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Ya'Herrd!? Radio Podcast

Ya'Herrd!? Radio Podcast

By Ya'Herrd!? Radio

Lifestyle Podcast, with an optimistic tone in self-belief through weekly episode's what I've heard.

An Entertaining listening experience, meant to tickle your ears, and implore moments of reflection and growth.

A voice curated from the black community, fully attested to reflecting my black persona, not dimming for comfort but in fact educating you to feel comfortable in my colorful world.

Ya'Herrd!? Radio with your host @SoonPlus
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AB Dvinci SXSW 22' Yaherrd!?

Ya'Herrd!? Radio PodcastMar 29, 2022

Therapeutic Return Yaherrd!?

Therapeutic Return Yaherrd!?

Special Guest: @Dollatika

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: Come Thru - Drake

Greetings (1:55)  

  • Where have I been? Here me Out!

  • Co-op Self-Healing 

Juice Cleanse (3:55)

Juicing Result (12:25) 

  • Did we shed?

  • Was it what we thought it would be?

  • It allowed me to appreciate solid food and not overeat 

  • I can thrive off the kids meal

  • Huge value in sharing plates with your partner

Therapeutic Experience (19:11)

  • Mental Health Journey hmm ?

  • Your homies AREN’T your THERAPIST 

  • STUTZ - Jonah Hill Doc

  • Couples Therapy was a BUST

  • Decided to jump into therapy solo

  • Therapy has allowed for making exceptions for self and awareness

  • Reasons I considered therapy (Best friend break up, liking photos on the gram…etc)

1st session Vibe (25:02)

  • All about listening, remember that.

  • Talked out loud about myself for an hour…where is the healing?

  • Give therapy a 3 session period to make a judgment

Friendship Therapy (28:23)

  • Bias 

  • They gas you up, but does it challenge your thought process?

  • It can damage your friendship.

Fellas Lean in to Vulnerability (30:05)

  • Address the issue before its 4 days of silence 

  • Small underling aspects of the relationship fade without the proper outlet

Venting (33:30)

  • Ask for permission to vent to the homie

  • Relating your problems does not help 

Meaningful Apologize Matter (44:01)

  • They allow for the hurt to feel heard

Gems for the Listeners (47:00)

  • Words of inspiration 

Depop Buyer ShoutOut

  • Depop Account : @LetDatBoyLive (Order Now)

Local 2 Global (49:45)

Outro: These Days - St Panthers (51:01)

May 29, 202355:11
Happy Holipay Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep. 67

Happy Holipay Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep. 67

Feb 20, 202301:04:28
A Single's Journey Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep.66

A Single's Journey Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep.66

Special Guest: Anna Raye / IG: @annarayeee Host: @soonplus Intro: Liability - Drake Who is Anna Raye? Traveling Nurse Skiing Shawty (Mountain Girl) Single Dating App Arsenal (4:45) Tinder Bumble Hinge The vibes of each app Which do you prefer? Region plays into app of choice What makes a match standout? (10:45) Easygoing vibe Make time energy Makes plans Do you make the 1st move as the woman? IRL dating (19:15) Comes w/ persistence Advantage can’t be catfished The Categories of Men (22:25) The Lawyer The Doctor The Pilot Are we dating the same guy!? (Facebook Page) How do you protect your heart? (29:25) Bad dates can ruin future dates Keep your mind and heart sharp Timeline babies gotta come sooner than latest Spotting Red Flags & Ignoring them (32:14) Roe Vs Wade Debate Flags are learning curves Go to places you enjoy IRL (36:45) Date recommendation that you enjoyed Go to places you enjoy, you may find someone like minded Local 2 Global (42:50) @Lovethatforyoupod Outro: 4ever - Steve Lacy (46:50)
Nov 28, 202250:29
Manthurs is Skreet Host Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep.65
May 18, 202235:02
Top Notch Studios YAHERRD!? Szn 5 Ep.64

Top Notch Studios YAHERRD!? Szn 5 Ep.64

Special Guest:Taylor /  IG: @_topn0tch

Host: @SoonPlus

Manifestation Recall (3:50)

  • Speak your goals into existing
  • Faith will take you a long way
  • A blessing came

Mobile Alabama Native (5:00)

  • Alabama originated Mardi Gra
  • S/O to New Orleans
  • Mobile Alabama Cuisine vibe (Seafood Culture Strong)

Seafood Culture in Mobile (7:15)

  • Bubba Gump Forrest Gump Energy
  • How you eat your crawfish ? Head or Nah?

Alabama Music Influence

  • Who from there now hip-hop wise?, put me on !

Producing Your Latest Album (10:25)

  • The process must be trusted
  • The universe contributes to great music collabs
  • How long was the proces ?
  • Sneak peak.. (15:20)

Learn from Broken Things, & Create (16:10)

  • How do you overcome major creation roadblocks?

Your Lucky You Can Create (20:00)

  • Take a chance and be vulnerable.
  • We all have a thing, and that gift is not always televised
  • Step into the uncomfort and embrace
  • Creation is fluid
  • Do it for the one person

1st Album You remember buying (27:00)

  • Bow Wow Album / Late Registration
  • Jeezy USDA

Artist you would work with (32:38)

  • R.I.P.  Nipsey Hussle
  • Moneyman

Local 2 Global (33:50)

  • LaQuan Aragon / IG: @LaquanAragon
  • Al B / IG:

Outro (39:32) : NO TREND - Mike Dimes

Apr 26, 202242:01
Comedy is the Best Medicine Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep.63

Comedy is the Best Medicine Yaherrd!? Szn 5 Ep.63

Special Guest: Natalie O’Sullivan Hamilton / IG: @Cottontailandit Host: SoonComing / IG: @SoonPlus Intro: Ice Agent - Amapiano Madness & Eternity Musiq Where You Reppin (2:20) Chicago Dunning Industry Work Inspiration (3:40) Improv Comedy Theater Major (Lawrence University) “A Threat” - Natalie Danceless Star, now that’s impressive Can’t mention Chicago without Chance The Improv Journey (9:45) Improv Battles The birth of Ragina Pelican Improv converted to Marriage Be proud of yourself for accepting uncomfortable roles TikTok Era, have you accepted? Maintaining that Funny Bone/ Creative Energy (17:10) The Dawn of “100% Sweatpants Podcast” IG: @sweatpants100 Covid Job loss… Acknowledge the pressure of creation Domino effect that begins with Mental Health Reality TV Flow (23:50) Back in workforce ( Associate Producer “90 Day Fiancé”) 90 Day Fiancé (TLC, YouTube TV, Discovery+) - Streaming American’s meet the Love of their life abroad w/ 90 days to Wed. Producer’s coach your perspective through film “Shower Thoughts” - Natalie (30:00) Actress Hat (31:15) Shower Thought pt 2 Acting Reel Challenging roles (Villain, Straight…) Do your characters bleed into your civilian life ? Shower flight simulator The villain comes out during dishwashing Talent you would Collaborate with (38:30) Ken Moreno * Michael Showalter David Wayne Local 2 Global (42:27) IG: @HamilChin / IG: @JohnPoelKing The Chit Chat Chai / IG: @thechitchatchai Outro: Photograph - Astrud Gilberto
Apr 12, 202250:50
AB Dvinci SXSW 22' Yaherrd!?

AB Dvinci SXSW 22' Yaherrd!?

Special Guest: AB Dvinci / IG: @ABDvinci

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: League of Assassins - Ab Dvinci

AB Dvinci first breathe of SXSW as a Civilian (6:40)

  • 1st SXSW 2011 Loaded line-up
  • 2nd SXSW Iconic performance by Nas illmatic

Your Music Style is rooted (10:00)

  • What drives your flow?
  • Corpus Christi Texas is the foundation of your stories.
  • Telling the stories of a small town on a worldwide platform
  • What was the step from freestyling to laying a track?
  • OK you got flow huh!?

Dealing with Folks telling you to quit (13:45)

  • Hardest part about hip-hop is coming up w/ words fast enough, while rhyming, and not saying something sus.
  • The Flow State !

