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WorkJoy Jam with Beth Stallwood

WorkJoy Jam with Beth Stallwood

By Beth Stallwood

Conversations about how to create and cultivate more joy in your work and career.
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Ep 4: Jordan Saxby – Are You Exploiting Yourself?

WorkJoy Jam with Beth Stallwood Feb 01, 2021

S7, Ep10 - Lesley Woods - Don't Get Stuck in your Mental Tent

S7, Ep10 - Lesley Woods - Don't Get Stuck in your Mental Tent

Lesley Woods is a senior Royal Air Force Reserve Media Officer and she shared some wonderful stories and unique perspectives with me about the challenges of working in the military, but also about how you can remove your ego in a situation to allow you to work together to achieve the outcome and impact you’re looking for. Throughout this conversation what we found is that, even though these examples are from the military and from some pretty hairy situations that Lesley has been in herself, there are so many lessons that can be learned from here that apply everywhere regardless of your job or your situation. This episode will help you to look at the advice and decide how to apply it your circumstances.

Oct 09, 202352:42
S7, Ep9: Dr Rina Bajaj - The Magic in Me
Oct 09, 202349:49
S7, Ep8: Sarah Browning - Being a Kindness Cheerleader
Oct 09, 202349:46
S7, Ep7: Sam Flynn - Consciously Connecting with Social Media
Oct 09, 202351:25
S7, Ep6: Felicity Dwyer - Crafting Connection
Oct 09, 202354:09
S7, Ep5: Catherine Stothart - How to get on with anyone
Oct 09, 202352:04
S7, Ep4: Felicity Cowie - Communication is Alive
Oct 09, 202356:49
S7, Ep3: Eleanor Tweddell - Another Door
Oct 09, 202301:04:48
S7, Ep2: Zoe Hill - How work can help you through tough times
Oct 09, 202346:18
S7, Ep1 - Simon Alexander Ong - Energize Yourself
Oct 09, 202350:18
S6, Ep10: Deb Mashek - Collabor(h)ate...
Apr 24, 202353:30
S6, Ep9: Liam Black - Leading with Purpose...
Apr 24, 202301:04:58
S6, Ep8: Joanna Gaudoin - Navigating Your Career...
Apr 24, 202349:44
S6, Ep7: Sam Warburton - The Joy of Sketch noting...

S6, Ep7: Sam Warburton - The Joy of Sketch noting...

Sam Warburton is an Illustrator, Author & Content Creator with a specialism in sketch notes. Alongside her Content Creator role at Ad Esse Consulting, Sam is a skilled freelance sketch note artist. She has created visual summaries for the National Sales Conference, a range of business leaders, and was featured in Liz + Mollie’s newsletter as illustration of the month. Sam is a self-taught illustrator with a Publishing & English degree from Loughborough University and a Diploma in Professional Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing. As an advocate for helping others build happy careers in the Creative Industries, Sam offers public speaking, mentoring, and publishes a weekly newsletter called The Creative Tea Break. Sam’s website: Newsletter:
Apr 24, 202343:25
S6, Ep6: Gary Hosey - Emotional Intelligence & Active Empathy...
Apr 24, 202349:27
S6, Ep5: Phillipa White - The Joy of Experiential Learning
Apr 24, 202350:51
S6, Ep4: Claire Mitchell - Career Hedges...
Apr 24, 202350:21
S6, Ep3: Helen Beedham - The Future of Time...
Apr 24, 202356:48
S6, Ep2: Nicola Rylett-Jones - See the Potential...

S6, Ep2: Nicola Rylett-Jones - See the Potential...

Apr 24, 202356:17
S6, Ep1: Grace Marshall - The Joy is in the Struggle

S6, Ep1: Grace Marshall - The Joy is in the Struggle

Grace Marshall is known for her “refreshingly human” approach to productivity. She is Head Coach and Chief Encourager at, Productivity Ninja with Think Productive, one of the world’s leading productivity training companies and her book How to be REALLY productive was named Best Commuter’s Read in the CMI/British Library 2017 Management Book of the Year Awards. Her new book Struggle: the surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s sh*ttier moments is out now.
Apr 24, 202356:46
Special Episode: WorkJoy Book Launch

Special Episode: WorkJoy Book Launch

A special episode to celebrate the launch of Beth Stallwood’s debut book - WorkJoy: a toolkit for a better working life. In this episode Simon Arrowsmith takes the host seat and Beth is in the hot seat!
Jan 02, 202343:09
S5 Ep10 Ella-Louise Woodhouse - Look Up!
Oct 03, 202259:28
S5 Ep9 Natalie Doyle - Trust Your Instincts
Oct 03, 202247:53
S5 Ep8 Marion Ellis - Developing Wisdom
Oct 03, 202201:01:03
S5 Ep7 Dr Lizzy Bernthal - Showing Up Powerfully
Oct 03, 202256:02
S5 Ep6 Harri Helvon Hardy - Building a Better Community Ecosystem

