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You Here Now

You Here Now

By Mindful Soul Center

You here, then there's the thing we never imagined would happen. The sudden event that transforms us forever disrupting our existence as we know it. The pivotal moment we don't want to experience or face, but it comes anyway and changes us forever. You'll never be the same. You here now. You here now shares stories that changed people's lives in profound ways. Hosted by Amy Adams and Whitney Walker and sometimes guest co-hosts. Contact Amy and Whitney or the pods guest co-hosts via email or visit the You Here Now website:
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On top of the Ferris Wheel

You Here NowSep 15, 2021

A Place of Safety

A Place of Safety

In the first half of this episode, Veronica shares her story of growing up in a cult, her experience with sexual abuse, and her complicated journey that led her to confront her past and later heal. In the second half, Whitney Walker and I meet up with Veronica Monet to discuss her work, her healing journey, how others can heal, too and her upcoming book.

A Place of Safety, Season Two, Episode One

Topics in this episode include cults, religious trauma, therapy, healing,  sexual abuse, incest, suicide, cancel culture and ancestral healing.

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P.S.  We will share a special member’s only short with Veronica next week that goes deeper into the #metoo movement and surviving incest.

Music in this episode includes (Artist, Title): 

Snow Bones,  Begin to Begin 

Wicked Cinema, Cat & Mouse  

Alice in Winter, Woven   

Alice in Winter, Undaunted   

Alice in Winter, Atonement 

Alice in Winter, Redemption  

Cast of Characters, Yamabushi   

Stephen Keech, Bamburgh  

Moments,  Universal Wonder  

Pete Stewart,  Under Moonlight Pale

All music is licensed to Amy Adams and the Mindful Soul Center for use. Contact for any questions. Artwork by Amy Adams

Our Guest: Veronica Monet

Veronica is committed to empowering and elevating others in their most intimate relationships, including their connection to self. She combines her education and experience with deep emotional intelligence and compassion. An Internal Family Systems Informed (IFS) Relationship  Coach, Certified Sexologist, Anger Specialist, and Trained Rape and  Domestic Violence Counselor, she helps people from all walks of life to rebirth their sexual reality as an authentic expression of their most profound truth.

Having healed from sexual assault and domestic violence herself, she has been featured in various media outlets, including CNN, FOX, Bill Maher’s show Politically Incorrect, Yale, Stanford, and the New York Times.

Her first book, Sex Secrets of Escorts (Penguin  2005), has been translated into four languages, and you can find her articles on a variety of online platforms, including Medium.

Visit her website to learn more about my Exquisite Partnership Formula™, and join the Erotic Empowerment Zone.

Visit Veronica's Website Here

For detailed contact information and additional information including a transcript of this episode visit

May 24, 202201:17:10
A Story Well Told with Corey Rosen

A Story Well Told with Corey Rosen

Author and storyteller Corey Rosen joins Whitney and Amy for an in-depth conversation on storytelling. We learn about what a story really is and the difference between writing a story and speaking it aloud. We talk about expectations, crafting vs telling stories and the importance of risk taking, and becoming an active and curious listener. Further we play some fun games too. A must listen for anyone who wants to become a better storyteller and how you can use story to communicate more effectively. 

Besides being the author of Your Story, Well Told: Creative Strategies to Develop and Perform Stories that Wow an Audience,  Corey is an Emmy-award winning writer, actor, and visual  effects producer. Rosen has been featured on The Moth Radio Hour.  He is  an on-air personality for Alice Radio’s “The Sarah and Vinnie Show,”  the #1-rated morning show in the San Francisco area. A performer at BATS  Improv, he is also a writer and creative director at Tippett Studio.  When not writing or performing, Corey works as a visual effects artist  and executive producer. He is credited in movies including “Mission:  Impossible,” several “Star Wars” films, and “Disney’s A Christmas  Carol.” He has taught at NYU and Academy of Art University, written for  Comedy Central, Jim Henson Productions, and Lucasfilm. You can get in touch with Corey via his webstie and follow him @storyrosen on a variety of platforms.

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Music in this episode:

Splendid Story

Written By: David Elkins

Performed By: Midnight Television

Nov 16, 202101:08:38
She Wiggles When She Walks!

She Wiggles When She Walks!

Wiggles, yes she does!  Divya aka Wiggles fell from the sky 30 feet to the ground and landed on her feet and then tipped over. Since she wasn’t a winged creature that could fly, the forces of nature wrought havoc on her body. Now she wiggles when she walks and prefers this nickname. It reminds her of how the worst moment of her life also brought about one of her best moments. She shares her life changing moment with us - listen to her story now.

