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Words of Heart

Words of Heart

By Dionne Sanchez

Is about in depth conversations of inspiration with an emphasis on mental health
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Creative Communication

Words of HeartFeb 18, 2023

Creative Communication
Feb 18, 202352:32
Create The Life We Desire
Feb 16, 202329:42
Medicating Normal
Feb 10, 202337:25
There's a time to HEAL
Jan 15, 202330:09
Social Security Disability
Dec 27, 202237:22
International Podcast Day
Oct 04, 202231:59
Start from the Root
Oct 02, 202232:49
Failure to Move Forward
Sep 26, 202226:21
Don't stick to the Status Quo
Sep 26, 202243:15
Address some things
Sep 11, 202211:11
FREED from Stuck
Sep 04, 202232:33
Celebrate Words of Heart (Twitter Space Edition)
Aug 31, 202202:31:53
Subconscious Transformation
Aug 29, 202244:28
Stress Receptors
Aug 27, 202239:48
Back to the Mic
Aug 26, 202217:49
Anew Creation
Aug 26, 202231:43
Learn to Love
Aug 25, 202253:54
Trapped in China
Aug 25, 202201:16:60
Mental Health Matters (Twitter Space Edition)
Aug 25, 202236:21
Female Liberty
Aug 25, 202237:04
Call it a Comeback
Aug 23, 202225:21
It Takes One Bullet
Aug 22, 202232:31
That's a Wrap
Apr 08, 202218:40
Voices Matter
Mar 28, 202225:30
The Relationship Guy
Mar 17, 202246:25
Let's Chat
Mar 09, 202208:07
Inward reflection
Mar 09, 202228:18
Willingness to be different
Mar 07, 202258:23
Laying down the foundation
Mar 07, 202232:06
Mental Health Officer
Mar 04, 202231:19
Self Love (Instagram Live Edition)
Feb 26, 202230:32
Now Playing"No More Late Fees"
Feb 21, 202201:13:51
Valentine's Day
Feb 14, 202213:40
Dyslexia Label
Feb 09, 202224:01
Jan 24, 202246:53
Trajectory of Life
Jan 19, 202216:15
Stress Diabetes
Jan 10, 202230:23
Beautiful Scars
Jan 10, 202238:29
Accidental Entrepreneur
Jan 10, 202226:02
Jan 09, 202220:45
Podcast Dreams
Jan 03, 202214:37
Redefining Normal
Jan 03, 202224:08
Jan 01, 202238:01
Dare to Dream
Dec 30, 202126:22
Dec 29, 202140:07
Juggling Life
Dec 28, 202126:26
Imperfect life but beautiful
Dec 28, 202129:18
Dec 24, 202117:04
9/11 & Covid
Dec 24, 202137:23
Choose to Prevail
Dec 24, 202140:52
Soaring Eagle
Dec 23, 202129:40
Finding purpose within Tragedy
Dec 21, 202136:31
Identity (Twitter Space Edition)
Dec 21, 202101:09:28
Happy Holidays
Dec 16, 202107:43
Get out of your head
Dec 15, 202135:45
Brain Machine
Dec 15, 202131:53
Tapping away anxiety
Dec 09, 202134:34
New age filled with new opportunities and possibilities
Nov 20, 202112:36
Relationship with Single
Nov 12, 202149:35
Mental Health Advocate
Nov 12, 202137:30
Having a Job
Oct 28, 202121:56
Take off the Mask
Oct 20, 202113:28
Porn Addiction
Oct 18, 202153:45
Faith key to surviving Covid
Oct 18, 202134:50
Fridge as your Best Friend
Oct 04, 202130:23
Ladder of Acceptance
Sep 25, 202130:20
Sep 25, 202121:09
Soul to Soul
Sep 13, 202126:54
Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 10, 202138:19
Sep 08, 202139:09
Poetic Recovery
Sep 07, 202144:49
Relationship with Fear
Sep 07, 202135:50
Veering off the Path
Sep 07, 202137:25
Restructure your Life
Sep 06, 202131:34
Oh the Stories We Tell
Sep 06, 202153:53
Sep 06, 202135:19
Boxing the Blues Away
Sep 06, 202123:06
Sep 06, 202135:23
Learning to heal yourself
Sep 02, 202132:33
Living Life to the Fullest
Aug 31, 202151:14
Aug 31, 202132:41
Magnetic Mindset
Aug 30, 202133:14
Power to Pivot

Power to Pivot

Had privilege to speak with Elizabeth Miles host of the "Power to Pivot" Podcast and founder of the March Fourth Media Company.Her sole mission is to help others pivot through out their lives into new ideas, goals and dreams. In this episode we go in depth as to how meaning behind pivot came to be in relation to her own story.