Martial Art Practice, AB Dvinci’s Dojo (17:00)

  • S/o Michael Jai  White
  • AB Dvinci Certified Black Belt Tai-kwan-do
  • Foundation Martial Arts
  • Do you use your black belt on the world?
  • Over the years Martial Arts softened
  • Discipline from Martial Arts translate over to rap techniques

Live Performance Protocol  (25:00)

  • Giving the people full bars.
  • Back track with the vocals…dat’s a NO NO
  • iMean…some of yall can get away with it.
  • “My lyrics is the gift” - AB Dvinci
  • Being a hype man is tuff lowkey..

Local 2 Global (30:05)

  • DJ Kane / IG: @DJKaneOnline
  • TMP (Take Money Productions)
  • King Gzuz Barber (Palmdale CA)

Outro: Nirvana - Skepta Ft J Balvin

Mar 29, 202237:37
Meta-Verse Concerts w/ Dr. Loretta Chen Yaherrd!?

Meta-Verse Concerts w/ Dr. Loretta Chen Yaherrd!?

Special Guest: Dr. Loretta Chen / IG: @DrLorettaChen Host: IG: SoonPlus Intro: A little about Doctor Loretta ( 3:30) Marketing Experience Worked with Brands (Nike, LVMH, Absolut Vodka, Samsung, Addias…etc) Communicating with huge brands efficiently Bring Diversity of thought Gaining Experience in the moment(8:50) FAIL FAST LEARN FAST No Rule book to the path of success Cultivate relationships, Gather knowledge in multiple avenues Meta-Verse Explain (12:50) Property next to snoop cost how much !? Is the MetaVerse only experienced through VR? The evolution of the internet.. Era / Hyperlink Era.. Web 3.0 - Is More inclusive Smobler Studios / Sandbox / Tool of Rock(16:46) Meta-Verse Architects - IG: @smoblerstudios Creating a brand in the Meta-Verse Sandbox is a Meta-Verse Platform Why not Incorporate our own company ( Experiencing the MetaVerse (20:10) It evolves you out of the 2D to the 3D experience. NFT’s will make a bit more sense within the Ecosystem How do you create value for your consumers ? Build up your NFT community Concerts within the Meta-Verse (24:10) Travis Scott Concert in Fortnite Huge opportunity for artist to perform globally from one location Allows for artist to eliminate the middleman, huge for independent artist. Local 2 Global: (29:00) S/O to Lee / (Special shoutout IG: @Sandboxgame) Aliens X Robots ( IG: @Aliensxrobots) You can reach Doctor Loretta Chen Outro: Computer Love- Zapp & Roger
Mar 22, 202238:49
Inter- Racial Marriage Prep Yaherrd!?

Inter- Racial Marriage Prep Yaherrd!?

Special Guest: @Dollatika Host: @SoonPlus Intro: Pretty Brown Eyes - Mint Condition What have we been on (3:00) Working Out / BetterU Performance IG: @BetterUPerformance ( Working on our business endeavors (TheChitChatChai / IG: @TheChitChatChai ) Rent a car from us when you're in Austin Texas : Honda CRV 2019 / Tesla Model 3 2021 Live this June. Girls Trip /Boys Trip (7:40) Mentally preparing for girls trip. S/O Scarlet Label ( IG: @ShopScarletLabel) Don’t spend the whole trip on the phone Big S/O Sianna for making the connection possible during Women’s History Month Beefing apart is a dangerous game It’s okay to miss each other (15:25) Asking you man…Do You Love Me?! When he Deadass sleep ! Don’t forget to take trips with bae Lets Talk About Marriage (20:15) Why do you want to get married!? What is your relationship with marriage in regard to upbringing? Marriage from woman perspective vs man. (31:45) Why do men take so long…? Middle Eastern marriage influence Black Culture in America marriage influence Mixing them together Universal love language Local 2 Global (47:10) East ATX Market (IG: @EastAtxMarket) Wellness Digest Pod (IG: @wellnessdigestpod) / ( ) Depop of the Week (49:24) Depop: @mindstillyoung / IG: @mindstillyoung Depop: @letdatboylive Outro: Say Yes - TOKiMONSTA & VanJess
Mar 15, 202256:55


Special Guest : J-Key / IG: @theonlyjkey

Host: @LetDatBoyLive / @Yogi_vs_everyone

Intro: Kamala’s Danz ft Sreya

Rep Yo City (5:10)
Everett Washington where you at !?
Freestyle Fridays
Cascadia Underground
Location of Podcast
J-Key’s sound (8:50)
Early - J-Key
Beat has to get his attention within first 5secs
Writing Process / Stop the overthinking
Everett Team (12:12)
Producer / Videographer / Studio
Be proud where you come from.
Freestyle Friday 2yrs
Inside the Mind of Key (17:00)
Day in life
Approach to being approached
Anything preventing you from you break thru?
Rappers rapping for lyrics
Who are the topics of your lyrics
J-Key Fashion (29:10)
From Sagging to wearing pants dat fit
Rocked with the superhero shirts
Music head no discrimination
Region Rap (35:00)
In the algorithms what artist are similar to you.
Local 2 Global (45:07)
Producer/ Record enthusiast @RapsRecordsLife
Vegan certified bakery @Cinnaholic
Drop Ship Mentor @DomCarney
Depop of the Week (48:00)
IG: @__evemarie__
Depop: @LetDatBoyLive
Affirmations and Positivity
Love Yourself

Outro: Buck 50- JUICEWORLD
Mar 09, 202257:51
Dawn of Influence Yaherrd?! Szn 4 Ep.58

Dawn of Influence Yaherrd?! Szn 4 Ep.58

Special Guest:
Both Models / Vocal Artists
IG: @Heelabee
IG: @LaQuanAragon

Host: @SoonPlus / @LetDatBoyLive

Intro: Memoir of my absence. (I fell off the creative grid since Nov 2021) In my absence I’ve done a lot of great reading, engaged in new business endeavors, as well as a change in climate. Stay tuned for the big update.

-- Now I’ll send you the listeners back in time to this fun and insightful episode about the trials of pursuing your art, and navigating the world of Models, all while influencing.

(1:54) Intro: XXL Freestyle - Coi leray
How y'all feeling?
Overwhelmed feelings, can y'all relate?
S/o to my work from home folks (WOH)

Dealing with the Pressure’s of Creativity (3:47)
Maintaining the momentum
Staying inspired
Stepping away, in order to stepback

Ideal Visual of an LQ Experience (7:45)
Be out in front of civilization
LQ unreleased preview
What vibe you felt from the unreleased.
How do I become a model? (10:54)
gotta invest in the headshots
Pay the agency to promote you
Checks take a bit of time to come thru
Model Vibes (15:24)
Being in a room full of beautiful models
Interviewing over and over and over…
Vibing in front of the camera
Ready for casting at any given moment
Your own cartoon show (22:10)
What would your main character’s outfit be ?
The relationship with you phone (25:01)
understanding how to navigate between apps
Phone is work
Staying connected
Influencing Package (28:15)
The brand represents you as much as you do them
Be choosie on which brands you influence
How do you deal with negative comments
Pop Smoke Negative review..tuff
Hila’s Sample Music(33:00)
All content of Hila
Local 2 Global (34:30)
- The Bermuda Group (
- Music Manager: @Joc_lee32
- Producer: @Brettkoolik

Depop of the Week (36:50)
Depop: @Heelabee
Depop: @MindStillYoung
Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro (41:19): Unrelease LQ - DVNCE
Feb 28, 202243:24
Negro Homo Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.57
Sep 15, 202101:30:53
Side Boo Ambassadors Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.56

Side Boo Ambassadors Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.56

Special Guest - IG: @yogi_vs_everyone

Host: @Soonplus

Intro: iLoveUHateU -  Playboi Carti

Recording  Location:

You Play Tag (2:40)

  • Grown up tag
  • Try playing w/ 3 mile goal

Da Baby Controversy (5:15)

  • Somebody tried him
  • The black culture is about making fun of all people
  • Personal hood story example

Side Boo Ambassadors (8:00)

  • Does this podcast co-sign ?
  • You shouldn’t argue w/ side boo
  • You shouldn’t sleep over at side boo’s

Big Money Storyline (9:50)

  • Rich princess wants to live in the hood
  • Wealthy people do weird sex stuff

Covid Vacs Stance (13:30)

  • Do you !
  • Depends on your community

Black, Person of Color…(17:10)

  • What Term describes your blackness

Ye Pre- Donda Drop (21:30)

  • Staying Benz Stadium Theory
  • No Child Left Behind- Preview

What Jersey We Wearing (27:38)

  • IDK...
  • Google Seattle Seahawks jersey Amadi ( No Cap Right!?)
  • Get ball’d on by someone in yoga tights...not I (i hope)

Outro: iLoveUHateU -  Playboi Carti

Sep 07, 202134:27
Wellness Digest Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.55

Wellness Digest Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.55

Soon Coming...

