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Women's Energy Network

By Women's Energy Network

Women's Energy Network (WEN) is a membership organization that brings both women and men together through networking events, educational opportunities and community outreach. This podcast started with the Colorado Chapter in 2020 before moving to WEN Global in 2021. WEN is committed to sharing knowledge, insights, and leadership tips from across the energy sector. This podcast is one of the many ways we're achieving this goal.
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53. Brilliant Fusion: The Chemical Show & Women's Energy Network Unite

Women's Energy NetworkSep 13, 2023

53. Brilliant Fusion: The Chemical Show & Women's Energy Network Unite
Sep 13, 202356:07
52. Mastering Your Network
Aug 08, 202342:53
51. Batteries Make Good Neighbors
Jul 11, 202341:47
50. Risk Is Not A Dirty Word
Jun 20, 202338:15
49. From Who? to YOU
Jun 07, 202337:27
48. Let's Talk About Real Decarbonization
May 24, 202342:32
47. Loving Life: It's All About the Blend
May 10, 202335:18
46. Meet the Hosts (again)
Apr 26, 202332:31
45. Presidential Roses & Thorns

45. Presidential Roses & Thorns

In this episode, co-hosts Sally Hallingstad and Sarah Derdowski talk with Kara Byrne and Andrea Tettleton, two amazing WEN Global Presidents who’ve committed themselves to making WEN the best organization possible. From lessons learned to new, exciting tools coming down the pipeline, this episode is sure to get you excited for #WEN2023. 

In other news, this will be Sally's last WEN podcast as host. It’s been quite the experience and she's learned a lot, from figuring out how to listen to others to editing podcasts in a program she'd never heard of. Sally also had a lot of fun with our guests, and this year with her co-hosts Barlett and Derdowski. Without them by her side, year three wouldn’t have had such diverse content. 

Though these three are stepping down, there’s a new team taking over in 2023. Stay tuned for new content in early March, if not before. But for now, enjoy the final episode of 2022!

Dec 14, 202232:09
44. Women Leading EnergyTech

44. Women Leading EnergyTech

Today’s episode features not one, not two, but THREE amazing guests, all with Technip Energies: 

  • Caroline Coton-Tranape, Assistant Director of the Weymouth Research Center 
  • Delphine Stewart, Head of Genesis in the U.S., a subsidiary of Technip Energies 
  • Poornima Sharma, Vice President Operations, Americas & Europe, Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Circularity 

All three of these women have engineering training and yet find themselves at a technology-forward company. How is this possible, you ask? In this episode, we dive into this question while learning more about Technip Energies, a company that prioritizes their global employees, from hiring locally to ensuring opportunities for growth within. 

The takeaways from this episode are many, including the advice Caroline, Delphine, and Poornima left at the end of the episode, but the standout I heard is technology is booming. The world is going to be built on technology, and the brightest minds are needed to make this happen. Listen to this episode and if you don’t visit to look for career opportunities immediately after, I’d say you’re fibbing. 


Dec 01, 202237:25
43. Just Bloom
Oct 26, 202235:29
42. Own Your Strength
Oct 12, 202240:24
41. The Candidate's Market
Sep 28, 202239:34
40. The Woman Who Does it All
Jul 06, 202233:18
39. Unseen Potential in CCS
Jun 22, 202249:35
38. The Musical Entrepreneur
Jun 08, 202235:29
37. How Burgers & Buildings Get Billion$
May 25, 202232:12
36. The Princesses and the P's
May 04, 202235:38
35. Are We Experiencing an Existential Crisis?
Apr 20, 202240:48
34. You Got One Shot

34. You Got One Shot

Ever wondered the key to building a team or making a business idea come true? Today we talk to Tadd Wallace and Susan Starr of Universal Chemical Solutions. They share the story of bringing an idea to life and the importance of building a great team around you.
What started as a discussion about finding and seizing business opportunity quickly transformed into how to lead authentically and why a great team around you is so important. What Tadd and Susan demonstrate are role models for both their business acumen and their unwavering support for each other and those around them. We hope this episode brings inspiration to all our listeners!
Episode Links

Learn more about Universal Chemical Solutions
Connect with Tadd Wallace
Connect with Susan Starr

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Apr 06, 202248:33
33. Is Nuclear Power the Answer?

