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We take a deep dive into the training and personal journeys of the world's best dog trainers. Each guest shares their unique roles in the industry and brings fresh perspective on topics such as competition dog sports, personal protection, dog genetics, breeding, behavioral issues, police K9s, general dog training, and more. Listeners will gain a better understanding of each sector as new ideas are unlocked and gates are opened. The goal of the YOLO PUP PODCAST is to empower dog owners/handlers, celebrate leaders, and cultivate community.
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The Power of Play with Legendary Dog Guru Ivan Balabanov


The Power of Play with Legendary Dog Guru Ivan Balabanov

The Power of Play with Legendary Dog Guru Ivan Balabanov

Ivan AKA @trainlikeivan is a 2 Time IGP World Champion, 14 time National Champion, and leader in the dog world. If this man is competing in dog sport, he's winning! Ivan is a household name in the industry and has dedicated 40 years to training, breeding, and advancing how we communicate with dogs. Today Ivan walks us through the art and vast array of benefits of play.

Ivan uses play as the foundation for his training as the very act is genetically encoded into all mammal’s chemical makeup. There is a biological need to play. You can get any dog to play. Some may take more effort than others.

In this live Ivan discusses:
- Art of Play
- Play in Mammals
- Energy from owner on to dog
- Personal stories
- Possession Games
- IGP tips
- Consequences in Game

Always a pleasure, Ivan! Thank you for making time 🙏

For more info on Ivan’s technique, check out “Possession Games”, “Chase & Catch”, “Teaching the Out” on the Training without Conflict website & listen to his podcast!
#trainlikeivan #dogtraining #igp #malinois

Jul 19, 202101:16:41
Decoying & Discipline ~ the art of training with Jared Wolf | Wolfpack Canine

Decoying & Discipline ~ the art of training with Jared Wolf | Wolfpack Canine

Jared Wolf is a PSA K9 Decoy, professional dog trainer & owner of @wolfpackcanine in New Hampshire, and a certified badass handler to his 2 year old Malinois @akuma_the_mali.

Jared was inspired to go into PSA by his pitbull Thai, a true Unicorn who possessed all the qualities needed for a successful PSA dog. He had the temperament, drive, strength, etc. & checked all the boxes. Jared worked hard to pull those qualities out of him which lit his passion for dog training.

Unfortunately, Thai passed in a house fire - but his spirit lives on through Jared and his new Malinois, Akuma (who Jared says owes everything to Thai).

The duo is one of our favorite teams to watch. The training is like art with precise heel work and speed coupled with inspiring music that moves you.

Jared opens up about his experience as a decoy, how he got started and learned the ropes, how to improve a focused heel & speed, his goals for Akuma, and more.

Sadly, he did not do the #orbitchallenge PART 2 dance... but we will look forward to him and Akuma’s *drop dead* rendition.

Cheers to you, Jared! Thank you for sharing so much with us. Keep inspiring us all 🙏

Jun 15, 202152:53


Amanda Anderson launched her Staten Island dog training business, Ring and Run Dog Walkers, in 2014. Dogs had always been an important part of her life... despite getting bit a few times.  Today, she’s head honcho at Ring and Run Dog walkers, a company that takes care of the community’s dogs.  “We never felt comfortable with anyone handling our dog and realized we couldn’t be the only ones!”  Amanda says after working our dog through some issues we realized dogs needed more than just a stroll around the block.  Out of that mindset, the biz was born. The passion and purpose has always been to help owners live more fulfilled, enriched, and meaningful relationships with their dogs.  In this live we discuss: - Clear communication - Importance of a balanced mind - Dog Training schedule - How to calm an over excited dog - How to greet visitors  Thank you so much for joining us, Amanda! Keep those videos coming 🙌🙌

Jun 10, 202154:16
Creator of YOLO PUP talks Mental Health & Business | Jillian Wilson

Creator of YOLO PUP talks Mental Health & Business | Jillian Wilson

Small Business Series with & @etsuandme

"Our small business series is meant to shine light on the background of some of our favorite small businesses, their highlights and struggles as well as just honestly see what it’s like on the other side. My hope is to get to the heart of each person so we can bridge the gap between dog owners and small business owners.  

Today’s episode is with Jillian from We dive into her background in media and how that has helped her develop an inclusive community in the dog niche while also maintaining her mental health as a business owner."

YOLO PUP is an online resource & community designed to inspire deeper connection and play with your dog.   

