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Model Breakers with Charlene Wang

Model Breakers with Charlene Wang

By Charlene Wang

Charlene's newest podcast is based on her book, Model Breakers, dedicated to helping human embrace their authenticity in life.

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Charlene with Jenny Kim on Navigating Personal Identity

Model Breakers with Charlene WangMay 20, 2021

Charlene with Mindy Zhang on Swing Dancing, Redefining Success, and Building a New Home in the Woods
Aug 16, 202146:42
Charlene with Victoria Young on Mindful Leadership and Holistic Growth
Jul 17, 202136:25
Charlene with Jamie Kim on Reaching Out and Creating a Good Life
Jun 16, 202145:47
Charlene With Leland Franklin on Skydiving, Magic, and Compassionate Leadership
May 24, 202138:14
Charlene with Jenny Kim on Navigating Personal Identity
May 20, 202138:36
Charlene with Christina Qi on Life from Dorm Room to Billion Dollar Hedge Fund
May 20, 202125:58
Charlene with Caroline Nguyen on Creativity and Surfing Life
Apr 21, 202139:22
How to Escape the Competition and Create Your Own Game
Mar 12, 202109:15
How to Ask for What You Want: Breaking Your Ego and Fear

How to Ask for What You Want: Breaking Your Ego and Fear

Have you ever struggled with asking for help? Does it feel shameful to ask for what you want? Here’s the secret: everyone, in business or life, needs some help to move forward. There is no shame in asking for it. Got a question that want Charlene & Chris to discuss in the Model Breakers podcast? Ask away at

Mar 01, 202113:01


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