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By Marcus Byrd

The founders of the future give you insight into what is happening right now in their industry to help you go out and start your own year 1.
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Knowledge Economy with 150Birds

Year1Jul 05, 2021

Knowledge Economy with 150Birds
Jul 05, 202131:20
We talk and software for flight schools with Eli Rushbanks
May 31, 202149:38
Becoming a VC with Margaret Ntambi

Becoming a VC with Margaret Ntambi

In this episode, we learn what are the right classes and majors to have if you want to end up in the VC. We follow Margaret's journey of breaking into the VC world and the decision that lead her there.


Margaret bio: Margaret is a Results-driven Financial professional bridging analytical and leadership skills to grow businesses. From interning at the State Department to P&g and Accenture, Margaret then transitioned to a fellow at Pariti VC and the now-famous RareBreed Ventures led by MACtheVC on Twitter. On top of all that excellence, she is now in the process of completing her MBA at the NYU Stern School of Business. 

For more info visit year1 podcast website at

May 12, 202126:21
Maryna from
Apr 26, 202135:27
Michael from Dope dog
Apr 12, 202144:54
Siren Music with Charlie Durbin

Siren Music with Charlie Durbin

Fresh off his graduation from Princeton, Charlie took his love for music and decided to help indie artists make a living with the support of their fans. SirenMusic lets fans invest in the future royalties of their favorite bands all in seconds. Could this be the future key to artists actually making money earlier? I personally help so. 

Website :

Charlie's personal: Twitter & Linkedin

If you or a founder you know needs to be on the year1 podcast let's connect at

Mar 29, 202144:49
Sam Tefera from & building with noCode
Mar 17, 202127:33 with Sharath @5harath on Twitter with Sharath @5harath on Twitter

Today we dive deep into Social proof and how is taking it to the next level. Hear it here first What the future of CV and suggestions will look like. Join the conversation on Twitter @year1podcast and connect with me personally at @marcusthebyrd

Are you a founder or investor and want to be on year1? Great! Signup at

Mar 04, 202133:16
Lets talk BRANDING

Lets talk BRANDING

Branding is one of those things that can get pretty complicated. So lets take a step back and talk with cinematographer and branding expert Korey McDonald. To find out more about Korey visit

Feb 19, 202111:45
Intro to Year1

Intro to Year1

Year1 is for the people who are building, trying to build, or wanting to build a business in any industry. Hear from founders who will be the titans of tomorrow before they make it big. Learn the latest tips and tricks from their story now, while it's still fresh. 

Feb 13, 202100:37