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The Podcast

The Podcast

By Jeffrey R. Robles

A podcast covering a variety of legal topics, including recent developments in the law, by Jeffrey R. Robles, a Law Society of Ontario Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation and a Partner with the law firm of Reilly & Partners Professional Corporation
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Saadati v. Moorhead Revisited: Proving Mental Distress Damages

The PodcastOct 05, 2023

Saadati v. Moorhead Revisited: Proving Mental Distress Damages
Oct 05, 202310:14
Changed Substratum – When your job duties no longer match your employment contract
May 17, 202309:55
When Does A Limitation Period Start?
Feb 05, 202206:50
How are my years of service with my employer calculated?
Jan 15, 202205:18
What is a signature in the Digital Age?
Jan 04, 202205:55
COVID-19 – Constructive Dismissal Update Revisited
Jul 01, 202105:24
COVID-19 – Constructive Dismissal Update
May 14, 202105:54
I Have Just Been Let Go. What Happens To My Bonus Now?
Mar 16, 202106:26
As A Union Member, Can I Sue My Employer?
Mar 09, 202105:52
February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

Feb 26, 202100:42
COVID-19 - Urgent Applications During the Pandemic
Jul 04, 202005:48
Update on Termination Clauses from the Court of Appeal
Jul 03, 202004:33
What Am I Entitled To In A Wrongful Dismissal Claim?
Jun 09, 202004:27
Publicly Placing A Person In False Light
Jun 09, 202005:14
COVID-19: Legislative Changes to Constructive Dismissal
Jun 05, 202005:14
How Long Can I Wait To Look For A New Job?
May 11, 202003:57
COVID-19: Legislative Changes for Employees and Employers
Apr 19, 202008:17
Will Your Termination Clause Hold Up?
Jan 24, 202006:52
Update: Can I Change My Mind After I Quit?
Sep 11, 201904:20
Revisiting the Tort of Harassment
May 13, 201903:45
Can you contract out of Employment Standards?
May 13, 201904:00
Can You Sue Your Former Employer For Giving A Negative Reference?
Nov 28, 201804:00
Can I Change My Mind After I Quit?
Oct 23, 201804:21
Can I Seek Re-Training and Still Sue for Wrongful Dismissal?
Oct 15, 201804:54
Who Is Liable In A Fight Between Athletes?
Jul 05, 201804:16
When Does My Disability Coverage End?
May 03, 201804:08
Is Your Home Office A Fundamental Term Of Employment?
Feb 08, 201804:59
What will happen to my job now that the business has been sold?
Nov 25, 201704:42
My disability claim was denied. When should I sue the insurer?
Nov 13, 201705:59
Introduction to Injunctions
Jun 05, 201704:45
What Is Unjust Enrichment and How Can It Affect My Property Rights?
Apr 25, 201704:27
How Long Can I Wait To Sue My Employer?
Apr 19, 201704:34
What medical information can an employer request?
Apr 04, 201704:08
Negligence and Children's Liability
Dec 19, 201604:08
Wrongfully Dismissed? Where Should You Sue Your Employer?

Wrongfully Dismissed? Where Should You Sue Your Employer?

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Dec 19, 201604:08
Oppression Remedies - A Matter of Substance Over Form
Dec 07, 201605:04
What Does Undue Hardship Mean?
Dec 07, 201605:31
Two Companies, One Common Employer 
Oct 31, 201604:08
What makes for a reasonable job search after dismissal?
Oct 25, 201603:32
Bonuses: Do you know what you are entitled to when you are let go from your job?
Sep 16, 201604:39
Did You Know That The Early Termination of a Fixed Term Contract Requires Special Attention?
Aug 29, 201603:39
Did You Know Contractors May Be Entitled To Reasonable Notice of Termination?
Aug 22, 201603:20
Did You Know Federally-Regulated Employees Cannot Be Dismissed Without Just Cause?
Jul 25, 201602:49
Did You Know Reinstatement Is Possible Without A Union?
Jul 18, 201603:23
Privacy and Confidentiality in the Workplace
Mar 27, 201605:38
The Art of the Notice Period
Feb 27, 201604:32
Weak Economy? You Could Be Entitled to More Pay in Lieu of Notice
Nov 07, 201504:22
Income Damages Awards - What is the Difference?
Jul 17, 201506:27
Being Dismissed in the Summer Could Mean a Longer Notice Period
Jul 17, 201505:29
Potter v. New Brunswick Legal Aid Services: Constructive Dismissal Update
Apr 25, 201505:11