Aug 30, 202128:52
Post Natal Depression
Aug 30, 202136:03
Happy Anniversary Words of Heart
Aug 23, 202158:26
Leaning In
Aug 20, 202144:56
Season Finale
Jun 22, 202140:17
Escaping into Nature

Escaping into Nature

Had the privliege to speak Aurora Eggert about her podcast "The borealis experience" and how meditation is good for one's well being.
Video Interview: Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page:
or YouTube Page:
Jun 22, 202126:43
God's Messenger
Jun 19, 202126:24
"The Game of Self Domination"
Jun 15, 202123:41
Reclaim your Wild!!!

Reclaim your Wild!!!

Has immense privilege to speak with Wild feminine soul guide, life coach,qoua movement teacher Linda Katz about her 5 year quest to reclaim her wild and escape all the cages of life.

Jun 14, 202125:14
Diagnosis is a catalyst for change
Jun 14, 202129:45
Heart to Heart
Jun 10, 202121:21
Embrace Who You Are
Jun 06, 202136:06
Surviving vs Thriving
Jun 03, 202123:42
Podcasting Journey
Jun 01, 202143:40
Custody with Narcissist
May 30, 202101:04:30
Writer's Heart
May 30, 202126:30
Human Body:Diets & Diabetes
May 25, 202140:27
May 25, 202144:08
Grief Perspective
May 25, 202129:04
May 24, 202134:16
Big Announcement
May 23, 202107:60
Melting Pot
May 21, 202122:42
Different Paths
May 21, 202131:04


Speaking with therapist Leslyn Kantner about her experience being widowed twice and how she use her experience with grief to help others.

May 20, 202130:33
Relationships in Pandemic
May 20, 202122:07
Projecting Your Voice
May 20, 202125:15
Coaching Authenticity
May 19, 202133:20
Support System
May 19, 202120:44
Foster Care
May 19, 202122:43
Breast Cancer
May 18, 202132:57
Chronic Depression
May 17, 202133:48
Brain Disease at the center

Brain Disease at the center

Speaking with Author Lisa Skinner using her book & her profession as a behavior specialist to raise awareness on brain diseases that cause dementia.Most importantly by understanding the disease you be better equip to handle it and know that there is a real person underneath.

May 17, 202135:53
Spark a Change

Spark a Change

Speaking with Rick Ornelas about his book & how he is using his platform to spread positivity.Inspiring others on how to take action to make an impact. Video Interview: Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page: or YouTube Page:
May 16, 202126:53
Health Conditions Don't Define Us
May 15, 202119:18
Renew your Mind

Renew your Mind

Speaking with Victoria D Walker how to take control of your emotions through God’s help
May 13, 202123:57


Speaking with Author Ceili McCollonough about her book & the love of writing 

May 11, 202119:32
Shake off the Dirt
May 10, 202126:46
Mental Health Effect

Mental Health Effect

Speaking with Mike Stroh about mental health profession,his personal perspective on sobriety,and how everyone is being effected by pandemic
May 10, 202121:49
Cancer Story
May 06, 202124:11
Spiritual Realm
May 06, 202126:34
Diabetic Burnout
May 05, 202128:23
Wounds & Accountability
May 05, 202126:58
Coping with Mental Health
May 04, 202126:13
Powers of the mind

Powers of the mind

"Powers of the Mind with Craig P. Stone"
May 03, 202120:00
Aftermath & everything in between
May 03, 202121:34
Silver Lining
Apr 30, 202129:49
Empty Cup
Apr 27, 202130:05
Laws of Attraction
Apr 26, 202119:30
Taking Back Your Life
Apr 22, 202127:50


Speaking with Sabrina Osso about her company Osso Safe which sole purpose is to prevent Violence of all kinds & has myriad of solutions that go beyond simply preventing it. Video Interview: Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page: or YouTube Page:
Apr 21, 202154:33
Heart & Weirdo Trivia Edition

Heart & Weirdo Trivia Edition

In this special collaboration episode I did fun ice breaker questions with Abigail host of the Manic Pixie Werido Podcast. Humorous answers guaranteed to make you burp glitters of enjoyment.

