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The Worldbuilder's Tavern

The Worldbuilder's Tavern

By The Worldbuilder's Tavern

The Worldbuilder's Tavern is a bi-weekly podcast for sci-fi and fantasy writers. The hosts (writer, makeup artist, and dungeon master Emma Maione; writer and developmental editor Allison Alexander; and marketing manager and academic Christiana Jones) break down the worldbuilding of speculative shows, movies, and books, sharing insights into how creatives can apply professional storytelling techniques to their own projects.
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2.5 Comedy in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The Worldbuilder's TavernNov 29, 2023

2.5 Comedy in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Nov 29, 202334:14
2.4 Revealing Worldbuilding through Character in Avatar: The Last Airbender
Nov 22, 202332:47
2.3 Fake Science and Villainy in The Outside (with Ada Hoffmann)
Nov 01, 202343:51
2.2 Dark Weird in Over the Garden Wall
Oct 18, 202330:07
2.1 Gendered Magic in Wheel of Time
Oct 04, 202342:42
1.15 Gritty Storytelling in House of the Dragon
Jul 19, 202350:41
1.14 Open Worldbuilding in Tears of the Kingdom (with Jeni Chappelle)
Jul 05, 202348:03
1.13 Horror and Narration Style in Annihilation
Jun 21, 202337:13
1.12 Subtle Worldbuilding in This is How You Lose the Time War
Jun 08, 202329:50
1.11 Worldbuilding Fun in the D&D Movie
May 24, 202334:44
1.10 Dystopia in The Hunger Games
May 10, 202338:25
1.9 Politics and Society in The Mandalorian
Apr 26, 202348:13
1.8 Familiar Worlds in The Mandalorian
Apr 12, 202336:58
1.7 Disability, Villainy, Magic, and Technology in Nimona
Mar 29, 202335:11
1.6 Multiverses, Metaphors, and Absurdity in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
Mar 15, 202325:36
1.5 Beautiful Worlds and Video Game Writing in Ori and the Blind Forest
Mar 01, 202333:27
1.4 Science, Language, and Aliens in Project Hail Mary
Feb 15, 202335:50
1.3 Subtle Storytelling, Slang, and Society in Mad Max: Fury Road
Feb 01, 202335:49
1.2 Humour and Fashion in Good Omens

1.2 Humour and Fashion in Good Omens

Heaven, hell, and humour—the key ingredients for the hit TV show Good Omens! In this episode, we discuss how the show uses the unexpected to create humour, the casting choices, fashion, and makeup.

Jan 18, 202328:50
1.1 Mythology in Good Omens
Jan 04, 202325:32
1.0 Welcome to the Tavern!
Dec 07, 202205:16