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Yoga unCorked Podcast

Yoga unCorked Podcast

By Jeanie Jyanti

This is Yoga unCorked. We are two Cork Women passionate about yoga. With this podcast we want to lift the lid or un-cork yoga...get it?!

Content warning, there will be swearing, we are rude and if you're a member of the yoga police, leave now!

But it is also a place for you to learn, laugh and come to love yoga as much as we do. And even better, bring some Yoga practice and wisdom into your daily life.

In each episode you'll find us chatting about the mysteries of this ancient wisdom in an accessible and entertaining way. While honouring and respecting this practice. It's changed our lives
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Ep 1 - Pilot - Balls deep in Pratyahara

Yoga unCorked PodcastMay 03, 2021

S4 Ep 37 - Menopause or Metamorphosis? - Jenni Galvin talks about her surgical menopause.

S4 Ep 37 - Menopause or Metamorphosis? - Jenni Galvin talks about her surgical menopause.

***Please note this is a personal account and not to be mistaken for medical advice***

Join Jeanie and Jenni, dear friends, as they discuss life after a surgical menopause from full hysterectomy including:

- Sex after menopause - "I felt like an almond"

- Is your spiritual love and power connected to your womb? If so what happens when it's removed?

- How "Fanny cream is like a facial for your fanny"

- Are you welcome in womb circles when you don't have a womb?

- Menopause or Metamorphosis? Your next chapter.

- Doing a ceremony on your womb to say goodbye.

Please seek trusted medical advice before using any pharmaceutical items mentioned in this episode.

References - Women who run with wolves

Apr 24, 202301:21:43
S4 Ep 36 - Sally Parkes Women's Yoga Specialist

S4 Ep 36 - Sally Parkes Women's Yoga Specialist

Do you teach mainly women over 35?

Are you a women over 35?

Then listen to this!

In part 2 of our Menopause series Jeanie interviews Sally Parkes - Women's Yoga Specialist

Sally and Jeanie discuss:

- How hot flushes can be a way to burn up tamas (stagnant or 'manky' energy as Sally says) creating room for new ideas, creativity, healing.

- Sally's realisation "I'm probably over half way through my life and there really is no time to waste", how perimenopause has allowed her live better.

- Adaptations and focus points for 35+ yr old body pelvic floor or pelvic carriage.

- Are you postnatal or perimenopausal....or both!?

- The intense dreams and processing during perimenopause

- What can yoga teachers do to help those over 35/40 with their movement practice

- And so much more!

Connect with Sally and check out her upcoming trainings here:

Apr 11, 202301:15:21
S4 Ep 35 - Menopausal Sisters in a Nightclub - Rachel Boon Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
Mar 25, 202301:12:18
S4 Ep34 - Yoga in India

S4 Ep34 - Yoga in India

Join us for a chat about Jeanie's most recent trip to India. We discuss:

- Should you say Namastae at the end of yoga class?

- Ashram life including the food and daily schedule

- What are the traditional clothes worn for yoga in India

- Why Jeanie loves the people

- We end with 4 traditional Mantras and you can practice them here yourself - 

Akhanda Yoga -

Alchemy Collective: 

Mar 11, 202301:05:46
S4 Ep 33 - Robbie's Rehearsal for the Future

S4 Ep 33 - Robbie's Rehearsal for the Future

Robbie was our first ever guest back in Season 1. We had so much to chat about, we invited him back on.

We discuss some wonderful topics:

- Do you only appreciate your body's health when you're sick?

- How the yogic path can lead you to deep place of autonomy within yourself so you're less affected by your interior world and instead you can affect the exterior world form a place of calm.

- Are we all responsible for our own feelings, but where do we stand when someone uses this to manipulate us?

- How the knife in the had of a surgeon is going to save a life but the knife in the hand of a murderer will take a life. Tools are only useful when used with awareness.

- The irony of the fact that yoga has become hijacked by the ego and is being used to further cement the ego. This is the opposite of what ALL yogic teachings were about.

- How we can get fixated on achieving things when the more important question is "what are you doing right now, for yourself and your community?"

- Are you always rehearsing for your future?

