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Women of Grace in the Marketplace with Lori Clapper & Janelle Keith

Women of Grace in the Marketplace with Lori Clapper & Janelle Keith

By Lori Clapper & Janelle Keith

Real talk with real women about work, life, and faith, to nurture and inspire women to live their purpose with grace.
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Making Time in the Busy World of a Physician

Women of Grace in the Marketplace with Lori Clapper & Janelle KeithJun 09, 2022

Is It Time to Step into Your Spotlight?
Nov 14, 202340:05
Confidence and Overcoming for Your Long Game
Nov 08, 202341:14
Going Deeper into Healing and Wellness through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Oct 30, 202342:19
Domestic Violence Awareness: What You Need to Know

Domestic Violence Awareness: What You Need to Know

On this episode, we dive into a very important topic-domestic violence. Our guest is Thasia Anne, a poetress, social justice advocate, and domestic violence survivor.

Since God spared her from three attempts to take her life at the hands of her now ex-husband...Thasia is passionate about doing all she can to help other women escape similar dangerous situations.

This is a vital message for all of us to hear and to become aware.

If you or someone you know is in a domestic violence situation, please find help!

Erie, PA area: SafeNet (814) 454-8161


Domestic Violence National Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Email Thasia Anne

Email Women of Grace in the Marketplace

About Thasia Anne Thasia Anne is the producer, director, and participant in “Women of Word featuring a few Man Made Words, or (WOW)”. Thasia has been published widely, two important anthologies able to change lives are; “Women of Courage V”, and “20 Lives Ignited; How 20 Women over 60 are Creating Success on Their Own Terms.”

Love and Licorice Whips is a compilation of domestic violence survival poetry. She has been handing this chap book out free since 1990 to help survivors know that they are not alone. Thasia Anne is happily married to Bear Lunger the videographer who makes her dreams come true for her programing. Together they have seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. How do they have any time on their hands!

Thasia Anne graduated Edinboro University as a social worker in 2016, and retired during the Covid lock down, from Erie DAWN as a case manager. The agency helps single working women with or without children find safe affordable housing. However her work advocating for women and children in need will never stop.

Oct 24, 202339:51
Guarding Against Imposter Syndrome

Guarding Against Imposter Syndrome

We're excited to welcome life coach Tammy Ward back to the show!

Among other helpful topics, Tammy discusses:

-How to guard against imposter syndrome

-Making sure you fill your cup as you pour out to others

-Working from a place of rest--especially in the face of autoimmune disease.

Follow Tammy on Facebook.

Email Tammy for more information on life coaching.

About Tammy Ward:

Tammy S. Ward is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Life Coach who operates with God as her CEO.  She’s an encourager and her positive attitude is contagious.  A theme in her life has been overcoming and each time the Lord carried her through only to make her stronger and deepen her trust and reliance on him, always equipping her for the next phase of the journey.

Tammy’s passionate about helping moms with children in addiction learn to navigate this difficult journey, find peace and to live while their child is lost so they’re a pillar of strength when their child’s ready for a better life.

She’s a wife, sister, friend, mentor, mom of two sons, and Gram to seven beautiful grandchildren. Tammy enjoys family time, reading, painting, learning, and reflecting God’s light wherever she goes.

Oct 16, 202340:23
A Call for Mentorship

A Call for Mentorship

Janelle and Lori welcome Dr. Gae Anderson-Miller to the show.

Dr. Anderson Miller has spent a lifetime in education--and now serves as an educational consultant. In this episode, she talks about her research into the importance of mentorship, especially on gifted children. She also shares encouragment to those starting out in education and discusses the best advice she's ever received.

Follow Gae on Facebook.

Follow Anderson-Miller Consulting.

About Dr. Anderson-Miller

 Dr. Gae Anderson-Miller, president of Anderson Miller Consulting, is a motivational speaker, grant writer, and educational consultant specializing in methods that increase human potential, creativity, and communication.  She helps others find hope for success rather than fear of failure and pinpoints specific tools designed to leverage team-building workshops are interactive, and participants are vigorously engaged as they learn how to solve problems in the workplace, at school, and at home.  She lives in Erie, PA, loves traveling, gardening, and doing crazy things with her four step-granddaughters.

Oct 16, 202343:40
Opportunity Is Always in Fashion

Opportunity Is Always in Fashion

Lori and Janelle weclome Valerie Weaver to this episode of Women of Grace in the Marketplace.

Valerie Weaver is a certified image consultant through the London Image Institute in Atlanta, GA. She has an extensive background in fashion and media spanning over 30 years. Valerie has served as the TV representative for the Millcreek Mall (Erie, PA), and appeared as a regular guest on STAR 104’s weekly radio show “Fashion Friday,” and was a contributing columnist to the Her Times magazine.

She owned and operated “Premier Images,” a professional image consulting business where she taught business etiquette, professional image and non-verbal communication programs to various corporations.

Known as WJET-TV’s “Frugal Fashionista,” Valerie is a regular guest on the “Your Money” segment, offering money saving advice on everything from fashion to entertaining.

She is currently a Senior Division Stylist with Park Lane jewelry, sharing her fashion expertise to help women look and feel their best. Valerie is consistently recognized as a Top 50 Worldwide Sales Producer for Park Lane and regularly provides training programs at Park Lane’s national sales conferences, which are held bi-annually.

Valerie resides with her husband Michael and two fashionable felines in Erie Pa.

Email us with your feedback.

Follow Valerie.

Email Valerie.