Ryka the Belgian Malinois is the inspiration and what started as a simple instagram page [] has spiraled into so much more. As we showcased the reality of life with a high drive working dog and shared our own personal struggles, other owners and first time handlers going through similar challenges came to light.   

The YOLO PUP line is made up of interactive dog toys & training tools we personally use. The gear is designed to challenge highly motivated dogs, empower pups & parents, and encourage owners to engage more with their animals.   

The YOLO PUP collection began when Ryka was 8 weeks old and I was desperately searching for the perfect tug toy. I wanted a soft cowhide tug that would be gentle on her baby teeth, yet comfortable with 2 handles. Other tugs were too hard for her small mouth and she didn't care for the alternative textures.  Cut to, the birth of the YOLO PUP tug.   

With the help of world class trainers, we're able to provide training tools, techniques, and education to help dedicated owners & enthusiasts build trust and a life long bond with their dogs.   Thank you to all the professional trainers for contributing to our weekly digital Q&A series, testing out our gear, and  helping us fine tune what YOLO PUP is all about.   

This has been a tremendous labor of love and we are so grateful for all the support and positive encouragement from the community.  

We thank you. Keep training!  

xo Ryka the Belgian Malinois & Jillian the Human

Jun 04, 202101:05:28
PSA Legend & World Renowned K9 trainer Janet Dooley, Stateline Canine

PSA Legend & World Renowned K9 trainer Janet Dooley, Stateline Canine

World renowned Dog Trainer & PSA All Star Janet Dooley of Stateline Canine has over 20 years of experience training dogs for SAR (search and recovery), police K9s for detection (narcotics, explosives), patrol, cadaver recovery, protection sports, and more. Janet is the Protection Sports Association’s East Coast Director and has put PSA 3 titles on two dogs, Danny & Zuko.

In this Q&A, Janet breaks down what PSA is, how trials are judged, routines, bite technique, skills needed for the sport, and advice for beginners. **This video is a must-watch for all those curious about the sport and looking to get involved with PSA. Janet talks about her experience as a female handler in a predominantly male sport & sheds light on some differences with males & females when training. We talk in depth about having a protection sport dog as a family dog and safety around children. Janet also shares some of her favorite stories with Jaro, her German Shepherd trained in cadaver recovery and some police detection stories. Behavioral Questions Covered: How to build prey drive in a timid mal? How to stop biting/rough play with a German Shepherd around small dogs? What to do with a 9mo GSD with a strong prey drive who jumps and gets hyper with children? Janet founded Stateline Canine in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The 11,000 sf property offers services for pet dog obedience (guaranteed for life), behavior modification, SAR, and K9 Sport training for competition obedience and protection sport. They also offer daily Leave-N-Learn programs & long term Lodge-N-Learn programs.

Thank you so much, Janet! Your work is impressive and we are grateful for your time and insight!

Jun 04, 202101:11:02
Intro to French Ring with Super Select Decoy & Pro Trainer Andy Krueger

Intro to French Ring with Super Select Decoy & Pro Trainer Andy Krueger

Andy Krueger has been a student, participant, teacher, and trainer of French Ring for over a decade. His secret - stay humble, get inspired, and go all in.

He first got into ring & in the bitesuit in 2009 with a local club. Despite not knowing a lot, he continued to show up and that integrity has led him to earning respect in the sport and the prestigious *super select* decoy title, extremely rare in the United States.

About Andy - Andy is an Ohio boy, born & raised! He now has his own dog training facility on 7 acres of land outside Cincinnati, also known as the Dog Oasis, where he trains all breeds, pets & working dogs, behavior modification, board and train, etc.

In this live we cover:

- French Ring Objective & Rules

- Point System & Levels

- Decoy Role

- Decoy vs. Dog dynamic

- Tips for decoys

- Mouth focus and why

- Jumping Dogs

- Andy’s favorite upper level exercise

- the art of Ring & more

We first heard about Andy through Mike Jones of Primal Canine @primalcanine when Mike was giving accolades to the sport & Andy’s decoying skills (quite different from Protection Sports decoying).

Since then, we’ve been hooked on Andy’s YouTube channel and have been fascinated with the sport!

Thank you for joining us Andy! We look forward to seeing your continued growth and we’ll be practicing that object guard!!

There is an art to dog sports and we’re grateful for you opening up about what it’s like being in it.

