes .... episode #24 talking about the elements again, this time it's all about the element of Earth! Enjoy! Charlene

Mar 29, 202328:44
Fae & Fairies

Fae & Fairies

It's time for Fae & Fairies! I have been wanting to do this episode for a while now - and it's only the start and good overview of Fairies in general. I hope you enjoy! Charlene

Mar 22, 202331:43


It's almost Spring - and it's the perfect time to celebrate Ostara and our Spring Equinox that is just about here!  I did write a poem for this week's Ostara podcast and you can find it written out over on my website and on Instagram and Facebook - just search for Witchy Work Wishes! 

Mar 15, 202325:21
Deities / Hecate with guest Anika

Deities / Hecate with guest Anika

Welcome to episode #21 jumping into Deity work ... and today we are talking about Hecate!  My guest Anika helps me through today's podcast and I already can't wait to have her on again. :-) I did finally write a poem too, so I hope you enjoy!

Mar 08, 202339:42
Saturn Saturday

Saturn Saturday

Happy March 1st! This is a quick episode all about Saturday being Saturn's Day!  One of my cats had the zoomies while recording so you'll hear things crashing as he attacks them and runs by.  Saturday is Hecate's day - so much to go over with her, but I am saving a bunch for next week's episode when Anika is coming back as a guest so we can dive deeper into workings with Hecate!  Till then, enjoy this episode about Saturday energy and Saturn.  Charlene

Mar 01, 202321:34
Elements - Air

Elements - Air

Welcome to the elements ... a 4 part series with this podcast focusing on the element of Air.  I must say - I had no idea how much I was already working with this element until I dove deeper into the research on it, and I really loved organizing this podcast.  I hope you enjoy!  Charlene

Feb 22, 202338:27
Friday Venus Day
Feb 08, 202329:10
Ring Magic
Feb 01, 202322:19
Jan 25, 202326:22
Elements - Fire

Elements - Fire

Welcome to Witchy Work Wishes, I am your host Charlene and you are joining me today for episode # 15 – Working with the elements and this podcast is about the element of Fire. 

This is a part of a 4-series that will go over each of the elements. I did talk about the water element back on a December podcast, I will have the earth element on a podcast next month. And then the element of Air in March. But for today …. It’s all about fire!  

Enjoy :-)

Jan 18, 202329:46
Thursday Jupiter Day

Thursday Jupiter Day

Welcome to my first episode for 2023  :-)  I am your host Charlene and in this podcast I research all of the witchy things I would like to incorporate into my office and work, and how to do it.  Today I am talking about Thursday - and how it's Jupiter's Day!    I am pretty sure there were a couple of times I called Jupiter Juniper - so hopefully you will laugh it off.  I somehow got the word Juniper stuck in my head and it was a battle the whole way though.  I am sure I missed a couple mix-ups!! 

Okay ... notes for today's podcast: 

1. Jupiter Thursday is all about thriving and happiness, abundance and expansion.

2. This is a masculine day!

3. The astrological sign attached to Jupiter is Sagittarius which is called the fiery archer sign.

4. Sagittarius are known for being independent, cheerful … kind of free-spirits, a little wild, they are generous, enthusiastic and curious. They are also known for being philanthropic and nature loving. In general, Sagittarius signs are pretty straightforward.

5. Thursday is Thor’s Day! Thor is the Norse god of Thunder. Other deities to work with on Thursday are going to be Juno, Zeus, Poseidon, Pan, Gaia and Osiris.

6. Thursday is a powerful day because the planet Jupiter is thought to be the ruler of all of the planets. It is our largest planet in our solar system.

7. It’s the perfect day for spell work, specifically ones working with strength, abundance, prosperity, healing and wealth.

8. This day is really all about giving your time, using kind words, positive energy, enhancing your skills and even random acts of kindness. Don’t do anything selfish on Thursdays.

9. The metal for Thursday is Tin

10. Incense on this day will be our cinnamon, musk, nutmeg and sage.

11. Our oils for Thursday will be clove, lemon balm, oakmoss and star anise.

12. Thursday Jupiter colors will be our blues, purples and greens.

13. Our stones are the amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise and sapphire which pull the wonderful blues, green and purple colors.

14. Thursday Jupiter day plants will be Beech, buttercup, cedar, anise, cinnamon, dandelion, honeysuckle, agrimony, nutmeg, oak and sage.

15. Spell work for the office on Thursday will be making an abundance jar or a money jar  … of course we can make a money satchel to keep in our desk drawer or even a charm bag.

16. Drinking tea on Thursday is good, specifically a tea that helps with memory, attention and our ability to learn

17. Dress up on Thursdays. This is a big day with a lot of big energy. Thors day brings that god of thunder excitement to our workday.

18. And finally … Jupiter is represented by your first finger on your hand …. so if you want to pull that Jupiter power with your rings, the energy will work with leadership, power, money, authority, spirits, and self-esteem. For an extra punch … Be sure to wear a ring with a stone like amethyst, lapis lazuli or blue topaz to harness that Thursday Jupiter energy.

I hope you enjoy today's episode.  If you have any Witchy Work-Wishes you would like me to look into more …. Please reach out and I’ll add it to an upcoming episode!  Just email me your notes to!  I am on Instagram and Facebook too - just search for Witchy Work Wishes!

I hope your 2023 is off to a great start!  I'll talk with you next week.

Jan 11, 202326:19
Making 2023 Goals

Making 2023 Goals

Today's episode is all about how to make our 2023 goals.  