- Is nuance the new N word?  

- What states the mind goes through when it's thinking?

Feb 21, 202301:10:06
S4 Ep 32 - The Education of Yoga

S4 Ep 32 - The Education of Yoga

Join us for a deep dive into the Education of Yoga.

We discuss:

- We don't care about your qualifications, do you understand the majesty of movement?

- What to look for if you want to become a Yoga Teacher.

- What's the difference between a Yoga instructor vs a Yoga Teacher?

- Who are the head honchos in the Yoga Governing bodies and are they any craic?!

- Yoga Teacher Trainings are a privilage, let's be real!

- Jeanie talks about her upcoming trainings and her scholarship options.

Check out her trainings here: 

200hr for New Teachers -

25hr series for Yoga Teachers looking to devlelop their craft:

Feb 06, 202301:23:14
S4 Ep 31 - New Year, New Who?

S4 Ep 31 - New Year, New Who?

We are back with our 4th Season. And we dive straight in with the most pressing topics...

- How lots of people think myself and Kelly are the same person.

- How there are more dead dogs :(

- Jeanie DOESN'T tell you what she did for New years!

- And we dissect the New year New you rhetoric that plagues January.

- Instead we share our dreams for 2023 and our word for the year.

- And Jeanie shares her fears of not being taken seriously as a yoga teacher without a studio.

Mary O Regan - potter and print maker -

2 Norries podcast -

Previous nude swimming -

Our most popular episode of 2022 - Amy's episode -

Legs up the wall - video

Love and light confessionals -

Conspirituality -

Living room logic -

Jan 23, 202301:02:18
S3 Ep 30 - Everything but Yoga

S3 Ep 30 - Everything but Yoga

We're back and we have a major catch up on what's been going on over the last few months and why we took a break.

College life, travel, YTTs in Greece, triplets separated at birth and not a whole lot of yoga chat, but a few giggles.

Some dose -

enneagram test 2s and 3s -

Pre and Peri natal somatic psychology -

Triplets seperated at birth Documentary:

Dec 18, 202201:04:28
S3 Ep 29 - Don't Fuck with the Fairies - Sarah Fox talks Early Irish Spirituality and Yoga

S3 Ep 29 - Don't Fuck with the Fairies - Sarah Fox talks Early Irish Spirituality and Yoga

Join us FINALLY getting to chat to Sarah Fox.

We discuss:

- The origin of the cream cracker!

- Lineage in Yoga and Early Irish Teachings

- Herbal Science and how smart plant and animals are

- Chinese hamsters and their ovaries

- Early Irish Cauldrons and wells of 5 streams

And we finish off with a beautiful Irish circle cast and breath meditation.


The Cosmic Serpent - Jeremy Narby:

Encyclopaedia Celtic Wisdom by Caitlin Matthews -

The Well of Five Streams - Erynn Rowan Laurie -

Deirdre Wadding -

Dec 04, 202201:21:34
S3 Ep 28 - Tell me why I don't like Vinyasa Yoga?

S3 Ep 28 - Tell me why I don't like Vinyasa Yoga?

Join us this week as we tease apart what Vinyasa Yoga means to each of us and how it makes us feel.

From the original traditional version to what we see being taught today. 

Kelly guides us through her understanding of it with beautiful imagery and authenticity. 

Jeanie tries to figure out was it where she was in her life, the style or the teacher.

Listen to find out!

Oct 10, 202255:46
S3 Ep 27 - Amy Russell - Kundalini, Controversy and Clubbing!

S3 Ep 27 - Amy Russell - Kundalini, Controversy and Clubbing!

"Stop this obsession with past lives. Yes, you were powerful in a past life, but you were also an ass hole at one time!"

This week we speak to Amy Russell about her experience of the Kundalini world, including its controversy in recent years. 

As an artist and a former raver she speaks about how Yoga saved her life, literally. 

She journeys us through her work as a cross community artist in Belfast, discovering yoga and living in an ashram in San Fransisco.

Returning to Ireland with a head injury into post Celtic Tiger Cork, finding her community and her deep connection to spirit and Shamanism.

She articulately describes her relationship with her Spiritual and Birth Name and how she strives to stay authentic. 

