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Working Moms

Working Moms

By Charu Sharma

We invite impressive moms from all walks of life to learn different perspectives on career choices, financial tradeoffs, self-care, workplace policies and much more!
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Working Moms: Shadiah Sigala

Working MomsAug 31, 2020

Working Moms: Shadiah Sigala

Working Moms: Shadiah Sigala

Shadiah Sigala is the Cofounder & CEO of Kinside, a childcare startup trusted by over 2,000 employers worldwide. Shadiah formerly founded Honeybook that has over 100 employees today. She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Pomona College and a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard University. Shadiah lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.

In this episode, I talk to Shadiah about her YCombinator interview, raising $4M as a new mom, motherhood influencing her career choices as an entrepreneur, childcare, modeling work life balance as leaders, building self-confidence, financial advice for founders with kids, and more!

You may follow Shadiah on Twitter at @ShadiahS.

Aug 31, 202044:52
Working Moms: Tacy Byham

Working Moms: Tacy Byham

Tacy Byham is the CEO of DDI, a leading global leadership consulting firm with 1100 employees across the world. Tacy holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron and a B.A. in Math and Computer Science from Mount Holyoke College. She is a single mom and lives in Pittsburgh. 

In this episode, I talk to Tacy about being a single mom while also leading a large global consulting firm, career choices and tradeoffs, benefits of living in Pittsburgh, workplace policies and flexibility, and much more!

You may follow Tacy on Twitter at @TacyByham.

Note: This interview was recorded in May.

Aug 25, 202040:21
Working Moms: Joanne Wilson

Working Moms: Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson is an entrepreneur, angel investor and blogger who has been a true advocate of female founders since the days when it wasn't cool to be a female founder . She is a mother of three and lives in New York City with her husband Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.

Joanne has been both a working mom and a stay-at-home, and in this episode, we chat about re-inventing herself several times, her parenting style, her reasons for having kids at a relatively young age, lifestyle choices, prioritizing her relationship with her husband, shift in workplace dynamics for parents and much more!

You may follow Joanne on Twitter at @thegothamgal.

Aug 16, 202036:14
Working Moms: Sysamone Phaphon

Working Moms: Sysamone Phaphon

Sysamone Phaphon is the Head of Growth at an Oakland-based cannibis startup called Vertosa. Sysamone is a former founder, healthcare administrator and a community organizer, and a single mom of two amazing kids.

In this episode, I talk to Sysamone about re-entering the workforce after a break, co-parenting as a single parent, being a founder vs a startup employee with kids, how she finds ways to follow her passions, self care, time and money management, and temporary sacrifices for long term gains!

You may follow Sysamone on Twitter at @phaphons.

Aug 09, 202043:03
Working Moms: Kate Brodock

Working Moms: Kate Brodock

Kate Brodock is the CEO of Women 2.0 and a Founding Partner at W Fund investing in female and minority founder-led startups. Kate lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two kids.

In this episode, I talk to Kate about working from home/working for herself, managing the everyday guilt as a working mom, financial choices, frameworks for time management and productivity, raising kids in rural America vs big cities, motherhood penalty vs fatherhood bonus, and advice for moms who feel burned out or unappreciated at work!

You may follow Kate on Twitter at @Just_Kate.

Aug 02, 202043:57
Working Moms: Marie Outtier

Working Moms: Marie Outtier

Marie Outtier is the Founder/CEO of (acquired by Twitter in 2019) and a Director of Product at Twitter in London.

In this episode, I talk to Marie about winning Techcrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield competition as a pregnant woman, fundraising while having her first child, getting acquired by Twitter, parental benefits in Europe vs USA, becoming a mom as a founder vs a corporate employee, and making uncommon choices that worked for *her*!

You may follow Marie on Twitter at @MarieOuttier.

Jul 26, 202048:37
Working Moms: Emily Best

Working Moms: Emily Best

Emily Best is the founder and CEO of a VC-backed entertainment startup called Seed&Spark based out of Los Angeles. She is also a mentor to several startups and creators in the entertainment industry, and a mother of two toddlers.

In this episode, I talk to Emily about writing her own rules as a founder, paradigm shifts vs band-aid solutions for working moms, juggling childcare for two toddlers and running a startup during Covid, her partnership with her husband, building a humane and parent friendly culture for her employees, having kids later in life and much more!

You may follow Emily on Twitter at @EmilyBest.

Jul 23, 202044:51
Working Moms: Christina Crawford Kosmowski

Working Moms: Christina Crawford Kosmowski

Christina Crawford Kosmowski is Slack's Global Head of Customer Success and Services. Previously, she was the SVP of Revenue Lifecycle Management and Customer Success at Salesforce and holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. Christina lives in San Francisco bay area with her husband and two daughters. 

In this episode, I chat with Christina about the right time in one's career to have kids, carrying herself with confidence, frameworks for time management, the role of female mentors played in her life and more!

You may follow Christina on Twitter at @ckosmowski

Jul 19, 202035:20