Apr 21, 202129:10
Designing your mind

Designing your mind

Speaking with Krystal Holm about interior design

If you like sign up for her masterclass here is the link:

Video Interview:Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page: or YouTube Page:

Apr 21, 202124:45
Inner Workings of the Human Brain
Apr 20, 202118:18


Epic collaboration episode with Derek Lane of the "Last Word by Derek Lane" Podcast discussing originality how does one define it and is anything truly original.

Apr 19, 202135:27


Speaking with Maura Sweeney about the pandemic & how we hope to come out of it on positive note

Apr 19, 202126:59


Speaking with Artisha Bolding about her work as life coach & how she helps others be the best version of themselves. Social Plug In:                          
Apr 16, 202119:29


Speaking with Sarah Schwab about her love of dance & creativity Video Interview: Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page: or YouTube Page:
Apr 16, 202131:50
Apr 16, 202126:16
Human Touch

Human Touch

Speaking with Author Epiphany Jordan about human touch & how it effects us Video Interview: Click on YouTube page: or Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page:
Apr 13, 202131:12
Happy Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Sharing my thoughts on Resurrection Sunday

Video Testimony: Go to Words of Heart Podcast Facebook Page or Youtube Page

Apr 04, 202116:51
Self Confidence
Apr 02, 202141:38


Speaking with Jeremy Hass
Apr 01, 202127:13
Self Worth
Apr 01, 202116:40


Speaking with Ron Blake about his story of Rape and sharing my own thoughts as well. For the video interview go to my Facebook Page 

Words of Heart Podcast:  or to my YouTube page

Mar 31, 202145:38
Faith at the center

Faith at the center

Having a open hearted conversation with Anna Samanamu host of "My Two Cents'-Sense and Change podcast.

Mar 31, 202155:34
Heart Connection

Heart Connection

Speaking with Padma Gordon about the most important tool at our disposal and that is our heart. Here is the link to her website

Her Book:"Being Together" can be found on Amazon 

Mar 29, 202126:21
Stages of discovery & healing

Stages of discovery & healing

Speaking with Sherry T
Mar 23, 202124:22


Sharing my latest poem in honor of World Poetry Day & National Poetry month in April
Mar 22, 202123:31


Speaking with Life Coach Katie Dirkswager
Mar 22, 202121:11
Turning Point

Turning Point

Speaking with Devon Jones
Mar 19, 202137:29


Speaking with Rachel West about the pandemic,growth,and feeling stuck
Mar 19, 202119:22


Talking with Samantha Peach about Sobriety, depression and how creativity has immense powers in one’s healing
Mar 16, 202118:27
Self Discovery in the pandemic

Self Discovery in the pandemic

Speaking with Dr. Lynette about learning during the pandemic & how one would define success.
Mar 16, 202126:50
Exercise your heart!!

Exercise your heart!!

Speaking with Kenneth Carter about health,fitness & helping others
Mar 13, 202124:28
Authentic Self!!

Authentic Self!!

Speaking with Stacie Barber
Mar 12, 202123:36
Using our means to help others

Using our means to help others

Speaking with Hans Hageman about how he uses impeccable knowledge & experiences to help others.
Mar 12, 202126:47


Speaking with Author Radesha Dixon
Mar 10, 202129:38
Redefine Normal

Redefine Normal

Speaking with Alexis & Justin Black
Mar 10, 202122:01
Empathetic Podcasters across the globe!!!

Empathetic Podcasters across the globe!!!

Chatting with Nowhere Man the host of the Nowhere Man podcast.
Mar 08, 202133:02
Plant a seed of Kindness!!!
Mar 08, 202122:39
Covid & emotions

Covid & emotions

Speaking with Drew Rabidoux about how people are being effected by the pandemic
Mar 04, 202125:28
Jokes & beyond

Jokes & beyond

Speaking with Kenneth Scott
Mar 03, 202124:30
Relationship with Food
Mar 02, 202133:24
Podcasting & being a full time student

Podcasting & being a full time student

Talking about podcasting and being a full-time student
Feb 28, 202120:30
Suffering is our greatest teacher