Goals give you direction (a roadmap) and clear reminder of what you want …. and what you are going to do to have them completed by a certain time. Think about what you are willing to do. Sometimes goals “sound” good, but we are not willing to work or sacrifice to have them. And maybe they “sound” good because you think other people value them, but you yourself don’t. Those types of hollow goals will end up collecting dust because they do not align with your vision or your greatest good. For my individual goals …. I have my bubble with my word or phrase in it. I have the titles of the 6 areas/buckets drawn out from the bubble. Again those can be;

Spiritual – these are your beliefs and personal development

Physical – this is taking care of your physical body

Intellectual or Personal Development – this area is your learning, knowledge and mind

Family and Relationships – this area is for your family, friends and romance

Social Interest & Fun – this is going to be for your hobbies and things you enjoy

Career & Finances – this area is for you job, education, savings & financials security

When drafting your goals, you want to pull from what motivates you and what inspires you. What motivates you? This is going to be your reason for doing it. What inspires you? This is going to be what creates your action, your desire to act on the motivation. Compartmentalizing …… helps! Get those goals organized into categories or buckets and give each goal a completion date. And then below each goal list out your baby steps … of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. Rewrite your goals into something that looks neat and organized and POST IT ….. put it somewhere that will continually remind you what you are doing all of this for – that goal word, your theme for 2023.

If you have any Witchy Work-Wishes you would like me to look into more …. Please reach out and I’ll add it to an upcoming episode!!  I am on Instagram and Facebook too - just search for Witchy Work Wishes!

I hope your 2022 year was amazing! I'll talk with you next week ... and next year!

Dec 28, 202232:38
Elements - Water

Elements - Water

Hi and thank you for joining me for episode #12 - Elements / Water.  I love the balance Elements bring into our lives and this episode does a general overview of the element of water.

Quick review of the element water  ….

1. The element of water represents the direction of the West

2. Our zodiac signs for water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

3. Our two planets are the Moon and Venus

4. Magical tools to use for water work are a caldron, chalice, bowl and scrying mirror

5. Deities to work with are Poseidon, Triton, Aphrodite, Freyr, Medusa and Neptune but there are a bunch more you can work with!

6. Plants will be lettuce, lotus, water lily, spearmint, watermelon, aloe vera, ferns, seaweed, algae, burdock and periwinkle.

7. Things you can do using the element of water are ritual baths, magical waters (like my favorite ….moon water, sun water, storm water and rose water). When you are done with a spell you can send it off in water (sending off the spell remnants). Work with sea gods and goddesses, make and brew loose leaf teas, making herbal sprays is amazing, you can do water scrying and use water as offering on your alter

8. Ways to work with water in your witchcraft practice are;

     a. Circle castings

     b. Connecting to water with meditation

     c. (don’t laugh) …. But drink more water

     d. Moon water workings and rituals

     e. Dew & Mist workings

     f. And then using Magical water properties (such as water from a lake, river, sea, well, etc)

     g. And then using Magical water properties (such as water from a lake, river, sea, well, etc)

9. And then ways to bring the element of water into your office and work are going to be

          a. Make drinking water and tea drinks at work

          b. Use moon water for your office essential oil and herbal sprays

          c. Collect and use dew drops for your office spell work

          d. Wear the colors and jewelry that are associate with and represent water

          e. And lastly – adding a small desktop water fountain to your space to enjoy the sounds of running water while you work

Next week's episode will be wrapping up 2022 and talking about how best to make our new year's goals with some specific tips that have evolved and helped me over the years.    If you have any Witchy Work-Wishes you would like me to look into more …. Please reach out and I’ll add it to an upcoming episode!!  I am on Instagram and Facebook too - just search for Witchy Work Wishes!

Dec 21, 202238:01


Well .... if you can get through my familiar crow "love bug" talking to me for the first half of the episode as I record it along with all of the little side stories I tell ... I hope you love this podcast about Yule.  

Podcast summary ...

1. Yule is typically around December 21steach year and goes through the 1st of January. It’s tied to the Winter Solstice.

2. Colors for Yule will be Red, Green, Silver, Gold, White and Blue

3. Crystals & Stones for Yule are the Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies and Garnets.

4. Herbs & Flowers will be our thistle, chamomile, ivy, mistletoe, peppermint, rosemary and sage

5. For our oils and incense you’ll want to use cedar, cinnamon, cloves, frankincense, juniper, myrrh, peppermint, pine and sweet orange.

6. Trees for Yule are cedar, juniper, pine, holly, fir, apple, birch, chestnut, and citrus.

7. Deities are The Oak King and the Holly King.

8. Great things to do for Yule are going to be making a yule log (That is going to be a piece of wood / a log that has decorations like holly or mistletoe, pinecones, evergreens, and 3 candles. You can use it as your table’s centerpiece and then burn it in your bone fire. Even more powerful if you have any remnants of lasts years fire with your 2021 yule log in it …. To start the new fire this year. If you don’t … be sure to save a part of this year’s fire you so can start your 2023 yule fire with it.)

9. Decorating a yule tree is perfect for the holiday …. Even better if it’s a live tree that you can plant in the Spring. Be sure to top it with a five-point star representing the 5 elements.

10. Other good things to do for Yule are going to be making a witch’s bell, bake something for the holidays, make or buy gifts for your loved ones, decorate your alter, celebrate with fire with your candles and fireplace (of course if you can …. Do a little fire magic and write down what you want to let go of for the new year and burn it).

Next week's episode is all about the Elements ... specifically water and how to bring it into the office. If you have any Witchy Work-Wishes you would like me to look into more …. Please reach out and I’ll add it to an upcoming episode!!  I am on Instagram and Facebook too - just search for Witchy Work Wishes!

Dec 14, 202237:24