Jun 04, 202101:05:23
Belgian Ring Sports, Culture, & ECollars with Hans Verbruggen

Belgian Ring Sports, Culture, & ECollars with Hans Verbruggen

Hans Verbruggen has had a passion for dogs since he was a young pup himself! At the age of 4, Hans was introduced to the wonderful world of dog sports by his two older brothers. At age 10, he got his own Belgian Malinois who was older than him (12) and retired from sports! Definitely a lot to learn there!

Dogs have been a consistent source of light for Hans throughout life.

Hans is a Certified NePoPo® Trainer with more than 15 years experience with NePoPo® System. He also has trained alongside and learned from Bart & Michael Bellon. He is also a rep for the Martin System Chameleon e-collar.

In this live we discuss:
- Hans personal journey
- Hans professional life
- Ring sports
- Advice for people looking to get involved with ring sports
- Dog Sports; a spectator sport
- Dog Sport Etiquette
- Ring sport culture & technique
- Ecollar uses
- Chameleon ecollar
- Future of dog sports

Thank you so much for joining us, Hans! We look forward to having you in the US! Godspeed my friend.

Jun 04, 202147:57
Service Dogs 101 & Airplane Prep with The Golden Mal

Service Dogs 101 & Airplane Prep with The Golden Mal

San Francisco based Dog Trainer, Jasmine Kelem, AKA @thegoldenmal is a trainer and self proclaimed fur mom to Finley, a Golden Retriever and service dog, Stinky, a Belgian Malinois who is now working with the police force, and a little Mali puppy Wasabi who will be trained for protection sports

We chatted about service dogs, how it works, the qualifications, Emotional Support Animals, and flying with a puppy.

We are headed to NY for Thanksgiving so I asked Jasmine to chat with us about how to prepare for the long 6 hour flight.

We covered a lot more ground beyond this! Interview is 1.5 hours

Thank you guys so much for all your questions and thank you Jasmine!!

65:20 - info on dogs going through security

52:00 - How is Ryka so calm? @_echo_bear

48:02 - keys to raising a successful Malinois

44:10 - any advice for training dogs who aren’t into training?

40:50 - As the person who gives corrections to a puppy, do you ever notice your dog not really enjoying just chilling with you?

37:00 - best way to give corrections for a Mal/Husky 64lbs

34:00 - what do you do if a dog ignores collar pressure

32:00 - what’s your ecollar setup? @wildwithwinston

29:20 - how do you build engagement with your dog?

28:10 - tips for protection training?

26:50 - best age to spay/neuter dog

24:50 - biggest struggle with each of your dogs

19:46 - how do you manage shedding?

19:00 - do you think crate training is always necessary?

17:30 - best way to introduce two dogs

16:10 - tips for a first time Mal owner

15:00 - would you recommend a Malinois for medica alert, psychiatry service work?

12:10 - do your techniques work on a high drive Malinois?

11:00 - thoughts on a first time Malinois owner?

10:00 - do you see a difference between Mals & GSDs

8:42 - thoughts on bark collars

8:00 - what do you look for in service dog breeders?

7:00 - how much time should a dog be in the crate?

5:30 - temperament with neutered vs not neutered dogs

5:00 - activities to build drive in Mal puppy

3:20 - do you think it’s healthier to not spay or neuter dogs?

May 31, 202101:17:32
Protection Dogs 101 with COASTLINE K9

Protection Dogs 101 with COASTLINE K9

Everything you need to know about Protection Dogs with @coastline_k9

Founder and owner of Coastline K9 in Naples, Florida Erick Innis joins us to share insight on personal protection dogs. His company provides elite, top of the line PPD across the country.

His military background and Navy Seal canine training has given Erick a solid foundation in what goes into supplying these assets to owners.

In this live we discuss:
- The value PPD bring to homes
- PPD training
- Insurance for PPD
- How to finesse insurance agencies with your PPD
- Operating in the grey area
- Integrating a PPD into your home
- PPD & children
- Lifestyle & pairing dogs with owners
- Security, peace of mind, & asset to one’s quality of life
- Cost of a fully trained PPD
- Most important thing to know about PPD

Thank you so much, Erick! Wishing your team continued success. Onward

May 28, 202101:26:01
Working Dog Sh!t | Protection talk with Erin of Primal Canine

Working Dog Sh!t | Protection talk with Erin of Primal Canine

Erin is the boss and backbone of @primalcanine and other half of @mikejones_pc.

She’s a powerhouse handler to Ozzy, her Dutch shepherd, and is proof that size does not matter when it comes to controlling drive 🔥

Erin shares a tremendous amount of insight on a wide variety of subjects.

