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Yuramin - Guardians of the Land

Yuramin - Guardians of the Land

By Yuramin Land

Yuramin is a podcast about sustainable living, art & permaculture. Isabel and Diogo started a journey across Europe in search of inspiring people. The intimate life stories of the "guardians of the land" inspire us to find new answers, opening new doors for the transformation into a regenerative human culture. *We want to keep our podcast free and accessible for everyone, but for that we need your support. DONATE to our Patreon or direct to PayPal
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14. Journey through the Amazon - Helder Valente

Yuramin - Guardians of the LandMar 17, 2023

14. Journey through the Amazon - Helder Valente
Mar 17, 202332:09
13. Seeking Truth - Benji Paula

13. Seeking Truth - Benji Paula

Benji Paola, also known as Sister Benji or "Reggae Queen" has inspired us and many people to live joyfully with nature in a sustainable way.
In the 90´s she and her partner returned from Holland to the countryside of Portugal without financial resources. With nothing more than love and confidence they managed to get some land and a ruin where they built up a healthy base to raise four children. Together they got known as the ONE LOVE Family, one of Portugals first reggae bands. Nowadays she takes care of the land by herself and frequently receives people who come to learn and experience her way of life – always seeking truth and love for the divine creation.

Nov 11, 202228:06
12. Bee Wisdom - Annelieke van der Sluijs
Jun 20, 202232:08
11. Learning in Freedom - Moabi Atma
Apr 09, 202223:02
10. Moon Dance - Antara Dakini
Sep 23, 202120:57
9.1 Seeds & Garden Tour - Verena Wallner
Sep 02, 202112:53
9. Growing with the Land - Johannes Wedenig
Jul 27, 202114:30
8. A Common Land - Yassine Benderra
Mar 01, 202113:50
7. Reconnect Dance - Pedro Paz
Jan 29, 202118:52
6. Life as a Resource - Lukas Uhl
Dec 18, 202015:42
5. A Common Wealth - Monte Mimo

5. A Common Wealth - Monte Mimo

Dreamers of the oasis, lovers of life, experimenters of autonomy. Their vision is to create the conditions for family sustainability and thereby contribute to the lives of all beings.
They have been living since 10 years in a dry region of south Portugal in the middle of the Agro-Industry where they focus their energy on soil and landscape regeneration. Inspired by the principles and practices of Permaculture, they adapt knowledge to their capacities, style and specificities of the land. Here, mules are still used in the fieldwork.

The house is made of recycled and ecological materials built with hands, feet and soul.
In this episode we are meeting Sergio and Rita at Monte Mimo. A family with children and many happy animals. 
Welcome to an Oasis in the Desert!

Interview with Rita Asas & Sergio Correia
Musical Participation with Edgar Valente & Sara Mercier
Illustration by Isabel Aguabel

Nov 07, 202012:60
4.1 As I Began to Love Myself

4.1 As I Began to Love Myself

During our stay with Sara Näf, she shared with us a very inspiring text about self love.
Close your eyes, tune your heart and listen to this wise words.

Oct 24, 202005:05
4. Raising in Nature - Sara Näf

4. Raising in Nature - Sara Näf

Sara Näf talks about her experience of giving birth and raising her child in nature.
She is sharing with us her intimate thoughts about the beauty and simplicity of living outside everyday
and also giving an insight to her challenges and worries as a mother far away from all the things we think we need.
Together with her partner she lives in a yurt in a remote land in South Portugal, where their “little one” is growing up without any artificial toys, but surrounded by the wilderness of their rural life.

Interview with Sara Näf
Music by Mariana Root

Oct 17, 202011:41
3.1 Guided Meditation by Clare Finlator

3.1 Guided Meditation by Clare Finlator

In this bonus episode Clare Finlator is sharing a guided meditation that helps us to enter a deep relaxation by bringing awareness to our breath and body. Find a quite place where you can sit comfortable and give yourself the time to go on this journey.

Sep 18, 202007:56
3. Living in Balance - Clare Finlator
Sep 11, 202012:37
2. Nature Always Comes Back - Anne Dinneen

2. Nature Always Comes Back - Anne Dinneen

Anne Dinneen was born in Ireland and came to Portugal in 1998 as a single mother of two children, transporting a Tipi which was their home. Now she lives in a stone house on top of a hill called Picota from where you have a breathtaking view over South Portugal.
But what you see from up there is shocking. The once green hills have turned into a monoculture industry of Eucalyptus, which is sucking a lot of water from the ground.
This business was the reason for various forest fires which have burned down big areas of Monchique. Anne had to run away twice from the flames loosing her house and trees.

In this episode she talks about her life as a yogateacher who again and again rises up from the ashes to defend bio diversity and healing in this corner of the planet.

Aug 07, 202018:30
1. Soul of a Community - Yemadas

1. Soul of a Community - Yemadas

Ana Rute and Tiago Rouxinol spent many years traveling and exploring the world.
Their passion for music and dance brought them to different tribes and cultures around the globe.
For ten years the famous ecovillage Auroville in India was their base of living. There they formed the band Yemadas, which
for them means "a group of nomadic people with a positive spirit and a lot of joy to share."
When their son was born, they felt the call to return to their roots in Portugal.
Together with friends they found their "promised land" in a remote valley and are now guardians of one of the last remaining native forests in this area.
We had the honor to be their guests for two weeks in which this podcast was recorded :)

Interviews with Ana Rute, Tiago Rouxinol, Gian and Maria Rute

Jul 24, 202024:05
0. Planting a Dream - Isabel Seda & Diogo Quaresma

0. Planting a Dream - Isabel Seda & Diogo Quaresma

A seed is in our hands.
It wants to grow, to expand, to reach out. The land is calling.

As many others in those times of transformation, Isabel and Diogo also feel that something has to change.
On their journey from grey to green they meet people who have already done that step out of the old system.In order to share the unique life stories of those guardians of the land, the seed of Yuramin was planted.

May this podcast inspire the global community to shift towards a more sustainable way of living in collaboration with nature.

Jul 17, 202010:48