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Introducing the new Spotify for Podcasters

March 8, 2023
Combining Anchor's all-in-one free hosting and distribution with all the best features Spotify has to offer.
Introducing the new Spotify for Podcasters

It’s official: Anchor, the world's largest podcast hosting platform, has combined with Spotify for Podcasters to create an all-new, first-of-its-kind platform with everything you need to create and grow a podcast. This was announced today at Stream On, Spotify’s event highlighting new innovations for creators and fans. 

This is exciting for podcasters who are already hosted on the platform—but it’s also a breakthrough for all creators. In addition to bringing our creator offering all into one platform, we’re also–for the first time ever–opening up Spotify’s unique, interactive features to all podcasters, no matter where your show is hosted. Read on for the full details on how to access these tools.

The new Spotify for Podcasters will serve as the foundation for building a more vibrant, more interactive experience around podcasts. We’re extremely excited by what we’re launching today, but even more about the future of podcasting we can all build together.

For current Anchor and Spotify for Podcasters users, this means you’ll get more tools than ever just by logging into your existing account. If you’re new to Spotify for Podcasters, you can sign up today using your existing Spotify login. And if you’re not on Spotify yet, now is the best time to start.




Here’s everything you need to know. 

Spotify for Podcasters has been available to creators since 2018, but until now it’s only provided access to Spotify analytics. Starting today, when you sign up or log in using your Spotify for Podcasters or Anchor login, you’ll find a dashboard with everything you need to make, manage, and level up your show.

For creators hosting their content with Spotify for Podcasters, this includes the ability to upload or record your content, publish video podcasts to Spotify, add interactive features like Q&A and polls, choose from a number of monetization tools, and keep track of your show’s growth with advanced analytics. And of course, you can still publish your episodes and distribute them to all platforms where your podcast is available.

Interact with your fans using Q&A and polls

While many of these features have been limited exclusively to Anchor users (now referred to as Spotify-hosted creators), it was important to us that we built the new Spotify for Podcasters in a way that offers more open access to innovation. Today, that starts with opening up access to Q&A and poll functionality for all Spotify for Podcasters users–including those not hosting their content with us.

To help jumpstart the conversation and make it easier for listeners to provide you with valuable feedback, we've included a default question–“What did you think of this episode?”–on your most recent episode and all new episodes published through Spotify for Podcasters. You have the ability to customize your own question for each episode or to turn off the setting altogether in the new Interact tab of your dashboard. Audience answers are visible only to you by default, but you can “pin” your favorite answers so everyone can view them on your episode page in Spotify.

Stay tuned for even more of Spotify’s features to become available for non-hosted users in the future, including video podcasts which creators can sign-up for more information about here.

Make a video podcast on Spotify

What else is new and exciting on Spotify?

We're committed to keeping Spotify the best platform for podcast creators to grow their show. Today at Stream On, we also unveiled a new, more visual home feed experience that optimizes for discovery across music, podcasts, and audiobooks (check out the new Podcast-specific feed on Home!). 

New podcast feed on Spotify Home

We also introduced podcast previews, which let listeners sample your show right in their home feed, and podcast chapters, which allow listeners to browse through episodes by topic – you can add chapters to your episodes just by including timestamps in your episode descriptions. We are excited to roll out even more options to personalize and level up your show's presence on Spotify in the future.

We also announced the launch of Spotify Labs, a global series of workshops that will provide opportunities to create in our world-class production studios, learn from Spotify experts, and connect with fellow podcasters and artists. Any creator can apply to participate at

Behind the scenes of the Spotify Labs program

And along with the new Spotify for Podcasters, we’re launching a new space for educational podcasting content—complete with growth tips, comprehensive how-to guides, advice from fellow creators, and more. 

How do I get started?

You just took the first step to being part of Spotify for Podcasters—you read all about it. Now you know that this new platform has both Anchor’s powerful, all-in-one podcasting tools and free hosting, and Spotify for Podcasters’ advanced insights and analytics, and that it provides interactive features to podcasters no matter where they’re hosted.

Wherever you're hosted, however big your audience is, we know you want to talk where the world listens. And Spotify for Podcasters is now the easiest way to make any podcast, manage your show, and get the most out of Spotify. Stay tuned for more announcements & improvements on the experience; we’re so excited to build the future of podcasting together!

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