33. Is Nuclear Power the Answer?

Nuclear has been an energy source for decades but sadly, it hasn't gotten the love that our guest and Sarah Derdowski (co-host) feels it should.

Blake Lindsay, partner at McKinsey & Company, uses this episode to give the history of nuclear (including how the Navy made it cool by using it to power submarines), costs, and the pros and cons of putting it into the mix of our energy transition.

Is nuclear truly carbon free? And will it stand the test of time? Whether you tune in for Blake's thoughts and opinions on the future of nuclear power or to see how Derdowski attempts to contain her excitement about this topic, we hope you listen and learn. 

BONUS TRACK: Keep listening for a funny outtake regarding submarine life. Fact correction: David Robinson is 7'1" tall.

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Mar 23, 202239:48
32. Financial Genies. Are They Real?

32. Financial Genies. Are They Real?

Have you ever rubbed a lamp, hoping your financial worries would be solved? Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about where to start with saving for retirement? Do you feel too young or too old to start asking for help from a professional? Today's guests, Dave Brinkman and Alissa Garcia, give you insight about the benefits of engaging an advisor to help you achieve your long-term financial goals, regardless of your current situation.  

In this episode, sponsored by Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LLC, Dave and Alissa answer questions about what it's like to work with a financial advisor, as well as discuss why it's important to look at the whole picture, where to start, how to best manage risk and debt, and how it's never too late to start. They also lay out some cool facts, including which gender statistically makes smarter investment decisions. Do you know the answer? Take a listen to find out!

BONUS TRACK: Keep listening to learn how Dave thought the episode SHOULD have ended. Be ready to find an orange beverage STAT.

Episode Links


Mar 09, 202239:50
31. #BreakTheBias Through ESG

31. #BreakTheBias Through ESG

Thanks to our sponsor, CU-Denver's Energy Program, we had the great fortune of speaking with Farhana Morales, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility, ESG at Target Corporation. Prior to joining the team at Target, Farhana had a long career in the oil & gas industry that allowed her to explore multiple countries and cultures. During her work in energy, she was introduced to the concept of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and it truly resonated with her values. We invited Farhana on for her knowledge and experience with ESG but as you'll hear, this episode leaves listeners with so much more.

In addition to explaining ESG and some of the common misconceptions, Farhana touches on lessons learned throughout her career, her passion for helping other women, and shares tips on how to find the support you need, because women CAN do it all. She also reminds us that now is the time of the "Great Upgrade," and if you aren't happy professionally to find your voice, even if it means using a hacksaw. #BreakTheBias

We're releasing this episode early as we thought sharing Farhana's story is a perfect way to honor International Women's Day. We hope you enjoy every minute and ultimately, you feel inspired to become an advocate for both yourself and all of the women in your network. Listen now on your favorite podcast platform or online:

BONUS TRACK: We had a silent co-host for more than 30 minutes...but then she just couldn't help herself.

Episode Links


Mar 08, 202234:49
30. The Ms. Engineer Way
Feb 23, 202235:34
29. Meet the Team

29. Meet the Team

The Women's Energy Network Podcast was created to share information about the energy industry as well as highlight stories of leadership from our WEN community. This year is no different, but we're changing it up by adding more content and cohosts, allowing us to drop new episodes every two weeks. Are you excited? 

This is the first episode of 2022 and before we jump into the "real" stuff, we decided to take a beat and highlight our three hosts, Sally Hallingstad, Sarah Bartlett, and Sarah Derdowski - #HBD for short. These friends may have a lot in common, but as they introduce themselves you'll hear a number of ways they differ, from family life and educational experiences to where they grew up and their skill sets. We anticipate that the mix of similarities and differences will bring out the best in our guests, providing you with ear candy for all types of listeners. Take a listen, get to know your hosts, and then set a reminder to listen for new episodes twice a month featuring a variety of technical and leadership experts. Enjoy! 