Sep 28, 202339:03
Overcoming People Pleasing

Overcoming People Pleasing

This week's episode features NY Times Best-Selling Author & Proverbs 31 speaker Karen Ehman. Janelle and Lori delved into the big topic of people pleasing. Karen shared openly about her struggles with people pleasing, which started early in her childhood. She talks about the types of personalities that "feed" people pleasers and find out what type of people pleaser you are! You'll also hear valuable advice on how to stop the people pleasing habit. (She wrote a book about it, too!)

Let us know what you think - ⁠email us.⁠ Find out more about Karen Ehman and follow her on her socials.

About Karen:

She has authored seventeen books and Bible studies including the New York Times bestseller Keep It Shut: What to Say, How to Say It and When to Say Nothing at All. Her most recent devotional, co-authored with Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom is entitled Settle My Soul: 100 Quiet Moments to Meet with Jesus and was selected as the 2020 Devotional and Gift Book of the Year. She and Ruth also co-wrote the ECPA best-seller Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus. She also released a Bible study with LifeWay on the letter of Philippians called What Matters Most.

Karen has been a guest on national media including TODAY Parenting,, FamilyLife, Engaging WomenMoody Midday Connection, At Home Live, and Focus on the Family

Sep 22, 202340:55
Learning to Laugh in the Dark with Chonda Pierce
Sep 12, 202342:15
Inspiring and Equipping Network Marketers

Inspiring and Equipping Network Marketers

Business Coach Gail Root joins Lori & Janelle to talk about how God called her from a long, successful career in direct sales/network marketing ... into becoming a business coach.

She talks candidly about the ups and downs of direct sales and network marekting and some of the most common obstacles women face in this field.

You'll also Learn about the disciplines she not only has lived out in her life, but has also written about in her new book "Master Your Morning and Change Everything."

Email us.

Find out more about Gail's services.

Follow Gail

Get a copy of Gail's book.

About Gail:

 I am a daughter of the King, wife to my hubby for 30 years, momma to our three sons, lover of travel, adventure, entrepreneurship and all things Kingdom!

I was blessed to spend over 25 years leading teams in both Direct Sales and Network Marketing, then God called me to retire so that I can exclusively focus on coaching His Daughter’s to THRIVE inside this industry.

As a believer, I want you to know God called you to your business! Stop letting the enemy tell you this is your “little side hustle" or "little hobby” – its actually your ministry in the marketplace!

My passion is equipping leaders to get positioned for the MASSIVE INCOME & IMPACT God is calling them to… Learn to walk in their true identity as a Daughter of the King, honoring the call on their life to yoke WITH God and watch Him accomplish amazing things in YOUR life for the Kingdom!

Sep 05, 202338:54
Learning and Growing in Your Business

Learning and Growing in Your Business

Voice-over artist Jessica Lewis is our special guest us in this week's episode. Jessica was our very first guest, and we were thrilled she was able to join us again.

Jessica discussed what she's learned about herself in the past year, how she deals with ADHD in her already creatively wired brain, and simple ways we can be better business women in today's market.

Aug 24, 202339:01
Getting Unstuck: Accountability, Hope, and Faithfulness in Every Season
Aug 08, 202341:21
Putting Stress in the Rearview Mirror
Aug 01, 202343:14
Life as a Creative and an Entrepreneur

Life as a Creative and an Entrepreneur

Kortney Miller has been a freelance artist all throughout her life, with 18+ years of creative experience. She always includes an element of creativity,  whether coordinating a battle of the bands, decorating cakes, or most recently, radio DJ and promotions coordinator. Throughout the years, she was always painting a multitude of items, ranging from custom painted shoes for musicians, Xboxes for gamers, fine art to increase the beauty of someone’s living room, t-shirt designs for events and murals for both personal homes, community events and local  businesses. 

She launched Red Dirt Rosie in 2019, and often paints under that alias. Kortny's life motto is, “leave it brighter than you found it.'' Her ultimate goal is to encourage wonder and whimsy with art. She says she utilizes glee and occasional madness to capture and keep the sweet moments/emotions that are tucked into our lives preserved.

Janelle and Lori were delighted with the opportunity to speak with such an incredibly creative and talented woman of grace!

Jun 28, 202341:47
Marriage with a Mission

Marriage with a Mission

In this episode, Lori and Janelle talk with Trista Giancotti. She and her husband founded "Missional Marriage." They have an active Facebook community and offer marriage coaching--both virtually and in person. They recently released a 30-day devotional for couples and--new this year--marriage conferences around the nation.

Listen to Trista's rivoting origin story of a loveless childhood and the pivotful moment that God finally reached her heart with His love. Trista also shares the importance of writing a mission statement for your marriage and discusses the biggest (and common) challenges married couples have to work through to keep the "honeymoon phase" going!

Find Missional Marriage on Facebook.

Email us!

About Trista:

Trista Giancotti is co-founder of the Missional Marriage Community. Trista was raised in a broken home. Her mom and dad separated when she was very young. Growing up, she struggled with many battles. Her dad chose to live a lifestyle of homosexuality, and when she was14, her dad died from AIDS. Her mom often degraded her with her words and never showed love. She endured verbal and physical abuse from an uncle and was eventually removed from her home during her sophomore year. During these times, Trista began to look for security in boys, alcohol, and fellow peers. She struggled as she compromised her purity trying to fill a void deep within. Facing great loneliness, Trista was searching for something or someone to accept her for who she was. Trista reached a point in her life when she felt her life was not worth living anymore and tried to commit suicide. On May 11, 2001, Trista attended a youth event (Acquire the Fire) where she gave her life to the Lord, and she has never been the same since.

