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The Writing Community Chat Show is focused on helping authors grow and develop as well as give them the spotlight to explain their story and work. We connect indie authors with those who have been doing it professionally for decades. We try to give the best insight into the careers of professionals and hopefully that can give you the perfect tip to reach your own goals. This is done with two main shows a week. Plus, we have now introduced The WCCS Panel Show! Two teams of 3 pitted against each other in a battle of whits and impressions!
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A.C Merkel is our indie wednesday guest this week! #13

The Writing Community Chat ShowMay 20, 2020

Linda Rainier... the saviour! The making of Emma's fury, the mind of Rainier!

Linda Rainier... the saviour! The making of Emma's fury, the mind of Rainier!

Linda Rainier is an indie author and a big part of the Twitter Writing Community! She has been a fan of this show for some time and we consider her one of the family! She is funny, tenacious and determined! After a guest timining mixup, Linda was a superstar who stepped up to save the show! WE THANK YOU LINDA!

Her books EMMAS FURY is one of two books by Linda, with a third on the way.


After a brutal and unnatural death, Emma is reborn as a Fury, a descendant of the mythological deities who were tasked with the judgment of man. They are tasked with protecting the delicate balance between humans and the paranormal world.

In the world of the Fury there is no room for the frivolity of human nature; no room for compassion or a need for love. To fall victim to such volatile emotions leads only to ruin and suffering.

In the shadows, darkness rises, endangering the tightly controlled world of the Fury. Emma must survive an intricate web of deceit and betrayal as the questions mount.

With the aid of her guardian, David, they must find a way to beat back the evil that threatens to devour them.

Will her hope of finding her place in this world be dashed by the insurmountable odds?

Can she control the overwhelming emotions threatening to tear down her carefully constructed walls?

If you want to sponsor CJ Aggett on The Frontline 100k Walk, please visit here: He is raising money for Veterans and serving soldiers.


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Feb 24, 202252:11
The Miseducation of Evie Epworth, Matson Taylor on The WCCS.