In this live we cover:
- Erin’s personal story
- Psychology & DOC work
- Handler Wisdom/Tips
- Personal Protection Dogs
- Protecting Yourself & loved ones
- Self Defense
- Insurance Coverage
- Ozzy the Dutchie
- New Puppy
- Reputable Breeders
- Costs of PPD

Thank you so much, Erin! You’re badass 👏👏

May 13, 202101:05:31
Dog training leader Denise Fenzi talks technique & culture

Dog training leader Denise Fenzi talks technique & culture

Denise Fenzi has been in the dog training game for decades. She started training dogs at 12 years old. Denise knows 👏her👏 shit 👏.  

She has titled dogs in obedience, tracking, schutzhund, mondioring, herding, conformation, and agility. 

Denise is best known for her flashy and precise obedience work, earning perfect scores in both schutzhund and Mondio Ringsport obedience.  

Denise is a dog trainer, author, entrepreneur, story teller & advocate for humans and animals. We also think she should run for dog training president (not kidding 😜).  

Denise is a leader and uses her platform to educate.  

In this live we cover: 

- Denise’s personal journey 

- Raika 

- Force free vs Balanced training 

- Labeling the two and why it’s hurting the community 

- Heelwork 

- Scatter training 

- Hyper greeters 

- Raw vs Kibble 

- Window film hack 🎥🔥  

Thank you, Denise!

May 01, 202158:24


Canada’s Top Trainer, Elite Decoy, & Police Vendor Mike Nezbeth has a wide range of experience in all things dogs. He is the owner/founder of GrassrootsK9 in Toronto and GrassrootsK9 in Maryland. He’s also an established Police Vendor who carefully selects ideal candidates that would make strong, level-headed, and confident members in the police force and trains them to go into duty whether it be for detection, tracking, bitework, etc.

Mike has a background in Psychology and Sociology which has played a role in his thorough understanding of operant conditioning. He is also passionate about training real world experiences which led him into the police world.

In this live we discuss:

- Police Vendor Role

- Qualities to look for in candidates

- Puppy selection

- ‘Activating’ a dog

- Proactive vs. Reactive

- Most expensive dog 😅

- Ideal bite grips

- Bitework foundation

- Bitework Exercises

- Backties and Bunjee training

- The difference between operant & classical conditioning

- Markers

- Behavior questions

- Scentwork

- Favorite Memory & a lot more.

Thank you so much, @k9_mike! Good luck with the puppy search and hope all goes smoothly crossing the border. We don’t want another Vito situation!

Apr 12, 202101:19:22


Dr. Lisa Lippman is a doctor of veterinary medicine and has been practicing for 10 years. She is the founder of @vetsinthecity, an at home/concierge vet service business. She has been a pet health contributor for Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and other media outlets and is the host of the very popular podcast @wedontdeservedogs. Dr. Lisa is badass!!

During the pandemic, Dr. Lisa’s parents both became deathly ill with Covid and she relocated to Florida to support them. She then pivoted her business to Telehealth to assist dog owners virtually.

We invited Dr. Lisa on to discuss a variety of different topics, but the main one being the TICK 🕷situation. New York is swarming with ticks and we’ve been contemplating what is the best solution. I’ve pulled 5 off of Ryka and check her daily.

In this live we cover:

- Oral tick medicine

- Spay/Neutering

- Recommended age to Spay/Neuter

- Raw Feeding

- Kibble vs. Raw Food

- Supplements

- Finding the right vet

- Specific medical questions from guests

Thanks so much, Dr. Lisa! We appreciate you and your time! You’re a boss 👏👏

Apr 09, 202101:10:28


Jerry Bradshaw is a household name. He is the executive director and co-founder of the Protection Sports Association, owner of Tarheel Canine, a world renowned training facility in North Carolina best known for training elite police dogs, author, and host of the popular podcast ‘Controlled Aggression’.

Jerry is a pioneer and his efforts have raised the bar in dog training and competition sports leaving an imprint on decades to come.

PSA provides an outlet for competitive dog sport enthusiasts to compete in obedience and controlled protection. The league has taken off since it’s birth back in 2001 honoring excellence, encouraging sportsmanship, and bringing together a community of passionate competitors.

During the pandemic, PSA has brought joy, community, and a sense of normalcy to not just participants, but to hundreds of thousands of spectators across social media.

In this live, Jerry walks us through his journey from his time at UNC Chapel Hill, to professional dog trainer, to where he is today. He recounts the creation of PSA and talks about some of the trials and tribulations faced. He offers guidance, insight, and advice for green handlers, upper level competitors, and new clubs.