Jun 28, 202342:09
The Importance of Relationships with Today's Teens

The Importance of Relationships with Today's Teens

In this episode, Lori and Janelle talk with Jamie Thompson, the executive director of Greater Erie Youth for Christ in Erie, PA.

Jamie came to Greater Erie YFC from a diverse professional background, bringing with her management experience from private business, government, and non-profit organizations. Jamie is currently working towards her Doctorate in Public Administration and gaining a deeper and biblically-based understanding of the field at Liberty University. Jamie has also demonstrated her heart for young people as a basketball and volleyball coach over the past ten years.

For Jamie, working with YFC gives the opportunity to build authentic Christ-centered relationships with both youth and leaders. “My heart and purpose have always been to know God and to make Him known,” she says, “and relationships are the first conduit to accomplish this!”

Email us, and let us know what you thought of this episode!

Jun 21, 202340:14
Take Up Your Cross: You're Never Too Old to Discover New Purpose

Take Up Your Cross: You're Never Too Old to Discover New Purpose

Learn how God used a "craft project gone wrong" to call Gayle Young to a new purpose in her retirement. Join us for Gayle's heartwarming story of newfound passion for creativity and the ministry opportunities she would have never had if God had not called her to a new thing.Gayle hand-beads crosses for home decor and jewelry. You can see her beautiful work on her Facebook page.

Email us and let us know what you thought of our show!

About Gayle:

If you were to divide my life into segments based on what I've done, it would look like this: First I am a daughter, sister, friend and student. Attended University of Oklahoma and finished with two degrees, BA in Speech and English and MEd in Guidance and Counseling. Second I am wife, teacher and counselor. My husband is John.  I taught Vocations at Moore High  School  then served as Elementary School  Counselor for 3 schools in Moore, Ok.  Third I am wife, mother and Stay-at-Home Mom. We have two children, Marcy and Charlie. I worked in PTA, led a Community Bible Study and served in our church. Life was good in Amarillo, Tx.   Fourth my husband retired early and started a work from business when we moved back to our home town, Ponca City, Ok.  My "stay at home" career ended and I went back to work, first as Washington  Elementary School Counselor then later as the Children's Minister at our church. Fifth I am daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother and retired. I've found out things about myself I never knew as I am also the Owner/Artist of a little business I call, Take Up Your Cross.

Jun 14, 202339:29
Positive Changes for a Healthier Body and Mind
Jun 06, 202342:17
Offering Hope in All You Do - 5/21/23
May 23, 202338:25
Shaped by Grace: Lose the Lies and Gain God's Truth - Janelle Keith Shares Her New Book 5/14/23
May 15, 202343:20
Becoming a Published Author - 5/7/23
May 09, 202336:58
Bringing Calmness and Clarity to Christian Leaders
Dec 01, 202242:26
Reinventing Your Life at Any Age

Reinventing Your Life at Any Age

In this episode Janelle and Lori had the privilege of speaking with Linda Laird-Staszewski. Linda is a retired Industrial Engineer, Vision Board guru, multi-business owner, curator, author, and Creativity Coach. She attended evening classes for over 9 years to earn up through her master’s degree in Professional Leadership/ Organizational Development. She is results-oriented and is a mentor to numerous women, providing support, direction, and goal setting. She continues to grow, being an advocate of “Life-Long-Learning”. Linda strives to help people of all ages to clarify, plan, set action steps, and to achieve goals. Married to her husband, Tom, for 47 years, her best friend and love of her life. Linda has an extreme love of animals and is a pet advocate.

Follow Linda and her Businesses:

Book: 20 Lives IGNITED: How 20 Women OVER 60 are Creating Success on their Own Terms

Vision Boards & Crafts 

 All-inclusive Kits delivered to your door.

Personalized Gift boxes

60+: “Live Your Best Life”

Take a moment and email us your thoughts and feedback.

Nov 30, 202239:01
Take the Next Small Step
Nov 14, 202239:17
Mentoring Moms
Nov 02, 202237:02
Massage for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Massage for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

In this edition of Women of Grace in the Marketplace, Lori and Janelle talk with massage therapist Melissa Soller. Melissa is a wife, mother, minister, business owner, and teacher. She has been working as a massage therapist for 20 years, specializing in corrective bodywork. With a deep-rooted passion for relieving chronic pain, Melissa has expanded her understanding of the body by studying biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise science, religion and spirituality, and emotional release philosophies and techniques. Currently, Melissa works with clients as a Master level therapist at VRTU Massage Institute, while also training and developing massage therapists to do the same.

Oct 31, 202239:47
How to Walk in Worthiness
Oct 20, 202241:30
You Have Wings to Soar
Oct 19, 202241:44
Becoming "YOU"

Becoming "YOU"

To know Emily Cummins is to have a personal cheerleader by your side. She loves to talk to other women and share their "becoming" stories on her BecomingMe.TV podcast. In this episode, Emily gets real about the journey to become who God wants her to be and the common issues many women face. She also shares lessons she's learned as she cultivates her gifts through faith.

About Emily Cummins:

Emily is the Founder of BecomingMe.TV, a global resource equipping people to become who they were made to be through a growing online community sharing people’s Becoming Stories, conferences, courses, and resources.

Emily also serves as the Communications Pastor at Church of Hope in Ocala, Florida. When she’s not writing or speaking, you can find her soaking up the sun at the beach, running, and savoring a cup of coffee while listening to country music.

