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WP Owlcast

WP Owlcast

By WP Owls

WP Owlcast is a podcast for WordPress enthusiasts. Each month we will talk about different WP-related topic with different great guests.
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WP Owlcast #4 - WordFest Live

WP OwlcastJul 14, 2021

WP Owlcast #4 - WordFest Live

WP Owlcast #4 - WordFest Live

Because WordFest Live is just around the corner I had a chat with Dan Maby, who is the lead organizer of this event.

We talked about how organizing such a big online event looks like. We also discussed about common problems of the online events (like trying to do everything like during an in-person event but with Zoom).

I also was very curious why they decided to organize WordFest in the first place.

Also - if you still don't have you tickets for WordFest - time to fix this by going to this page and getting one.

Jul 14, 202139:17
WP Owlcast #3 - Static and headless WordPress

WP Owlcast #3 - Static and headless WordPress

This month I talked with Nate Finch, a senior WordPress Engineer at Strattic. We discussed about all those popular things like: headless, static, decoupled and jamstack in context of WordPress.

Nate explained what we can gain by using those new technologies and what are the biggest pain points of using those.

We also wondered how will Full Site Editing will work with those. Nate sees especially a big potential of using FSE together with static converters like WP2Static or Strattic.

Jul 04, 202156:33
WP Owlcast #2 - Building a Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

WP Owlcast #2 - Building a Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

This month I had a chance to talk with Lesley Sim from Newsletter Glue.

She shared a lot of interesting facts about her plugin - for example, I learned that at first, it was an addon to a membership plugin, but at some point, the idea behind it became an independent plugin.

Lesley also tells how important is to create your product in public. Thanks to this you a have chance to constantly get valuable insights for other product owners.

She also mentioned how important is to be yourself while promoting your product. Talking with people can do miracles and can help you in many ways.

Jun 03, 202148:12
WP Owlcast #1: Contributing to WordPress

WP Owlcast #1: Contributing to WordPress

Together with Birgit Pauli-Haack and Greg Ziółkowski, we were talking about contributing to WordPress. We discussed about how we can encourage people to start contributing, how COVID affected it, and what are the problems in the WordPress ecosystem.

May 04, 202101:25:26