Jul 22, 202157:38
Inter: Racial Love- Growth Szn 4 Ep.54

Inter: Racial Love- Growth Szn 4 Ep.54

Special Guest: IG: Dollatika

Host: @SoonPlus

Focus on Growth points (2:30)

  • Recent growth check-in
  • Accepting my flowers from Dollatika
  • “You're never ready to grow, you just must..” -Naaz

Inter Racial Couples (6:50)

  • Your Not alone
  • We are your support group
  • May have lost some family connections

Don't  hold in the resentment (10:00)

  • Holding on to our emotions does more damage
  • Communicate in a way with your partner that still leaves them empowered

Learning to finish the discussion

  • Non-agreement

Expressing concerns rather than silence beef (17:15)

  • Cheating dreams
  • Hurt feelings in public settings

Keeping Your Friends (22:10)

  • Ask for permission to vent
  • We are not the only people in our lives.
  • Accountability is not  easy

“ I told you so” (39:00)

  • Did  we learn something from this..

Lost Communication is a Reality

  • How do you approach this fate
  • Pressure is built with the lost of family ties
  • Freedom of  choice is worth the lost family ties temporarily
  • Learning how to love them differently

Local 2 Global: (52:31)

  • IG:@MediumsCollective / Summer Boat Party (Link in bio)
  • IG: Eashab.herbs / Herbal Care

Depop of the Week:

  • Depop: @5mv / IG: @5mvshirts
  • Depop: @ Dollatika
  • Depop:@LetDatBoyLive
  • Depop:@MindStillYoung

S/o Soulection Radio  (@Soulection)

Outro: She Wanna Fok Wit Da Boss - DJ Yung Vamp

Jul 13, 202101:03:12
Depop Da Fit, Turo Da Whip Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.53

Depop Da Fit, Turo Da Whip Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.53

Special Guest:  IG: @Javon_Ned / Depop: @VonsFitz

Host: @SoonPlus


Jun 29, 202150:36
Juneteenth Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.52

Juneteenth Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.52

Co-Host: J Bell / IG:Jeremiah_Bell22

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: The Demonstration- KoolKidKalvo ft Larry June

What do you see in your reflection?

  • I see my future.

Aren't you Great ?!

Phone Service, to which do you trust with your life in a scary movie. (5:30)

  • Verizon / T-Mobile/ AT&T/ Sprint
  • Cricket/ Metro/ Boost Mobile
  • Xfinity, Google, Spectrum

Airplane Mode

  • Does it save our lives or is it CAP?


  • Our History is important no matter how hard it may be to swallow
  • Cannot erase it but only move to evolve.
  • Slave / Indentured Servant

Defend your Glory, Or Offense for the Glory ?

Local 2 Global: (26:20)

  • The Wellness Digest
  • @TheChitChatChai / My Partners Tea Shop
  • @Carlomalis/ Actor

Depop of The Week: (30:00)

  • Depop: @EveGalore /IG : __evemarie__
  • Depop: @MindStillYoung
  • Depop: @Letdatboylive

Outro: Try Jesus- Tobe Nwigwe

Jun 22, 202136:24
Evolved The Norm Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.51
Jun 14, 202131:58
Act Out Da Box Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.50

Act Out Da Box Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.50

Special Guest: Terrance A.K.A “T-War” / IG: @Terrencemombrun

Co-Host: J-Bell / IG: @Jeremiah_Bell22

Host: SoonComing / IG: @SoonPlus

Intro: Eternal Light - Free Nationals

Before you get where you goin, where you come from?

The Moment I wasn’t scared of a Bee (2:50)

  • When the Bee’s pays you no mind
  • Meditation 5mins a day
  • Transcend to a more confident secure self
  • Bee’s have no face expression

Re-Humble Self (6:52)

  • Why didn’t Soon Box…” I am Soft”
  • Boxing Experience
  • Training, Mindset, Self-Competition
  • Favorite part about training.
  • Worst part.
  • Music Inspiration (13:25)

Registered Hands (18:00)

  • Don't get hurt/ murked w/ these hands
  • These Hands Registered weapons

Film Industry (27:15)

  • Movie Styles
  • Genre
  • What show would you be in today ?
  • Accents (36:40)

Local 2 Global: (37:45)

  • IG: @Djlouisart / Art
  • IG: @GentleWhiskBakery / Custom Vegan Sweets + Bakery Style Treats
  • IG: @TheChitChatChai / Chai Niche

Depop of The Week: (45:38)

  • Depop: @Hennytextures / IG: @HennyTextures
  • Depop: @LeDatBoyLive
  • Depop: @MindStillYoung

Outro: Moi, Je Prouve.-  Tayc  Ft. Barack Adama

Jun 08, 202153:10
Flossin, Fish Tank'in Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 Ep.49
Jun 01, 202145:60
Medawasa Papa Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.48

Medawasa Papa Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.48

Special Guest: Papa N’Gom (Alioune)

Host: Son SoonComing Amadi / IG: @SoonPlus

Intro: Youssou N'Dour - 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

The Origin of the Deep Voice (3:14)

  • The voice is healing
  • Wild Thing

Ways of Healing (6:30)

  • Stones
  • Voice
  • Harmonize Energy

Role Model Figure (8:30)

  • A Village raises the child
  • Important to pass on knowledge
  • Pass on Pride
  • You Voice Spanked me

Where are you from? (11:20)

  • Where I’m from from?
  • Where I’m from in the America or the World?
  • Ivory Coast/ New York

What is Ivory Coast?

  • West Africa
  • French Colonies
  • Big Ivory Trade
  • I knew where my food came from
  • Native tongue Inzama
  • Capital Story

Medawasa - Big Thank You (21:50)

  • Thank You given to god
  • Coming to America NY

Car Talk /Love/ Maintenance (28:45)

  • Dream Car
  • Healthy Car Practices
  • Fuel Technique (Full Tank Good Mood)
  • Stay Clean
  • Mechanic Since HS

Local 2 Global: (43:21)

  • / IG: @Really.Soon
  • S/O Momma (Patrica N’Gom) Brother Melaba N’Gom,  UncleFranck Bouah, Uncle Aldin Marshall

Depop of the Week: (45:18)

  • Depop: @BumThreads / IG: @BumThreads
  • Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro: Champagne Shots - Sainte

May 25, 202153:30
Vacs or Nah, Issa Bandemic Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 EP.47

Vacs or Nah, Issa Bandemic Ya'Herrd!? Szn 4 EP.47

Special Guest: IG: @TheVeganDominicano

Host: IG: @SoonPlus

Intro: Cypher - Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

Data / Search History : (2:40)

Resource Links:

Vaccine Adverse effects reporting agency

US Privacy Act of 1974 (Know your Privacy Rights in the US).

California Consumer Privacy/Protection Act (Your privacy rights in California.

Cybersecurity Issues and Covid-19 Passport/Tracker

Vaccine General Worries (5:00)

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Will I turn into a mutant

Take me off the list (8:00)

  • Text STOP
  • Take me off the no call list Yaherrd!?