Oct 19, 202238:16
Choose Joy, Even When Your Ducks Aren't in a Row
Sep 22, 202239:13
Using Your Gifts at Any Age

Using Your Gifts at Any Age

In this episode, we welcome two entrepreneurs from the same family -- Mom, Svetlana Khashchuk and daughter, 11-year-old Abigail Khashchuk. Svetlana is a licensed esthetician and owns her own salon in Florida. Abigail has a gift for jewelry design. Currently she crafts original earrings and sells them on her Facebook page "Abigail's Jewelry Box" and in her mom's salon.

Not only has creativity, the love for beauty, and an entrepreneurial spirit been passed down...but also a love for God and his plan for their lives. Hear more about what they do and how God leads them and blesses their efforts.

Write to us with your feedback!

Sep 01, 202236:50
Chronic Illness: Finding Purpose in the Overcoming

Chronic Illness: Finding Purpose in the Overcoming

Mandy Meehan is a Jesus follower, wife, mother, and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her own experience with chronic invisible illness caused her to leave the career path she intended to follow, and led her to her purpose —  to bring hope and healing to people with chronic fatigue, so that they can be all that God has created them to be. She currently is a practicing Functional Nutritionist, at Mandy Meehan Wellness, LLC, and is also a social media content creator.

This week, Janelle and Lori had the opportunity to catch up with Mandy and share her personal and professional journey with you.

Segment 1: Learn more about Mandy's origin story, her struggles with her health as well as how being a pastor's kid impacted her journey, both professionally and personally.

Segment 2:  As Mandy struggled through chronic illness, she decided to do something about it. While she walked through her health journey, she studied to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to help others. Find out how she knew it was the right path to take and how she cultivated her gifts to serve others - from the standpoints of both a practitioner and social media influencer.

Segment 3: Discover how Mandy works faith into her purpose and calling. And she gives encouragement to those who are starting out on their own journeys.

Segment 4: Lori and Janelle's takeaways from the show.

Share what you've learned, too! Email us or send us a PM on Facebook!

Contact Mandy.

Follow Mandy on Instragram.

Aug 23, 202240:24
Bringing Life to Death: The Story of a Hospice Nurse

Bringing Life to Death: The Story of a Hospice Nurse

Join Janelle and Lori in their conversation with Hospice nurse Michelle Massie.

Segment 1: Michelle shares her family's history in the mortuary sciences and how that shaped her future in Hospice care.

Segment 2: Even though Hospice care deals with the end of life, there are many things that can bring joy in this field. Michelle shares about her interactions with patients and families and what has changed her outlook on death.

Segment 3: Grab a box of tissues as Michelle reads the journal entry she wrote about one very special patient she cared for and how her perspective in dying dramatically changed Michelle's outlook on life. She also shares how she helps families cope as their love one passes on.

Segment 4: Michelle shares her "big dream" for families in Hospice care. Janelle and Lori discuss their takeaways from the show.


We'd love to hear your feedback! Write to us or find us on Facebook!


About Michelle Massie:

Michelle Massie is a hospice registered nurse in Western, North Dakota. Michelle is also a life coach and loves to ask people the big questions. She feels honored to do both passions, working with the full circle of life. Michelle lives in Dickinson, with her husband of 23 years Jerry, and there 7 year old runt spaniel dog named Beatrice. Michelle has three adult kids, Brett, Lars, and Leanna. In her spare time Michelle enjoys good coffee visits with a friend, taking a traveling adventure trip, writing stories, and speaking about that full circle of life.  You can find more out about Michelle on her Facebook page, Toivoa (Hope) or emailing her at

Aug 11, 202240:05
Beauty from Ashes: Finding Purpose in Every Season

Beauty from Ashes: Finding Purpose in Every Season

Join Janelle and Lori in their conversation with Tammy Ward, a 14-year beauty consultant with Mary Kay. 

Segment 1: Tammy shares her back story about readjusting her career after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and how she became involved with Mary Kay.

Segment 2:  Working in the beauty industry -- especially Mary Kay -- has impacted Tammy's life in multiple ways. Not only was it flexible to work around her health concerns, but it was a tremendous ministry and a way to bless each woman she made over. She also talks about the impact of her faith as she grew her career.

Segment 3: Tammy openly shares about her son's drug addiction and how she had to "let go and let God" and show tough love so she wouldn't enable his dependency that could have killed him. She shares ways she coped as a mom and career woman as she walked through that season with her son...and the scriptures she held close to her heart.

Tammy had the opportunity to write her story in an anthology called, "20 Lives Ignited: How 20 Women Over 60 Created Success on Their Own Terms." Get your copy of the book to be inspired by Tammy's and all the stories it contains!

Segment 4: Janelle and Lori share their takeaways from the show. Please share your thoughts with us!

If you have any questions or comments for Janelle, Lori or our guests...please write to us. We'd love to hear your feedback.

About Tammy Ward:

Tammy S. Ward is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Life Coach who operates with God as her CEO.  She’s an encourager and her positive attitude is contagious. A theme in her life has been overcoming, and each time the Lord carried her through only to make her stronger and deepen her trust and reliance on him, always equipping her for the next phase of the journey.

Tammy’s passionate about helping moms with children in addiction learn to navigate this difficult journey, find peace and to live while their child is lost, so they’re a pillar of strength when their child’s ready for a better life. She’s a wife, sister, friend, mentor, mom of two sons, and Gram to seven beautiful grandchildren. Tammy enjoys family time, reading, painting, learning, and reflecting God’s light wherever she goes.