Real, witty and profoundly honest this episode has it all!

Sep 25, 202259:41
S3 Ep 26 - Spiritual Names
Sep 11, 202201:04:26
S3 Ep 25 - Jivana Heyman (he/him) - turning anger into service

S3 Ep 25 - Jivana Heyman (he/him) - turning anger into service

This week's guest is the humble Jivana Heyman (he/him), founder and director of Accessible Yoga School (non profit) and author of Yoga Revolution and Accessible Yoga. He joins us from sunny Santa Barbra and as we chat you can hear the murmurings of his garden and wildlife in the background.

We discuss:

- The dance between keeping yoga accessible and respecting the lineage

- How often the best we can do is be quiet and allow all to be revealed

- Abuse in the yoga world and connection to lineage

- Activism and turning anger into service

- We ask Yoga teachers to reflect on the power dynamics within their communities and classes 

- Hard conversations - where is the future of yoga?

- How the 3 Gunas - rajas (activity), tamas (stability), sattva (consciousness) in yogic anatomy had a potential influence on and relation to the discovery of the theory of protons, neutrons and electrons in chemistry.

- The 4 paths of yoga and how these can often reflect or represent the ways we are in the world, or the ways we find yoga.

  • Karma Yoga – the yoga of action and selfless service.
  • Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of devotion.
  • Rāja Yoga – the yoga of meditation.
  • Jñāna Yoga – the yoga of will and intellect.

Connect with Jivana: or on social media

Link to join Accessible Yoga Ireland FB page:

Duncan Kruger effect -

Love and Rage book -

Aug 29, 202201:02:25
S3 Ep 24 - Yoga Nidra - Sleep, Sex and Shit Shampoo

S3 Ep 24 - Yoga Nidra - Sleep, Sex and Shit Shampoo

In this episode we disect the difference between Chatty Savasanas and Yoga Nidra. 

Is it Sleepy Yoga or a Deep Internal Awakening?

Jeanie has actually done some research for once and details the different brain waves compared to the sections of the Om symbol. 

And Kelly weighs in with the Psychology to back it up. 

Jeanie will be hosting a Yoga Nidra Challenge and you can sign up for it here:

And if you'd like to support us on Patreon you can do so here:

100hr YTT in Yoga Nidra in India with Jeanie's Teacher:


Thirty AF Instagram:

Rachel Roberts Yoga:

Reluctant Conversations by Grace Tempeny:

Tracee Stanley - Radiant Rest -

Uma Dinsmore Tuli:

Aug 15, 202201:06:19
S3 Ep 23 - "I was born this way" - what's your birth story?

S3 Ep 23 - "I was born this way" - what's your birth story?

Our first guest of the Season Usha Anandi, founder of Womben Wellness and dear friend of Jeanie Jyanti, speaks to us about all things birth and womb wonders. 

Do you know how you were born? 

What's your birth story? 

Have you connected to your womb ancestry?

What's your origin?

We discuss this and so much more. Its juicy. It's plugged in. And it's beautiful. 

You can connect to Usha and all the Womben Wellness offerings here: 

And on social media here:

You can apply for the 100hr Prenatal YTT with Jeanie and Usha in Greece this Oct here. Quote this Podcast to avail of the extended early bird:

Jul 29, 202256:18
S3 Ep 22 - Dead Dogs cont.

S3 Ep 22 - Dead Dogs cont.

Join us for part 2 as we wander through the grief of loosing our beloved dogs and explore loss by asking the hard questions. 

We sniffle through using our free PCR test tissues! After being de-hydrated by our tears we relive Kelly's Wedding with more man buns and beards than a Viking feast. 

Jeanie bears her soul as she speaks about her new love and partner. In the process she shares her experience on the difference between men and women on dating apps.  Oh and we kind of forgot to talk about Yoga this week soz. We'll be back with yoga bits next week we promise.


Hinge dating app:

Jul 18, 202201:14:32
S3 Ep 21 - Dead Dogs

S3 Ep 21 - Dead Dogs

Yes! We're back and it's been a long 7 months, thanks for waiting lads. This episode kicks off as we battle to record with a little terrier causing chaos in background as we discuss:

- life as a yoga teacher post lock down

- Kelly's smugness about not getting Covid

- are we aroused when Tony Holohan makes a speech?