Create the Problem & the Antidote (20:00)
- Bandemic Vibes

  • Profit is Scary
  • Can we trust profit

Growth Joel's Journey to Cyber (30:00)

  • Cyber is now
  • Life is online
  • Take a risk (if you're reading this)

Bill Gates Divorce Business (38:50)

  • None of my business lowkey
  • Online Hate is opposite love
  • Cyber protect yourself

Local 2 Global: (45:30)

  • ToyLoco Tacos / IG: @Toylocotacos (2615 E 7th St, Austin , Texas)
  • Artist/ Actor - IG:@Korporate00 (Youtube: #BlackChicagoBeLike Series)

Depop of the Week: (49:39)

  • Depop: @RecycledLaundry / IG: @Recycled_Laundry
  • Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro: Pesadillas - Issa Gold

May 17, 202156:60
Inter: Racial-Mittent Love Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.46

Inter: Racial-Mittent Love Yaherrd!? Szn 4 Ep.46

Special Guest: IG: @Dollatika

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: Coffee Bean (Slowed) - Travis Scott

Intermittent Fasting (1:55)

Eating from 12pm-8pm

Have us feeling light this morning

The Beginning of Love Blend (4:15)

Netflix Original - (Namaste Wahala) 

Going against the family grain.

Cultural difference,

Battle between different loves

Self Love must prevail 

Chosen Love

What can you control? (11:30)

Negotiation for the perfect happiness

Admit your fault (It’s tuff)

 How do you go about disagreement an alignments

Revisit heated conversation

Don't discredit concerns  set a follow up

I see my flaws thru other relationships

The Fear (19:00)

Exposure to different ways

The fear of misunderstanding 

Blending our strengths

We want to hear your stories (IG:  @YaherrdRadio /

Vulnerable strength in shared stories

Relationships are WORK, 

Give us the Keys ! 

Favorite part of relation (27:10)

Your Spice, Your Food

Hardwork,Drive for Love

Inside Jokes 

Local 2 Global: (32:40)

Interior Designer / Graphic Designer IG: @Rih_Design / / IG:  @rih_rih34

Photographer IG: @Julian.Matisse (ATX)

Fashion Model IG: @Ybouah / Mother Agent: @Bembelepictures 

Depop of the Week: (36:50)

Depop: @ Vonsfitz / IG: Javon_ned /

Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro: Soweto - Michael Brun & Shirazee

May 11, 202143:28
Rest Up, Don't Sleep On Self YaHerrd!? Szn 4 Ep.45

Rest Up, Don't Sleep On Self YaHerrd!? Szn 4 Ep.45

Host:  @SoonPlus

Co-Host: @Jeremiah_Bell22

Intro: Host Freestyle

Local 2 Global: (2:34)

  • IG: Elevated_Building_Design / Home Remodeling Source
  • Lady Fever Hot Sauce/ IG: @LadyFeverHotSauce

Dedicated to 1st Time Yaherrd Listeners (6:00)

  • Don’t be scared to tap into random episodes.
  • Be sure to read exponentially
  • You  ever feel like you're just a working Sims.
  • Find Happiness within the things you do.

Depop of the week (21:40)

  • Depop: @Bubzyy
  • Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro: Dream In Color - Cordae

May 04, 202128:10
Educating Is Social YaHerrd!? Szn 4 Ep.44

Educating Is Social YaHerrd!? Szn 4 Ep.44

Special Guest: Sam A.k.a Mr.G

Co-Host: @Jeremiah_Bell22

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: Leave the Door Open - Silk Sonic

Take care the environment

  • Watch the trees
  • Recycle, pick up pollution

How Mr.G found himself as an Educator (3:30)

  • Volunteer with Destiny
  • Autism Parent meeting.
  • Special Ed Classroom perception of the school
  • Growth, Autism requires breaking down communication from a different perspective (10:00)
  • Stacking communication skills
  • Relationship between parents and teacher

Interactive learning digitally(14:00)

  • Favorite learning cartoons
  • Dora Conspiracy Theory

3rd Grade Loaded Classroom (18:20)

  • First teaching experience
  • What kinda kid were you as an elementary student?
  • Shaping education for the individual student.
  • Encouraging students to teach students. (Empowerment)
  • Tattletale Culture- Giving them the tools.
  • Cheating culture- two sides answer giver, answer taker (29:50)

What was your speal for the kids Day 1 (31:55)

  • The Card System (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Boundaries crucial
  • Children can be intimidating. (Am I right adults?)
  • You have the Power of age and wisdom (Remember that)
  • Poker Face week one (36:00)
  • Assigned Seats? (Taking it deeper based on the best team balance)
  • It was the perfect classroom moment (42:00)
  • It's harder to gain respect later, establish boundaries early.

Local 2 Global: (51:38)

  • LWH Pitbull Rescue (IG:lwhpitbullrescue)
  • Austin Pets Alive (IG: AustinPetsAlive)
  • The Original Roxy Baking & Co (IG: @TheOriginalRoxyBaking)

Depop of The Week: (54:30)

  • Depop: @Bumclub (IG: @BumClubSux)
  • Depop: @Letdatboylive

(Music Sourced via Soulection Radio/ IG: @Soulection)

Outro: Aquarius V1 - Sean Leon

Apr 26, 202101:01:59
Soulect Your Role Ya'Herrd!? Szn 3 Ep.16

Soulect Your Role Ya'Herrd!? Szn 3 Ep.16

Co- Host: J-Bell (@Jeremiah_Bell22) Host: @SoonPlus Intro: Rewind - Keala S/O Soulection Radio Ep. 500 & 10 Year Anniversary ! (@SoulectionRadio / @JoeKay / Merch: @TimelessxClassics / @Soulection_Supply) Concert Experience Talk (2:30) Joe Kay 4hr Experience (Best Concert of My Life) Feb. 14 2020 Dom Kennedy / A$AP Rocky / Big Sean Concert The Encore Experience (Thank You Joe) - Music Brought Me Here Local 2 Global (13:25) Tim Frays / IG: @FindsbyFray (Vintage Clothing) ( IG: @GirlsLoveSoulMusic Sounds by MercyMe Community: (16:32) IG: @MercyMeCommunity / Podcast: Stories of Self-Help  Breathe Talk I Don’t Snore, I breathe heavy!? Common Sense , Ain't so common (23:00) “Don’t knock it until you try it…” Born Role Models (28:30) You don’t have a choice. Your older than someone in you vicinity looking at you Rest In Paradise DMX (32:00) Grocery Talk How much you saving wit dat air Fryer $150 at the Grocery will feed you more than dividing it into Fast Food Meals. Heat Talk Getting Hot, & Dogs are going into heat Depop of the Week (45:00) Depop: @becoy_beyou ( IG: @BenjaminCoycomer) Depop @LetDatBoyLive Outro: Lord Give Me a Sign - DMX
Apr 21, 202154:57
Mercy Me Community Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.15

Mercy Me Community Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.15

Special Guest: Royce (Mercy Me Community- Founder)

Intro: Letting Go - Royce 

Mercy Me (2:30)

What's the Mercy?

Mercy is  to each’s own trials. 

A PartnerShip w/ Community

Excuse my Work Ethic

Literature (8:01) Read your way out of circumstance

Clothing, Real Estate Community

Mature Your Vice into Business

Brands can offer respect.

Barter and Trading within “The System”

Book Recommendation (17:00)

“The Secret”

“Think and Grow Rich”

Foster System (28:45)

Exposed to so much adulthood situations

Exposed to boundless experiences.

Family B4  Bizness (42:00)

God,  Family, Goals

Shangri La (The Lost Horizon) - Rick Ruben

Mercy Me Deeper Connection (55:11)

Understand the planet

Healthy Sustainability 

Nutrition for the mind, spread

“The Self-Help Podcast”

3 sections (1:07:00)




Meditation Realm (1:17:00)

Breathe Control

Daily Practice ( Look at it like food)

Don't  Overwhelm your beginning (Start with 3mins)

How did meditation start in your success?