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Hosts: Whitney Walker and Amy Adams

Produced by Mindful Soul Center

Music credits:

All the Birds are Singing

Written By David Elkins

Performed By Midnight Television

Purest Form

Written by S.L.J. Kalmeijer and Performed By Sounds Like Sander

Walking Back

Written and performed by Aaron Sprinkle

On Track

Written by Sita Steele and Jacob Steele

Performed By NOVVA

I Can Still Breathe

Written and performed by  Shane Becker

You Here Now Podcast Shownotes for episode no. 6

Oct 21, 202101:12:56
On top of the Ferris Wheel

On top of the Ferris Wheel

Addiction comes in many forms and many of us unwittingly plant the seeds of them in our younger years when we experiment with various substances from food to alcohol to sex and love and other drugs. Sometimes - it seems suddenly -  we find ourselves in the grip of addiction. Our storyteller today is Whitney Walker. In this episode shares her story of not one addiction but many. Whitney is in recovery, a licensed therapist and co-host of this podcast too. She shares her story and insights on addiction and recovery.

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#addiction #recovery #eatingdisorders #alcoholism #drugaddiction #substanceabuse #recoveringfromaddiction #yesyoucan #youherenow

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A Mindful Soul Center Podcast

Sep 15, 202101:18:06
A Life Divided
Aug 11, 202101:01:38
Broken Promises

Broken Promises

In this episode of YOU HERE NOW, Amy shares her story of an event that changed her life radically within moments some years ago. Even though it was so many years ago its impact reverberated throughout her life. Trauma can have long-lasting effects.  We also welcome a new co-host -  Whitney Walker. Whitney helped to facilitate the storytelling portion of this month's episode. Whitney and Amy continue on after the story to discuss healing trauma, alternative healing modalities, therapy and more. Have a listen. Visit to read the transcript and for more information. 

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Jul 12, 202101:03:00
A Wedding and a Funeral

A Wedding and a Funeral

Elizabeth Hambleton shares how her life as a newlywed was challenged right from the start. She shares her story of a wedding and a funeral (it's not all doom and gloom). She actually has had quite a few challenges at an early age, yet, these experiences gifted her with a wisdom and maturity that have helped her cope with other life-altering events later on. Unlike our last episode where our storyteller was still in the early part of having to cope with a radical change, Elizabeth’s story is told a little more than 10 years after these events occurred.

In the latter part of the episode Jennifer Canu, a trauma-focused licensed marriage and family therapist who works with children and teenagers shares how others can support young people who live with a caretaker or parent that is dealing with substance abuse.

You can find the transcript and other information in the show notes on the website or visit

Jun 07, 202154:52
Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain

You Here Now’s first episode, Fire on the Mountain, features Ann Black’s story of loss and grief as she is slowly reborn. On August 16, 2020, A powerful storm grew above the Pacific Ocean,  unleashing about 11,000 bolts of lightning along the Santa Cruz  Mountains in Northern California. The lightning strikes ignited the brutal fire, fueled by wind and dry weather, burning over 86,000 acres of coastal redwood forest and destroying at least 925 mountain homes. Massive flames ripped through neighborhoods, transforming peoples’ homes and most precious possessions into ashen debris. Boulder Creek (pop. 5,182)  is among the affected little towns that dot the mountains along the San  Lorenzo River. It’s an idyllic spot – less than 15 miles from the beach,  lush with towering redwood trees, and creeks spilling lazily down the mountains.

Ann and her family lost her home and she shares her story with us of the fire on the mountain and what that meant for her and her family. We begin the episode with a short discussion about the fire, the location, and some processes that the Earth undergoes when there is a  loss of a home. Then we share Christine Boyd Miller’s interview with  Ann. Following that Amy speaks with Michelle Marlahan about grief, loss, ceremony, and ritual.

Get in touch with Michelle through her website: Visit the Mindful Soul Center's website to learn more about our magazine, publications and other wellness resources. You can find the the show notes and transcript at the following link

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Theme Music: Fall’s Every Now and Zen Instrumental

Music  is licensed for use to Amy Adams @ the Mindful Soul Center for use in  YOU HERE NOW for other music licensed for this episode send an email

May 11, 202101:00:08
Introducing You Here Now

Introducing You Here Now

You Here Now is a new podcast produced by the Mindful Soul Center with hosts Amy Adams and Christine Boyd Miller. We're sharing stories of change and transformation beginning this May 2021. You here, then there's the thing we never imagined would happen. The  sudden event that transforms us forever disrupting our existence as we  know it. The pivotal moment we don't want to experience or face, but it comes anyway and changes us forever. You'll never be the same. You here now. You here now shares stories that changed people's lives in profound ways. There's more to it than that but we'll leave you with that. Subscribe to get notified when new episodes appear.

Apr 27, 202103:34