- Kelly's Hen and her inability to pronounce Gloucestershire 

- Jeanie's battle with sexist landlords and her search for a new yoga studio

- how we can ask for help and trust we'll be OK

- summer freedom and where to next with yoga

- and we touch our the greatest loss of the year so far, our beautiful dogs.


Yoga on the beach and in the park:

Our instagram featuring highlight pics of Kelly's hen:

Aparigraha meaning:

Amazing Wild Design created by the kind Bonnie where Kelly works:

Micheal Martin Son:


Magic Mike London -

Niamh Lee -

Link to Bikram -

Jul 11, 202255:11
S2 Ep 20 - Building Sandcastles with Ananda

S2 Ep 20 - Building Sandcastles with Ananda

For our Season Finale we invited my dear, friend, teacher, and love Ananda to chat with us and he did not disappoint. Those who've attended Jeanie's retreats will be familiar with him and his beautiful presence and heart. So snuggle up and bask in this bliss. It's potent, it's comforting and it's heart opening. 

Join us as we discuss:

- Building sandcastles on the every shifting world around us, toasting marshmallows off Dante's Inferno and explore where you can find stability in the space of limbo. 

- Ananda reflects on his 60 years around the sun having survived abuse at a very young age and how mystical experiences showed him the way.

- His experience of meeting Mohammad Ali and Sylvester Stallone, experiencing Chronic Fatigue and meeting Amma the hugging Saint.

- Training as interfaith minister, coming out of the closet as a lover of God and feeling the presence of Jesus.

- Reclamation of self and reunion with the beloved

- "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God"

- And his final message to us all, "trust and know you are loved and held in love"

Dec 26, 202101:06:14
S2 Ep 19 - The Yoga of Food
Dec 19, 202101:15:29
S2 Ep 18 - Creating Calm in Chad - Dr. Stephen Quigley

S2 Ep 18 - Creating Calm in Chad - Dr. Stephen Quigley

We chat to Dr. Stephen Quigley, Clinical Psychologist and Yogi

- On how he created calm in Chad while serving as an Officer in the Irish Defense Forces with the United Nations.

- The ways in which Yoga influences his life and his work as a Clinical Psychologist.

- How an MP3 from his mum broguht internal peace to the chaos around him.

- We discuss where Yoga and Psychology meet...and where they dont!

- Evidence based practices vs practice based evidence

- How we all need to be more kind to ourselves right now.

You can contact Stephen here:

Jon Kabat-Zinn -

The Body Keeps the Score -

Clare Island

Mary Kelly Yoga

Dec 05, 202101:08:43
S2 Ep 17 - Invest in your Rest - Restorative Yoga

S2 Ep 17 - Invest in your Rest - Restorative Yoga

Have you every tried Restorative Yoga? As teachers we look for tummy grumbles, sex faces and farts. What? Seriously? Tune in to find out why!

Do you feel worthy enough to invest in deep rest? Following last week's chat on Yin Yoga we dive into the similar but completley different (!) practice of Restorative Yoga. 

- Kelly is in college now so talks us through the hormones and nuero chemistry of stress and rest.

- We talk you through, in a broad and easy to understand way, two of the states of the nervous system: sympathetic and parasympathetic.

- Are you actually IN your body? Or is yoga bringing you into your body, to the capacity with which you can enter it, in the moment? And does that change?

- And of course Britney is free, Adele owns spotify and blonde hair is cheugy. Soz.

Free Restorative Yoga Class here:

Mystical Self -

- Validate usssss and tell us how you feel by messaging us on

Or please follow, subscribe, rate and review us.

It REALLY helps us when you share the podcast on your social media or with friends x

Nov 27, 202101:03:28
S2 Ep16 - Part 2 - Grace-fully navigating TK Maxx
Nov 14, 202140:12
S2 Ep 16 - Part 1 - Grace-fully navigating TK Maxx

S2 Ep 16 - Part 1 - Grace-fully navigating TK Maxx

Join us for Part 1 of our yin-tastic conversation with Grace Tempany of DubYin Yoga.

