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Women Who Care

Women Who Care

By Deborah Harlow and Debbie Howard

Our mission at Women Who Care is to celebrate the caring spirit - one woman, one home, one business, one community - and one podcast at a time.

Women Who Care features inspiring interviews and enlightened perspectives from women who care in the way they approach health, wellbeing, and wholeness – for themselves as well as for those around them, and importantly, for the legacy impact they make through their work.

At Women Who Care, we inspire new ways of thinking, being, doing … and of CARING.

Join us to hear about: self-care, caregiving for loved ones, and making a difference in our world!
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Episode 2: The Long Fight is a Good Fight!

Women Who CareApr 16, 2021

Episode 2: The Long Fight is a Good Fight!

Episode 2: The Long Fight is a Good Fight!

In this episode, we’re joined by MaryAnne Sterling, a tireless advocate for family caregivers.

Through her work at Livpact, she develops technology to make caregivers’ lives easier. Otherwise, she’s speaking, writing, and educating on the challenges of family caregiving and the promise of person-centered care and technology, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease.

Here you will hear MaryAnne’s personal story as a caregiver and healthcare advocate for over 20 years, with three of her four parents and parents-in-law having been diagnosed with dementia. We also chat about:

- Balancing work and caregiving

- Government initiatives related to caregiving (RAISE Act and family leave legislation)

- Importance of caregivers having a voice in government legislation, health policy, health research, even health care delivery

- Her long, arduous fight for increased Alzheimer’s research funding

- The healing energy of the great outdoors

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us on your favorite social media platform!

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Also, we’re including a link to MaryAnne’s free offer in these show notes. This is an offer to sign up and use her company’s software for caregivers for FREE … organize your medical records, find new support and resources, and invite other family and health care team members to access and input, for a more well-rounded caregiving approach! Go to to create your free account and start enjoying the support Livpact provides on your caregiving journey.

Apr 16, 202148:13
Episode 1: How Our Caregiving Journey Inspired Us to Take Action

Episode 1: How Our Caregiving Journey Inspired Us to Take Action

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and our intentions with our podcast, Women Who Care.

We are co-hosts Debbie Howard and Deborah Harlow, both former caregivers (and one also a current “sandwich” caregiver). We’re on a mission to showcase the caring spirit, in all senses, and specifically, to help shorten the amount of stress, strain and research required when caregivers step into a role that is very demanding. We do this via curated resources, corporate workshops, self-care challenges, and this podcast.

Here, you will hear our personal stories, how we met, and how we came to be so involved in the caregiving landscape - and the larger world of health, wellbeing and wholeness - including:

  • Self-care (why it's important, and our personal favorites)
  • The magnitude and scope of the caregiving challenge in our communities, and globally
  • The diversity of family caregivers (including Millennials, Gen-Xers, men as well as women, and even youth caregivers)
  • The impact of COVID on caregiving
  • The importance of collaboration and synergies … and of leaving a legacy with your work

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