Favorite Book Recommendation

“The Master Key System” - Charles 

 (6 month  process System of Meditation)

Local 2 Global: (1:27:00)

The Barba Shop (IG: @TheBarba.Shop) - Abel - IG: @Abel_ohh

IG: @VintageJayyy - Artist

Third Coast Collective (IG: @ThirdCoastCllctve) /

For Good Services (IG: ForGood_Services) /

Depop of The Week: (1:30:00)

Depop: @Tuyenphuong / IG: @NowandAgain.Vintage

Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Perspective Seattle / Palmdale 

Love Both Regions


Big S/o ( @JoeKay / @Soulection / @Soulection.Supply) SHOW 500 Big Inspiration)

Outro: Gradience - Royce Mercy Me

Apr 12, 202101:55:58
Revive Your Self-Worth Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.14

Revive Your Self-Worth Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.14

Special Guest: Devin (IG: @ddotcdotvdotme)

Host: @SoonPlus

Intro: Raise Your Weapon- Deadmau5

Puerto Rico to the States- (7:40)

  • They put you in a box
  • Check All Da Boxes.
  • Get out the box pre made for you in life - stereotypes

The Church (LimeLight), A Safe Space (12:50)

  • ChestKing - The outfit that changed everything.
  • LimeLight, The Safe Space Illusion
  • Body & Soul - Community, Meditation, Prayer, Love & Some Spice (21:00)
  • Saint Francis of CC (AA)

Love the Night Scene How Do You Stay In It? (31:00)

  • Promoter ..Nah
  • DJ… Nah
  • No Vinyls, Dawn of the Aux Cord

Come To Light Moment (36:00)

  • (9/11/01) Ground Zero

Business Makes Sense ? (51:00)

  • Be in control of the money you make.
  • You want no ceilings, boundless opportunity
  • Sell people something they will love and appreciate (54:00)
  • Love what your doing, money alone as motivation can lead to failure

Investors Aren't How you start a Business (58:00)

  • They are how you praise the flame to the spark you’ve already created
  • Major Key Start and adjust as you experience

Local 2 Global: (1:07:35)

  • / IG: CamelbackVentures
  • IG: @DeepX_Media / (1:11:08)

Depop of The Week: (1:12:50)

  • Depop: @CinnamonMadonna / IG: CinnamonMadonna
  • Tap into my Selection Depop: @LetDatBoyLive

Outro: Rocket Man- Elton John

Apr 05, 202101:22:38
Mom's build Foundation Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.13
Mar 30, 202101:02:29
All Food Ain't Real Yaherrd!?  Szn 3 Ep.12

All Food Ain't Real Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.12

Special Guest: IG: @TatumHardy

Co-Host: IG: @Jeremiah_Bell22

Host: SoonPlus

Intro: Kamala’s Danz ft Sreya

How Many Words are you exposed to per year if you read?

  • (1min,5min, 20min)  (3:40)

Fast Food Convenience (9:40)

  • The illusion of savings
  • “Cheap gets expensive real quick” - Tatum’s Pops

Grocery Store of Choice (12:25)

  • Central Market, Whole Food, PCC, Etc..
  • Albertsons, Safeway, H-E-B, Etc...

What if I told you the food system was designed to make you sick..

Feeding into the Health System… (15:30)

Source of Your Food is Important (17:40)

  • Where do Chicken Nuggets come from? ...EW
  • How Is yo chicken fed, how does that affect you?

Study shows Children Dissecting a Cheeseburger.. (24:00)

  • Where do they trace ingredients coming from?
  • Benefit of exposing children to gardening?

We Can’t keep drinking this tap water…(28:00)

GMO Vs Organic (30:05)

  • What are these plants
  • TeaSpoon of Soil Vs The World Of Human Species..

Your body craves what it needs (36:00)

  • Sad body  wants chocolate
  • Juggin chocolate for Charity….Don't Eat Your Supply.

Compost   / Regenerative Farming (46:00)

  • New Wave

We view plants as indestructible beings (58:00)


  • “Food Fix”- By Dr Mark Hyman
  • Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman: Conservation Heroes of the American Heartland- Miriam Horn

America Over Produce (1:05:00)

  • Yet we still have ppl starving

Food Labeling

  • Read them make the right decision
  • Change the label measurement to something we can visualize

Local 2 Global: (1:24:40)

  • IG:@ Uwilaway / Zambian Stylist/Designer
  • IG: @Liv.ingwell / Fuctional Nutrionist
  • IG: @BoggyCreekFarmStand /

Depop of The Week: (1:36:00)

  • Depop: @baghead.vntg / IG: Baghead.vintage
  • Depop: @MindStillYoung / IG: @MindStillYoung

Outro: Groceries - Chance The Rapper

Mar 22, 202101:36:01
Absorb Nature Repel Screentime Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.11

Absorb Nature Repel Screentime Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.11

Host: @SoonPlus

Co-Host: @Jeremiah_Bell22

Intro: Taking A Walk Instrumental

Bugs Are Coming Out Now (1:25)

  • #StopSquishingBugs
  • We kill what we don’t understand..
  • Worms got it bad
  • Lady Bugs and Butterflies Demi Gods in the Bug World.

Social Media Monopoly (13:30)

  • Vibe written off
  • Myspace had Mans coding
  • Facebook straight boring.
  • Explain your friendship value Myspace Top 8

Master Class Playing with Action Figures

  • Kids need that strong imagination

Games that exercise your mind (19:40)

  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Solitaire
  • Sudoku
  • And more…

Gambling Sensation Ads Really Works(25:20)

  • Gambling Lick sensation
  • Lottery Feeling
  • Advertisements got our number with these Jingles.
  • Social Dilemma (Netflix Doc)

Absorb your environment (31:00)

  • Time off the screen
  • Pay some attention to the nature near thee
  • Mind talks you into scrolling..

Family Brands Passed On

  • Toyota / Honda
  • Apple
  • Family Dinners

The Game to Money / Love Self (37:00)

  • In a mass we buy lottery tix, monopoly, shares, locusts vibes
  • “The Laws of Human Nature” - Robert Greene
  • Love yourself to true happiness

Local 2 Global: (44:40)

  • Twitter @TeamStockMoney (IG:Dmitrithompson7)
  • IG: @GregGreg15 (Happy Birthday King)

Depop of the Week (46:00)

  • Depop: @O_Itslissa (IG: O_Itslissa)
  • Depop: MindStillYoung

Outro: Z4L - Smino

Mar 15, 202151:01
Invest or Sell Your Soul Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.10

Invest or Sell Your Soul Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.10

Host; SoonComing (@Soonplus)

Co-Host: J Bell ( @Jeremiah_Bell22)

Special Guest : Deyon ( @Young_Scholarr)

Intro: Shiloh Dynasty - Losing Interest

  • These Candles ain’t for Decor.. Gas Talk. (1:30)
  • 80% Plant Based, comes with Heat...No Cap
  • I’m Scooting ! Gone
  • Got About 7-10secs to Skrrtt!

Your Legacy (7:40)

  • An Amount of Money or Property left to someone in a Will.
  • An applicant to a particular college or university who is regarded preferentially because a parent or other relative attended the same institution.
  • We all buy someone’s Last name…
  • Sacrifice Wealth for Happiness ?
  • Different Location’s have more or less access to education (17:00)

Chart Your Investments/Trades (20:00)

  • Robinhood, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TDAmeritrade, E-Trade
  • CRYPTO Go Up, When DOLLAR goes Down
  • More than 1 Chart Types (30:00)
  • Stock- Ownership share of the company.
  • Consistency in watching the Charts.
  • When it's RED BUY, BUY BUY.  (36:00)
  • Healthy Strategy, (Know the amount of money you are able to lose)
  • Disposable money.
  • What Percentage of your portfolio can you utilize towards a trade?)
  • It ain't easy to mentally move money into investment versus savings.

What Are You Reading? (45:45)

  • “Laws of Human Nature”by Robin Green

Investing Vs Trading (56:10)

  • Before investing, pay off debt.
  • Savingings Account - (6months of Expenses)
  • KEY * Support Your lifestyle, Everyone’s lifestyle is different.
  • Basic Tax Talk (1:05:38)
  • Where Does Your Tax Money Go Doh?
  • A Life without money...All Trade. (1:13:20)

Local 2 Global (1:21:00)

  • Ordinary People (@Thelaymin)
  • Will Vintage (RapRecordsLife)
  • Blxst (@Blxst)

Depop of The Week (1:24:00)

  • @Singulier
  • @MindStillYoung

Outro: Wake It Up - Blxst (1:29:00)

Mar 08, 202101:31:49
Lead(your)Ship Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.9

Lead(your)Ship Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.9

Intro: In My Room - Frank Ocean

  • Rough Start to the day… (Pulling up to work late)
  • Doesn't make you the worst worker..
  • Late People are more Organized, statistically speaking.