Connect with Tammy:

Facebook: Tammy S. Ward


Aug 08, 202240:38
Learning How to Rest Your Soul

Learning How to Rest Your Soul

Janelle and Lori chat with author Shawanda Williams.

Shawanda is a speaker, author of 30-day devotional, Rest for the Soul, and podcast host of Refreshing The Soul. She is redefining what it means to rest in the modern world. Her writing and messages are inspired from reflections from her personal journey and devotional time spent with God. From battling divorce, insecurities, low self-esteem, and anxiety, she has discovered through her relationship with God rest for her soul. Her passion and purpose is to utilize her experiences and insight to help other souls heal and find rest!

Contact Shawanda.

Send a message to Janelle & Lori.

Jul 20, 202242:57
From Sports Talk to POP Talk

From Sports Talk to POP Talk

In this episode, Janelle and Lori talk with Lisa Burkhardt-Worley, former sportscaster for ESPN, HBO Sports, and the Madison Square Garden Network. She was a rising star as a female sportscaster in the 1980s and 90s--even with talks about anchoring ESPN's SportCenter.  That's when it all came crumbling down around her. Hear more of her incredible story of faith and obedience in her path to ministry.

About Lisa Burkhardt-Worley:

Lisa Burkhardt Worley is the founder of Pearls of Promise Ministries, a ministry designed to help women overcome past dysfunction through biblical truths. She is a ten-time award-winning author of ten books and a Bible study including her most recent award-winning book, The Root that Never Died: A Christian Woman’s Journey Back to Her Hebraic Heritage. Lisa, who has a heart for the fatherless because of her fatherless past, also wrote a book to help individuals with father wounds called The Only Father I Ever Knew: How a Fatherless Girl Finally Found True Love.

Lisa spent almost twenty years as an on-air television sportscaster both nationally and locally and is now the Executive Producer and Co-host of the Christian television and radio show, POP Talk, an evangelical and topical interview program seen on thirteen television platforms and heard on numerous radio platforms. She also recently produced a half-hour documentary on antisemitism, The Resurgence of Antisemitism in the United States: How Did We Get Here and How Do We Stop It?  The documentary has aired on numerous platforms, including GOD TV and was named a finalist for an International Christian Film Festival Award.

Lisa earned a Masters of Theological Studies degree from SMU Perkins School of Theology in 2008, and after a return to her Jewish roots in 2014, is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry degree in Messianic Jewish Studies at the King’s University. Lisa is also the Vice-President of Communications for international organization, the Christian Women in Media Association and serves at her church, Gateway, as an Equip teacher and also serves as a prayer leader in Jewish Ministries at Gateway.

Lisa has been married for 36 years to Jeff, has two grown sons, Kyle and Bret, a daughter-in-law, Bailey, a new grandson, William,  a spiritual daughter, Lara, and two godsons, Ethan and Isaac.

Jul 12, 202240:31
Women at Work: Finding YOUR Balance

Women at Work: Finding YOUR Balance

Maggie Horne, director of the Gannon University Small Business Development Center (SBDC), returned to Women of Grace in the Marketplace to talk about the balance of home and career.

Segment 1: Maggie re-introduces herself as well as talk about what an SBDC does to help future and current business owners.

Segment 2: Find out the trends for female business owners and the reasons as to why they decided to go out "on their own." 

Segment 3: Maggie discuss the biggest challenges women face as career women or business owners, and she shares encouragement and advice to women about finding "your balance." She also talks about a success story she was a part of recently.

Segment 4: Lori & Janelle share their takeaways from the show...and Maggie shares how to get in contact with her or an SBDC near you.

Jul 01, 202244:06
Failure, Faith, and Obedience

Failure, Faith, and Obedience

Join Janelle & Lori's fascinating conversation with author Laura Whitfield. Laura's life and faith journey has taken her to NYC to Miami to North Carolina as God used each "stop" for His purpose. Laura recently recently released her memoir, Untethered: Faith, Failure, and Finding Solid Ground.

Segment 1: Laura shares her back story and testimony--and inspiration for writing her memoir.

Segment 2: Laura's life journey has had many stops along the way...including modeling in both NYC and Miami! Hear how all that happened in what she calls a "fluke," and how life took her into the classroom.

Segment 3: Find out how Laura's faith works into her journey as a writer as well as encouragement for aspiring authors!

Segment 4: Takeaways from the show with Lori & Janelle.

About Laura Whitefield:

Laura grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, the daughter of a journalist and a teacher. She has been an advertising copywriter, newspaper columnist, staff writer for an international relief agency, travel writer, blogger, teacher, communications director for several nonprofits, and personal assistant to a New York Times bestselling author.

Her coming-of-age memoir, Untethered: Faith, Failure, and Finding Solid Ground (She Writes Press) is now available from your favorite independent bookstore or wherever books are sold.

Laura is passionate about her faith, books, travel, nature (especially the beach), social justice, and her family. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with her husband, Stephen.

Jun 22, 202243:11
Celebrating Beauty

Celebrating Beauty

This week, Janelle & Lori talk with Ashante Shepherd, owner of Star’s Glam Mobile Spa for kids, located in Florida.

Email us with questions and feedback!

Segment 1: Ashante tells us about her background and how she came up with and cultivated the idea for the mobile spa parties for girls. She also discusses how she balances her roles as mom and wife with her responsibilities as an entrepreneur.

