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Wolf's Gaming Podcast

Wolf's Gaming Podcast

By Baden Ronie

Reviews for Xbox, Playstation & PC titles from an idiot who likes games but can barely remember to tie his shoes. Here you'll find narrated versions of all my reviews from, plus unscripted Weekend Whammys where I just chat away about everything and anything.
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Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.19: God of War on PC, And Mercury Steam Kinda Suck

Wolf's Gaming PodcastNov 05, 2021

Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.19: God of War on PC, And Mercury Steam Kinda Suck
Nov 05, 202152:27
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.18: UnMetal, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous & Hot Wheels
Oct 12, 202149:45
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.17: Playstation Showcase & Epic Loses In Apple Legal Battle
Sep 18, 202101:11:50
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.16: How to respond to Activision-Blizzard, and what the Hell is up with Blue Box?
Aug 26, 202147:16
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.15: Rambling About The Steam Deck
Jul 27, 202135:14
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.14: Movie Talk & Switch OLED
Jul 12, 202137:57
Mario Golf: Super Rush Review – A Rushed Bogey

Mario Golf: Super Rush Review – A Rushed Bogey

Welcome back. This is an experiment using a computer voice to produce an audio version of my written review for Mario Golf: Super Rush. You can find the written version below.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jul 09, 202112:18
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.13: Best Games of 2021 So Far & Mario Golf Is Lacking
Jul 04, 202142:43
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.12: How To Review Remakes & Is Kojima Up To Something Silent Hill Related?
Jun 27, 202142:33
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.11: Was E3 2021 A Little Lacking?
Jun 18, 202149:46
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.10: Is Sony Holding The PS5 Back?
Jun 11, 202133:22
Wolf's Gaming Podcast Ep.9: I Got A Switch, Sony Backtracks & More
Jun 05, 202133:50
Wolf's Gaming Podcast Ep. 8: Reviewers Not Playing Games, Valve Making a Handheld & More.
May 28, 202138:47
Wolf's Gaming Podcast Ep. 7: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Impressions & Sony News
May 18, 202126:39
Wolf's Gaming Podcast Ep. 6: Returnal Impressions & Microsoft Really Liked TLOU2
May 05, 202127:44
Wolf's Gaming Podcast ep.5: Outriders Impressions & Are Microsoft And Nintendo Teaming Up?
Apr 27, 202135:55
Weekend Whammy Ep. 4 - Sony Woes & Failing Power Supplies
Apr 22, 202128:53
Weekend Whammy ep. 3: Sony Being Ass-Hats & Game Pass Chat
Apr 07, 202124:02
Genesis Noir Review - It's All Jazz, Baby

Genesis Noir Review - It's All Jazz, Baby

A review of Genesis Noir, an abstract noir adventure game with a stunning visual style.

For the written review, go to

And visit the site for more awesome written content.

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Apr 06, 202107:21
Best of Xbox Game Pass - Skate 3
Apr 02, 202105:21
Weekend Whammy Ep. 2 - More Six Days In Fallujah & Are The New Consoles Any Good?
Mar 29, 202141:11
Best of Xbox Game Pass - The Little Acre
Mar 28, 202105:02
Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse Review
Mar 22, 202107:06
Best of Xbox Game Pass - Dishonored
Mar 19, 202104:59
Weekend Whammy Ep.1 -Spanking & Bethesda
Mar 16, 202123:59
WGB Reviews Sir Lovelot
Mar 14, 202105:16