S5 Ep6 Harri Helvon Hardy - Building a Better Community Ecosystem

Harri Helvon-Hardy is a prominent figure in the social care sector, having founded FABRIC, based in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot, Wales, in 2015. FABRIC provide loving homes with trauma informed support to young people aged 16+ who are Looked After Children, Care Leavers, Homeless young people or Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children. FABRIC supports their ‘FABRIC Kids’ as they make the biggest step of their life and transition towards independent living. Harri is an award-winning entrepreneur with over ten years’ experience in social care and has won multiple awards for her passion and efforts in changing the trajectory of those in care. As founder and director of FABRIC, Harri established the FABRIC Foundation in 2016, which is a registered charity that aims to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of all children in care by providing opportunities that greatly enhance their life, as well as achieving equal opportunities for all care leavers. Harri also played a part in campaigning for Council Tax exemption for care leavers, which was successfully put into effect in April 2018. Harri has secured in excess of £1million of funding in the development of the business which trailblazes the need for more to be done for those in care, as well as being a Role Model for Big Ideas Wales (a government funded platform to give advice to young entrepreneurs) and has recently become an alumni of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Programme, which provides high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses and social enterprises across the country. Harri also uses the skills, knowledge and experience she has gained in the social care sector to support other local businesses by offering essential business coaching.
Read more about FABRIC here.
Connect with Harri on LinkedIn here
Connect with Harri on Instagram here
Oct 03, 202253:39
S5 Ep5 Priya Velusami - When Your Hobby Becomes Your Business
Oct 03, 202247:21
S5 Ep4 Dr Gary Crotaz - Where Does Your Energy Come From?
Oct 03, 202258:55
S5 Ep3 Jessica Hartshorn - Re-connecting with Your Passion

S5 Ep3 Jessica Hartshorn - Re-connecting with Your Passion

Illustrator, Jessica Hartshorn is based in Rugby Warwickshire and creates a range of vibrantly and colourful artworks bringing heritage to life. After gaining her degree in Visual Communication, Illustration at Loughborough University in 2001, she worked as a freelance illustrator for 1 year before changing direction, developing a career in the museums and gallery education sector for over a decade. Returning to illustration in 2018, Jessica completed a range of murals for schools, illustrated books and ran workshops, however she has predominately carved out a niche specialising in illustrations for museums and galleries. Using her background in the heritage sector she now creates artwork and content for family trails, maps, interpretation and education resources. Through a fun and colourful flavour, Jessica’s Illustrations focus very much on a playful style and which is incorporated into the story telling of her illustrations. Using a mixture of acrylic, paint pens, work is sketched, and then painted using layers of colour and finally adding detail. To see more of Jessica’s work and to find out more go to:
View Jessica's Website
Connect on Instagram
Oct 03, 202252:04
S5 Ep2 Donna Reeves - Curating Your Internal Communications
Oct 03, 202256:02
S5 Ep1 Carla Miller - Stepping Into Your Authority
Oct 03, 202249:30
S4 Ep8 Valentina - Laughter Yoga - A Practical Session!
Mar 07, 202243:12
S4 Ep7 Rebekah Wallis - The Impact of Volunteering

S4 Ep7 Rebekah Wallis - The Impact of Volunteering

In this episode, People and CSR Director Rebekah speaks with Beth about the joyful impact of building volunteering into your business. 

S4 Ep7 Rebekah Wallis - The Impact of Volunteering

Mar 07, 202252:19
S4 Ep6 Dany Griffiths - Follow What Feels Right
Mar 07, 202253:35
S4 Ep5 Helen Hill - Falling Off the Ladder
Mar 07, 202248:46
S4 Ep4 Alex La Via - Digital Wellbeing
Mar 07, 202248:37
S4 Ep3 Alison Cooper - Selling Happiness
Mar 07, 202254:55
S4 Ep2 Danielle Thompson - Sustainability - Think Big, Start Small
Mar 07, 202248:25
S4 Ep1 Shaunagh Brown - Say YES to the Challenge
Mar 07, 202255:32
S3 E9 Scott Morrison - Boom!
Oct 11, 202157:13
S3 E8 Jules Parke-Robinson - Transitions
Oct 11, 202154:05
S3 E7 Nick Howard-Lanes - Man About Style
Oct 11, 202155:48
S3 E6 Ellie Dix - The Joy of Games
Oct 11, 202157:46
S3 E5 Steven Watson - Time Ltd
Oct 11, 202158:28
S3 E4 - Sam Mather - Psychological Safety
Oct 11, 202159:53
S3 E3 Elvin Turner - Be Less Zombie
Oct 11, 202155:30
S3 E2 Alison Jones - Write Brained
Oct 11, 202146:11
S3 E1 Tom Russell - Working Visually
Oct 10, 202154:34
S2 Ep1 Caroline Flanagan - Solving the Imposter Puzzle with Caroline Flanagan
Jun 13, 202156:40
S2 Ep2 Steven Dowd - Responding to Enforced Change
Jun 13, 202158:44