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EP 7 職場內為何溝而不通

職場迷宮 Work Maze Jul 11, 2023

EP 7 職場內為何溝而不通
Jul 11, 202322:47
EP6 新手主管, 如何同隊友建立互信?
Jun 18, 202213:19
EP5 新手主管, 你認識你的隊友嗎?
May 06, 202214:20
EP4 P牌新手主管, 我勝任嗎?

EP4 P牌新手主管, 我勝任嗎?

新手主管由於經驗尚淺遇到不少困難, 往往只有從挫折中學習如何成為稱職的主管 。過程中會感到困惑,苦惱,甚至懷疑自己 。 作為過來人, Mamie 同 Norris 會在這集分享自己新手時心態轉變及怎樣建立團隊的管理技巧 。希望無論你正準備進升為主管或現職係新主管,甚至已當主管多年都可以從中得到鼓勵或啟發。     

如你覺得這集有幫助 , 請分享出去給你的朋友,一齊學習。

Without having the right experience yet, a first time manager is bound to face difficult challenges.  It seems like the way to become a better manager is to learn by mistakes. This learning process often leads to confusion, frustration and even self-doubts. Both Mamie and Norris went through the same path before, hereby we want to share with you how we shifted our negative mindsets and what skills we had developed in building a high performing team. Regardless of whether you are about to take a new manager role, just started or even being a seasoned manager, we hope that this episode would bring you encouragement and inspiration. 

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