The Newest Ting Vs Who You Are ? (6:15)

  • The cost of the fit does not guarantee a hit
  • Do better than these bulk chains
  • Generational wealth must be attained.

A Great Leader: (10:00)

  • What is a great leader?
  • Delegate & Help Grow
  • Humbleness is easy to follow
  • Reverse Pyramid

Good New The New We Miss (16:50)

Started From Da Bottom (22:00)

  • Leaders are the ones we don't see as leaders lowkey
  • Who would want that job
  • Plumbers be ballin !
  • Passion Vs  Money

Internal Memories Vs Video Memories (34:00)

  • Live in the moment

Support Your Locals (38:20)

  • You Support Mainstream Funding  No Discount
  • Support the ones that do it from their pockets.
  • Support the Idea, Principle, Work Ethic

Local 2 Global (46:24):

  • Designer Cutz By LeonDre (IG: @dcblcutgod)
  • Book Your Cut Soon.
  • Catering/ Meal Prep, Healthy Option  @Topchef_Creations
  • VOTE

Depop of the Week (50:40):

  • @HipsterHut (Top Seller Alert)
  • Example of Top Page Edicate
  • @MindStillYoung (It's A MindSet Sponsored by Yaherrd)
  • Message Evolves w/ Each Szn

Outro: Higher

Mar 01, 202157:46
Thirst 4 Knowledge Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.8

Thirst 4 Knowledge Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.8

Co-Host - J-Bell (@Jeremiah_bell22 )

Intro: Stylin - Sainte


What Do You Want for yourself?!  (1:40)

Taste Bud Evolution: ( 5:50)

Organic (Is it really special?)

Know the ingredients in your food

Get away from processed food

Hydrate Challenge (10:00)

Water hit different at 2:30Am

Water Bussin out the flask

Get you a reusable bottle

Books (13:46)

Reading for Fun

Library baby

AR Reading points

“Change Your Brain, Change Your Body”

White Blood cells fighting for equality 

Power of Youth (17:11)

We are cells on this Earth, never forget.

$10,000 to have a baby… ?

Power of Birth undefeated.

What’s more expensive Triplets or 3 Children?

Puppy Parent Life (24:20)

YouTube Training Resources 

IG: @Zak George

IG: @SayItOnceDogTraining 

Dog parenting

Guardianship to living as your own (37:50)

Transition is crucial 

How do you spend the money earned 

Make choices with thought

20s figuring out self 

Being young and having fun or responsibility 

Face Mask ever go away ? (42:00)

How the Panorama ending?

Local To Global (45:00)

@VonFitz (Depop Shop/ YouTube Influencer)

Depop of the Week 

Depop: @naubsss

Outro: New Hero’s- Christian Scott

Feb 22, 202155:17
Simple Isn't Always Easy Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.7

Simple Isn't Always Easy Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.7

Special Guest: Kevin Leaven


Intro: Mo Betta Blues - Branford Marsalis Quartet Ft Terence Blanchard

Figure what ignites your ting  (4:55)

What’s your purpose?

Your Calling..

Spankings Are Healthy (8:37)

Grade School Was you a Red Card  Student.

Parental disappointment as Children...

Kev’s Journey w/ Grace (11:00)

Family Business

Support the Homie

Travel Knowledge (16:35)

Texas Dangerous 

Mask is not on the top of the list in the region

Justification seen backwards.

“People are not driven by pure reason.” - Kevin

Human Beings  are  storytelling  creatures. 

Try to explain a concept without telling a story..

How do you defeat  a stereotypes (23:11)

Police have mistreated ppl of color across the board of the World.

Separation of unity via backwards compliments (Your a cool black guy)

Wellness Talk (29:11)

Read 20mins a Day

Drink 3.3L of water day

Stretch (5mins  a day starter  pack)

Simple Vs Easy

Want to break a habit…

You know what you want to do and how to do it...Simple

Not Easy to commit to those changes.

Committed Long Relationships 

They're Not a fairytale, however  they are healthy

Be open  to learning more about self

Communication  is Key they say

Come to terms that we are not perfect. 

Healing Practice within a hobby (35:01)

Your hobby may be a healing remedy in your life.

Guitar/ Writing/ Skating/ Your Vibe

Local 2 Global (43:00)


+ Investing entrepreneurial Inspiration


+ Videographer/ Documentarian/ Photographer 


+Artist Creator/ Producer/ Vibe Creator

@TyKeenen /

@MediumsCollective /

Depop of Da Week


Outro: I Remember Clifford Brown -  Lee Morgan

Feb 15, 202150:25
Yoga 4 Police Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.6

Yoga 4 Police Yaherrd!? Szn 3 Ep.6

Intro: WashUWant2 - After the Party

  • Numbers how do they speak to you? (2:28)
  • Yoga intro
  • Swami Vivekananda

Black Culture & Anime African = 🖤

  • African/ Black let’s take that line away
  • You Black ?  You African? (8:00)
  • Kobe Craft
  • Learn the history from different angles

Know Your History (12:42)

So Immigration tells you a stereotype. How did you react? (13:50)

What’s the relationship w/ Police Overseas ?

  • Hopeless knowing you can’t prevent a murder from the badge.

2nd Amendment Right...I Mean.. (19:21)

  • Faith vs Strap
  • Do you want the option, and what comes with it? Or Trust your story and life’s encounters without dat option. (2nd Amendment) ?
  • Would you rather have a strap in moments of danger?
  • “Outside of my character to own a strap” -Yogi “Tuff”
  • What you doing with a hunnit rounds?
  • Offensive weapons? Or defensive ?

Batman wouldn’t pick up a Gun? (26:50)

  • He needs therapy.

Am I more comfortable being pulled over by a black officer? (What’s the meaning to that question ?)

Pyramid Schemes want young demographics.

What was CHOP in Seattle again? (31:10)

  • How it evolve from first day.
  • How it felt to protest…
  • Protest for clout Vs the moment.
  • Protest Staring down Cops..
  • What typa cop are you? What type person are you?

SellOut -Uncle Ruckus Tom Vs Virtue(37:00)

  • Support our Marginalized folk,
  • Don’t judge character by public shamed book cover.

Skin Folk don’t mean kinfolk (41:15)

Certain jobs require a certain outcome- Army, Police, Barber

(43:45) Penalized for being good cops..

We need to handle our health. (49:32)

Yoga , handle your mental.

  • Relax, but the Yoga culture isn’t potent, it’s Palatti’s
  • Approach Yoga thru your goal workout vs Mind Stimulus Spirit rooted.
  • Design for you to get in touch with you, the earth and how we are in touch with the bigger picture the Universe.
  • My Yoga Experience, CorePower .
  • Let me define Yoga ! (59:01)

Black Movies

  • Mo Betta Blues
  • School Daze
  • Hidden Colors
  • Fresh

Watermelon- Love Hate Relationship (1:04:10)

Local to Global (1:08:02)

  • IG: @Tanglesandlocs
  • This is whom I acreddit my Loc Crop beginning. Good People
  • Let that blade hit and get that cut💈
  • Smoothie blended fade.

Depop Highlight of the Week (1:09:01)

  • Depop: @Jbelmusic
  • Vintage immaculate picks

Outro: AvengHer - Christian Scott (Trumpeter)

Nov 23, 202001:15:12
Adaptation YaHerrd!? Szn 3 Ep.5

Adaptation YaHerrd!? Szn 3 Ep.5

Intro: Been Away- Brent Faiyaz

Shifting Moods, New Norms formed within 2020 (2:10)

  • Go VOTE

Creatives Continue to Prevail (3:47)

  • Art, Music, Cheffing, Public Speaking is not the only way to Express Passion.

A few food for thought Opportunities to make money (5:47)

  • DoorDash/ Uber Eats
  • Lime Scooters/Wheels/ Bird Scooter Charging
  • Depop - Sell Shwag !