Segment 2: As a beauty consultant with a passion for manicures...Ahsante shares what inspired her to bless others through her mobile spa.

Segment 3: Listen for her encouragement for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs.

Segment 4: Lori & Janelle share their takeaways from the show.

About Ashante Shepherd:

Islande "Ashante" Shepherd is the CEO of Star’s Glam Mobile Spa, a mobile spa business located in Central Florida.

She was born and raised in south Florida, a hard working mom of two. Ashante is very God fearing woman and puts God first in all she does. She loves to care for the needy and inspire others to do well and enjoy everyday life.

Find them on Instagram: @starsglammobilespa

Jun 14, 202241:03
Making Time in the Busy World of a Physician

Making Time in the Busy World of a Physician

In this episode of Women of Grace in the Marketplace, Janelle and Lori chat with Dr. Kelsey Smith. She is a family medicine physician in Stillwater, OK and has served there as a physician since 2007.   She founded Pioneer Health DPC in January 2021 after realizing she was unable to provide the level of care her patients deserved and continue to cater to the demands of their insurance companies for payment. To right this situation, she no longer accepts insurance as payment for services but operates under a membership model known as direct primary care giving members unparalleled access and unlimited visits for a flat monthly fee.  This has allowed her to not only provide better patient care but better self-care.

Segment 1: Having grown up on a farm, Dr. Kelsey Smith hoped to become a veterinarian. However, she became terribly allergic to animals! So, she thought people were OK, too and went to medical school to go into family medicine. As her work life became incredibly overwhelming as a PCP, Smith decided it was time to make a change for her own good and to be a better doctor for her patients. She shares about become a Direct Care Physician and what that means.

Segment 2: Kelsey discusses more about what a DCP is and how that differs (for the good) for her patients as well as how having more time makes it easier to get to know her patients better.

Segment 3: We talk about Kelsey's faith and how it directed her life journey. She also offers encouragement for those who are just starting out in their own business.

Segment 4: Lori & Janelle's takeaways from the show and how you can find out more about direct primary care.

Visit Kelsey's website.

Jun 09, 202240:08
Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

In this episode, Janelle & Lori chat with Deana Elkington. Deana worked in TV, commercial, and film production, including the movie sets of faith-based films Unplanned, I Can Only Imagine, and many others. She worked long hours on the production crews or coordinating extras in an exciting industry. That is, until she felt God calling her to something more with her gift of healing. Find out how Deana made the move from movies to holistic healing.

Segment 1: Learn more about Deana's background and her career in the film industry.

Segment 2: It seems like quite the "pivot" to go from working on movie sets to starting a holistic healing business. Find out how Deana knew it was time to make that change as well as where that journey has taken her.

Segment 3: Go-to scriptures that have kept Deana going on her faith journey. She also shares encouragement for those thinking about making a "U-turn" in their careers.

Segment 4: Show takeaways

About Deana Elkington:

Heal your body from within. Hi my name is Deana Elkington, and I’m a certified Body Code Emotion Code Practitioner. I was born and raised in the panhandle of Oklahoma. I worked in TV/Film/Commercial Production for 20+ years making movies, commercials, music videos, and reality tv. In 2013 I became a mom and my life changed for forever. My daughter became ill at the age of 3 months old and I was handed two bottles of Young Living essential oils, lavender and thieves, and my life has not been the same since! God leads us where He needs us, and if we are obedient He will take us to places we have never dreamed of before. I now reside in Stillwater, Oklahoma with my husband and daughter. I work on people all over the globe helping them come into alignment in their own health and wellness journey. I am firm believer in a holistic approach to bringing alignment and healing the body. For The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy and life is achieved to bring the body into balance. Through my practice I incorporate prayer, essential oils, and my best intention of wanting the best for my clients. I believe that everyone deserves to live in the exhale of peace. I work hard to release this energy and promote well-being to each of my clients to help bring balance back to the body. I am also certified in Raindrop Technique, Applied Vita Flex, and History of Anointing with Oils and Laying on of Hands. I believe that we should leave people and places better than when we found them The Key to Creating Healing. Release your trapped emotions for optimal health, better relationships, and a more abundant life. How far a little gratitude, a bit of faith and your focused intention will go to free you of your emotional baggage.


Ph: 405.361.2360

May 26, 202248:49
Growing Up Creative

Growing Up Creative

In this episode, Lori and Janelle host two sisters who are young professionals and creatives. Allyson and Emily Rossi grew up in the same household but pursued creative outlets in different ways. They credit their parents for fostering that creativity and encouraging them to cultivate their gifts. Allyson Rossi is a talented singer and musician and currently serves as a worship leader and Emily is a marketing professional but also a gifted writer and published author.


Segment 1:  Allyson talks about how she got her start in music and ways she grew that passion into a career.

Segment 2:  Emily shares her version of their growing up years and how those experiences shaped her into the woman she is today.

Segment 3: Allyson discusses her pursuit of music and how she was led into being a worship leader. Emily talks about publishing her first book, Growing Pains, a book of poetry. She discussed how she keeps up with her art while holding down a full-time "day job." They both chime in about being young woman in the working world and what they've learned as well as future goals.

Segment 4:  Janelle and Lori share their takeaways from the show.

May 23, 202245:12
How Wellness, Faith, and Vulnerabilty Keeps You "Visibly Fit"

How Wellness, Faith, and Vulnerabilty Keeps You "Visibly Fit"

In this Episode, Janelle and Lori chat with wellness coach Wendie Pett about her faith, career, and her journey to become an entrepreneur.