Suffering is our greatest teacher

Speaking with Terry Tucker
Feb 25, 202122:44


Speaking with Bobbie Malatesta as she shares her story about gambling addiction
Feb 24, 202121:57
God’s Love
Feb 20, 202139:33
Light & Dark

Light & Dark

Speaking with the host of Choose your Struggle” podcast Jay Shifman
Feb 19, 202121:32
Feb 19, 202118:06


Speaking with Karen Tibbals
Feb 19, 202120:03


Speaking with Bethany Nicole
Feb 18, 202128:32
“Let go Let God”

“Let go Let God”

Speaking with Gloria Grace Rand
Feb 17, 202128:02
God’s Plan

God’s Plan

Speaking with Pastor Aleechea Pitts
Feb 17, 202131:56
Battle with relationships & social media

Battle with relationships & social media

Discussing with Laura Moseley about abusive relationship & social media
Feb 16, 202135:25
Namaste your heart!!!

Namaste your heart!!!

Discussing with yoga instructor Megan Nolan
Feb 09, 202121:12
Laughter is the best medicine!!

Laughter is the best medicine!!

Having a humorous conversation with Shaun Eli
Feb 06, 202131:27
Speak Up!!!

Speak Up!!!

Speaking Elizabeth Hronek. If you or anyone needs help don’t hesitate to contact her via email or Instagram @lizhronex. In addition, the domestic violence hotline is available 24/7 phone number 1(800)799-7233
Feb 02, 202124:51
Warriors & Heroes

Warriors & Heroes

Speaking with Michelle Kuei
Jan 29, 202127:53


My love for podcasting an how I got into it & the immense joy it has brought my life
Jan 23, 202121:20
Salute to FREEDOM!!!

Salute to FREEDOM!!!

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Happy Inauguration Day!!!
Jan 21, 202111:47
Dreams & Purpose

Dreams & Purpose

Talking about how to not waste the gifts we are given. Jeremiah 29:11
Jan 16, 202115:54
Emotional state of mind

Emotional state of mind

Discussing with Eric Almeida about his profession being Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.
Jan 14, 202129:59
World of Kindness

World of Kindness

Interview with world renowned Rosalyn Kahn
Jan 12, 202120:51
Change fosters Growth!!!

Change fosters Growth!!!

Remarkable conversation with Clisver Alvarez about her journey with Bipolar Disorder
Jan 11, 202129:20
When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide

Discussing various topics with Closeted Nerd
Jan 08, 202126:08
Year ago my whole life changed

Year ago my whole life changed

Anniversary of being diagnosed with diabetes.
Jan 08, 202123:36


Speaking to Spoken Word Artist Keeifer of the album Unzipped
Jan 05, 202121:09
Breaking up with 2020!!!

Breaking up with 2020!!!

Sharing insight on the year 2020
Dec 18, 202012:45
New age comes with perspective

New age comes with perspective

My thought’s on turning 25!!
Nov 24, 202012:18
God is Good!!! Part 2

God is Good!!! Part 2

My girl Courtney is sharing how God can helps us through any season of our life
Nov 11, 202006:51
God is Good!! Part 1

God is Good!! Part 1

My girl Courtney is sharing how God can helps us through any season of our life
Nov 11, 202014:04


Trails of your life don’t destroy you but shapes you into who you are meant to be.
Nov 11, 202006:05


Take off the mask!!!
Oct 23, 202009:51
Ways of Namaste

Ways of Namaste

Suggestions to help deal with stress
Oct 14, 202010:34
College Life

College Life

College is like a roller coaster!!!!
Oct 12, 202014:12
Life is messy!!!

Life is messy!!!

“Please excuse the mess”-Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr
Oct 10, 202010:02
Human versus Robot

Human versus Robot

Explaining the beauty and cruelty of Technology!!!
Oct 02, 202011:42
Fear & Character

Fear & Character

Sep 23, 202008:38


Sep 18, 202020:54


Check in on your friends and family. It would mean more than you can possibly know.❤️❤️❤️
Sep 05, 202005:29


One voice has the power to change lives!!!
Sep 05, 202005:58
Bottled Emotions

Bottled Emotions

Speak up!!! It is never okay to say “nothing at all”
Aug 28, 202009:24
Your Heart!!!!

Your Heart!!!!

Your heart is so precious and you should do everything in your power to protect it!!
Aug 24, 202009:15