We navigate the challenges of self employment. 

Discuss enquiry and reflection over knowing the answers.

And reflect on how Yin might just be the missing piece in Trauma Work.

It's potent, it's powerful and it's, as always, real.

Nov 06, 202141:29
S2 Ep 15 Downward Facing Dogma - Part 2

S2 Ep 15 Downward Facing Dogma - Part 2

We're back with part 2 and it's juicer, more real and we hope more inspiring. So you can decide for yourself, where you lie on the scale of Dogma vs Dedication! 

We discuss people being dogmatic about dogmatic Yoga....yes it's a trend on social media and it makes us cray cray.

We talk about how it feels when someone questions your beliefs.

We navigate 

Oct 30, 202153:16
S2 Ep 15 - Downward Facing Dogma - Part 1

S2 Ep 15 - Downward Facing Dogma - Part 1

We go dark, we go deep, we discern and decipher. Join us as we plummet down the rabbit hole of Dogma in the Yoga world. I mean we really only did the ep to use the class title...but as we started talking, of course it got juicy. 

Ciara and her Wild Wave Candles -

Pancha Pranas/Vayus - more info here:

Dr. Christopher Luke:

Oct 23, 202150:06
Se Ep 14a - Minisode - A sensual embodiment meditation

Se Ep 14a - Minisode - A sensual embodiment meditation

Join Shanti Steph for this sensual embodiment meditation for growing our capacity to experience pleasure in the body.

Oct 17, 202114:47
S2 Ep 14 - The River of Pleasure with Shanti Steph

S2 Ep 14 - The River of Pleasure with Shanti Steph

Join us as we meander down the flowing river that is our pleasure. Shanti Steph is our guide as she shares her journey and experiences, clarifies some common misconceptions and encourages us to seek pleasure in our day to day. In this sensual and spiritual chat we delight in some cacao dusted, salted caramel delights, we moan and groan in agreement and we laugh and enjoy all that can be. A delight for the senses. 

More from Shanti - listen to her a sensual embodiment meditation for growing our capacity to experience pleasure in the body here -

And she can be contacted at 

Recipe for the Crispy Chickpeas we ate -

Sex at Dawn book -

Sheela from - Wild Wild Country

Johnna Physio Yoga Cork -

Spencer Tunik - When Jeanie got her kit off and posed nude with 2,500 other people

Oct 17, 202158:29
S2 Ep 13 - The Pursuit of Love

S2 Ep 13 - The Pursuit of Love

This week we talk about LOVE! In Sanskrit there are 3 different words for love! Join Kelly and Jeanie as they discuss these types of love, what loves means to them and their favourite loving moments.

CMP Haloween you remember?!

Soul Jewels Cork -

3 words for love - Prem - nurturing, unconditional love. Bhakti - devotional love. Kama - pleasure and romantic love.

4 paths of yoga - Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rāja Yoga and Jñāna Yoga

Poem 'The Falling' by Deborah Anne Quibelle -

Oct 10, 202101:08:16
S2 Ep 12 - Living on Purpose with Casey Gayatri Berglund

S2 Ep 12 - Living on Purpose with Casey Gayatri Berglund

We talk to Casey (Gayatri) Berglund about Living On Purpose. We chat about how the body's guidance contains so much wisdom, how transitions and times of deep change can be sign posts for following your path and the lessons that come from observing the chaos!

Ted talk:



Oct 03, 202101:02:51
S2 Ep 11 - Retreat to Thrive - Are you thriving or just surviving?

S2 Ep 11 - Retreat to Thrive - Are you thriving or just surviving?

We're back! And we chat about our summer break, how much good it did us, how conscious rest and retreats can reset everything. How Kelly is smashing her limiting beliefs and is going to University, how Jeanie navigated absolute chaos 3 days before her retreat and so much more.