BONUS TRACK: Have a few extra minutes? Keep listening after the closing music to learn your next party joke; the one so good that it didn't make the final cut. 

Connect with HBD on LinkedIn 

  • Sally Hallingstad: 
  • Sarah Bartlett: 
  • Sarah Derdowski: 

Learn more about Women's Energy Network: 

Have guest or topic ideas? Send them to!  


Feb 10, 202225:51
28. Why a Leadership Program?

28. Why a Leadership Program?

Have you considered applying for the 2022 Global Leadership Cohort? This episode talks about the program's benefits, the importance of the community you build, and how you can continue your development beyond just one year. Listen in as Brandon Towle, Yielded Consulting, and Kara Byrne, WEN Global President Elect, discuss how they met and developed one of WEN's signature programs! 

Episode Links:

  • Connect with Brandon:
  • Connect with Kara:
  • Apply for the 2022 Global Leadership Cohort:


Dec 08, 202135:59
27. Bringing Up the Boss
Nov 03, 202132:22
26. BOEM: More Than an Acronym, sponsored by WEN Greater Albany
Oct 06, 202123:08
25. Leader of the Pack
Sep 08, 202124:21
24. Stories of Leadership: From Pilot to President
Aug 23, 202133:24
23. It's a Jungle Out There, sponsored by CU-Denver GEM Program

23. It's a Jungle Out There, sponsored by CU-Denver GEM Program

A recent Google search pulled up daunting statistics about job hunting, including one that states "In 2018, on average, 12% of candidates who applied for jobs were asked for an interview." What? Only a 12% chance? Do they not know how amazing I am?  Job hunting can be as miserable or as fun as you want it to be. In today's episode we talk to two leaders in job placement, Katie Wilson and Kim Pierce. Our discussion revolves around what the current job market looks like for O&G, the best ways to use your resources, and the importance of building and using your network. And we also threw in a few comments about when and why you should look at working with a recruiter during your next search. Can you say "broader network?" Thank you to the Global Energy Management (GEM) Program for supporting the WEN Podcast. If you are currently unemployed and/or looking for ways to build or improve your skills, check out their website to sign up for free courses, certificate courses, or even a masters in energy management! Connect on LinkedIn: Katie Wilson: Kim Pierce: Sarah Derdowski: Learn more about: Wilson Workforce Solutions: High Country Energy Search: GEM Program: Women’s Energy Network offers access to a Career Center as part of your member benefits. Visit us online to learn how you can join our network today: *Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW*
Jul 14, 202126:40
22. Crazy for Crypto
Jun 02, 202138:41
21. What the ESG?!?
May 05, 202141:09
20. Your Network is Your Net Worth
Apr 07, 202127:48
19. Making DEI a part of our DNA

19. Making DEI a part of our DNA

Today's episode features Brittany Ramos (Orion Strategies) interviewing WEN's newly appointed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Director, Dannetta English-Bland (Deloitte). From beginning to end, this episode is true ear candy as Brittany and Dannetta take a deep dive into the ways WEN is weaving DEI into its DNA through #OneWENForAll.

In addition to providing great content about WEN's DEI initiatives, there are unforgettable quotes throughout, including what HOPE means to Dannetta. Take a listen - we promise you won't regret it.

Connect with:

Dannetta on LinkedIn:

Brittany on LinkedIn:

Quick links:

Learn more about #OneWENForALL:

Learn more about Women's Energy Network:


Mar 17, 202143:16
18. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

18. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

Same podcast, new name! Formerly known as the WENCO Watercooler, this is the first of many episodes of the Women's Energy Network (WEN) Podcast. We are excited to share stories, knowledge, leadership tips and more through this platform.  "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." -Albert Einstein To kick us off, we gathered WEN National Presidents to share with listeners how WEN National came to be (past), what is on the agenda for members this year (present) and where they see WEN in five years (future). Take a listen as Jeannie, Erin, Jana and Tara share the WEN story and inspire all of us to grab a friend and join the WEN community!  Connect with: Jeannie Gardner, Shell (2016-2017) on LinkedIn Erin Magee, Jackson Kelly, PLLC (2019) on LinkedIn Jana Grauberger, Liskow & Lewis (2020) on LinkedIn Tara Meek, Williams (2021) on LinkedIn Helpful links: Become a Member of WEN Volunteer with WEN *Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW*
Feb 17, 202144:21
17. Hey 2021 - let's DO this.
Dec 02, 202043:19
16. Confident Leadership w/Anna Conrad, ILS
Nov 18, 202022:26
15. Stories of Resilience featuring Frances Koncilja
Nov 04, 202013:47
14. The Ultimate Comeback w/Margot Timbel