Segment 1: Find out how Wendie decided to venture out on her own with "Visibly Fit" and how she cultivated her gift to serve others. She also discusses the multiple roles she has to balance and how she gets it all done.

Segment 2: When you feel called to start your own business, how can you "know" it's time to move forward? Wendie will share her experiences to encourage you!

Segment 3: Wendie discusses how her faith mixes into her business life.

Segment 4: Janelle and Lori share their takeaways.

About Wendie Pett:

Wendie Pett, a nationally recognized name in the fitness industry, is passionate about motivating and encouraging people to make fitness and nutrition part of their daily routine. She enthusiastically teaches the care of mind, body and spirit, assisting others to learn the importance of reaching their full God-given potential through her Visibly Fit™ program—a total wellness and body weight resistance exercise program. Wendie has helped countless numbers of people reach their fitness goals without ever compromising their joint health, tendons, or ligaments by teaching simple and easy to do exercises that use your body as your gym. A great way to workout anytime, anywhere—no excuses allowed!

It was after a major injury to her shoulder over a decade ago that Wendie resorted to body weight resistance exercises for strength and healing, and hasn’t turned back to any other form of training since. With a hectic business and personal schedule that includes traveling, her Visibly Fit™ program has been the only way for her to keep her great physique without wasting time and money at the gym.

Wendie makes it all look so easy with her fun, casual, yet dynamic and enthusiastic approach. She makes it difficult to resist heeding her call to, “Stop making excuses and begin today to get in the best shape of your life!”

Wendie’s mission is to help get children and adults of all ages practicing and living the results and benefits of her Visibly Fit™ total wellness and fitness program. She attributes her success to the balance she’s achieved in her life by putting God first, her family second and her business third. The mission of getting families a healthy mind, body, and spirit placed Grace ‘n Action on her heart… a non-profit ministry to assist single moms and children in need. She believes that when single moms are equipped with proper tools and education then they are more motivated to become and stay healthy in order to live out the bright future ahead.

May 10, 202242:01
A Passion for Children

A Passion for Children

In this episode, Janelle and Lori chat with Chatiqua Keyes-Carr, entrepreneur and owner of a child care center.

Segment 1: Chatiqua shares her testimony, how she realized her passion for child development, and how she cultivated that passion into her purpose.

Segment 2: Find out how Chatiqua's life experiences shaped her into the woman she is today--including the teaching of liturgical dance to kids.

Segment 3: Learn about the places and people God led her to along her life and faith journey. She gives her best advice for women just starting out in their own businesses.

Segment 4: Janelle and Lori's takeaways from the show.

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About Chatiqua Keyes-Carr:

Chatiqua Keyes-Carr is a 32-year-old single mom of two girls who has her Bachelors Degree in Arts and Science as well as her CDA in infant and toddlers. Chatiqua has worked at Saint Vincent Child Care Center for eight and a half years. She started out as per diem, which led to a full-time floater position placing her in every room in the center. After six years of being a floater, she finally had her own room in the Toddler Room. She became the Lead teacher after being there for a year. Chatiqua has worked with infants to preschool age. She has a passion for working with children. She was always concerned about the child's development as well as their social development. She made bonds between the children and their families. Chatiqua later became a private Nanny for a family she met at the center she worked at. Now she is ready to own her own, and she's learned how to listen to the child and the parent. Communication is her biggest asset. Chatiqua also teaches liturgical dancing at her church for ages 5 to 11 and 12 to 18.

May 03, 202244:08
The Importance of Good Partnerships and Being Present

The Importance of Good Partnerships and Being Present

Janelle and Lori talk with Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Lauren Najera, from Stillwater, OK. 

Segment 1: Lauren gives her back story personally and professionally--how she went from working at a camp to working with trauma victims. She also shares the importance of good partnerships--professionally and personally--in balancing her multiple roles at work and at home. 

Segment 2: Lauren loved her work at Wings of Hope, a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter. However, she felt God calling her to open up her own counseling practice. Find out her experience as she decided to follow God's calling.

Segment 3: Find out how Lauren mixes her faith into her counseling sessions as well as her advice for those starting their own business.

Segment 4: Janelle & Lori's takeaways. 

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About Lauren Najera:

Lauren Najera was born and raised in Oklahoma and currently resides in Stillwater. She graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University and is now a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is trained to work with adults, children, families and couples. Lauren and her business partner opened Stillwater Counseling Center in 2019. They have had the opportunity to sit on the front row to watch God work as he has grown their business and allowed them to help many people.

Lauren is happily married to her amazing husband who keeps her laughing daily. They have the joy of raising a sweet and silly little girl. Lauren and her family also have a playful golden retriever puppy and they're about to get another labradoodle puppy because they love a good adventure.  She is actively involved in her church. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, telling "punny" jokes, vacationing and reading.

Find out more about her counseling services.

Apr 25, 202244:06
Brewing Opportunities And Serving Up Love

Brewing Opportunities And Serving Up Love

Janelle & Lori chat with Tina Ahern, owner of 611 Bakehouse in Oklahoma.

Segment 1:  Tina shares her testimony of how God called she and her husband to leave their ministry jobs to open 611 Bakehouse -- with no prior barista or professional baking experience.

Segment 2:  Tina answers the question: Is there really such thing as balance? And she also shares stories of how God used her (and cups of coffee) to share God's love and peace with her customers.