Jeanie's retreats:

Two Norries podcast: 

James Nestor Breathe: 

Science of Breath: 

Treatments by Shanti: 

Dog Physiotherapist - Cork Canine Clinic: 

What we ate for lunch!: Immunity boosting stir fry 

Sep 26, 202101:17:47
Ep 10 - What is Yoga? Season Finale

Ep 10 - What is Yoga? Season Finale

Join Kelly and Jeanie for the Season Finale as they go right back to the start and discuss What is Yoga?

We dive into the meaning of the word yoga, what yoga means to us, our funniest Yoga moments and chaotic classes that reflect the wonders of this ancient practice.

We reflect on the Season so far and how the podcast started. 

In the podcast they mention another podcast to listen to: The Two Norries, you can listen here:

Aug 23, 202101:21:25
Ep 9 - Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Ep 9 - Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Join us as we connect to bean álainn (beautiful woman in Gaelic Irish) Jenny Ní Ruiséil as we chat about Yogic and Irish Connections, Ayurveda, Mantra and her journey abhaile (home). 

For more information on how you can connect to Jenny you can find her here: - social media - courses and information

We also cancel Kelly for buying Corriander in a bag.

We eat sexy chocolate pots -

We discuss crying in Savasana and getting mascara on our eye pillows.

Kelly describes her carnivorous dream and so much more!

Jul 18, 202101:00:45
Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 3 - House Party

Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 3 - House Party

"Are you coming back to mine? I've a rake of cans in the fridge and we'll get some Jackies on the way"

We're back in the gaff after being out out and wrapping up the epic exploration of Prana! Will you join us? 

We talk about:

- Nadhis - energy highways

- Pranayamas - breathing techniques

- Kryias - cleansing practices

- Jean's longing for a western toilet during an intense cleanse in India!

- We don't know...we don't need to know! 

Jul 11, 202130:04
Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 2 - Out Out

Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 2 - Out Out

The Taxi is here lads...we're going Out Out!

There was so much to talk about we've made this a 3 parter! If you haven't listened to part 1 yet we recommend you go back and listen.

In this part we talk about all the important things: 

- the Pancha Prana Vayus (you can read more about them HERE)

- the energetics of childbirth 

- Jeanie's new centre parting and if Ted Bundy would come for her or not

- whether you should do inversions when you're mensturating

- the energetics of masturbation, sex and celibacy (our expert and well researched findings!)

- and so much more. 

Jul 04, 202153:41
Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 1 - Pre-drinks

Ep 8 - Prana Party - Part 1 - Pre-drinks

Join Kelly and Jeanie on this wild and wonderful exploration of Energy - Prana. From the sublime to the metaphysical we talk about life, death, birth, and everything in between. Reincarnation? Could it be? Is Yoga a replacement for religion? Who knows? Is Jeanie Ireland's answer to Shiva Lord of the dance? Is Kelly seeking a job with Dingle's Tourist board? Join us and see!

Jun 26, 202101:03:15
Ep 7a - Minisode - Starry Night Meditation - Ciara

Ep 7a - Minisode - Starry Night Meditation - Ciara

Join Ciara for this starry night meditation where the waves and sounds of nature will lull you into calm. 

Jun 14, 202111:55
Ep 7 - From illness to being 'sick' at yoga - Ciara

Ep 7 - From illness to being 'sick' at yoga - Ciara

Ciara O' Connell talks to us about her journey from a severe illness to hating yoga to coming right back around to being 'sick' at yoga!

We discuss all the important topics like where would a giraffe wear a tie if it had to go into the office, what do you do if someone in a headstand falls and busts down the wall, why yoga always deserves a second or third chance and how you can get a LOT of protein from cake.

Jun 14, 202101:13:20
Ep 6 - The Business of Yoga - Mo' money mo' problems

Ep 6 - The Business of Yoga - Mo' money mo' problems

Eugh...we didn't even know where to start with this one! It's a juicy one! Lots to explore and think about. Should yoga even be a business? How do money and yoga interact? What balance between business and yoga is a good balance? So many questions as we begin to scratch the surface of this pivot point in the Yoga Industry, yes we said it, the dirty word, industry! We would love to hear from you if you're a student, teacher, studio owner, observer. How do you feel about all this?