14. The Ultimate Comeback w/Margot Timbel

With an undergrad in Geological and Geophysical Science, Margot Timbel started her career with Amoco and never looked back. She retired after more than 35 years in the oil & gas industry, but like many leaders of our industry, it wasn't long before she jumped into her next project. In this episode, we learn about Margot’s career trajectory, helpful tips for any career and her post-retirement passion project, Comeback Yoga. Her calm demeanor combined with insight into the oil & gas industry makes this episode a must-listen. Enjoy! Episode links: Find Margot on LinkedIn: Comeback Yoga: Comeback Yoga Breakfast (10/28): WENCO: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW!
Oct 22, 202045:25
13. #LeadershipGoals w/Ward Polzin

13. #LeadershipGoals w/Ward Polzin

As I (Sally) mention in the intro, Ward Polzin, CEO at Camino Natural Resources, is one of the kindest, most authentic leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His approach on leadership is one that is rare in the oil & gas sector and in my opinion, should be emulated more. With a degree in engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Rice University, Ward was able to develop his career from the field to the C-Suite through a variety of experiences. Our discussion includes valuable leadership tips, including why it's important to hire people smarter than you, as well as insight into which basin he thinks is best. I truly believe that every listener - regardless of gender, skill or sector – will glean tips from this episode. Enjoy! Episode links: Find Ward on LinkedIn: Camino Resources: WENCO: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW!
Oct 07, 202040:31
12. Say What?!? w/Brittany Ramos & Amber Vineyard, Orion Strategies
Sep 30, 202047:35
11. The Oilfield Impact, sponsored by QEP Resources
Sep 02, 202028:00
10. Affordable energy - we’re all in this together, sponsored by Great Western Petroleum
Aug 19, 202038:20
9. How to be a Mamasan w/Diana Hoff
Aug 05, 202001:00:34
8. Embracing the Suck w/Nick Williams
Jul 15, 202046:22
7. BLM - it’s not just a land thing w/Kathy Dawson

7. BLM - it’s not just a land thing w/Kathy Dawson

On May 25, 2020 our country saw the murder of George Floyd through a video that showed the world how easy it was for someone in power to take the life of another. This video showed the reality that many BIPOC Americans live every day of their lives and ignited a fire under people to fight harder for equality and real, sustainable change.
I found myself in a position of uncertainty - a feeling I abhor. Uncertain if I was being supportive of Black Americans and if I wasn’t, uncertain of how I could be. This episode captures only a portion of how my coworker, Kathy Dawson, has helped me to open my eyes and ears to a part of our world that needs major change.
Normally this is the part where I would give highlights of our conversation and tell you where in the track you could find it; however, in my mind, this episode is worth the full listen so I’m skipping the CliffsNotes. After talking with Kathy, I was inspired to learn even more about the history of Black Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement, and have included a few of the links I’ve found below. I hope that like me, this episode inspires you to educate, listen and support our fellow BIPOC Americans. #blacklivesmatter
-Sally Hallingstad, WENCO Chapter President

Website: Black Lives Matter,
Videos to Watch: Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man,
Documentary to Watch: “13th” on Netflix,
Book to Read: White Fragility,

Kathy’s Favorites:

Authors: Michael Dawson, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois and Dr. Tony Evans
Inspiring Movie: “Hidden Figures”,

Jul 01, 202001:02:22
6. Rare Approaches for your job hunt w/Caley Van Cleave
Jun 17, 202052:21
5. WHY Wyoming?
Jun 03, 202049:27
4. Building the "A" Team
May 27, 202040:41