We also talk about police dog training and the value dogs bring to the police force.

Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge and we are so grateful for his time with us. Thank you for sharing, Jerry! You’re a legend 🙏

Apr 09, 202101:01:24


How to build trust & strengthen your bond: Q&A with

David is a former special education teacher and behavioral therapist who has used his experience to create a training system built on clear communication, trust, and bond building.

David also competes in Protection Sports, has three dogs (Karma, Zero, & Manic), and gives a mean manicure 💅(we’ll explain).

In this Q&A we discuss:

- Benefits of grooming your dog and getting them comfortable with trimming their nails, baths, etc.
- Creating positive associations
- The art of play & how YOU are the game (over the tug/ball/toy)
- Nutrition [Raw diet vs. Kibble]
- Affection
- Protection Sports
- Life with multiple dogs
- Dog behavioral training questions answered
- Collar smart dogs
- Advice to future PSA competitors

Loved chatting with you David! Keep you posted on our nail trimming *journey* (dremel comes tomorrow)

Apr 05, 202101:36:05
Handling Belgian Malinois Puppy Biting with Master Dog Behaviorist Landy Angeli

Handling Belgian Malinois Puppy Biting with Master Dog Behaviorist Landy Angeli

Master dog behaviorist & trainer Landy Angeli shares her techniques to gain control of your puppy’s biting, how to redirect it, and shape the wanted behavior.

Landy has decades of experience working with dogs and families to build good behavior inside and out of the home. She was mentored and trained by Master K9 Handler Raul Perez and has helped us build a strong foundation in training Ryka. She is active in the dog rescue community and is an advocate for building strong human/canine relationships.

Landy has personally helped us create a strong, solid foundation with Ryka, a Belgian Malinois, since she was 8 weeks old. She's been a mentor to Jillian and has shaped the way Jillian conducts herself with Ryka, being a strong, leader who commands attention and respect, while showing love and affection to create a balanced dog.

For more info on Landy


Apr 01, 202156:58
We have a MALINOIS PROBLEM. Who are we going to call? ROBERT CABRAL

We have a MALINOIS PROBLEM. Who are we going to call? ROBERT CABRAL

Renowned Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, Rescue Advocate, and dog sport competitor Robert Cabral doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s straight up & tells it like it is. We asked Robert to join us to discuss some behavioral issues we’re facing.  

Robert is an authority on canine behavior whether it be in basic obedience, aggression, and complex behaviors and has worked with most every breed and temperament of dog during his time working in animal shelters and private practice. He has trained and titled competitive obedience and protection dogs in AKC, Mondioring and IPO / Schutzhund and his online training provides countless animal shelters, trainers, and dog owners with humane solutions to their dog issues.  

We called up Robert to help us with our biggest battle at the moment - crying & whining in the crate! (We apologize in advance for the crying.)

Hopefully this real world situation is helpful for those facing a similar problem. Spoiler** the crying/whining does get dealt with... it just takes some time so be patient with us.  

Robert also answered a slew of other questions from our YOLO PUP followers.

Questions we covered: 

- Socializing your dog 

- Reactivity (dog barks at skateboards, people, joggers) 

- How breeders play a role in overall development 

- To neuter or not to neuter - Opinions on ear/tail cropping 

- Proper correction techniques 

- Why it’s so hard to join a French Ring Club 

- Which dog sport is right for you 

- Dog pulls throng prong collar 

- Two handlers training a Mal 

- Biting 

- Separation anxiety for COVID puppies 

And most importantly 

- why you should not get a Malinois if you can’t handle the commitment. 

To learn more about Robert or to join his member only website, visit 

Mar 29, 202158:16
Behavioral Dog Training with PSA Champ & Ex-Israeli Defense K9 Handler Jonathan Katz

Behavioral Dog Training with PSA Champ & Ex-Israeli Defense K9 Handler Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz is a world class trainer, leader in the Protection Sports Association (PSA), and a Belgian Malinois breeder.

Over the last decade, Jonathan has put PSA 3 titles on 3 dogs; Uzi, Cougar, & Puma and founded his own PSA club, Strong Island Working Dogs in Long Island, New York which gained national recognition in 2017 as the PSA Champion Club.


In this live, Katz opens up about his history going from classically trained chef to working for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a K9 handler & trainer and eventually circling back to his New York roots.

We dive into behavioral training questions, protection, dog breeding, puppy selection, when to wash a dog, downfalls of first time Malinois, and so on...