Small Dive into Depop: (7:21)

S/o  Depop: @Vonsfitz

How to Make $1,000 on Depop in a month.

Promote Healthy Living: (9:18)

  • Album: “Keepin It Healthy”

Eat at home ♻️

Good food Put you in a good mood (11:04)

  • S/o to Soulection
  • Timeless Classics

Are you tired of paying Rent!? (14:07)

  • iNeed Assets
  • Teach us how to comprehend house market and mortgage lifestyle in school curriculum
  • How to buy A house for dummies…(1996)

YouTube University should be credible: (17:14)

  • YouTube has saved me Hundreds of dollars
  • Changed Passenger Mirror
  • Installed Ceiling Fans

Double Check Your Work FAM😤 (24:50)

(27:18) Preview of Next Episode

Local To Global: (29:04)

IG: @NiaTheLocGodProducts

  • For My Loc Heads Highly Recommended!
  • Sells Out every drop! No Cap Subscribe.
  • Locs not required for this product. Enjoy!

Outro: Prototype (Chopped) - Outkast

Nov 01, 202036:09
The Solo Frequency YaHerrd!? Szn 3 Ep.4

The Solo Frequency YaHerrd!? Szn 3 Ep.4

Special Guest: Ty Keenen IG: @TyKeenen NEW  MUSIC OUT NOW ! S/o Cascadia Underground for the space to create the following EP. Intro: Donnie Trumpet - Just Wait (3:30) Stage in my life I start gathering indoor plants. Lighting is important, and nurturing plants. Not all life is made for all climates Professor tells you to speak to a plant.. what are you saying? (8:47) No longer squishing bugs without thought Circle of life They have been here longer than us...bugs that is. Animals represent harmony more so than humans. That feeling when a dog barks at you...and no one else. (13:20) Stop & Enjoy the moment. Be in the present, Wake Up Intermission - Stimela- Hugh Masekela (27:00) T-Pain influence (29:00) Coltrane Influence Tribute Soloist Power Levels Plus 1,000 Spiritual level of musicianship (35:30) The Solo is an Art The art of making not stop decisions “solo” “The reward that faith gives us..”- Ty Keenen (41:10) Grabbed random book off library shelf Solo Martial Art Training I’ve always wanted Goku Hands The art of disciplining the self Patients & Discipline essential Seek elder mentors “Don’t drop no dollar in an OGs case, $5 tip off principal.”- Ty Keenen (50:00) Power behind protest Protests are in history yet we are in the present. S/o Mahilet UW Seattle BSU President Remove the George Washington Statute off Campus.. (52:40) Warning if you believe in Santa spoiler alert. History is skewed, teaching Black history with more of our strengths. Don’t hide our divine truths. Caren I voted yesterday… Ya Digg!? (56:56) Teachers are a huge influence on our lives. S/o to the good ones ! Forget the bad apples Public education system has been used for evil...boarding schools stripping history from Native Americans I’ve been a victim of “White Wash” “Hollywood Shuffle” - Our work voice... (1:08:54) Local to Global Get your shine on, find your piece. Outro: Donnie Trumpet - Rememory

Aug 17, 202001:13:10
Find Your Medium Yaherrd!? Szn3. Ep.3

Find Your Medium Yaherrd!? Szn3. Ep.3

Special Guest: @MediumsCollective

Est. 2014 11:11

Special Thank You TO: @BlackDotUnion


Intro: Really Love - D Angelo

PAYTHEFee Recap: (1:49)


(2:49) Define Medium:

How did it happen? Your Idea became an entity ? (5:31)

How have you been defending your health?!


  • Youtube University
  • Resources from the community makes  a difference. #DefundThePolice  More Resource to the YOUTH @KingCountyEquityNow
  • Put in those 10,000hrs
  • We Actually do need the elementary knowledge we  retriculed our teachers we  wouldn’t...HAHA

(26:00) Learn about  LLC and Sole Proprietorship

  • Decide on Your Company Name.
  • Make Sure The Company Name is Available in your State.
  • File Your LLC Registration Papers.
  • Select a Registered Agent.
  • Create Your LLC's Operating Agreement.
  • Get an EIN from the IRS.
  • Open a Bank Account.
  • Start doing Business!

(30:30) Would you Rather Start yo Clothing Line..?

  • In Bulk!
  • Pre-Order!

(35:26) How do you manage design with Budget?

  • it worth the risk?
  • I’d like to know
  • Work on your connection skills
  • Get in your E-MAIL BAG
  • Communicate with Barrier Included
  • Do The Research (Google It, N Get Started)

(40:00) High End Product YaHerrd!?

  • Quality speaks to the Mass
  • Invest in yourself
  • Find ways to prevail
  • Transition your bread




UnDefined “Wear your Identity”


Cultured Street Wear for the WOKE




Outro: The Girl From Ipanema- tan Getz · João Gilberto · Astrud Gilberto

Aug 04, 202051:17
Tattle Tale 101 Yaherrd Szn 3 Ep 2

Tattle Tale 101 Yaherrd Szn 3 Ep 2

Host: @SoonPlus Guest Host: Julz ( Peep his phenomenal archivé Abstract enthusiast Reminder: Register to Vote‼️ Intro: Bob Marley -Crazy Baldheads Ways to Move Healthy Thru Covid-19 (1:47) Run/ 100 push ups a day Drink plenty of water Think Positive for you Wear your mask What does covid feel like? (5:40) fever/chills Severe headache Loss of taste Breathing trouble Snitching Balance (10:49) Culturally not acceptable Insurance CO’s rely on snitches Need answers, need witnesses Define Snitch ( Kindergarten for 1 Semester...I learned. Plea deal...fuck dat (18:36) Netflix Series “When They See Us” Let me hit you wit an example… A world with no police.. (26:46) People of color don’t get the mental illness pass Many ways to Protest (30:25) Protest thru music Protest thru art PAY THE FEE ( @KingCountyEquityNow) Support Black Owned Business Natural Organic Earth Resource (37:37) New Pathways @Decriminalize_nature_seattle Create positivity in the brain Caren Act: The "CAREN Act" (45:00) (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) was introduced on Tuesday at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting by Supervisor Shamann Walton. The ordinance is similar to the statewide AB 1550 bill introduced by California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, making it unlawful and accountable for a caller to "fabricate false racially biased emergency reports." Malcom Rebel Tribute (51:03) A Father, A Capital Hill Icon, A Friend the Seattle Mass. LetDatBoyLive™️On Local To Global: (53:00) @MrNateJackson (Nate Jackson Super Funny Comedy Club) Grand Opening was a DUB! Black Owned. @Seattle.Black.Business A resource for black business owners! @MediumsCollective S/o for making PAYTHEFEE successful & bringing the culture together. Outro: Stunnin - Curtis Water
Jul 25, 202001:00:02
Tree's Don't Kill Yaherrd Szn 3 Ep.1

Tree's Don't Kill Yaherrd Szn 3 Ep.1

Intro: Cause I Love You

Dedication to Yaya (3:32)

Introducing my conscious “thoughts” (5:00)

What I don’t understand about badge culture. (9:32)

Ayo Alleys you can help.. (14:48)

Congratulations 2020 Grads (16:07)

Home Cooking meal suggestions (18:24)

Gyms Closed 24HR (21:14)

Protest Feelings (22:44)
What’s in Tear Gas? (29:45)
UW Seattle BSU organized Protest (32:30)
@SeattleBikebrigade (40:18)

