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Feature updates to help podcasters stand out on Spotify

August 23, 2023
Show page customizations, impression analytics, and more ways to turn listeners into fans—coming soon to Spotify for Podcasters.
Feature updates to help podcasters stand out on Spotify

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At our last Stream On event in March 2023, we introduced you to the new Spotify for Podcasters: a centralized platform for all of our creator tools, unlocking new ways to engage your Spotify listeners no matter where you’re hosted. This week at Podcast Movement, we took the stage to announce a suite of upcoming product updates across the Spotify listener and creator experience, giving podcasters even more opportunities to be discovered, grow, and monetize.

Soon you’ll be able to:

  • manage your presence on Spotify by customizing your show page and selecting a preview clip when your podcast is recommended to new listeners
  • see exclusive insights into how your show gets discovered on Spotify with impression analytics
  • explore more ways to monetize your content via Spotify for Podcasters

Take a look at the full details below, and we’ll have much more to share with you about these updates when they launch later this year! 

Personalize your presence on Spotify with new customization features

For many of your fans, your show page is where their listener journey began. That’s why we’re investing in new customization options that let you update your presence on Spotify and give listeners a more curated introduction to your show.

No matter where your show is hosted, you’ll soon be able to link to your social accounts from your bio, point new listeners to your best episode, recommend other content on Spotify, and more. Let’s take a look at each feature.

Add recommendations to guide new listeners

Make your bio all about you

In a recent study we conducted amongst Spotify podcast listeners, 70% said they feel “personally invested” in the success and well-being of their favorite hosts. And your show page bio is the perfect canvas to deepen that connection. Use this space to talk up your show, share a bit about you as a host, and link out to your socials so fans can stay engaged on every channel.

Get new listeners hooked

Your show may improve with every episode, but for your new listeners, a recommended episode could be a better jumping off point. Enter “Best place to start”. Creators will soon be able to feature one episode more prominently on their show page, guiding first-time listeners to your best starter content and maximizing the chances of gaining a new, loyal fan. 

Share your fandom with fans

We’re also introducing a new way to curate content recommendations on your show page with a  feature called “Host recommendations”. Choose up to two pieces of content from other creators on Spotify (a different podcast, music album, playlist, or audiobook) and pin them to the top of the “More like this” tab. 

The possibilities are endless and we are excited to see where creators take this, but here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Cross-promote with another show to reach a new audience 
  • Promote another show within your podcast network
  • Curate your own playlist of some favorite songs and/or podcast episodes
  • Amplify another podcast, album or audiobook where you or a guest are featured, or one you’ve referenced in your episodes 

Show listeners what they’re missing

Driving awareness for your exclusive, paid content is key to growing your paid subscriber base. That’s why we’re investing in new ways to help creators promote their subscriber-only content on Spotify. For creators using Spotify Open Access through partners like Patreon, Supporting Cast, and more, you’ll be able to activate a promotional banner on your show page, guiding free listeners to your subscriber-only content and helping generate more subscribers.

Grow your subscriber base with a promotional banner

Give your preview a personal touch

In March, we introduced a new way to discover content on Spotify: an experience that presents users with automatically-generated episode previews. But, you probably know better than anyone what part of your episode will capture someone’s attention. So starting this October, you’ll be able to custom select your podcast’s preview clip that appears on the Home feed and Podcast & Shows subfeed. While we’ve seen a lot of success using machine learning to automatically generate these clips, we’re excited to see how creators can help improve this feature and get the attention of new listeners.

See how discoveries add up with Impression analytics 

One of the most common questions we get asked by creators is “how do I know where my show is appearing on Spotify and how often do listeners see my content?” Impression analytics are the first step in helping creators understand how their show gets discovered on our platform.

You’ll soon be able to see the total number of impressions for your show and the individual episodes over a 30-day period, including trending data and a breakdown of where on Spotify the impressions came from. We’re starting with the following sources: 

  • Spotify Home: Examples of impressions from Spotify home include recommendation shelves, recently played shows, and podcast previews
  • Spotify Search: Examples of impressions from Spotify search include impressions generated from user search queries, top podcast charts, and our editorial shelves 
  • Spotify Library: Examples of impressions from Spotify library include saved shows or episodes and user created playlists

See where on Spotify you're being discovered

Armed with these insights, you can experiment with improving your show page, crafting stronger episode descriptions, and tightening up your podcast SEO to see if optimizations increase your impressions on our platform. 

Make monetization work for you

We know podcasting can be so much more than grabbing a mic and recording: for some it's also a way to earn. And because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to monetization, we’re giving creators more opportunities to make a living off their craft. 

For example, our partnership with Patreon allows creators to distribute exclusive content directly to Spotify, helping shows grow an audience and giving new and existing Patrons one central place to hear their favorite shows.

For creators who host their show on Spotify for Podcasters, we’re continuing to invest in monetization options like our Automated Ads feature. Having recently expanded the program beyond the US to include the UK and Australia, we’ve seen a lot of success with our initial set of creators. Keep an eye out in the coming months for an invite from us to join the Automated Ads program.

We’re also introducing new analytics for creators monetizing through Ambassador Ads, Automated Ads, and podcast subscriptions. You’ll soon be able to track earnings with greater accuracy, measure the performance of ad campaigns and subscriptions, and use those insights to optimize what’s working.

Track how your ads and podcast subscriptions are performing

Turn listeners into fans with Spotify for Podcasters

When you’re within earshot of 551 million Spotify listeners, having the tools to deepen engagement and personalize your presence can be a game-changer. So no matter which feature you explore first, know that you’re on your way to growing your show and connecting with fans on new levels.

Let us know how you want to take advantage of these features @forpodcasters on X (fka Twitter) and @spotifyforpodcasters on Instagram! 

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