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Milk & Cookies Podcast

Milk & Cookies Podcast

By Rondo Draine

It’s always the conversations that we don’t have that we should be having and that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting from this podcast. This is a judgmental free outlet for us to discuss & talk about any and everything. So sit back..relax & get ready to be uncomfortable 🙃
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(LIVE AUDIENCE) Gratitude & Appreciation Pt.1

Milk & Cookies PodcastOct 15, 2021

(LIVE AUDIENCE) Gratitude & Appreciation Pt.1

(LIVE AUDIENCE) Gratitude & Appreciation Pt.1

Milk & Cookies Podcast presents to you today "two brothers" from "two different mothers" show their Gratitude & Appreciation for each other. Let's break down the definition.

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful: readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Appreciation: recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

In times like today we should be embracing all of those we love. Life is too short to still have grief and anger in our hearts, for what? In this podcast (recorded on April 8, 2021 w/live audience) Rondo & Gadiel both express there appreciation for each other and their friendship. The crowd was able to engage in conversation, laugh, and eat birthday cake. Make sure you listen to it all the way through and make sure to share to those that you love, and even share it to that one person that needs it the most. Let's change the culture of celebrating people when their gone, instead give them their flowers while they're here to enjoy them. Much love to all and remember, "Be Great, Stay Relevant". 


Oct 15, 202119:43
“Knowing Your Worth” w/Nick Banks

“Knowing Your Worth” w/Nick Banks

Nick Banks and I had to cover this topic REAL QUICK!! This here is just one of many conversations you all will hear featuring the one and only Nick Banks!! #TheOGBanko Sorry that the podcast ended so abruptly, we continued talking after the audio stopped recording.
May 17, 202058:47
Ep4 - Women Should Shoot Their Shoot

Ep4 - Women Should Shoot Their Shoot

In today’s episode we discuss how women should work up the bravery and courage to approach the man they want. It was a funny topic so I hope you enjoy and ... women i hope you approach the man you want!
Feb 12, 202030:16
Ep3 - Military VS My Dreams & Passions
Jan 04, 202028:02
Ep2 - Relationship Peer-Pressure’s Pt2
Nov 20, 201924:39
Pilot - Relationship Peer-Pressures Pt1
Oct 24, 201925:51