Local to Global (44:08)
Black Owned

Outro: Why we cry Why we die
Jul 08, 202049:08
5 Lunches Yaherrd Szn 2 Ep. 14

5 Lunches Yaherrd Szn 2 Ep. 14

5 Lunches Yaherrd Szn 2 Ep. 14 by SoonComing
May 18, 202032:44
Quarantine Bae YaHerrd Szn 2 Ep.13

Quarantine Bae YaHerrd Szn 2 Ep.13

INTRO: Like I Want You- Giveon How has COVID-19 changed your life? (4:20) Is Love Truly Blind? “Netflix Original” Cringing Yuck! Nope Next. (6:20) Did you just realize you have a spouse? Learning your house for the first time... (7:30) Working Out from Home, Challenge Yourself S/O Bianca Apple Watch Challenge. (9:20) Hot Girls Summer Cancelled with the rest (10:20) COVID TRENDS Raw Face from home ladies Gamepigeon “Crazy 8” Read Books, Write, Journal S/o Quetin stuck in Guatemala (14:45) Are we overthinking or not thinking hard enough? When we first heard the news...the thought process of the spread. Moving with caution Thank our Scientist (22:00)Special Guest: @D0llatika - Stylist @777Chano - Photographer @HimiMartin - Model @iDreamJasmin - Assist - Studio Space Founder: @AlexLeeVisuals (28:40) Shares & Potential Investments (34:20) Local To Global (Rentable Studio Space 4 Creatives) A stylish place to add your vision above. Vibez S/O @Soulection Radio Question for the listeners: “Text Em You Miss Em?”
Mar 24, 202039:59


I NO I’m LIAR YAHERRD!? Intro: Frontal Lobe- Daniel Cesar Host: @SoonPlus Special Guest: Julz Color ( Inquiry for pieces- (3:00) New Media 1st VR Piece was sold today in 2020 Binding and tradition will not die, I refuse to accept that we will go full digital. Archetypes: a very typical example of a certain person or thing. (8:47) Life moments are on REPEAT...everything moves in CIRCLES Holiday check points make the year move too fast. (11:00) How Do you separate inspiration from imitation? Future Vs Designer (Example) (14:00) Gaze Ball Artist: Jeff Koons (16:00) There is Art in Everything There is always depth Details are everywhere Take the time (18:00) What is the art behind putting a PRICE on your pieces? @TheFeelsSea (Seattle Art Scene) What tier does an artist pick for themselves? Art is not tangible, its perception. Collectors control the price of the Art Market. (21:45) Figurine: statuette, especially one of a human form. (25:30) My Art is listening to me and not seeing me. (36:50) Go Beyond the Edge. We’ve seen the same stories throughout the decade. BE HONEST with SELF. YAHERRD Book Recommendations: Crime & Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky Because of a Women - Malanda Kisongo What Is the What - Dave Eggers (49:05) Mamba Mentality Tribute (55:05) YOUR LUCKY YOU HAVE A PASSION?! Get out there and and FAIL. When you hear “NO” it’s will LIVE. Do what the fuq you want and love within GOOD Morality Outro: Dragonball Durag- Thundercat
Feb 24, 202001:04:06
Challenge Accepted 2020 YaHerrd!? Szn 2 Ep.11

Challenge Accepted 2020 YaHerrd!? Szn 2 Ep.11

Intro: (Produced by: @MixedByDowd)

Host: @SoonPlus

Good News The News We Miss:
Bronx to have Hip Hop Museum by 2023
Danielle Outlaw First Black Woman Police Commissioner in Philly

Main Topic: Establish 2020
Start Your Future
Establish a goal
Jump the gun learn on the way
LLC, Taxes, Establishment

Local To Global:

@MixedByDowd - Mixing And Mastering (Podcasters, Hip-Hop Artists) Enrich your sound to Radio Quality.

@PossiLife - Curated Events with a guaranteed vibe that doesn’t evolve (Top 40) the music dives into a pocket of heat.

Outro: ASTROTHUNDER - Travis Scott
Jan 24, 202023:52
Code Of Ethics Yaherrd!? Szn 2 Ep 10

Code Of Ethics Yaherrd!? Szn 2 Ep 10

Intro: Kevin’s Hart- J. Cole Special Guest: Fantastic Yogi Good News the News We Miss (4:29) Happy Holiday when did you find Santa’s truth ?(7:22) Disappointing how the world looks in 2020 (12:22) Wealth part of your day to day inspiration( 21:25) The Bands Affect Your Ethics? (25:08) Local to Global (44:03) Videographer: @Geraldjozay Photographer: @Hndicapshoota Outro: Had Enough- Don Toliver fr Quavo & Offset
Dec 30, 201947:60
Trust Your Truth YAHERRD!? Szn 2 EP.9

Trust Your Truth YAHERRD!? Szn 2 EP.9

This Episode was Brought to you by: @AliensxRobots

Intro: Alien - Ye

Special Guests:
Producer: @LaQuanAragon

DisneyLand Or DisneyWorld ?
What’s your vibe ?
FastPass Clout

Thanksgiving Without Turkey ➕ Drama (5:50)
Has thanksgiving Watered down?
Is it me or was every holiday better in the 90s
(Phone Cards, member dat ?)
When your family ask those prime questions regarding your life.

Drink more water, exfoliate, and bring da health (8:40)

Social Media Influencer get to the BAG (14:10)
make money via the gram and more.
Start with the products you love
Trust the Sense of Self (17:20)
Where does your sense of self begin?
The heart the brain ?
What are Iconic Kid Movies from 2000 and back!?

Cartoons are a great way to learn Self (25:50)
Self reflection
What you spend the Black Friday Bag On? (32:05)

Outro: Pretty Little Fears - 6lack ft J.Cole
Dec 04, 201944:10
Suit Up, Bad News YAHERRD?!  Szn 2 Ep. 7

Suit Up, Bad News YAHERRD?! Szn 2 Ep. 7

Intro: Like One - @Vonje30

Good New, The News We Miss - 4:00

Future’s Tour College Scholarship

Lisa Leslie’s Statue

Non English Phrase of the Week- 6:56

Suit Up - 7:04
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
No such thing as over dressing
I challenge you to add one dress drip fit to your Arsenal
Suiting up equivalent to a women in Lingerie.

Bad News - 13:56
Dropping Bads News is gratifyingly disgusting
The Art of dropping bad news
It’s good to know your not alone thru this bad experiences

Local To Global- 28:47

Outro: You Can’t Save Me- Sir
Sep 30, 201928:48
Coming of Age Yaherrd Szn 2 Ep. 6

Coming of Age Yaherrd Szn 2 Ep. 6

Intro: Swoll- @NateJayour Good News The News We Miss Crown Act Law Coming of Age (Big Topic) Age 18 1st Wave of Gates are opened Retire Permission slips Get Jumped by the Credit Card Co’s Age 21 2nd Wave of Gates open Buy yo own bottles. Buzz and homework Age 25 You are you Congratulations! The choice you make leads to a result Life makes more sense than it did at 18 fo surely. Local To Global @Muhamed.Gaye Your Future Self Back to School Fest Brought to you by: Greater Trinity Church & Leon Williams @Nwtpolocutz @Greater_trinity_academy 100+ backback giveaway Free Haircuts/Braids/Trims Food, Games, Beast Bus, Bounce House 5 Barbers, 3 Stylist S/O to The Stylist/Barbers @MrUKnow @SteezyTim @Brisco_ @anointedtouchesbraidbar @honey_dip206 Events Watermelon x Lemonade (SEPT 8th 2019) @_WatermelonSundae_ @Barciudad @Possilife @ETCperry King 5 Coverage Outro Ye -Burna Boy
Sep 06, 201924:22
Homeless In Seattle YaHerrd Szn 2 Ep 5

Homeless In Seattle YaHerrd Szn 2 Ep 5

Intro: I Could Never Hurt You Girl- Ralfi Pagan Good News the News we Miss! 1:05 - Round of applause (ROP) “Ayyeee” ! (@Slimwatson_15) Congratulations ! #ForbesUnder30Scholar 3:37 S/o my cat Bubba 4:05 Non-English Phrase of the Week “Failure, Is not an option” 5:34 Homeless-ness ?! 7:35 How would I attack the world as a Homeless?! Costco Samples A Must Need my Own Private Tent w/ my own yard I’m setting Traps for Security purpose. 14:35 How you ever been conned by an alleged homeless? 17:20 Homeless Interview (Jackson St & 6th Ave) 24:00 What can we do to help? Coat drives Food drives Vote within the city council 25:07 Local To Global @TheOnlyJkey (Freestyle Fridays) @_WatermelonSundae_ (Sept 8th, 2019) TAP IN @Buffalo_Designs Order Now! Outro: Off the Lot - Rich The Kid Ft Famous Dexter
Aug 15, 201931:07