Segment 3:   If you are considering starting a business, Tina shares encouragement,  inspiration, and wisdom she's learned on her journey.

Segment 4: Janelle and Lori share their takeaways from the show and ways to find out more about 611 Bakehouse.

Questions or comments about the show? Email us. We'd love to hear from you.

About Tina Ahern:

Tina currently serves up delicious homemade baked goods and handcrafted espresso drinks at 611 Bakehouse, where she and her husband, Brian, planted their ministry in 2009 in Perry, Oklahoma.

She was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma where she completed her education with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Oklahoma State University. After teaching for several years, she decided to stay at home to raise their three children, and ended up homeschooling for 12 years.

Tina has put her passion for food and cooking into recipes she makes at the Bakehouse, and in 2016 she began teaching healthy eating and plant-based cooking classes for the community. These classes continued up until the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Currently she posts cooking videos on a YouTube channel she and her husband, Brian began in 2021 because she just can’t help sharing all the goodness with anyone who’s willing to listen.

Apr 13, 202243:00
Pursuing Your Purpose

Pursuing Your Purpose

Co-hosts Janelle Keith and Lori Clapper talk about the challenges we face as women, how to overcome them, and ultimately pursue God's purpose for you!

Apr 13, 202241:47
Chasing Storms

Chasing Storms

In this episode, Janelle and Lori chat with Amy Castor, on-air personality and storm chaser with News9 in OKC.

Segment 1:  Amy discusses her early love for weather and storms and how that grew during her childhood and young adult years. She also talks about how she cultivated that passion and eventually got hired as an on-air personality on News9 in OKC.

Segment 2:  Find out about Amy's most harrowing (and scary) experience as a storm chaser, and how she and her "other half," Val, share roles in work and life. She also chats about how she balances her own roles as a professional and, most importantly, as a wife and homeschool mom.

Segment 3:  Not only is storm tracking Amy's dream job, but it's an incredible platform to share the gospel with others. She also shares biblical truths to encourage you as you face your own personal storms of life.

Segment 4:  Lori and Janelle share their takeaways from the show, and find out how to keep up with Amy and Val Castor's storm adventures.

Follow Amy on Facebook 

Instagram: @amycastor9

YouTube Channel

About Amy Castor:

Oklahoma native, Amy Castor was raised in Mangum where her love of weather began. The wide open plains offered much in the way of viewing storms, and her love for severe weather started at a very young age.

Having an interest in computers and electronics, she chose Oklahoma State University and majored in Electrical Engineering Technology with a minor in Computer Science. In 1998, while planning a weather-related project for school, she met Val Castor, Senior StormTracker for NEWS 9; she was hired as a StormTracker that same year.

The two teamed up both professionally and personally and together have reported and filmed over 1,000 tornadoes. These experiences include the May 3, 1999 F5 tornadoes, which occurred just one month before their wedding! Since then, Val and Amy have reported on other twisters including the May 24, 2011 El Reno tornado, the May 20, 2013 tornado in Moore, and the historical 2.6 mile wide tornado which occurred on May 31, 2013 near El Reno.   

Responsible for shooting tornado footage, helping Val navigate, and sending live video back to NEWS 9, her job in the field is always exciting.  Val and Amy have been featured on numerous television and radio productions both nationally and internationally, including the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, History Channel, Weather Channel, National Geographic, CNN, CBS, BBC and others.

The Castors reside in Stillwater and have six children: Grace, Annie, Emma, Jack, Mary and Jesse.  Amy homeschools her children when she isn't chasing storms and is an active member at Bible Baptist Church in Stillwater. Val and Amy consider it a privilege to serve Oklahomans by working for NEWS 9 and absolutely love being able to chase storms together.

Apr 13, 202246:07
Habits And Goals

Habits And Goals

Janelle Keith and Lori Clapper discuss the importance of doing the little things each day to reach your ultimate goals! Small habits add up into big things! Hear their personal stories and some solid advice to keep on keeping on!

Mar 09, 202243:19
Live With Intention

Live With Intention

Co-hosts Lori Clapper and Janelle Keith talk to Angela Walter about her experiences as a mom, wife, and businesswoman. She discussed how she knew God was leading her from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Angela also shares some encouraging pointers to be intentional and motivated for each day's challenges.

About Angela Walter:

Angela is a Pennsylvania native with a demonstrated history of leadership in non-profit organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies specific to healthcare and transportation industries. She has a multi-faceted professional experience from Executive Communications, Human Resources and Project Management, to Internal Communications, Diversity/Inclusion & Sustainability modeling. In 2019, Angela opened her own Marketing, Sustainability and Human Resources Consulting Business called Purpose Consulting, and last year she added a Social Selling expertise to her repertoire promoting clean-label, non-toxic household, weight management, collagen, and other wellness supplements through social platforms.

Angela has a heart to serve others, a desire to create sustainable businesses that leave a legacy of significance, and a purpose to lead a life full of joy and ignite that same light in others. She serves on the Millcreek Education Foundation Board of Trustees, sings on the worship team at her local church, and volunteers for ServErie and HerFuture, an organization that brings women out of human trafficking and provides shelter, education and a vocation.

She received her undergraduate degree in Business & Communications from Susquehanna University, and earned a Masters of Science degree in Organizational Leadership at Mercyhurst University. Angela and her husband Brian (of 26 years) are proud parents to Chase who currently attends Penn State, University Park in their 5-year Architectural Engineering program, and Emily who attends Belmont University in Nashville pursuing her 6-year Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Feb 23, 202244:18