When he's not training dogs or traveling around the world giving seminars, you can find him designing and leather making. He crafts custom leather pieces, collars, and aprons for private clients.

For more on Jonathan, follow @katzknowsdogs

For more information on YOLO PUP, visit

Follow on IG @yolopupla

Mar 27, 202101:24:25
WTF is Operant Conditioning? Australian Ex-Special Forces Dog Trainer Explains

WTF is Operant Conditioning? Australian Ex-Special Forces Dog Trainer Explains

Pat Stuart of Operant Canine spent 12 years in Australia’s Army Special Forces before diving into dog training full time. He has been mentored and coached by some of the world’s best dog trainers, most notably Michael and Bart Bellon and has studied everything from hands-off force free training to old school compulsion. He is a certified instructor for the NePoPo® system of dog training. The method “prepares dogs for the rigors of life and creates an active free thinking dog ready to engage with his environment. It also prepares a dog to receive a correction without ever dropping in motivation.”

Pat is also an active competitor in PSA, a certified decoy and the PSA Assistant Regional Director for Australia. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to dog behavioral training called 'The Canine Paradigm'.

We're having a little obedience problem with puppy Ryka the Belgian Malinois, so we called Pat for some much needed advice on what to do! 

We cover:

- Operant conditioning

- NePoPo Training

- Why Corrections are Important for Dogs

- Aggression

- Leash Reactivity 

- "My dog snarls & gets aggressive with the prong collar. What should I do?"

- "My dog is never not chasing cats. Help!"

- Best uses for e-collar 

- Box Feeding

- Resource Guarding

For more info on Patrick Stuart, visit Operant Canine & check out his podcast 'The Canine Paradigm' with Glenn Cook!

Want more YOLO PUP? Visit

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Youtube: @yolopupla

Facebook: @yolopupla

Mar 26, 202101:26:59
What makes a champion? Dog Training Legend Ivan Balabanov Explains

What makes a champion? Dog Training Legend Ivan Balabanov Explains

Ivan Balabanov is an icon in the dog world. His bold confidence & sheer resilience is palpable and it's what led him to be a 2 time World Champion in IGP and 14 time National Champion representing the US. Over the last 40 years, he has revolutionized dog training, competition dog sports, and  shifted the way we communicate with dogs in a profound way. 

In this live, Ivan opens up about fleeing communist Bulgaria, venturing to Belgium where he discovered his first Malinois and trained with the greats, and eventually landing in Florida where he teaches his world renowned dog training techniques.  Ivan has ‘that thing’, an inner fire to win and pave his own way.  

Chock it up to genetics — a big portion of this interview and a topic Ivan is passionate about. He started breeding Belgian Malinois back in 1989 and continues to do so with his kennel Ot Vitosha Malinois in Plant City, Florida. 

We also discuss: 

- The power of play 

- Dog’s emotional needs 

- Motivation 

- Genetic studies *Reference to: ‘Blueprint’ by Robert Plomin 

- Future of dog training  

Thank you so much, Ivan! You truly are an inspiration and a testament to the human spirit! 

For more information on Ivan & his world renowned training program: Visit 'Training Without Conflict'  

For more on YOLO PUP, visit:

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Mar 26, 202101:06:41
Digital Dog Training Mogul Tom Davis looks back on 10 years of development

Digital Dog Training Mogul Tom Davis looks back on 10 years of development

When you search for anything dog training related on YouTube, chances are Upstate Canine Academy pops up.

... no simple feat.

Tom Davis has poured his heart and soul into building Upstate Canine and a digital empire for dog lovers and training.

Tom’s podcast “No Bad Dogs” began with recording real life audio sessions with clients he’s helped and it’s taken off from there. He also has a business & personal staff, sponsorships, merchandise, and makes time to engage with his audience.

This success did not happen *by chance*. It takes loads of work to sustain 10 years of creating content, growing a business, and a developing a circle of trust that share his mission.

It started back in 2009 when Tom lost his beloved St. Bernard puppy. After some trials and tribulations, Tom started a dog walking company that skyrocketed into so much more.

In this live we cover:
- Tom’s personal journey
- Dealing with Online Hate
- Staying Grounded
- E-Collars
- Balanced vs Positive Only training
- Dog Fights
- Neutrality & Socialization
- “Must Train” behaviors
- Dog Training Culture and importance of community

A pleasure chatting with Tom and thank you for the positive encouragement to start this podcast 🙌! We stan. 

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Mar 25, 202101:15:09