Jun 07, 202101:26:45
Ep 5a Minisode - Sensory Meditation by Robbie

Ep 5a Minisode - Sensory Meditation by Robbie

Join Episode 3 guest Robbie in a minisode where he will guide you through a 15 minutes sensory mediation you can do any time anywhere. Bliss!

May 30, 202115:08
Ep 5 - Three coffees to the wind - Robbie

Ep 5 - Three coffees to the wind - Robbie

Join us as we welcome our first guest Robbie from

We discuss the magic of India, being a male in the yoga world, how social media plays a role in yoga today, if you can like violent rap music and still do yoga, duality and paradox in our day to day as well as how many coffees are too many coffees!

Join us, you won't be disappointed! 

May 30, 202101:15:03
Ep 4 - Yoga in Lockdown

Ep 4 - Yoga in Lockdown

Join Kelly and Jeanie as they discuss the benefits and challenges of their yoga world since the old C19 came to shut us down...or did it bring us together?

As always we talk about what we just ate, go off on a few tangents...or are they segways?!...and have a few LOLs along the way. 

Grab a cuppa, connect up the speaker and let us connect to your hearts...see what we did there?!

May 24, 202101:04:45
Ep 3 - Suddenly she's in Reardens! Jeanie's journey.

Ep 3 - Suddenly she's in Reardens! Jeanie's journey.

Join Jeanie Jyanti on her journey inwards, that saw her go from Ballet to Chemistry to Dance college and BOOM she's in Reardens!

Where does yoga come in? It's holding it all together! It's her island, her sanctuary of compassion and calm. Her place to be herself.

It wasn't all smooth sailing. With rouge apostrophes, dealing with ashram life, losing her mother and a divorce thrown in for good measure, Jeanie shares her journey to yoga, how it's influenced her life and taught her so many lessons. All this and more, recorded to the background soundtrack in her head. You don't want to miss this one! 

May 17, 202101:01:24
Ep 2 - Nothin' wrong with Asana gurl - Kelly Introduces herself

Ep 2 - Nothin' wrong with Asana gurl - Kelly Introduces herself

Kelly Introduces herself, on her own podcast!

Join us for this episode where we name drop a load of Cork teachers, get a little sidetracked but also deep dive into Kelly's journey into yoga. What it means to her, why she loves it and ways you can get involved too.

In our dedication to learning we've included some more info on Ashtanga the 8 limb path to yoga. You'll get lots of accurate information online on these...but here is our take on it. Written by Kelly:

What's the story with the 8 limbs anyway?

Ashtanga - (or astanga) a Sanskrit word meaning ‘eight limbs/eight components or also known as eight principles that date back to at least 1700 years ago, documented in ‘Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras’.

Lads, if it’s that old, and it’s still practised today, your man Patanjali was into something... Am I rite?!

(Patanjali is also potentially a group of people as there were many sages called Patanjali back then, who knows .. it’s all so mysterious!)

Let’s have an ol’ look.

- Yama’s: Ethical conduct.

How you show up in society .. ie- don’t be a gowl.

- Niyama’s: Almost like self observations, or internal disciplines.

These include actions like ‘Tapas’ (not the delicious Spanish kind soz, more like self discipline that drives will-power and strength. ) & ‘Santosha’ - contentment (like a savage summers day cruisin’ down pana with your iced caramel latte!)

- Asana : The physical practice .

‘He/she/they be throwin maddddd shapes’

- Pranayama : prana (energy) ayama (extension) - our breathing practices and energy direction.

- Pratayahara: sensory withdrawal or ‘going within’.

‘You gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself ja’ kno’ what I mean? ‘

- Dharana: concentration / focus .

Almost like refining your awareness .

- Dhyana: Meditation. 

Your contemplation station man.

- Samadhi: Liberation, a state of oneness.

Some refer to it as enlightenment or absolute bliss ya’ know yourself girl.

May 10, 202101:02:24
Ep 1 - Pilot - Balls deep in Pratyahara

Ep 1 - Pilot - Balls deep in Pratyahara

Why would we start a podcast? What would it be about? Join Kelly and Jeanie from Yoga unCorked as they navigate the world of technology fuelled by decaf oat milk lattes and essential oils! 

May 03, 202136:05